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Em820 emerging media_survey_slide_share

  1. 1. The survey study's purposes were to document the amount of usage and type of emerging media according to age, gender, and education level for a sample of 100 participants. Survey data collected using a survey form that consisted of 6 questions powered by SurveyMonkey posted on that website at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BZRJ6JZ. Participants were students in Colorado Technical University's EM820 course that email friends to fill out and submit the survey form. There were no incentives offered to participate. All responses were kept confidential. Based on this study the following hypotheses have been formulated that mostly males, over age of 30, and educated visited Internet sites in the last month for something other than emerging media.<br />Majority of the respondents were male gender, 51% (see Figure 1). The respondents were between the ages of 40-55, 32% and 31-39, 23% (see Figure 2). The education level almost all were college graduates, 42% and 30% post graduate (see Figure 3). In regards to how often use the Internet the respondents were extremely useful “daily”: 95; of the respondents using the Internet “weekly”: 3; and while 1 respondent access the Internet “about once a month” (see Figure 4). It appears in the last month majority of respondents visited Internet sites perhaps for mapping/driving directions, 85; social networking, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, 77; and online shopping 74 (see Figure 5). Finally, most respondents that watched TV 2-4 hours, were 48 and 0-1 hour, were 43 (see Figure 6).<br />Figure 1: <br />Gender: Male, 51 Female, 49<br />Figure 2:RangeAge Range18 - 251426 - 301831 - 392340 - 553256 - 65966 - 72272 +2Total100<br />Figure 3:<br />Education Level:  Less than HS, 0 GED/HS, 7 some college, 21 college graduate 42, postgraduate 30 Total = 100<br />  <br />Figure 4:<br />How often do you use the internet?  Daily, 95 Weekly, 3 once or twice a month 1 <br />(1 skipped question) <br />Figure 5:  <br />In the last month have you visited any of these Internet sites (Check all that apply)  <br />Mapping/driving directions 85 <br />Social networking, e.g., Facebook, Twitter 77 <br />Sports 34 <br />News site 67 <br />Photo sharing, e.g., Flick'r 29 <br />Weather reports 67 <br />Online shopping 74 <br />An online library 46 <br />A television network site 45 <br />A radio network site 28 <br />A movie download site 28 <br />A music download site 41 <br />Games e.g., World of Warcraft, Second Life 24     <br />(1 skipped response) <br />Figure 6:  <br />How many hours of TV do you normally watch per day?   0-1, 43 2-4, 48  5-6, 5 7+, 2  <br />(2 skipped responses) <br />