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    Sport Sport Presentation Transcript

      • / for skipped 8 th grade students / English teacher of school # 84
        Prepared by B.Tserendolgor
      Sports & Games
    • What will we learn ? Objectives Aim Warm up
    • Aim
      • To learn to describe sports
      • To enrich vocabulary related to sports and adverbs
    • Objectives
      • To name sports and games
      • To learn adjectives and adverbs
      • To compare activity using adverbs
      • To talk about sports you do or like
      • To read text about sports and games
      • To tell the most interesting thing you laerned about your friend
    • We are the future champions.
        We love sports
        We like doing sports.
    • Do you know or not ? Sports we do on snow or ice Sports we don't do on snow or ice ice-hockey football sledging baseball snowboarding skiing tennis golf wrestling
    • ice-hockey Igor Larionov is a star of the sport world Boston Bruins is anounced the world famous ICE-HOCKEY TEAM Ice-hockey players
    • Football
        Cristiano Ronaldo is the best football player in the world.
        They are football players.
    • Sledging
    • baseball “ Vancouver Capiilanos “ is the best team of baseball “ Hardball” - child team
    • snowboarding Are you a skilled snowboarder ? Awesome
    • Mira Sharapova is a Russian tennis player. Roger Federer is a Swiss professional tennis player Tennis
    • skiing
        Skiing isn't team sport
        Water skiing
      Skis skiing is one of the most popular sports in the world.
    • golf
    • Figure skating Krista Grenier is the best figure skater Evan Lysacek wins world figure skating Group of figure skating
    • Adjectives POSITIVE NEGATIVE energetic unclear competitive fast exciting heavy correct incorrect slow careless popular beautiful
    • What is difference between them ?
        My father drives carefully .
        My father is a careful driver .
        careful - adjective driver - noun
        d rives - verb carefully - adverb
    • What is difference between them ?
        An adverb comes after the verb
        An adjective comes before a noun or after be
        It describes a noun. Adj + Noun
        It describe verb. Verb + Adv
    • How to form adverbs .......
        Regular adj + ly = adv
        early fast hard late good = well
        slow + ly = slow ly beautiful ly eas y + ly = eas ily quick ly bad ly
        Irregular changes its form
    • Examples
      • The athletes went to bed late at the night and got up early in the morning.
      • Who runs faster ?
      • Who played worse football , the Brazilian or the German team ?
      • You drive badly.
    • Work in groups answering the questions .
      • Who swam fast ?
      • Who played badly ?
      • Who do sport well ?
      • How do they do sports ?
    • Write senteces about ......
      • Something you can do well
      • Something you can do well
      • One time you came to gym and what happened
      • A kind of sport you need to do hard
    • “Let's check”
    • Good job !