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Aceicon epm software

  1. 1. The easy to use enterprise project management solutions for project intensive industries Email: Features Enterprise Project Management Enterprise Project Management (EPM) is a standardized way to govern all projects in an enterprise. Continuous developments in the EPM field have brought enterprise resource Project Management management also in the umbrella of EPM focus. Organizations today need to manage their resources effectively and optimize their utilization across the various enterprise EDashboards projects. For this, the management needs up-to-date information on resource allocation, assignment, availability and utilization. Task Management Enterprise wide Project and Resource Management is challenging and needs the right enterprise project management software. To facilitate governance of projects and resources, Aceicon has come out with EPM software viz. Aceicon Project Server. Resource Management Aceicon Project Server Financial Management Aceicon Project Server is a complete and comprehensive EPM solution. Document Management It helps your management gain visibility, insight, and control across all projects and enhances decision-making, improving alignment with business strategy, maximizing resource utilization, and increasing operational efficiency. The product is available for full Knowledge inhouse installation or as a hosted solution (SaaS) and can be used as an alternative to Management Microsoft Project Server. Inventory Management Contact Management Timesheet Management Aceicon Information Technology ●, ● USA: 856 741 0144, 408 318 6708 UK: 208 819 9804 India: 11 2510 7330, 955 591 3030, 989 986 0544
  2. 2. Quick task edits with inline editing in Project Management grid. Advanced Task constraints and dependencies for faster project updates. Status Reporting Update and track task status using % Full fledged project management with complete, Actual, Remaining duration, features to build projects internally or Discussion Forums or per day hours. Baseline tasks to import them from MS Project. monitor status against plan. Baseline Projects and monitor status with graphical indicators. Issue Tracking Resource Management Risk Management Monitor your resource assignment across all projects. View Resource Smart Notifications Usage to see work scheduled across all projects. Easy access to resource Inbuilt Messaging availability and loading for better resource management. Reports/Metrics Financial Management EDashboards Manage your project finances. Assign Project Dashboard to get a summary budgets to projects and track progress view of all the projects running in the against budgets on three key project organization. Role based access to items – labour, material and expenses. different dashboard views. These parameters are automatically calculated based on the project  Graphical representation of critical progress making it easy to know the operating parameters exact status at any point and take  Summarized data necessary corrective actions. Create  Personalized dashboards for Invoices, Pos, Bills to track fund flow. different roles CXO, Customers, Project Manager, Developer, Resource Manager, and more Document Management Keep all your project documents in one place. Upload and share all project Task Management documents like contracts, drawings, invoices, Pos etc. Control access to Detailed management of tasks with documents. Manage and track different various task types like: document versions and ensure controlled updates to a document  Fixed Unit through Check Out/Check In process.  Fixed Duration  Fixed Work. Aceicon Information Technology ●, ● USA: 856 741 0144, 408 318 6708 UK: 208 819 9804 India: 11 2510 7330, 955 591 3030, 989 986 0544
  3. 3. Knowledge Management Timesheet Management Benefits Detailed timesheet management with Use discussion forums, in builts emails, review and approval features to monitor Improves project project document storage to build a solid hours spent on the project and adhoc knowledge base for each project. Keep profitability and activities. Surrogate Timesheet - create all the project information in one place on behalf of someone else. Import tasks performance. and yield the benefits of an (with actual values) from project or organizational project knowledge create your own task entries. Mark database. Increases team tisheet rows as billable for your invoicing needs. Merge timesheets received from productivity. team members to easily create a team timesheet. Improves resource Inventory Management utilization. Track organizational material inventory across multiple warehouses. Assign Eases team material to project and monitor the collaboration. project inventory and usage of material in various projects. Increases savings through reduced expenses. Easy to use, intuitive interface. No setup required (SaaS version). Compatible with all major web-browsers. 24 hours, 365 days Status Reporting availability Contact Management Easy status reporting and controlled Manage your contacts – keep updates to project with facility to accept information about your customers, or reject updates. Request status vendors and corporate contacts. Use reports from your team members. Ability this information to generate invoices, to generate ad-hoc reports and merge purchase orders, bills and route these to and build consolidated report for the appropriate parties. project. View pending reports of the team. Aceicon Information Technology ●, ● USA: 856 741 0144, 408 318 6708 UK: 208 819 9804 India: 11 2510 7330, 955 591 3030, 989 986 0544
  4. 4. Product Editions Discussion Forums Inbuilt Messaging Free Online Mpp Create your own project specific Internal mailbox to communicate with discussion forums. Manage who can your project mates. Receive notifications viewer create or post comments. on events in internal mailbox. Full Inhouse SaaS  Use project specific discussion boards to share and disseminate knowledge with all the Stakeholders  Enhanced Search andSystem Authentication FeaturesRequirements Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 3.0+ Issue Tracking Reports/Metrics Manage project Issues with ability to link  Flexible tool to extract and present other objects like tasks, forums etc. