Time management at work
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Time management at work

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Managing your time effective at workplace, which will help you keep your focus on both your professionla life and personal life

Managing your time effective at workplace, which will help you keep your focus on both your professionla life and personal life

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  • 5. Good Time Management Habits Consolidate similar tasks-group similar jobs and do them concurrently. This eliminates a lot of sporadic behaviour.© 2012 | www.jademagnet.com
  • 6. Tackle tough jobs first-quit doing petty tasks and tackle the big jobs first© 2012 | www.jademagnet.com
  • 7. Delegate and develop others-delegation is not a dumping ceremony. Break the "Do-It-Yourself" habit and let others learn to share responsibility in operating the business© 2012 | www.jademagnet.com
  • 8. Learn to use idle time-when there seems to be down time, read a book, write a plan what needs to be done in the business© 2012 | www.jademagnet.com
  • 9. Avoid the cluttered desktop syndrome-a clear desktop helpsyou to think clearly, locate files easier and keep your mind on the task at hand. © 2012 | www.jademagnet.com
  • 10. Get started immediately on important tasks-no matter how much you hate doing a task, do it© 2012 | www.jademagnet.com
  • 11. Learn to say No.© 2012 | www.jademagnet.com
  • 12. Group Discussion© 2012 | www.jademagnet.com
  • 13. Case Study • Ram a sincere employee enter office at 9:00 AM in the morning. He check his mails and understand that he need to prepare project report. He starts working on the report and works for continuously one hour. Feeling that he has completed, wants for little reward and get up from his Chair, drink tea, have a quick chat. • When he is back, he finds that he has 5 mails in his inbox, he checks the same, reply back to them. • Then he again re-initiates the report, he is not able to think where he had left.© 2012 | www.jademagnet.com
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