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International Adventures
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International Adventures


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  • 1. ACE Database of International Activities 2009 Name Title/email Internationally related work experiences in the past five years. This might include preparing communication support materials, training, research, student groups, hosting international guests, etc. Abbott Eric Professor, Greenlee School of Egypt. 2004-2005: Communications consultant with Chemonics International for Journalism and U.S. Agency for International Development Egypt Financial Services Project, Communication, Iowa State Cairo. Developed conducted, and analyzed baseline survey for project of public University knowledge and acceptance of home mortgages. Developed prototype communication materials. Tajikistan. 2006-2007. Communications consultant with Chemonics International for U.S. Agency for International Development Tajikistan Farmer Rights and Land Privatization project. Developed and analyzed baseline survey of 1500 farmers in 15 regions for the World Bank and USAID projects. Uganda. 2004-2009: Member, management team, Center for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods, Iowa State University. Worked with initial team to set up a project in Kamuli, Uganda, designed to improve food security and economic opportunities for 800 rural farm households living in eastern Uganda. Served as communications consultant for the Kamuli office. Helped produce videos in 2007 to explain the project to potential donors. Served as a co-facilitator at the 2009 conference to develop the strategic plan for the next 3 years of the project; supervised graduate student research on health communication technologies and household food security in the region. Russia. Coordinate for Iowa State the continuing agreement between the Greenlee School and Ural State Forestry Engineering University in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Each year I recruit faculty and graduate students to participate in Ural State’s annual research symposium. I also host visitors from Ural State at Iowa State, and assist in developing annual plans of work.
  • 2. Italy. July, 2007. Presented a paper on public understanding and attitudes toward genetically engineered crops to the International Conference on Agricultural Biotechnologies, Ravello, Italy. GMO Research. 2007-2008. Conducted and presented research with colleague Lulu Rodriguez on public understanding and attitudes toward genetically engineered crops and livestock in developing countries. Ashman Meg Extension Professor Emeritus I am the program coordinator for the University of Vermont spring semester- abroad program in Belize. As part of that program, I teach a strategic writing course at Galen University to both Belizean and University of Vermont students. Barclay Dr. Raymond Barclay Offered the first honors course in global issues with a study tour to Scotland in Raymond Director, Global Studies 2005 and a study tour to Italy in 2006. Program International Agricultural Secured study abroad and international internships for 240 students in Programs agriculture, food and life sciences 2005 to 2009. University of Arkansas 300 Hotz Hall Secured two endowed scholarships to assist students on study abroad programs. Fayetteville, AR 72701 Coordinated the Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow study tour to Scotland in 2006 for 27 students and staff from nine universities. Helped coordinate a study visit to Greece for the Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service Agricultural and Rural Leadership Class. Established the first Equine Summer School with Oatridge College in Scotland for animal science, poultry and pre vet students in 2009. Supported the addition of the University of Gent, Belgium to its Trans Atlantic MSc program in agricultural economics and agribusiness. Helped establish a US-EU Trans-Atlantic exchange program to study renewable
  • 3. resources and clean technology with three universities in Europe and three universities in the U.S. Supported a University of Arkansas community development service project in Belize. Revised and updated the Global Studies Program web site at Participated in a special Consultation on GM Technology: Significance for UK Food and Farming at Windsor Castle. Beckman Brad – Electronic Media Specialist - 2006 – Costa Rica – UI/CATIE IGERT Sustainable Environments Project. University of Created a long form documentary. Including television news stories and student Idaho video profiles. 2007 – Kenya, East Africa -Kenya Venture Project. Followed senior design engineering students to a remote Maasai village in Kenya on a filter system for clean water. Still photos for print and web use. Also , a video documentary, national television news stories as well as marketing and promotional material. Also, an Idaho 4-H Global Service Learning Project was created using video footage filmed in a school for orphans in Kibera, the largest slum in Africa. Link at: 2009 – El Salvador – Icubed Project / Senior engineering student irrigation design project. Worked with subsistence farmers to deliver and manage water on the steep terrain of the El Pital region of El Salvador, on the Honduras border. Filmed video for a documentary and digi-still for publications and web use. Bonaparte Frida Cross Cultural Communicator, Office of Ag. Comm, 2009/2008 Assisted Extension personnel delivering leadership workshops for Mississippi State University international students from Nicaragua.
