The purpose of life & universe ( iln )


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The purpose of life & universe ( iln )

  1. 1. ^^^^^^ The Pupose of LifeAvadhesh Varshneya • Please reada book called "Autobiography of aYogi" by Swarmi Yoganand. Thebook summarily answers all thequestions of yours.24 days ago • Like •2Follow venugopalvenugopal maganti • I believe that the primary purpose of life is to re produce and keep the speciesgoing ,like all other animals.The more important purpose,as humans, is to improve lives of as manypeople as possible,whether or not they related to you,.The universe exists to support the earth,whichalone can support life.The question of life on other planets will be a matter of conjecture forever.,for,man is an animal with infinite capacity to dream and imagine.23 days ago • Like •1Follow Ravi KantRavi Kant Maheshwari • Ravi Kant Maheshwari • I am also excited to know opinions.....keep onposting..23 days ago • Like •
  2. 2. 1Follow SteveSteve Dufourny • Hi Dear all,I beleive humbly that we are catalyzers of the universal 3D sphere. Inside this sphere, we have a center,the most important sphere.After we have the cosmological fractal with the moons, the planets, the stars,the BH, the groups of Super BH .......we have also inside this sphere, quantum spheres, coded since thebegining. The evolution is a road of optimization towards the eternal creativity. We are still young atthe universal scale. 13.7 to 15 billions years, it is young still. All is light in fact, a light became mass onthe line of time. All is composed by the same essence, spheres turning .....If we are on Earth , there are reasons, we are catalyzers of spherization and harmonization. Theconsciouness and the intelligence are tools of spherization and harmonization. All is linked since thebegining....23 days ago • Like •2Follow ChiranjeeviChiranjeevi Tallapragada • Thank you @Avadesh. I will check it out. I would also be interested inknowing from common people like us how they feel about life. Sometimes whenI flood the dish to drain out ants I feel may be someone is also drainingus out. May be we are also one sort of bacteria some spoiling and somecleaning up or rejuvenating the earth. What are we in someone elses eyes(like may be god?)23 days ago • Like •2karthikeyan arumugathandavan • Chiranjeevi, interesting topic........ to share a similar thought, when we are forced chase the ants of many types in many situations , Iused to wonder One mug of water is complete flooding for them and a bucket poured is literalTsunami ..!!But could we adjust to live, as suggested by some schools of thought to accommodate all beings &creatures ...... next to impossibility.The compromise is the purpose of life .23 days ago •3
  3. 3. Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Chiranjeevi Tallapragada:I am a fence sitter. Neither religious nor irrligious. Let me explain. Do you know the mayawadis ..howthey say "Neti-Neti" or "Na-iti", meaning "this is not it".I prescribe to it in my own way ..not all of science nor all of religion!What I like about the Rigveda is its Nasadiya sukta, where the concept of the beginning of time andspace is described. It states that before Cosmos evolved out of Chaos, there existed a single entity theveda calls Hiranya Garbha. "The one with light within". It is interpreted as the Brahmanda or thecosmic egg.Formal religion loses its bearings in such an era. Where time and space have no meaning, when chaospervades all. Described as "Gahanam agbhiram Saleela", the water of space. Narayan (the one whocame over the waters - of space), is the god underpinning Brahma. (Narayan is no doubt a lateraddition).here is a good translation in english...from wikipedia.Who really knows? Who shall declare it here?Whence was it born? Whence issued this creation?Even the Gods came after its emergence.Then who can tell from whence it came to be?None knows when creation has arisen;Whether He made it or did not make it,He who surveys it in the highest heaven,Only He knows, or maybe even He knows not.Hinduism is the only religion that asked such questions thousands of years ago. No wonder Sankhyasgodless creed developed here. (impersonal formless god).Read the real sukta here and may be you will get some answer.This ekam eva advitiya was infested with Ahankara (awareness of the self, ego) and it thought "I amone let me be many" and that started the world.In such a scenario, there will be many like us, at other places in the cosmos, some much more ancientthan us!23 days ago • Like •3Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Now using Neti-Neti, switch your position and go the scientefic/logical way.Penguins, to impress their females gather stones all around their legs. The lady-penguin is impressedwith the guy with most stones. The guy thinks "hey I am rich"! Presto, the lady uses the nest to breed.Both are happy. They breed, raise young and die. The stones are forgotten.Now look at humans ..they amass riches and power, (stones on a beach), impress women, raisechildren, fight some wars (sangharsh), win some lose some, then die.The riches stay back, are used up and gone.Who gains? What is the gain?I sometimes feel it is all a jaal. The ultimate gainer is the impersonal collection we call the species.People come and go, the only objective is the simplest one! Perpetuation of the species.
  4. 4. And higher up somewhere, the super organism GAIA straddles the planet in splendid isolation. It plans,It plots, Its ultimate purpose entirely out of our puny ambit, and drives life throughout. Kasmai devayahavisha vidhema?Who is this GOD, that we shall worship?23 days ago • Like •2Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • The sukta link... .23 days ago • Like •Follow ChiranjeeviChiranjeevi Tallapragada • Thank you @Jayendra. Some I understood some I didnt. May be that iswhy Iasked this question. As they say one who knows wont have any questions andone who doesnt know also wont have any questions.I liked your Penguins example. The only difference is both men, women aswell as children are after the pebbles in case of human beings.There is this movie In Time. Where everyone remains young but lives onlyfor one year after they are 20. The transactions are all in terms of time.Very interesting concept. Everyone spends the time left to gain time sothat they can live longer. I wonder if this is the purpose of life on earthto keep working to extend ones life. Those who have plenty of time dontknow what to do with their time. Theirtime goes in protecting that nobody steals their time. It sounds funny whenseen in this way. But how different is real life anyway?23 days ago • Like •1Follow venugopalvenugopal maganti • I am no fence sitter,and the universe is supposed to have started from soonya,--apoint which has no dimensions,but from it emerge lines,figures in 2,3 and multi dimensions-and theentire universe-when did this happen?from the dimension less point emerged the universe in an infinitely tiny fraction of a second,and that is the beginning of the cosmic time scale,on which ,again theappearance and extinction of human beings is ,but a small fraction-and when does it end,and how?itwill go back in to the dimension less point,from which it once emerged,again in a tiny fraction of asecond--and when?when the cosmic time scale decides to stop--and who decides?the same one whoinitiated the creation--whether that some body exists or not,is a question with out answer--one should
  5. 5. ask him/her self,what gives a person conscious ness,and what happens to it ,when he leaves the world--it is an oscillating pendulum,between life and death ,with no resting point--only life and death arecertain,and even that appears to be a maya,if you think too much--that is why mere mortals like me arehappy with a simplistic explanation,AS I MENTIONED IN MY EARLIER COMMENT and carry onwith my work in the time left for me on this great earth(I,WHO?)23 days ago • Like •1karthikeyan arumugathandavan • .-( then ) .......What is the purpose of the Universe ?!?!23 days ago •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Karthikeyan, mere mortals dont bother with that question.But it is entirely possible that if there is a creator, the purpose may be so alien and lofty, we wontaccept it even if someone were to tell it.Read "Childhoods end" (Clarke / Aldiss). It is powerful SF.It deals with this question.22 days ago • Like •Follow SyedSyed Imam • I think answer to this question is that its a test for us and who pass will be rewardedHeaven and failure to this test will thrown to Hell22 days ago • Like •1Follow UjwalUjwal Jha • I find this post a bit Childish. Young people like to ask these question, there is no answer tothis question however there are many people searching for the answers everyday. We do have betterunderstanding to the world we live.To understand this we need to know what we are, you may not enjoy to learn that we humans are! Weare the most dangerous virus, and as we know that the viruses (most of them) are tuned to use theavailable resources and grow as fast as one virus can. We are doing the same, consuming the resourcesas and growing our population.
  6. 6. If you look at scientific researches made through out the history until today has two basic purposes.1. Provide human longer life. Which of course has got lots of success as well. We live twice as longerthan just 100 years ago our ancestors could even imagine.1. Find ways to travel faster. If we want to know what is around earth and what is in our solar system,we must travel faster. We have had great success in knowing about our solar system.There is nothing called Grand Design of GOD. Life is evolved. There are 16 episodes of The universeseries on History Chanel. Watch them ....... It has latest information from different Probes in Spaceupdated till 2010.If the knowledge of these discoveries becomes common, most of religion will lose its holds. But thetruth is truth. We are a kind of virus and we need more and more resources to live comfortably andhealthy so that we can travel faster and gather all the resources available in the universe.22 days ago • Like •1karthikeyan arumugathandavan • .-Ujwal,I think about religion / tradition / culture on this subcontinent , you have unscientific view. All Indianpractices have a very strong scientific basis .There are many many examples ..........!!22 days ago •4Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Ujawal.." travel faster and gather all the resources available in the universe. " anddo what?THAT was the question.What is the purpose of life on earth? Why does the universe exist? Does anyone or anything else knowsabout existence other than us?Truly speaking, we dont know the answer.If self replicating DNA evolved into what we are today, WHY did that happen? Sirely there needs to bea purpose?You can understand the uselessness of ear sleep breed die cycle after cycle..surely?22 days ago • Like •1
  7. 7. Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • We need to know the higher purpose. Some claom to see it. Others theorize only.But try we must.Even if childishly.22 days ago • Like •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Syed Imam:I have nothing against religion, but...What is the point of sending people to eternal damnation and eternal heaven?That would be a sheer waste of resources. Even for god!Furthermore, a god who makes us, and whom you call Rahim (merciful), why the heck would hebehave llike some D company Don, being judgemental on his own creation!What would be the difference then in such a vengeful angry god and a village hegemon?Break out of this shell of human values plastered on a god.A universal god is above all this. Has to be.Vedic aryans had these jealous gods (Indra). European aryans had Thor and Odin.But later the Indian aryans realized their error and talked of the one god that is all encompassing.Even later, came the nirishwarvadis godless creeds who were equally respected. Buddha himself didnot advocate any god.He stressed more on Pancha-Shila.Something akin to a chinese religion that stresses more on right actions.THAT is nore honest than saying god will eternally damn or reward some one for their actions.THAT leaves NO room for improvement / refornation.Yes the concept of Tauba is there, but what of prople who never repent? Eternal hell?Karma siddhanta atleast holds out promise of salvation even to the damned of the damned.21 days ago • Like •2Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Good Zinnia M, but it pains me when perfectly well educated people stick to this"angry god heaven hell" stuff just as an article of faith. I expect educated people NOT to take anythingas just "articles of faith" Afterall here we are, discussing higher things and here is "alice in wonderlandstuff"! Its a bit difficult to sromach once we see that historically these heaven / hell guys have betweenthem killed more people than most other religions. The Bible with its inquisition, and crusades, andIslam with its sowrd. The massacres in India are legend. Are we to endure these things again and again?Akbar the greats massace at Chottod after Haldi Ghati is famous. And so is Nadir Shahs at Delhi.There is something barbaric and uncouth about this pious heaven / hell bullshit, and someone has tocall a spade a spade. Enough of Nehruvian hypocrisy of sugar coating things and calling all that"historical ties"! All I can say is "My foot"!
