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Campaigns ohs promotion methodology
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Campaigns ohs promotion methodology


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  • 1. EuropeAid/1147781/C/SV/UA A. Cerdá Micó 1 Methodology for Occupational Health & Safety Preventive Campaigns in Workplaces Support to the Development of the Accident Insurance system in Ukraine
  • 2. EuropeAid/1147781/C/SV/UA A. Cerdá Micó 2 OHS Campaigns Cycle Management Getting ready implementation evaluation Follow up action & dissemination Planning
  • 3. EuropeAid/1147781/C/SV/UA A. Cerdá Micó 3 I Preparation of the campaign • measurable objective • targeted groups • collaboration • tools for diffusion
  • 4. EuropeAid/1147781/C/SV/UA A. Cerdá Micó 4 I Preparation of the campaign • Choose measurable objectives - clear - realistic e.g. promoting a new managerial preventive policy, increase sensibility toward a certain risk, promote concrete actions for prevention There can be main and secondary objectives (M: promote social partners involvement in OHS; S: improve OHS training for social partners
  • 5. EuropeAid/1147781/C/SV/UA A. Cerdá Micó 5 I Preparation of the campaign • identify targeted groups - not too wide spectrum - analyze in detail their needs and priorities - so that the identifies message is recognized and accepted • request collaboration of managerial structure of your Institution or key players (directors, head of departments, OHS Committee, etc) - adapting the message to each one (arguments: reduction of budget, decrease absenteeism, image, improve relations with labour inspection, elimination or reduction occupational risks, etc.)
  • 6. EuropeAid/1147781/C/SV/UA A. Cerdá Micó 6 I Preparation of the campaign • Choose appropriate tools for diffusion = - suitable to reach the targeted groups - involving institutions or groups who can be collaborators = increasing the impact of the campaign (e.g. other OHS institutions , employers associations, trade unions, enterprise advisers, local authorities, educational institutions, etc.)
  • 7. EuropeAid/1147781/C/SV/UA A. Cerdá Micó 7 II Organization of the campaign • Choose targeted audience (try to involve) • Choose, if possible, duration of the campaign • Choose assigned budget for implementation. (convenient to add extra 10% to cover incidentals)
  • 8. EuropeAid/1147781/C/SV/UA A. Cerdá Micó 8
  • 9. EuropeAid/1147781/C/SV/UA A. Cerdá Micó 9 II Organization of the campaign • define “tone" of the campaign: - cool & rational (high-level audience: managers, directors policy makers); - educational (already informed target ready to learn), - amusing (schools) - threatening (audience resistant to change)
  • 10. EuropeAid/1147781/C/SV/UA A. Cerdá Micó 10 II Organization of the campaign • define indicators and parameters - to follow up implementation - facilitate on going and final evaluation e.g. surveys / reports, risk evaluations implemented, accidents identified, recorded or notified, OHS structures set up, meetings held, visits paid, statistics, etc.
  • 11. EuropeAid/1147781/C/SV/UA A. Cerdá Micó 11 II Organization of the campaign • Develop tailored message clear, simple & pertinent = slogan + body - indicate what/why target specked to do - show reasons & advantages of campaign e.g. reduce accident rates, improve Fund image, reduction of fines and sanctions, improve social partners involvement, etc.
  • 12. EuropeAid/1147781/C/SV/UA A. Cerdá Micó 12 II Organization of the campaign • collect published disseminating materials - from OHS preventive organizations (yours/ others), social partners, research institutes, internet, etc. • elaborate materials if not available & are needed -e.g. bulletins, posters, brochures, videotapes, diskettes, CDs, interactive materials, etc. PS: keep in mind basic principles = clear & understandable writing according level of knowledge targeted groups - include available pictures, photographs and drawings which can facilitate the understanding.
  • 13. EuropeAid/1147781/C/SV/UA A. Cerdá Micó 13 II Organization of the campaign • identify other OHS activities going on = save resources e.g. conferences, games, competitions of pictures or of drawings, International OHS week, exhibitions, etc. • request collaboration of authorities & administrative departments / recruit other services for logistic & administration - secretarial support, computers, designing facilities, printing, etc. Needed when TV campaign
  • 14. EuropeAid/1147781/C/SV/UA A. Cerdá Micó 14 II Organization of the campaign • coordinate human resources and technicians assigning functions /concrete responsibilities for elaboration of materials and pre campaign activities • fix a chronology - assign particular time schedules for each responsible / concrete activity - specify foe each stage maximum deadline
  • 15. EuropeAid/1147781/C/SV/UA A. Cerdá Micó 15 II Organization of the campaign • choose good dates for launching and implementing, - avoid dates for holidays /high labour pressure - take advantage, if possible, of events as any National or International OHS day/week • control terms and dates for implementation from starting point to end of campaign.
  • 16. EuropeAid/1147781/C/SV/UA A. Cerdá Micó 16 III Monitoring & follow up campaign • Keep record and use monitoring and follow up indicators during implementation = final report • carry out final evaluation through settled parameters - keep in mind he possibility that campaign increases, in the short term, OHS problems as they are visible now - indicators for short and long term
  • 17. EuropeAid/1147781/C/SV/UA A. Cerdá Micó 17 IV Disseminate campaign results • elaborate documents showing result • disseminate them (employers and workers, OHS concerned institutions) • outline possibility to launch future campaign • invite all to express their feelings and ideas in this respect • Keep the issue hot (look for opportunities to bring back attention to issue)
  • 18. EuropeAid/1147781/C/SV/UA A. Cerdá Micó 18
  • 19. EuropeAid/1147781/C/SV/UA A. Cerdá Micó 19 Organization Contact Person Details: tellephone, e. mail. address, etc.
  • 20. EuropeAid/1147781/C/SV/UA A. Cerdá Micó 20 Campaign Aims, audience, message What should change Who should change What message will persuade
  • 21. EuropeAid/1147781/C/SV/UA A. Cerdá Micó 21 Campaign planning and monitoring Task Subtask or benchmark responsable deadline