  • 4. 2009/2007 Helped to develop SERA-37 The New Hispanic South. 2008/2006 Coordinated cultural/study trips to Honduras, Mexico and Spain for Extension personnel, faculty and students. 2005 Organized and implemented a research cooperation project between USDA and College of Agriculture, National University of Tucuman, Argentina. Martin Robert Professor Evaluation of a USAID Agricultural Education project in Egypt in January, 2008. Byrnes Matt Snr. Multimedia Researching and negotiating for group ACE discounts on intensive language Designer study courses in CPI in Costa Rica and [UNIVAC] Universidad del Valle de Cuernavaca, in Mexico. Serving as iSIG Chair this past year. I designed, built, and maintain the iSIG’s Website. Chinese Food Safety: worked on designing and building a series of games and animations to supplement training materials for food service workers in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Worked with international students and faculty to record character dialog and ensure proper implementation of translated instructional content. Student Global Experience and International Career Program for NMSU: I have been working to make connections for this organization with the Scottish Agricultural College in Aberdeen, Scotland and with C.A.T.I.E. in Costa Rica. Cartmell Associate Professor, Co-Director/PI for a grant titled “Nurturing the “Fourth Estate”: Professional Dwayne Agricultural Communications, Development for Media Specialists in the Republic of Mali, West Africa,” Sept. Oklahoma State University/ 2006 - Aug. 2008, funded by the United States Department of State's Office of Citizen Exchanges of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Co-Instructor, Scotland and England two-week study abroad course for Oklahoma State University students, 2008 (did not travel)
  • 5. Co-Instructor, Scotland, England and Ireland two-week study abroad course for Oklahoma State University students, 2007 Collaborating with/Hosting a Fulbright Scholar from Indonesia beginning in Fall 2008. Hettel Gene Editor and Head, Arranged to have all IRRI scientific books of any consequence scanned and Communication and OCR’d and placed on Google Book Search at Publications Services, International Rice Research Manage IRRI’s Weekly electronic Bulletin (every Tuesday afternoon Institute (IRRI) since April 2000): With colleagues, established the IRRI Rice Photo Bank ( Version 2 debuted in January 2007 with a Creative Commons License Deed as do most IRRI information products as of 2007. With colleagues, also established IRRI photos on Flickr at Rice Thesaurus—in conjunction with the IRRI Library and colleagues in my office, developed a database of nearly 2,500 standard terms pertaining to rice on a user-friendly platform, which will be available to rice scientists worldwide soon via the National Agricultural Library Web site in the USA at Co-authored a joint paper with IRRI Library and CPS staff, which was presented at Simon Fraser University in Canada in July 2007, and later published in the online open access journal, First Monday: Scholarly publishing initiatives at the International Rice Research Institute: Linking users to public goods via open access.
  • 6. In conjunction with plant breeding staff at IRRI, managed the CPS photography and video section to produce a 127-day time-lapse video to show the effect of the Sub1a flood-tolerance gene when transferred to a variety that is not flood tolerant such as IR64. This was done from 14 June to 16 October 2007 in an IRRI research plot. Click here to view the 40-second version on YouTube (127 days in 40 seconds). To date, I’ve placed 60 IRRI videos on YouTube at Participated in the Regional Conference on Creative Commons (CC) 5-6 February 2009 and presented Adopting and Utilizing Creative Commons to Facilitate the Dissemination of Rice Knowledge and Technology. Hixson Paul • March 2009, multimedia production services for conference on “A New Green Revolution? Meeting Global Food and Energy Demands” • June 2007, part of leadership team for the University of Illinois Extension Kenya Study Tour; provided multimedia production services for project. • March 2007, multimedia production work at the 3rd International Conference Linking Markets and Farmers in Delhi, India. • February 2006, video and multimedia production for the AERI Linkage Project in Upper Egypt. Also, recorded presentations at the 2nd International Conference Linking Farmers and Markets held in Cairo, Egypt and made that content available on the web through streaming video services.