  8. 8. 21 days ago • Like •Follow venugopalvenugopal maganti • I find odd comments like childish--,a bit too harsh--for thosands of years,Indiansspent millions of hours on this subject and concluded that every thing you feel,see and enjoy ismomentary and later a myth.Every thing is dependent on mans imagination,invention,and through hisconstant endeavor man has always tried to modify,nature ,rather than adapt and live with it in peace.Ifthe chinese had advanced science and maths ,back in 4th or 5th centiuries,the europeans re discoveredthe likes of telescope,only in 14 th century from the chinese version--and the Indians had astronomyand maths with them for thousands of years--while the animal lurking in the man always tells him tolive to feed and re produce,even at the expense of others,religion,philosophy,culture,traditions,andcivility tried to reign in these animal instincts,and hence this 7 billion population today--simultaneously,Indian philosophy sought to put the limitations and illusions of human mind throughseveral texts in perspective,which were developed by the best possible minds over thousands of years.A regular example quoted is ,there are a thousand earthern pots with water,and in each pot the Sun ispresent--its image gives you the impression that the sun is present in each one of them--and this is theillusion,that the man feels,as he is himself the earthern pot(body) ,and the conscious of self being theimage,the Sun here represents the universal/cosmic conscious,which itself can be an illusion,andconsequently,the image in the earthern potBy the way,I too am an engineer,and know that science has improved human life,and has given it manypleasures--but,it also threatens to destroy the species,and whether we will bequeath anything to futuregenerations ,again depends on the wisdom of humans--science,my friends,is no gospel of truth,andoften contradicts it self--and the knowledge TV channels also dish out several programmes on Egyptianmummies,allegedly based on re search by western scholars,re searchers,and intellectuals--the visualimpact of all those stars exploding,formation of earth,moon,evolution of life etc,, are theories,myfriends,there is no video of the original events--yes,they give you enough logic,and create the illusionin audience that what they propose is absolutely true and nothing but true--what they do not show,however are the views of a plethora of scientists,who oppose these views as mere imagination,and full offalse assumptions--if theory of relativity it self is disputed,what else can be an etenal truth?And by theway,ALBERT EINSTEIN was no atheist--why?Be cause science helps you only to understand nature and not create it--and to day,as now sciencesays,the axiom that energy can not be produced or destroyed,but can only be transformed from oneform to other--it self stands contradicted,with big bang theory--no body is sure,whether energy gotcreated first,or matter,as they are both interchangeable.Lets keep science and religion separate,but Imust remind you,both are dependent on faith of their followers21 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • Venugopal.........Nice posting there but please have one point for further thoughts / consideration................ as far this sub-continent is concerned, religion was and is Science !!
  9. 9. 21 days ago •Follow VivekVivek Srivastava • The purpose of life is to live on this earth enjoy the resources without any damage tonature or hurting anyone.If you enjoy your life your creator will also feel happy ( Like a parent feelhappy if Kids are happy ).why some one created this life system , to my understanding its all tomaintain the flow of life itself, thats why the reproduction capabilities.There is no sperate Heven orHell , its all in this life only.there are five mahaboot which controls the life - kaam, krodh, lobh, mohand ersya.for more information please refer book Gita.21 days ago • Like •1Follow SyedSyed Imam • @ Jayendra, Yes Allah is Rahim, but also He is the best Judge, and in law Good and Evilcannot be equal, and according to law Evil is bound to be panalised for his acts. You are free to haveyour own views.21 days ago • Like •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Syed thanks for the magnanimous "allowance"!21 days ago • Like •Follow SyedSyed Imam • Its my "pleasure" Sir21 days ago • Like •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Imam..My problem with "He is the best Judge, and in law Good and Evil cannot be equal, and according tolaw Evil is bound to be panalised for his acts." is that who is to say what is good and bad?THIS attachment to heaven / hoors / hell can have devastating results as many in Pakistan are learningevery day.I attended a show titled "Islam religion of peace" by a man muslims idolise. (Zakir Naik).
  10. 10. At the end of the show, a fellow got up and asked Zakir.."I have a hindu friend who is pious, takes careof his parents, has no vices like smoking and drinking, is kind to all, will he go to heaven?"..and thencame the Zakir Gem.Please consider Zakirs answer and why I hate "heaven hell" preachers / believers.Zakir said."That hindu will go to hell, simply because he is not a muslim! He is failing to offer Namaz 5 times aday. Plain and simple".I was stumped by the arrogance of that statement.Islam has killed thousands simply because they were not good enough as they were not muslims.(Hajjajs order to Mohammad Bin Qasim that he was being too easy on the Kaffirs and the massacres atDebal and Brahmanabad).Christians under Cortes and Pizzaro decimated whole civilizations in south America and plunderedtheir gold. All because the natives were NOT christian and so were good enough for the kill.What happened in 26/11 and who were the planners every one knows.Can you negate all that?We all know who perpetrated the kiilings in Bangladesh and why. One of the politicians in Pakistan hadgloated during the killings "aaj Iman taaza ho gaya". (Reodad Khan 1971). Wah! kya iman logonko marte dekh taza hota hai !!THIS blood lust can come only in people who believe in heaven/hell and not to forget, the 72 hoorswaiting for them in heaven if they kill people declared vajib-ul-qatl"(ex:- salman taseer)THIS is my opposition to jahil thoughts of heaven / hell.21 days ago • Like •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Imam:Crime and its punishment by Allah apart, what is your take on the three questions posed byChiranjeevi?Just turning the beads of the rosary and going to heaven and enjoying hoors / twanging a silly harp"forever" could not possibly be the answers.Any thing more concrete than that?21 days ago • Like •Follow UjwalUjwal Jha • Sorry for harsh words. I did not mean anything. Friends.... I know what you do not want toknow and have very little knowledge. Even if I pest link of references, but you wont consider becauseof the situation you are in.Let me put it this way. Do we know what is life mean on earth? Life as we know it .... created by godand which is why we had lots of myth. We believed that the earth is in center and our early scientistswere killed or jailed because it was a threat to religion and god. Today its almost gone.
