Main script for openinggg


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Main script for openinggg

  1. 1. TITLES<br />The sound of the traffic and cars going by and the wind blowing, Sound track also starts<br />EXT. STREET - day<br />We see a big building, and cars going by, and people walking throughout.<br />TITLES<br />EXT. street - day<br />We get to see the main male character the undercover news reporter (Simon) standing outside the back garage gates, and the cars and people are going by.<br />EXT. street- DAY<br />Then a random female walks pass talking on her phone, in the street and she stops in front of the news reporter Simon.<br />TITLES<br />EXT. Street - DAY <br />We see Simons face very confused and worried on why the random female just stopped right next to him.<br />ext. street- DAY<br />She stopped because she has had very important news through the phone and she replies by saying :<br />Random female<br />Ok ill be there as soon as possible!<br />And she walks of again in a quicker pace<br />ext. street - day<br />The black gates close slowly.<br />TITLE<br />EXT. GARAGE - DAY<br />He is walking through the garage looking for a back entrance to the big building.<br />TITLE <br />ext. garage - DAY<br />He finds the back door and the approach is in a cautious manner.<br />exT. garage - DAY<br />We see him place the key on the key on the security pad and entering the back entrance of the building.<br />TITLE<br />int. inside the biulding - DAY<br />We see him walk up the flight of stairs in various different angles until the reaches the office door.<br />INT. OFFICE - DAY<br />We see him enter the office and them he takes a seat on the chair and heads to the desk, where is switches on the computer. He lifts his bag on the desk to gets his USB. Once his found it he plugs it into the computer.<br />TITLE<br />INT. OFFICE - DAY<br />We see Simon pick up a note that was left on the desk which reads...<br />note<br />Be right back in 30mins<br />When we see him place the note back on the desk and start checking through the files<br />INT. assistant managers OFFICE - DAY<br />We see her in her desk doing her daily work on the computer when suddenly she gets a call from someone, which then she replies<br />assiant manager<br />Ok Ok ill call her now to see where she is<br />as Then she hangs up the phone and calls the office, the office that Simon is in. <br />TITLE<br />INT. OFFICE - DAY<br />The phone rings and Simon gets cautious and scared so he carries on looking for the files and is starting to panic.<br />TITLE<br />INT. Assisstant managers OFFICES - DAY<br />She is perplexed on why no one in the other office picked up the phone so she decides to go down stairs. And we see her going down the flights of stairs <br />TITLE<br />inT. office - DAY<br /> As she is going down stairs Simon is loading the files to his USB, and its taking long, this makes Simon feel more panic.<br />TITLE<br />INT. corridor - DAY<br />The assistant manager finally gets to the door and slowly turns the door knob.<br />INT. office - DAY<br />The loading has finished but at this point the assistant manager already is at the door and she is slowing turning the door knob, would he get out on time......<br />