  • 7. King Dave Associate Provost, June 2004 to March 2006—along with Don Poucher, University of Florida, Outreach and conducted a series of every-other-month 4-day workshops on campus at Engagement, Zamorano University in Honduras to train faculty in learning module Oregon State University development. Ultimate outcome was the establishment and funding of the Global Learning Center on the Zamorano campus. July 2007—Inaugural meeting of the Zamorano Global Learning Center Advisory Committee, Zamorano University, Honduras January 2008—Hosted international meeting of the American Distance Education Consortium (ADEC) Program Panel on the Zamorano University campus, including 25 people from 19 universities. January 2008—Meeting of the Zamorano Global Learning Center Advisory Committee, Zamorano University, Honduras March 2007—Team leader for a two-week scientific exchange to China sponsored by the USDA Foreign Agriculture Service and ADEC to review technology access and use for distance learning. September 2007—Hosted a visiting delegation from the Central Agricultural Broadcasting and Television School (CABTS) from Beijing in Corvallis to review distance learning programs and technology adoption. October 2007—Invited lecturer at the CABTS facility in Beijing along with Jeanne Gleason, New Mexico State. Audiecne included 5,200 participants via satellite nationwide across China. April 2008—Negotiated and signed a Memorandum of Understanding between CABTS and ADEC for collaboration on joint publications, media developer exchanges, and a jointly sponsored conference on distance learning in Beijing in 2011. November 2008— Team leader for a two-week scientific exchange to China sponsored by the USDA Foreign Agriculture Service and ADEC to review food safety and opportunities for distance education training and program development.
  • 8. November 2008—Along with Jeanne Gleason, presented a three-day hands-on workshop for CABTS instructional designers and instructors on learning module development and new media in Beijing with 50 people from around the country onsite and 1000 available via satellite. Poucher Donald Assistant Vice President, September, 2008 – Worked with Galapagos Society in developing media W. Agriculture and Natural materials and marketing plan Resources, University of October, 2008 to Present – Working with Honduran CICA project coordinated Florida by Zamorano University to develop environmental education network throughout Honduras. November, 2008 to Present—Working with Zamorano University PROMIPAC train-the-trainer project to develop networking efforts utilizing information technologies for multi-national collaboration on integrated pest management training throughout Central America including Honduras, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. April, 2006 to January,2009—Worked with Zamorano University Communications Department to develop and expand campus-wide, coordinated communications program including departmental organizational plan and staffing patterns. June 2004 to March 2006—along with Dave King, Oregon State, conducted a series of every-other-month 4-day workshops on campus at Zamorano University in Honduras to train faculty in learning module development. Ultimate outcome was the establishment and funding of the Global Learning Center on the Zamorano campus. January 2008—Hosted international meeting of the American Distance Education Consortium (ADEC) Program Panel on the Zamorano University campus, including 25 people from 19 universities. January 2008—Meeting of the Zamorano Global Learning Center Advisory Committee, Zamorano University, Honduras. July 2007—Founding meeting of the Zamorano Global Learning Center
  • 9. Advisory Committee, Zamorano University, Honduras. April, 2006 –- Worked with Zamorano Graduates’ Association (AGEAP) to supplement campus activities in coordinating and solidifying Zamorano relationships with graduates throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. August, 2004 --- Presented Invited paper on Distance Learning to Inter- American Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture (IICA) seminar in Brazil. June, 2004 --- Presented Invited paper on Distance Learning to Inter-American Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture (IICA) seminar in Belize. April, 2003 –- Invited University of Florida Continuing Education Exhibit at international outreach exhibition, Buenos Aires, Argentina June, 2003 –- Worked with Inter-American Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture (IICA) and USAID to advance distance learning concepts in developing agriculture sector strategy for the Americas; San Jose, Costa Rica May, 2003 --- Produced short course via satellite on integrated pest control between UF and University of West Indies-Mona campus in Kingston, Jamaica. April, 2003 --- Member of UF team working with ESPOL in Ecuador to develop joint masters degree program in agricultural economics. March, 2003 --- Reviewed World Bank funded Consultive Group for Cooperative Agricultural Programs communications unit at CIAT research center in Cali, Colombia. January, 2003 --- Produced two video presentations for Zamorano University in Honduras; led video production team for 10-day shoot. Povich Anita Free-lance writer/editor Edited publications and communications materials for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (AERI-MUCIA): --Progress report, Agricultural Exports for Rural Income project (AERI), Midwestern Universities Consortium for International Activities (MUCIA), 2006;
  • 10. --Regional workshop, “Linking Producers to Markets,” January 29-31, 2006, Cairo, Egypt; --Teaching materials for “Egyptian and Arabic Universities to Foster Undergraduate Success in the Agricultural Sector,” 2006. Hosted international student from Brazil (with son and family), Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, 2008. Roberts Owen Communications director and Belize – coordinating communications study tour with NGO Sending Help And instructor, University of Resources Everywhere (SHARE) Guelph Botswana – writing research communications plan for the newt Botswana International University of Science and Technology Netherlands – presidium member, International Federation of Agricultural Journalists USA – journalist-publisher-farmer triad ethics research, sponsored by American Agricultural Editors Association Schultz Tom Instructional Developer 2005 Agronomy Department, Iowa Traveled with Agriculture Study Abroad Group from Iowa State University to State University China. 2005 Helped with Study Abroad group from China. Took them on field trips. 2007 Helped with South Korean Student group when they were here in the U.S. Took them on field trips. 2008 Traveled to China and worked with Blue-Sky Landscape Company in Hangzhou for 1 month on English and Horticultural items. It was a learning/business
  • 11. experience. Immediately after, traveled to South Korea and helped as trip-leader-in-training for Student Study Abroad Trip that was in South Korea for 2 weeks looking at environmental, agricultural and other items in South Korea. Then traveled to China for 3 weeks with Student Group to look at similar items in China. Traveled to Beijing, Chongqing, Guiyang, Wuhan, Hangzhou, and Shanghai. 2009 Will be leading a Study Abroad trip to China for 3.5 weeks with students to view agricultural and environmental aspects of China. Farm Safety Consultant for the Was a panel speaker at the NIFS conference in Milwaukee. Whalen-Ruiter Canadian Federation of Got permission from University of Minnesota Extension to use a few of their Theresa Agriculture photos for the Farm Safety Photo Gallery hosted on the Canadian Agricultural Ottawa, Ontario, Safety Association web site . Canada Wingenbach Professor • Conducted biotechnology communications research in Nairobi, Gary J. Kenya/Lilongwe, Malawi, 2009 • Secured USDA/USAID funding for biotechnology communications research in Africa, 2008 • Participated in the International Agricultural and Extension Education Conference, E.A.R.T.H. University, Costa Rica, 2008 • Sent students on Agriculture Public Relations Internships, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, 2006 • Developed Tunisia Agricultural Study Abroad Summer Program, 2006 • Directed eight graduate students’ field research on communications processes used in technology transfer in Tamaulipas, Mexico, 2006 • Hosted agricultural journalist, Catherine Momha, a Norman Borlaug International Agricultural Science and Technology Fellow from Cameroon, 2006
  • 12. • Directed 50 undergraduates on two Texas-Mexico Field Day Demonstration events in Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas, Mexico, 2005 • Secured USDA-ISE funding for enhancing U.S. research capacities in Mexico, 2005 • Directed 17 undergraduates on the Texas-Mexico Field Day Demonstrations in Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas, Mexico, 2004 • Participated in the International Agricultural and Extension Education Conference, Dublin, Ireland, 2008