  11. 11. We or any other species are basically an energy transforming device. Our job is to harvest energy. True,modern scientific researches has destroyed many species. So it will be worse in future because the newunderstanding is very different. We human need more and more energy. We are growing on rapid speed.To secure the required energy we will take away all the animals from planet earth.I know you do not like to hear that but I am telling you what you would see after 50 years. For anexample cow collects energy and gives us back in the form of milk and beef. But cow as an energytransforming device is not very efficient, or not as efficient as we can make our own, result they willnot be allowed to live on earth for too long because we need efficient tools. It is the future science, youlike it or not but it will certainly happen.Just today Netherlands has decided to ban all kinds of Halal meat. Things will change rapidly andpeople wont go against it because that will give human a longer life. If you are not biased and followthe modern method of life, you may live up to 125 years.The reason we need longer life and faster travelling device so that we can explore the universe. Withthis life spam and speed of travel we cant go far. Which is why if you look at the scientific researchesmade in last two decades are generally to answer two problems.1. How can we live longer?2. How can we travel faster??I am born in a Brahman Family. I am well aware of Hinduism and its ideology. I like to see tomorrow. Ibelieve that every thing has its life and religions are about to finish their life cycle. It is probably not sogreat but Islam is certainly challenged very strongly, the future of any religion is not bright.21 days ago • Like •Follow UjwalUjwal Jha • I had a Poem in my high school Hindi book.Fir kya hoga uske baad?Ravi se Ujjwal, shashi se sundhar nav badhu ghar aayegi,Fir kya hoga uske baad??What will happen next? The boy goes on asking this question and finally mother gets annoyed andsays.Fir may mar jaungi....She says she will die out.So the question what is the purpose of life has got very similar answer. Right now the purpose of life isto explore the universe we live and find more resources so that we can keep growing. We will have newpurpose once we have got what we are searching today.21 days ago • Like •
  12. 12. Follow UjwalUjwal Jha • @Mr. Karthikeyan..... I think you do not understand me. You wont understand me. I havesome questions for you, try to answer them if you can. I bet your answers would reveal why India isstill a developing country!You have said "All Indian practices have a very strong scientific basis." Really is that so??Have you seen a movie Water? Directed by Mira Nayar? If not watch and tell me which sciencesuggests to through widows to Varanasi?Burning a dead body is not something we should argue but tell me how scientific it is to take the leftover of ashes of dead and carry it to river Ganges?Is it scientific to kill those who wants to marry in the same Gotra?? Well Islam permits it?? One ofthem must be unscientific?How scientific is Mundan Or janau or Shradha ?? At least I do not find these culture has any scientificbackground.Please do answer and explain how these act of Hindus are scientific??21 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • .-Some exotic news,We could live inside a super massive black hole eventually... but super-aliens may have already beatenus to it, claims Russian cosmologist . Most advanced civilization in the galaxy could already be livinginside, claims Vyacheslav Dokuchaev.Despite being considered the most destructive force in space and absolutely uninhabitable, theconditions for life exist inside supermassive black holes, a Russian cosmologist has theorised. comments days ago •
  13. 13. karthikeyan arumugathandavan • @ Ujwal,Dont believe it , forget it and there is no hurry to Discover IT :)20 days ago •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Ujwal jee you think like me!I always ask this question ..what is scientific in religion?Mind you philosophy and religion are two different things.20 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • .-One example, the traditions in this subcontinent were ( is ? ) highly scientific !___________* The Timing and Quality of Early Experiences Combine to Shape Brain Architecture *Critical aspects of brain architecture begin to be shaped by experience before and soon after birth, andmany fundamental aspects of that architecture are established well before a child enters school The architecture of the brain depends on the mutual influences of genetics, environment, andexperience. Genetics supplies a basic plan for brain development, just as an architect supplies ablueprint for building a house. The genetic plan instructs the basic properties of the nerve cells and laysdown the basic rules for interconnectingnerve cells within and across circuits. In this manner, genes provide the initial construction plan for thebrain’s architecture. The environment in which the brain beginsto develop can have a profound influence on its initial architecture. Just as the selection of the bestbuilding materials enables the realization of the full potential of an architect’s blueprint, a healthyenvironment beginning in the prenatal period allows the full potential of the genetic plan for the brainto be expressed. This includes an abundant supply of nutrients, an absence of toxins, and the healthypersonal and social......................................................................................................................Read more: is a well-known story how Narada Mamuni hijacked an offspring of Asura and literally brain
  14. 14. washed him in the womb itself .........Discover IT :)________20 days ago •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Dear Karthikeyan you are referring to whom? Prahlada? or Dhruva?20 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • ..-JayendraI sincerely do not know who is Dhruva :)--20 days ago •Follow SyedSyed Imam • @Jayendra, I wondered why you shifted each discussion towards Pakistan, actually i amhere to participate in creative discussions not to abuse anyone. on the other hand you are quite poor inhistory (e.g you dont know why Bin Qasim attacked Dibal?). I also want to tell you that you dont tryto think on issues and take media reports as truth. Tell me why India is failed to provide concreteevidence to Pakistan regarding 26/11 just as US failed to provide any evidence relating to Iraqsweapons of mass destruction. Furthermore, you are also biased, why you dont say anything about700,000 Indian soldiers voilating humanity by killing innocent Kasmiris, why you dont talk about UNresolutions on Kashmir Issue,why you dont say anything on Indian voilation of Sind Taas Treaty bybuilding almost 54 dams, why you dont take up the issue of Khalistan, Why you dont say anythingwhat Indian army did in Golden Temple, why you dont tell me about WADA and about more than 25independence movements in india,why you dont say anything regarding Moodys crimes in Gujrat,Why you dont say anything for Shiv Sina and baal Thakure for their sheer harassment toMinorities,why you dont say anything about involvement of Indian serving Colonel Prohit in TrainBombings which has been proved by your own agencies,why you dont say anything against US attackson Iraq and Afghanistan. Are muslims not human?????If you really have love for humanity then have courage to talk on these issues???Otherwise it will be a proof of your biasedness.
  15. 15. Now answers to Questions of Chiranheevi,Ans-1) Its a test for usAns-2) universe is an Examination HallAns-3) Allah and Farishte20 days ago • Like •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Dear Syed,You really mean this universe was built by allah for all of us to appear in some sillly examination?Give us a break.Regarding all the other stuff you have written, the less said the better.Have you even read the UN resolutions?They clearly state that Pakistan is to go back to status quo ante, ie return all of kashmir the guys lootedfrom India in 1948 under the guise of Tribals. (old habit that surfaced again in Kargil).Then the Indians would demilitarise.Now PAKISTAN HAS ALREADY ILLEGALLY CEDED POK to the Chinese.So the Pakistani government knows implementing the UN resolutions is impossible.That figure of 700,000 is so much mugged up by most writers, they forget they are bombing their ownpeople with planes and artillery on waziristan.Dont we all know how the Kashniri Pundits were driven oit by slogans "aap ki biwi Behenen yahinchhod jaao" over the loudspeakers?so dont bring in Kashmir. Your records in Bangladesh are all over the net.Regarding dams, see what your own ministers say about the Indus water treaty, that there is no vilationat all. Your poor upkeep of canals is to blame. Most are breached by interested parties as happenedduring the flood this year itself, and reported in your own papers. Stop quoting the bible to us please.Aksai chin China se wapas le lo, POK free karo fir kashmir ki baat karo.20 days ago • Like •1Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • I have to bringall this up simply because of non serious answers to a seriousdiscussion. no one is interested in harp twanging heavens and fire and brimstone hells.we want something higher than that stone age stuff.20 days ago • Like •Follow SyedSyed Imam • @ Jayendra,You are even manner less, you know that muslims are much conscious about the word Allah, and you
  16. 16. intentionally didnt start the word with capital letter. So in my opinion you are not a person with whomany discussion could be made.You are also full of hate for Pakistan. My father migrated from Bihar toBengal (East Pakistan) so i have very well aware that what were happened in East Pakistan.20 days ago • Like •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • My posts are full of typos..always. Many know this may be you dont.All my arguments have been against incorrect facts.International opinion seems to be opposite of most of your views.Which you then dismiss as incorrect journalism.Ok with me.Now any deeper thoughts on the 3 questions? Apart from fire and brimstone that is..20 days ago • Like •Follow SteveSteve Dufourny • Indians and pakistanians are brothers like the israelians and palestinians....please dearthinkers, how could you solve the probelms if already the high thinkers of the country are not inagreement ??? The responsbility of universal thinkers is so important,you must show to your countriesthat it is possible to find concrete solutions with universlism and rationality.19 days ago • Like •1Follow ChiranjeeviChiranjeevi Tallapragada • Dear @Syed @JayendraHas god created humans or humans created god is another question that cannever be answered. To me one god created humans but they have become extrasmart and created so many gods. He has given us one tongue but we havecreated so many languages, he has given us one earth and we have created somany boundaries, he has given us two hands and we created weapons sopowerful that can kill millions with one finger tip. So, I am wondering ifGod has really made us or have we made God?God, religion are given to us by our parents. We dont choose them (atleast a majority of us.) Its like a name, an identity. Period. I have nodispute with your name so why should I have any dispute with yourreligion?What makes me feel bad is every discussion turns into a verbal disputebetween two people. This way our minds are not expanding they are just
  17. 17. exploding.19 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • SteveWho is Israel , India or Pakistan - that might bring in some peace out here :)19 days ago •Follow ChiranjeeviChiranjeevi Tallapragada • Verrry smart...@Karthikeyan19 days ago • Like •Follow SteveSteve Dufourny • the peace and the love like the compassion are the only things which remains us....onthis earth is also the only things which can solve our global problems...19 days ago • Like •NimuUnfollowNimu Shenoy, MBA • Chiranjeevi, I will think about your questions and provide a response soon.You also made the following comment,"What makes me feel bad is every discussion turns into a verbaldispute between two people. This way our minds are not expanding they are just exploding." Thankyou for saying this. I personally abandoned a few interesting discussions because there was constantbattle. It is fine to have differing opinions, but I think one should be tactful and respect the othersthoughts.Hopefully, we will all use this forum to learn from each other. If not, I feel that ILN may start losingsome of its good members.19 days ago • Like •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • So are we to take hook line and sinker some argument that god made the universefor all of us to pass some silly exam and then go on playung a silly harp forever on some cloud if we
  18. 18. pass, and burn eternally in brimsrone if we fail?And all this to be facilitated by a 100 turns of the rosary or bowing xyz times to the ground, destroyingother proples places of worship, beheading and bombing them to hell and then preaching this sillypractice over the net?Do you want me to put up with that crap?Just so that the discussion remains goody goody?I hope we have the honesty to call bullshit just that.Prople who feel I am harsh need to read the book "the subtle subversion", by an ex extremist. Hedescribes how his comrades laughed every time after a bomb blast poliricians came out and said "it isnot the religion that is bad it is the practitioners".And all the time, the book continued to be a primer on how to kill kafirs and enjoy their women andchildren. Clear instructions of "kill all able bodied men and use the women without impregnating them"being some of those holy instructions!We are fiddling when Rome is about to burn.Come on! call a spade a spade at least.19 days ago • Like •1Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • I suggest keep religious talk away from this forum. But if it is indeed discussed,then at least let us not condone silly and shallow talk. High philosophy is ok, not some barbaric stoneage stuff.Secondly all I have done is clarify wrong facts, and pull down some silly conspuracy theories.One of these guys told me in Dubai, "hum ne India mein bomb fode usliye app log chup ho gaye".(Musharraf recently said the same thing when talking of Dawood Ibrahim). And he was an ordinaryperson, an engineer. He and his friends used to refularly harangue us on statue worship. He was openlycheering the Pakistani side during 20-20. He would regularly force us to reduce TV volume themoment the namaz started. He is now employed in Reliance Bombay. Imagine, with this mindset, whatcan happen if god forbid there is a war tomorrow.And then they say "aap log hamein shak ki nagahon se dekhte ho".Come on!Syed jee ne bade garv se kaha ki unka iman pahele dharam par hai, country comes bad mein.And not one soul here stirred. No pious lectures were heard.Cant you see if that outlook is practiced, how dangerous it is to any country?Yet the slumber is so deep. The mounting of high moral horses continues.Pahele swarg jana hai, achha dikhna gayi bhad mein.On top I am hearing pious talk of two people arguing. Nero is surely busy in India, with his fiddle!19 days ago • Like •1Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • I am quitting this "all is well" rollypolly thread NOW.
