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20 year hypermarketing plans
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20 year hypermarketing plans


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Published in: Business, Education

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  • 1. D1 grand prix20 Year High Performance Personal Marketing Plan for S-pursuer Daiki Daiki “Derek” Shimizu June 2012 6/21/2012
  • 2. To be the best to D1 grand prixA. Everyday Practice- Vision/ Mission- Roles/ Accelerator- Brand Launch- 7 points for the best driftB. End in MindCompare now vs. 20 Years- Milestones for Winning 2
  • 3. I align daily….VISION/ MISSIONTo bridge the gap between the Philippines and Japan.I will make people happy through what I can do especially by concentrating on education. I would like to change the English-education system of Japan by asking for help from Philippine people who know efficient English education.Philippine people will be closer to Japanese physically and mentally. 3
  • 4. Winning means doing 6 roles well daily1. Diligent student2. Respectful brother3. Funny friend4. Fantastic son5. A person who makes a difference6. Reliable staff 4
  • 5. A diligent student… 5
  • 6. A respectful brother … 6
  • 7. A funny friend … 7
  • 8. A Fantastic son … 8
  • 9. A person who makes adifference … 9
  • 10. A Reliable staff … 10
  • 11. S-pursuer Derek Shimizu ACE WORLD Language School2. Pursuer 3. D-rek 4. SIM Zoo (Derek) (Shimizu) 5. ACE WORLD Language 1. S (SUCCESS) School 11
  • 12. Nine steps for successwritten by James Skinner 12
  • 13. Nine steps for success 7. Action 8. Kaizen 9. 6. Plan Leadership 5. Purpose 1.Decision 3. Health 2. Study 4. Emotion 13
  • 14. Nine steps for success in my life1. Decision - Have ones heart set on my goal I can make any decision that I want.2. Study- Learn from winners I study MBA to accelerate my improvement.3. Health - To gain eternal health I jog 3 times a week. I eat only nutritious food to be healthier.4. Emotion - Control your emotion It depends on my emotion what to be able to graduate from AGSB.5. Purpose - What do you want? If my goal is vague I cannot be energetic to be rich. 14
  • 15. Nine steps for success in my life6. Plan - Time management My recognition on deadline is not strict. I admit that I’m not always on time. Sometimes, I am just-in- time. I could do two tasks at the same time to finish ahead of schedule.7. Action - Take a drastic action If I just wish to graduate from AGSB, I will never do that. I decided to do so. This is my responsibility. I am stepping out my comfort zone. 15
  • 16. Nine steps for success in my life8. Kaizen - Make it better I tend to dwell on some mistakes. But I should not do that because it will slow me down. For example, I could not collect the expected number of viewers for my website using strategy A. I did not dwell on it too much because I think, the important thing is that this is not a failure. I leaned from it. I can try a different strategy.9. Leadership - Have others join your dream I was an employee in Japan. I may say I was a follower. But now I am changing, I have never met a Japanese in AGSB. Studying at AGSB is not common for Japanese. I can be a pioneer or a leader. 16
  • 17. The 20 year journey is worth every day of it… Here and Now End in Mind31 years old 51 years oldSingle MarriedVolunteer staff Business OwnerStudent InvestorNo salary Speaker & AuthorNo house MansionNo car Ferrari 17
  • 18. Daily Monitoring to make sure… My objectives Time management Food Financial status Blog 18
  • 19. Limit can be disposed ofIf we join a competition there are winners and losers. But this life is not a competition, and I can decide what winning means. I can even win over myself.We can set any limit. But once we do that we will never be able to reach it. Our potential is endless. I can define our winning case. Whenever I see people’s smile I feel good. So far I can make it as a winning. 19
  • 20. D1 grand prix20 Year High Performance Personal Marketing Plan for S-pursuer Daiki Daiki “Derek” Shimizu June 2012 6/21/2012