  19. 19. Surely some people can reach a step closer to sainthood in the mean time.And as I said, the country may go to.....19 days ago • Like •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Kindly refer:- read the holy book itself ! And be enloghtened as to why Bangladesh rapes happened. And beenlightened what awaits you if you continue to slumber like now.Bye all.19 days ago • Like •NimuUnfollowNimu Shenoy, MBA • Chiranjeevi, I personally liked your question and feel that it is a topic that isgood to answer for oneself. It really should be thought-provoking because it is quite philosophical too.Often times, a lot of questions on ILN are either directly leadership-related or politically-inclined. It isimportant for a leader to also consider philosophical topics because it encourages brainstorming andgoal-setting.I took some time to quickly read through these comments. This question should be ones own reflectionof existence and purpose in life. It is okay if one has feelings that religion is a part of it, but it is notnecessary to express your own set of beliefs.For me, as time passes, I believe that my purpose is to share light-heartness and joy with people. Deepdown, I am not happy all the time, but I would like others to feel that they can smile and laugh throughtheir life journey. Arif K. has a post about abundance mentality, and this is what I believe is mypurpose. Bring something for others and joy will return to me.Well, at least I have an answer to one of your questions!Remember everyone -- The Universe is balanced with the good and the bad. We all contribute to bothgood and bad whether intentional or not. This is what makes the Universe whole.19 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • .-............When one is born , physical form as a human being - what all does one bring along with them.Nothing !! or they just appear in a preexisting spacebecause mountains , oceans sun, moon ... all exist before and after their life time -.
  20. 20. do they at least come with knowledge / information of such paces ............they can always leave a dent in the space , effects which could be felt for a long time to comehow do people collectively build spaces or clear off each others space for funone builds ones space to keep its form , should it destroy other ones forms & spacedoes one and one&all have thought space too..............................Life is an empty space !19 days ago •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Haha! Karthikeyan! My firm resolve to stay away from this thread had to go once Iread your statement!But then do you mean thinking "all this was there before I came and will be there after I go", oneshould remain passive and not react to the obvious?With this philosophy (similar to the mayavadis running away from the "real world"), people will stopdefending even their own country! (Precisely what ailed India in the midddle ages and ails india evennow).If you look at history, Buddhism had this effect on countries that adopted it. (Central asian republiksand even Mongolia of all countries, were / was Buddhist for a time in the middle ages.These firece people were soon overtaken by others the moment they were introduced to pacifism of theBuddhists. Why! Buddhism was taken to China not by Indian monks but by Turkish Buddhistmissionaries!Kalhan in Rajatarangini mentions that Lalitaditya of Kashmir had a Turkish Buddhist as his minister.I feel savages conquer peaceful states, themselves get civilized and soft in turn to be conquered ongoing process..the wheel of time, the Kaala-Chakra!Example: The turks conquered the eastern Roman empire at constantinople some time in 1500 AD. Indue course, The wily Brits overthrew them easily as they had become soft! Another case is that of theArabs. Once a mighty conquering power, the savage Mongols under Halaku Khan overran Baghdad(1250 AD) and raised a mountain of dead people by strangulating the whole populace, and killing theCaliph by putting him in a carpet and making horses/elephants tread on it! The righteous Halaku itappears had made a treaty with the Khalif that he would take the city without shedding blood!What do you think?19 days ago • Like •Follow SyedSyed Imam • @ Nimu@Chiranjeevi, Everyone is allowed to express his/her ideas but he/she should notbe allowed to impose them on others, i had just given my input on your question.I think this forum is
  21. 21. not a place of battle, so i asked everone that just give your opinion without any offensive remarks.19 days ago • Like •1Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Just completing my last post.This action of Halaku (sack of Baghdad) had the most salutory effect on the Arabs and their worldview(the mutazilites-asharites debate: search the net for that).This debate is important as in a way it also applies to Indians.While on the Mongols, we should give credit where it is due, The Egyptian Arabs (under Beibers)routed the Mongols conclusively at the battle of Ain-jalut (Spring of Goliath)If that had not happened, the "scourge of god" would have made all Europe subservient to Mongolsupremacy. No womder children had Ming the merciless as villain in flash gordon tales! It alsoexplains the European gut feeling about people with mongoloid features.Coming to the questions, I somerimes feel humans may not be qualified yet to answer them. For we arenot very much above the animals as of now, to put things honestly.19 days ago • Like •THOMASUnfollowTHOMAS AW • Sure Chiranjeevi, Every morning the Flowers know how to smile at you, and thePlants know how to communicate with you, they know that, you are there for them, to keep their spiritHigh.Universe is a large DREAM, we exist to play as actors & actresses, according to thescript of, the Invisible mystic power of NATURE.THOMAS AW19 days ago • Like •2karthikeyan arumugathandavan • Jayendra,* to provide livelihood for his subjects *.News article,The Tamil inscription also says that Rajaditya was killed while seated on the elephant (“aanai melthunjiya Chola deva”). The Karhad plates mention that one of the aims behind Krishna IIIs invasion ofthe Chola territory was * to provide livelihood for his subjects *.
  22. 22. If one decides to fill their space as King or Carpenter ....etc, One has to convertnecessary spaces and clear of the space of some living beings too.Imagine how many such space fights happen and likely to extend to space & outer space .Part and parcel of space clearance for again nothing in the end ................China Will Own the Moon, Space Entrepreneur Worries comments days ago •Follow SyedSyed Imam • @Thomas, i think you are inspired by Shakespear ideology, am i right???19 days ago • Like •1THOMASUnfollowTHOMAS AW • Syed, you still read Shakespear ? That was donkey years ago, when He was thecompulsory textbook, in my kiddy school term.I am a Thinking person, * NO Ideology needed to strangle my neck.Cheers ! THOMAS AW19 days ago • Like •1Follow SyedSyed Imam • @Thomas, my dear friend a considerable number of people think that Shakespear was a
  23. 23. great philosopher of his times specially in UK. He also Laid that " the world is a stage and all of us areactors, we all play our role and then left the stage"19 days ago • Like •THOMASUnfollowTHOMAS AW • Hi Syed, Correct - Shakespear is talking about the Worldly mundane stage, whereas;Chiranjeevi is asking for the cosmic Universe of infinity.So, she has an Omni Dream with bigger players, looks similar but, once you examine closer, theDifference is tremendous. * Mere physical players of Shakespear : appeared once in the Theatre of life.THOMAS AW19 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • .-Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi on flowMihaly Czikszentmihalyi asks, "What makes a life worth living?" Noting that money cannot make ushappy, he looks to those who find pleasure and lasting satisfaction in activities that bring about a stateof "flow." days ago •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Karthikeyan:for once dear fellow do let us YOUR OWN views minus the links! By now I am kind of dying toknow :)19 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • .-................Okay :)19 days ago •
  24. 24. AtulUnfollowAtul Saksena • I find all comments very interesting and showing different perceptions. Keep Posting..19 days ago • Like •THOMASUnfollowTHOMAS AW • Atul : Welcome to action, participate and give us some comment on what do youThink, all members can discuss on this interesting Topic.Thanks, THOMAS AW19 days ago • Like •Follow ChiranjeeviChiranjeevi Tallapragada • @Jayendra I am sure you will agree that all our philosophy, thinking is butbelief. You may not also dispute the fact that there is no hierarchy inbeliefs. My guess is there is no hierarchy even in evolution of lifebecause there is no direction in space. Which way is up and which way isdown. I think this is how it is intended to be. If we accept that everythought is equally important or unimportant, the choice to connect to anyidea is based on something that is inside us rather than outside us.From: India Leadership Network18 days ago • Like •Follow ChiranjeeviChiranjeevi Tallapragada • @Karthikeyan, one thing one definitely brings (back) with them is mass,which is formed through the processes in the womb. Wow, we are nothing butthe indestructible energy converted into mass. If so we are but recycledenergy. That is why may be we cannot escape from the thoughts that haveexisted before us or if it we have to do it, may be our mind needs escapevelocity to get rid of the gravity of thoughts that keep us hooked.18 days ago • Like •2karthikeyan arumugathandavan • .-
  25. 25. ChiranjeeviGood one, ..............Discover IT :).-18 days ago •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Chiranjeevi, can you make some sense out of your 2 posts above?Some beliefs we can surmise are truths.example:- Fire burns whether Iam in my house, in America or on a different planet. (As long as fire aswe know it can exist there. Based on that, I can surmise that fire Burns! Period.Likewise, (as said in the Nasadiya and hiranyagarbha suktas), everything that starts, has an end.The gods all started some time (they have their tales of genesis), so perforce they will end some day.This universe by the law of mathematical induction, was not there once (before the big bang), is therecurrently, so will not be there some day.What is THAT which remains through out?Which is THAT (tat in sanskrit) entity which we shall worship? Is the Rigvedic question.About an attributeless it. No gender, no attributes (Nirguna). THIS we can understand.Like understanding the null set which is subset of all sets, this IT pervades all cosmos since timeimmemorial.This we can understand too.IT, (GOD) is all around you. The wind passing over your hair is ITs touch!Think that and it can be really enthralling.Have you read the Gaia theory?Clarkes A encounter with Rama is a similar story.That is why Yogis attempt to Yoke (Yuj) with IT during Samadhi.Now belief is NOT there in this as most of it is pure simple logic.Once the yoke is established (sayujya) by inference all the powers of creation are at ones disposal.(Holographic universe, gagar mein sagar).HUM ye sab jaan sakte hain, lekin janna aur samajhna isme antar hai.Like writing code, and having a compiler.We deal with code (emotions and thoughts and physical experiences). The yogi has the cosmiccompiler. Like in the movie matrix, he can then alter reality by actually compiling the 3d worldsmodified code. (Sankalpa).I always joke that the actual cosmic compiler is with the Guru. THAT is why no yogi can succeedwithout a Guru! :)18 days ago • Like •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Chitanjeevi: On this topic there is much to know. The 3 Gunas, the Pancha Tattvas.The purush as the drashta, Prakriti as the energy driving the cosmos. These are not beliefs, we can
  26. 26. easily find and agree that any action has two components. The driver and the driven. The sayujya of thetwo forms what we call "action". Going back along this chain to the root, we reach the concept ofPurush and Prakrit that is why it is called the Adim Dwandwa (Primal couple / original duality).Shankara had to face it up and brought up vishishta advaita to explain how this duality is but anillusion. Prakriti being just an aspect of the purusha.I wonder if you shall agree to all the above. But this is what is there in the Vedanta.18 days ago • Like •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • @Zinnia:You are right no offence felt here.But may I know what has stirred you up so much?I have not done any zabardastee with any one, nor insisted "only I am right".I merely put forward some thruths conveyed by Vedanta and Sankhya.As I found them scientrfic and logical.Vivekananda did something etc, that is his problem and he must have had his reasons.That does not mean that Vedanta is "tyaajya"!Hum ek admi ki karni se ja nahi sakte. And I am sure Vivekananda would also not like that! It is YOUwho are using him to say what you want to say ..that hell with Vedanta.Khul ke kahiye, why use poor Vivekananda foe that? :)You are doing something that Zakir Naik does, and which has become fashionable.Praise the vedas then curse hindus for idol worship, as it is not found in the Vedas.Then tell them on the same breath while the iron is hot, to start eating animal flesh because Vedicpeople ate meat a lot, and thus follow the true religion. Rather INSIST on it.This is the thought process of someone who does not believe in change.It is classic case of devil qioting this logic, we should start INSISTING that people should follow and emulate The person who triedsacrificing his child, and see if god intervenes!Iam simply following Zakirs path! Be true to the religion, start attempting to sacrifice you kids toappease god. Afterall Zakie is an authority even on the Vedas!Then comes hypocrisy.Iska ek fayda hai! You get to curse the hindus using hearfelt reformist zeal as a shield!How delectably enjoyable. No one can curse you for it, it is delightful exercise!I too am going to try it now.Some people Criticise others on statue worship, and then look towards a certain object (quibla)themself when it is prayer time. Is THAT any different from statue worship?This fixation with an object is exacrly identical to statue worship.Why criticise village Jahils when they worship a stone then?
  27. 27. Lekin in se logically bat karna fizool hai.They think they are free to criticize, destroy (temples and statues, akshardham attack).lekin unhe koi criticise kare to tauba!!Marne Maarne pe utar ayenge!Ye hypocrisy pe madam aap kuchh kahengi?Any creative juices flowing on that one?18 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • .-................God is a concept and it is ........................OMni P........., OMni P........,OMni .S......., X.... .Y .... ... etcSee a Snake swallowing a Toad ,Oh ....., one god eating another god ........ one is dead and for the other it is just a days- meal s - sidedish !!.-18 days ago •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Kartikeyan, in one of your previous posts you said you did not about Dhruv.But you knew about Prahlad.Why?I supposed most knew about both vaishnav favorites!18 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • Jayendra,Expecting this question only , I said sincerely I do not know . The name is not registered with me atall , ready to have some highlights on him .18 days ago •
  28. 28. Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Dhruv the son of UttaanPaad is quite senior of Prahlad the son of Hiranyaka-Shipu.Both were great VishnuBhaktas.Dhruv asked for and got a place that was Achyut (infallible). He got to be the Dhruva Tara and ruled26,000 years.Actually this is a take on the precession of the equinoxes, an astronomical phenomenon.The axis of the earth describes a cone in the sky, as the earth wobbles slowly on its axis. Polaris ceasesto be the pole star once every 26000 years. The axis points to other stars and after 26,000 years againpoints to Polaris. This is the great cycle of which Indians and Egyptians were aware. THAT also meansboth these people have a history of astronomical observations going far back in time, before theuniversal flood 11,500 years ago. This flood was caused by the sudden rapid melting of the ice caps asthe last ice age ended. (Indra killing Vritrasur who had locked up all water). It flooded the Bering straitsand cut off America from Asia.Imagine! Not a single forest on earth is older than 11,500 years ago. Because then 90 % of the earthspotable water was locked up in ice caps extending to the tropics! A mile thick! And all land was aridand dry, between the two tropics.It also submerged the "Ram ka pul" between Lanka and India. (That pul is actually geologically mucholder, 17,00,000 years old).Many places on the globe still have ancient Indian place names attached to them.But more on that in a later post.18 days ago • Like •2Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • @Zinnia M;You are putting words in my mouth.I suggested nothing.It is a fact that many many Hindus dont eat meat. Period.If you go to these verisame people and tell them how their Vedic people ate meat, and therefore theyMUST eat meat, and how if they dont do as told they are wrong!THAT is definitely a wrong thing to do.I said some thing tough to syed, and he called me mannerless.Aap Vedanta to tyajya bataa rahee thi to kya main aap ko mannerless bataa sakta hoon?Nahi! The whole holier than thou brigade will pull me down and go one step nearer to sainthood at myexpense!I really suspect now that you are in a habit of doing this. Put words in other peoples mouths and startquoting the bible next.I knew caste, sati, staines, Bangalore everything would come up, you would scour everything youcould pin on hindus, and I had even predicted that. But as I said, NOT say a thing on the mentality thatcaused so many deaths in Bomb blasts. NOT a word on the Akshardham attack, NOT a word on 26/11..
  29. 29. Oh! Its NOT fashionable to criticise muslims, poor fellows were just doing a bit of pious and righteousJihad isnt it?THEY were misguided werent they, Why blame them?AND secondly who knows they might take it to heart and pass a fatwa or two and you could come togrief!So criticise only Hindus who never retaliate, but rather pull each other down in their haste to show theworld how great they are, and so you can read sermons chapter and verse and throw in Vivekananda forgood measure.Aur kam ban jayega. Wah wah. Im impressed!18 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • .-.......Now I have found the meaning of life :).. find out where ever there is dirt and keep cleaning , welcome sign for the ecology !!.-18 days ago •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Zinnijee if you dont know Zakir Naik, Ignotance is bliss! For apart from being amemory sharp (like a crd sharp) he has nothing to contribute. He is I suspect under Wahabi influence.Many in Pakistan and even India (Muslims themselves) dont agree with his rather strong approach. Forexample he detests sufis. Hindostan se Sufu tradition nikalo to kya bachta hai on Islamic front? Ajmer,Salim Chisti, Nizamuddin auliya in ke dargah aaj bhi mane jate hain. Lekin ye sahab hai ki isko achhanahi mante!18 days ago • Like •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Karthikeyan bhai sahab kam se kam hamen galiyan to mat do! :)Itna kam bhi mat boliye ki meaning samajhna kathin ho jaye.Wo kam Patanjali sahab kar gaye hain.People have to write whole books just to explain his few lines!18 days ago • Like •
  30. 30. Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Masternijee jara busy hoon, will get back agter some time.Sure, and will wite in english too.They say venom is needed to fight venom..right?17 days ago • Like •Follow venugopalvenugopal maganti • Is this not getting a too un comfortable,with words like venom,crap,bull shit?I think it is time to leave this group--I thought,people can exchange views here, not necessarilyconvince and win over dissenters--or condemned to be burnt in brim stone,to quote one of the hyperactive participants--already,some one advised a tone down of the PH of the acidic comments,but thereseems to be no respite coming17 days ago • Like •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Venugopal, the 3 words you mention are used by most people in everydaylanguage. Honestly tell me dont you use them to describe something untenable?Do you seriously believe the purpose of this universe is to be examined by god and then go to heavenfor ever? And what does one do there? The questions asked are serious ones and demand seriousanswers. Why so uncomfortable with strong debate?Are we here to scratch each others backs and give off prizes for being nice? And for that matter, I haveNOT maligned anyone personally, but others have called me mannerless etc. But surely that you wontnotice. I have only criticised viewpoints, and this is a sort of interaction so one indeed has a right to tryand put forward things that are logical.What is the problem.How come I never have issues with Karthikeyan and others but only one or two people here?Most of my arguments I try to rest on solid foundation. (Almost all)Even the historical facts (some seem to not like that) are as solid as I can make them.Nowhere have I claimed greatness or anysuch thing. All I do is cut wrong views down to size. And thatis about it.Do think along those lines.If someone were to logically come up with something I appreciate them, I always appreciateKartikeyams coolness, Arifs tp the point thinking..uf you care to read other threads you will find thatout. But I dont suffer fools.17 days ago • Like •Follow jayendra
  31. 31. jayendra upadhye • @chiranjeevi:Can you expand your last qiestion?"Does anyone or anything else knows about existence other than us?"Because if you mean on earth, all other rest of the animals do know about existence.The primates are quite "conscious", and crows have been known to keep track of "how many peoplewent into a room and how many came out!".On the universal scale we have the aliens! In a galaxy of 100 billion stars how can we say we are theonly people around?I asked because I wondered if you meant anything else?17 days ago • Like •Follow venugopalvenugopal maganti • I am myself an agnostic,but veering more towards theistic side,simplybecause,there is no other alternative to co habit for human beings--it is the culture,traditions,based onwhat has been passed on to us by our predecessors,and is based essentially on belief system--now ifsome body turns in to a religious terrorist,blame the extremist views--in any case if we cannot toleratean alternate view point,can not get along with others with their own weaknesses,and want to forcefullychange others views,I think this is the very anti thesis of a management philosophy--I would look athow to live a purposeful life,rather than worrying about an INVISIBLE GOD,and break my head on hisexistence--after all, human society is not produced by a single mould,and its characteristics,bothphysical and mental vary --no 2 humanbeings are alike--we can only exterminate,what is bad for thesociety,not what some intellectuals do not like--the spat between you and Kartikeyan is not in goodtaste,and a mediatory effort by madam Zinnia also turned some what vitriolic--we are not trying to wina debate,nor can we bring about a revolutionary change like MAO or LENIN,who must be licking theirwounds,in hell,if it exists--for,they forced a change in their countries,extirpating all dissenters,but youknow what had happend--I believe a more relavant discussion would be does economic prosperity exist?or is it an illusion,which keeps appearing once in a while?can such prosperity be perpetuated?you donot need to be an economist to gloat about such questions17 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • -.Venugopal" -the spat between you and Kartikeyan is not in good taste,and a mediatory effort by madam Zinniaalso turned some what vitriolic "I will repeat the comment for your sake :)"" .......Now I have found the meaning of life :).. find out where ever there is dirt and keep cleaning , welcome sign for the ecology !! ""
  32. 32. .-17 days ago •Follow GloriaGloria OMarrah • I havent met any thats smart enough to answere that question, just I think answeres.Iwould suggest drwing an invisable box and cocentrate on whats going on in that area before askingsuch big questions. Why do you need to know that answere? People that are depressed usually asksimulair questions. They dont want to think about themself or solutions so they keep asking why. Theywant someone tell tell them why.I know for sure its helping grow the grass behind you thats feedingthat cow so you can have milk on your cheerios.17 days ago • Unlike •1Follow KPKP SaiRaj • we do not know even 1% of entire universe. Only 5% is matter, 95% is dark matter anddark energy filled in this universe. So no one can answer your question with any near perfection. Butwe know at least one thing that we are all part of universe. Just help each other and forget aboutpurpose of life.17 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • .-There could be lot of purposes for life and the Universe , because they are existing ......oh ..... well ......purposeless existence of everything ....... another definite possibility which cannot beruled out ...... one thing for sure is that ... we need to survive ,A GUIDE TO SURVIVAL IN THE 21st CENTURYMan’s consciousness is as powerful as a microscope. It can grasp and analyse experience in a way noother animal can achieve. But microscopic vision is narrow vision. We need to develop another kind ofconsciousness that is the equivalent of the telescope..................... --- Colin Wilson...............................................................................................................................Ideals are primarily visual. Dreams, for example, are full of subconscious ideals. Small wonder idealswork so well in visual media like geometry and the alphabet. Whether scientific, social or spiritual,they’ve been driving our historical record from the start, often for the better. But as projections ofreality, they have one drawback. Time and again it’s been shown that ideals, like their intentions, areonly good for 99% fulfillment. And so in their abundance they clutter the field of reason. Many a
  33. 33. wildflower has sprouted from the garden of rhetoric. The Existentialists, sick of it all, declared avacuum.And they are right, for now that the artificial environment we have extended has its own timelesscurrent, we become like the jellyfish, which has no mind of its own, just a direct line to the outsideworld. Yet to deny it consciousness is misleading, for it reproduces, and it’s evolved. We got the firstpart. Now’s our chance to make good on the second, now that with our circuits reintegrating we beholdthe very organism of the global village. days ago •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • @Gloria: "Depression".. You have used a word in a completely new context fromIndian point of view. But it was refreshing to connect with western context.In hindu terminology, this state of mind is something similar but not exacrlt identical with the statedescribed by "Vairagya" and a related word "Audasinya / Udasinata" meaning "apathy". Great saints inIndia were led vis this path to self realization.refer:- is also another aspect that breeds such thoights about "where/why/whither" and that is excerss ofcomfort and riches. Siddharthas metamorphosis into the Buddha shows this.Again in Indian tradition, one need not be depressed to reach these Qs, one may be plain curious!17 days ago • Like •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • @Sairaj...Has Kali" or any of the 10 (some black some white) mahavidyas to dosomething with this dark energy?Just wondering,.. and ofcourse ready for any tongue lashing that comes my way for coming up withspurious stuff! :)Karthikeyan which avatar of mine had a spat with you of all people?I have already started to check if any imposter has used my name to take you on! :)will let you know asap.17 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • Jayendra
  34. 34. Soap & Surf are costly too, these days...... do not bother about cleaning , Relax :)17 days ago •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Karthikeyan: You literally sent me to the cleaners! :) Soap and all!Chalo I am now hunkyDory white. :)But ek vinantee hai! (one request)Raham karo aur Laconic terseness chhodo.There is genuine danger of mis-interpretation.(Akin to the famous "Naro va-Kunjaro va").17 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • .-I will keep it mind to adhere to it ......... but for the fact ............calling Yudhisthira , the lier as one who upholds Dharma .......... :)17 days ago •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • fear may be telling a truth to someone but in your shortstyle, and the pooe guy would interpret it as a lie along the narova Kunjarova lines! :)Too much brevity can be dangerous.But again let me not dwell too much on that.By the way what is your take in Glorias refreshing coincidental view of Vairagya?17 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • .-One should have vairagya in life for it to be meaningful and there will not time for anyone to ask astold earlier what is life .... - that apart, it does not mean negating our desires or reducing consumptionor avoiding luxurious lifestyle ... etc ..........somehow each one fixes some attitudes and targets to achieve in their lifetime and it could betriggered and concreted any time in life . After that what/ how best are their efforts and direction toachieve the same against all environmental / societal hurdles sets them far up in the vairagya scale .
  35. 35. I think anyone who is sure, he does have Vairagya can explain it still better.-16 days ago •AkshayaUnfollowAkshaya Bhatia • Purpose of life, it seems, is to experience, explore, toil, struggle and interact throughour senses within the self as well as with the ultimate perceptible creativity called Universe and be apart of it till our life span.!!...16 days ago • Like •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • You see Gloria I presume (I may be wrong) represents western view. She may neverhave heard this concept. But she did imagine one had to have some kind of apathy in order to ask thesequestions. From her perspective she thought of it as depression.The Indians will call it audasinya which is first step of Vairagya.16 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • .-I only know Adu Pompe , ............ what is that Audasinya ! ?16 days ago •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Are!Udas = apathetic (adjective)Udasin = apathetic (adjective)Audasinya = apathy (Noun)Udasinta = apathy (Noun)This was all in that web link I gave Gloria. dictionary that one.Audasinya removes apeksha (expectation) and improves "sama drishtee" tendency to look on allfavorable / unfavorable circumstances with equanimity. Which later on leads to Vairagya.Buddhists (Tantra sadhana) to my knowledge used Vipashyana to observe bodies decay in smashana to
  36. 36. fix oneself in the Anityata of the body.Buddhists use the word Aniccha which is Pali apabhraunsha of Anitya. Currently the fashionableVipassana (Pali word) is much more sukhad than the one I described.Do Correct me If I am wrong, cause I read about these Buddhist practices long ago..But what is Adu Pompe ?16 days ago • Like •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Karthikeyan what words you use for apathetic in Tamil / Malayalam / Telugu?I dont know which you follow.16 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • .- அக்கறைறையின்மைமை - not much bothered about the events around.-16 days ago •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • should have written that in english as I write hindi in english! :)Ler me see what online translarion I get.."indifference, negligence, carelessness."So you are Tamil.16 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • ..-...put it in google translate ..... and listen to Aaudio :)16 days ago •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • .- அலட்சியமை் ..... this also looks more nearer to carelessness about ones goals,
  37. 37. .-16 days ago •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • My goodness! It has no phonetic similarity at all.You mean you never really came across the sanskrit audasinya?I was of the impression Tamil has more sanskrit words than Marathi.16 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • .-................people could be weak in languages :).-16 days ago •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Hmm. Possible, anyway all expertise is always a question of degree!Your hint on google translate was a good one.You seem to be a samyamee like me! (Joke intended)For the geeta says "Ya nisha sarva bhutanam, Tasyam Jagarti samyami"!When the world sleeps, the samyami (Yogi) wakes! :)May be we are "discussion / web yogis!Chalo I am retiring. Enough web yoga for today.16 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • :)16 days ago •Follow SreenivasaSreenivasa Madenahally • Very interesting thread.Ujwal, I totally agree with you, human beings are most dangerous virus consuming resources atalarming rate and replicating at alarming rate.
  38. 38. However, whatever Discovery, National Geographic or BBC tell is not the ultimate truth, perhaps noteven a tiny bit of the big truth. Many a times these "science/truth" channels exagerate things severalfold. I watched a program in BBC sometime last year - conclusion was that no one knows how lifestarted on earth, perhaps it came from somewhere else! How did it start there? Millions of brains aretrying to understand what is there in human body, how it works but still picture is not clear. Off course,with limited understanding we are able to "fix" few things! If millions of focussed brains struggle tounderstand what is there and how it works, think of the intelligence who thought about andexperimented and created it. Such an intelligent thing called life which complements the surrounding,self improving, self replicating cant be accident or some collision/explosion/implosion. What Darwin,Einstein or Stephen Hawking found are truth but few drops in the ocean of truth. My gut feel is that,before we find/realize that ocean of truth, we will be extinct. Darwin didnt explain how life originated,he just explained how they evolved/collapsed with changing climate/time. Till now there are no properexplanations on how different species came-up or life started.Till few hundred years back, atom (a-tom = in-divisible) was considered as the smallest particle ofmatter. Later we found/theorized sub-atomic particles - protons, neutrons and electrons. We are nowthinking of some more - bosons/god particles. Yesterdays news paper reported that there is some"matter" in vacuum!According to science today, nuclear fission is the source of energy in stars. But how did atoms havesuch immense eneregy in them (1 gram of hydrogen can generate energy equivalent to 300 million tonsof coal!)? What started big bang explosion/implosion (if they were ever happened)? If mass and energyare interchangeable, how did they come to existence? How did cells/atoms come to existence? How didcells acquired "self" feeling/boundaries? What explains the origin of feelings, thoughts, care, love,belongingness, jealousy/hatred/possession? In curiosity of understanding these and greed of using ourlimited knowledge for our "comfort and convenience" we will trigger something that will wipe-us outand starts new system.Am I thoroughly confused? You bet, but I am pretty sure, life/universe were not mere accident, there isa grand design/order controlled by bigger intelligence!16 days ago • Like •2Follow GloriaGloria OMarrah • KP, good thought, maybe by helping each other, we find our purpose. The endalways follows the beginning.16 days ago • Like •Follow GloriaGloria OMarrah • I dont know know about you guys, but Im getting more confused with eachsentence. Spelling bees and anger I think. Its hard to feel words. I cant tell if everyone is fighting or
  39. 39. talking. I took a class in shiatsu. I always was reading a western medical book. One book said earth,wind,water and fire. The other said stomach,lungs,liver and heart. The symtoms were the same, thecures were the same, the words were all differant. But yet everything was the same. Were never goingto use 100% of our brains untill we can reach a state of total happiness and be filled with love. Thatswhen they say we can answere all those questions.16 days ago • Like •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • @Sreenivasa Madenahally:A slight correction. (No offense intended) It is Fusion not fission that drives the stars.But Sreenivasa Madenahally dont you think by the time we know answers to all those qs, we ourselveswill be gods? :)On one person had asked a similar question. "What was before the bang?" I had toldhim the same thing. Not all questions are answerable. We mught only guess / surmise. What happensafter death? (to us). What causes gravity (if spacetime curvature, why does mass warp space? Why timeonly flows in one direction?All unanswerable questions. Why not leave them thus? In the fitness of things, we may some day knowor perhaps we might not.Asimov has a wonderful take on that. But I have quoted that so many times, I will let that pass now. :)16 days ago • Like •Follow GloriaGloria OMarrah • Jayendra, Depression here is considered a diesease. You thought is correct as far aswhat happens to depressed people. They get so bad, reach bottom, and finally get their feet on the floor,instead of just floating throw the air, and can see reality. The problem is, they seem to keep repeatingthe process over and over. Up and down and up and down. Got any words for that. Maybe they arntthere long enough to see the light.16 days ago • Like •1Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • @Gloria:Nice take on the lighter side.But no, Audasinya and Vairagya (degrees of Apathy) as applied to saints in India are not externallyenforced constructs. Once internalized, the person is NOT UNDER STRESS when in that state. He bynature loses interest in all dependent dualities such as "rich/poor" (the most obvious), even"clean/dirty" which you as a westerner will NOT digest easily.Regarding clean/dirty, comfort/discomfort there are many interesting tales about the Sai of Shirdi andGajanan of Shegaon (both in Maharashtra).
  40. 40. Try and check them out on the web.From the western perspective, Jesus, who really was from the sect of the Essenees, and who was thusused to the performance of austerities, bore the event on the cross and lived, thanks to his internalizednatural un-enforced detachment from comfort/discomfort duality.For such people the ultimate duality to overcome is life/death.And there have been cases where the dead have been brought back.Lazarus by Jesus, and Sacchidananandbaba by Dnyaneshwar.16 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • .-Now it is absolutely clear, the grand purpose of life and the universe !!....every atom is depressed with compressed energy stored inside , waiting to explode... like electron , it can prefer to run around a nucleus .... OOh that what the moon does and .....stars do ................anything & everybody dances..if one is shy of dancing alone , dance as a group or team ......... if one is depressed to dance, give it a shock it will start running around ...... if one is having extra compressed energy , it is going to burst .......What kind of a design is this .....................Now it cannot be absolutely clear, the grand purpose of life and the universe !!Discover IT :)16 days ago •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Karthikeyan, you have certain properties of Narada!He made light of most things!And often left his subjects in doubt about what he really said!!But I have to say this, you have broken long tradirion and NOT posted a link!The lord be praised..Now dont complain I used roo many exclamations. :) ;)16 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • .-
  41. 41. O Narada ma Muni ..... na ma ha ! fact he is so powerful that he manifests in so many peoples heart ?!___________________The Joker effect: cooperation driven by destructive agentsAbstractUnderstanding the emergence of cooperation is a central issue in evolutionary game theory. The hardestsetup for the attainment of cooperation in a population of individuals is the Public Goods game inwhich cooperative agents generate a common good at their own expenses, while defectors “free-ride”this good. Eventually this causes the exhaustion of the good, a situation which is bad for everybody.Previous results have shown that introducing reputation, allowing for volunteer participation, punishingdefectors, rewarding cooperators or structuring agents, can enhance cooperation. Here we present amodel which shows how the introduction of rare, malicious agents—that we term jokers—performingjust destructive actions on the other agents induce bursts of cooperation* The appearance of jokers promotes a rock-paper-scissors dynamics, where jokers outbeat defectorsand cooperators outperform jokers, which are subsequently invaded by defectors.* paradoxically, the existence of destructive agents acting indiscriminately promotes cooperation. days ago •Follow GloriaGloria OMarrah • Jayendra, I see the big differance. The depressed person has the feeling of being afailure, unloved, unworthy and feels sorry for themself. That would be a totally differant character.Theywould be dirty.16 days ago • Like •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Gloria, nice you see the difference. People advanced along the track of finding theanswers to these questions, finally reach the stage where one more duality is to be breached. That ofself/other. Once this is breached, the ego ceases to be an impediment for them. And they connect withthe higher reality (whatever that may be).
  42. 42. I am not certainly qualified to say anything on that! :)But Patanjali in his yoga sutras calls that "connecting" samadhi.I am still at loggerheads with his most basic "yogah Chitta Vritti Nirodhaha".Because to me Nirodha implies suppression."yogah Chitta Vritti Nirodhaha".Meaning Yoga is the control of Chitta and Vritti. (mind and ones nature) loosely translated.16 days ago • Like •Follow SanjaySanjay Saxena • The purpose of life is to live life. Experience it . Feel it. Sense it. Perceive it. Enjoy it.Celebrate it. Fight for it. Read it. Listen to it. Discover it. Think/Mull over it.Universe exists to give us the infrastructure to do the above.It doesn’t matter whether anyone else knows about our existence as long as we continue to live Life.16 days ago • Like •2Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Sanjayjee..and here I was wasting my time on "Yogashchittavrittinirodhaha".Ill have a soda on that one!16 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • .-........doine^ ........ doine^ .............. doine^.......... * ...................* .......................* ........ naradas deva ganamPositive CynicismHow to keep your cynic’s integrity without making yourself miserable.the rare opportunity to live in harmony with your valuesfreedom from self-deceptionimmunity against faddish "groupthink"development of an independent, contrarian mind and spiritrealistic expectations from a less-than-perfect worldself-protection against disappointment (we already know what to expect, don’t we?)the joy of using irreverent humor to retaliate against our oppressors
  43. 43. more here... days ago •1Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Karthikeyan..who asked you to give out my ultra secret behaviour recipe so easily?You ARE Narada in disguise, I am convinced now.16 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • .-........doine^ ........ doine^ .............. doine^.......... * ...................* .......................* ........ naradas deva ganam:).-16 days ago •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • .-...................It is not only a multipolar world it is a Universe of multiple Universes . I think that is whatis mythological / metaphysical / religious studies of this sub-continent point to ..........._________________________________The Pluralistic Universe ---- by Nathan SchneiderScience has a handle on the age of the universe. Now “multiverse” theorists are asking a vexingquestion: Which one? One universe is baffling enough.What little we know is that it’s composed of tiny blips of light in a cloud of black holes, dark matter,and dark energy, which are in turn describable only through the tunnel vision of quantum
  44. 44. indeterminacy and chronic uncertainty. Not to mention the matter of where everything came from andwhat it ultimately means. But even this may not be all. As scientists work to understand the cosmos weinhabit, some have come to suspect it might be only one among many...........................................................................................................................Without the benefit of empirical data, guided by imagination and a body of carefully wroughtmathematics, thinking about a multiverse inevitably challenges scientists, theologians, and laypeople toask what far-fetched possibilities they are willing to entertain. Which can you stand, at least longenough to work out its implications: that you are a program on some alien’s computer, the creature ofan intelligent designer beyond space and time, or a quitter in the search for a theory of everything? Orthat, perhaps, you’ll never know? days ago •1Follow ChiranjeeviChiranjeevi Tallapragada • Thanks @Ujwal calling this childish because I dont want to lose that childlike awe and wonder about life. You have also shared your thoughts andsuggested watching episodes of history channel. Again I would like to thankyou for that. As at an individual level even at the scientific level everyprobe, every discovery has only led to more questions. I guess the day onefeels all the puzzles solved is only when one is resting in peace.15 days ago • Like •Follow GloriaGloria OMarrah • Jayendra, Iwasgoingtolookthatupongooglebutiknewiwoulntfindananswere15 days ago • Like •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Gloria...whats that!"Iwasgoingtolookthatupongooglebutiknewiwoulntfindananswere"You are attempting to sanskritise English?Yogah Chitta Vritti Nirodhaha when combined in Sanskrit becomes"YogashChittaNivruttiNirodhaha".The "sh" gets inserted after yoga and the h disappears.But what answers were tou searching and did not find?
  45. 45. 15 days ago • Like •Follow ChiranjeeviChiranjeevi Tallapragada • @Gloria thanks for bringing up some of the origins for such questions andthe futility of thinking in that direction. Let me share the reason for myasking these questions. As you said one can go on living without thinkingof any purpose or following someone who seems to have understood thepurpose. I too do it but occasionally even simple events like washing offof ants out of a food item could make one think and connect to the statethey must be in. It reminds me of the millions of people who die in naturaldisasters or even accidents. Should one feel sad or take it as part of theroutine cleaning up of someone like us? We go around our business likethose other ants which come back to the same spot looking for food. Is thatthe purpose of life? One doesnt stop living ones life but these thoughtscreate some sense calledvyragya (detachment) that might reduce some of the greed and need foraccumulation, which is on the rise.15 days ago • Like •Follow UjwalUjwal Jha • @ Jayendra Jee.... What is your purpose?? You are a logical person and you should see thatmany of the members do not have consistency in their post. I read most of your posts and giving you anidea. Do not waste your time here. People like you can be a lot more constructive than giving freeeducation.15 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • .-........... detachment is not the direct meaning of word .One should have vairagya in life for it to be meaningful and there will not time for anyone to ask astold earlier what is life .... - that apart, it does not mean negating our desires or reducing consumptionor avoiding luxurious lifestyle ... etc ..-15 days ago •
  46. 46. Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • And here is Naradjee hinting detachment so I should head for the himalayas! :)Ujwal, you may have noticed I can be quite scathing with people who just open their mouths and throwout pompous hot air.Like I was told on another thread here, by an educated person that Hindu scriptures sanctionedsacrifices so that viruses could then stick to the blood and air would be pure!People go on and on about "our vedas, our shastras" without an iota of an idea what the damned thingsactually say, and neither bothering to read the originals.And then they get all het up when I cut their views to size.But tell the truth we must.Even if one from them were to get the hint and start reading the stuff, my day will be made.Kam se kam sahi cheez to jano...that is what I say.People become CEOS and what not and the first thing we know they start babbling home truths likethat blood attracting Viruses stuff.One guy told me. on another thread...the mind works completely independent of the brain. I wonderedif he meant it resided in cyverspace or the 4th dimension! :)Trivial statements all. How can the mind that needs to think, and thought itself needing memory beindependent of the brain?But majority has to win kya karein baba!!So one tries. That is the only thing in ones control. And one is regaled by "great posts"!Aap bhi yahi kariye is my advice.15 days ago • Like •Follow UjwalUjwal Jha • As long as you live in your home country at home with your family and friends aroundyou. It would be very difficult to conceive life without GOD. God and religions were created by Kings,advocated by Pundits / monks to keep the citizen in order.The era of kingdom is long gone but there are several social beliefs that exists through out planet earthand has a very strong social hold. Evolution works and religion is losing its grip on society.Those religions will be destroyed soon if they do not change their orthodox acts. It will not be allowedto kill in the name of religion. People are developing more and more logical ideas and that is theprocess by which society will be completely religion free.Finally as I said it earlier.... We Humans are the most dangerous virus on planet earth. Our main job isto grow rapidly and explore more. I am very confident that earth is not the only inhabitable planet inthe universe. It might take time but we will certainly be able to reach several galaxies and grow morerapidly. That is the purpose. Help other humans and develop our self.15 days ago • Like
  47. 47. •1Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • have overlooked the limitation on resources.There is a very powerful study of what happens in unbridled growth.The polynesian Easter Islands were a mystery for many decades. The Isles had strange statues on thembut no people. The last easter islander who could use their language died on another island many yearsago.Archeologists painfully reconstructed what had happened.It was a disaster of huge proportions.The islanders had cultivation and lived on fishing and farm produce.But soon their population grew so much that those resources (island afterall) were insufficient.Cannibalism set in and in the end there was no one left.(That happened in Stalingrad too during the 2 year siege).If we are a virus, we have to stop ourselves from self destruction.Afterall a virus colony lives only as long as the victim!15 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • .-................just observe how people are living in Kasi, Madura and Kanchi...Cities alive with buzzing human beings alive for more than 3000 years . Almost you can compare itwith an ANT Colony ... people ... people .... every where .. there is no empty space or nothingness fornothing .where is life hidden inside VirusLife is living , live let live ......Life is living , live let live..........Life is living , live let live.-15 days ago •Follow venugopalvenugopal maganti • In the Rig Veda, the poet wonders what existed before everything else. And aftermuch pondering he concludes, the first to exist, even before breath, is desire - kama. Without kama,there would no movement from formlessness (asat) to form (sat), from darkness (tamas) to light (jyoti),from hopelessness (mrityu) to hope (amrita).This is what tamasoma --song means--whose desire is it remains an un answered question--I repeat itcan be any one--who knows ,even one of the passionate debators even
  48. 48. 15 days ago • Like •1Follow SanjaySanjay Saxena • The purpose of life is very simple which is made unnecessarily complicated by somepeople.15 days ago • Like •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • The rigVeda is clear. on the Hiranyagarbha and Nasadiya sukta. ("Na sat asit naasat" becomes Nasadasit...and hence Nasadiya sukta and "HiranyagarbhaSamVartate" soHiranyagarbha sukta).That primeval undifferentiated "It" had the first Vikar as Ahankar. Kam needs Ahankar.That "IT" once infested with Ahankara, thought "Ekoham Bahusyam""I am one let me be many", and this was Kama! The desire to multiply.And THAT as you said rightly started the world as per that veda.Though I cannot place where this sentence occurs "EkohamBahusyam"..Nay be you can throw some light on that.15 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • .-.......... the original Sin !...... vedam ne iniya ganam ne ........ sadur vedam ne.-15 days ago •Follow UjwalUjwal Jha • Guys can we talk a little bit different things? Did I see it properly that the name of this is"India Leadership Network"??? I cant believe it. I tried for a while and I think its really too much.Why the hell all of us are searching answers in a Religion? I am sorry but I feel its not a businessgroup. There are many countries in the world and I really do not know such country where people seekanswers only in religion.May be you guys should go to a temple and preach rather doing some business.15 days ago • Like
  49. 49. •Follow BuddhiBuddhi Singh • The purpose of life on the earth is to know about self through intution and discovery ofthe almighty . The universe is the creation of nature and is the extended form of human body.Theuniverse and human body are synonimous.Even though, we all are unaware about the existense of allthis.To know should be our ultimate motto but we are in sleeping mode and by making walls ofsorrows and agonies we are expecting for ultimate happiness in the universe.15 days ago • Like •karthikeyan arumugathandavan • .-That is a good one ..-15 days ago •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • Ujwal, no. This particular question demands a philosophical answer.So we are giving out such answers.On other topics I have raised, you wont find religion at all.For example my thread about all Indians wanting to be managers.Some references to caste may have come there as it affects the indians worldview and behaviour ingeneral.It is like joining a south african blog and expecting nothing racial there.Why south africa! Right here on linked in you can find it being practiced subtly.I joined the hp Tandem Nonstop blog here.I posted a lot and suddenly I was locked out. Upon inquiring with Linked in I got the interesting reply"Talk to the group owner"!I did so. And what dd that snooty Scandinavian lady say?You are posting too much technical stuff! Its clogging our mail boxes, please go elsewhere! Can youbelieve it,She looked upon me as a pest!And all this after many of the Americans there had actually interacted favorably and heavily with me.Some of them took up the issue with her but she did not budge!Racism is alive and kicking on this very Linkedin forum! But it is cloaked unde "Babugiri" like "talk tothe owner"!If I had been a scandinavian I would have been greeted with great Bonhommie I am sure of that. Noones mail boxed would be clogged then. :)And then these people come and lecture us on how to improve India and pull the chinese down overchild labor. These same people used extensive child labor in their own countries 50 to 100 years ago.Now sau choohe kha ke billi jah pe nikli hai. :)
  50. 50. 15 days ago • Like •Follow FloydFloyd Vaz MBC • If any of you want a Christian perspective, please watch this with an unbiased mind.Some amazing photography. days ago • Like •Follow jayendrajayendra upadhye • The god referred to therin is muslim/hindu/christian?Does he favor one over the other?(For the Buddhists and Jains dont believe in God as such but believe humans can strive to somethingakin to godhood).Is he male or female? If male does he need a mate?Does he wear clothes as humans do?Where does he stay and what does he eat and sleep?How does he pass his time?By what mechanism does creation happen? When did it happen?Archbishop Usshers date of 4004 BC is ok?In the Christian perspective what happens after armageddon?Does the universe cease to be?I ask because The questions asked here are more far reaching than that.Surely the purpose of things is not so limited as just please a god and go to heaven?Does Christianity say anything on the deeper mysteries?Whence / whither / why?(Im afraid most religions are mum on that).15 days ago • Like •NimuUnfollowNimu Shenoy, MBA • I am a bit perplexed as to why Ujwal made his comment about discussing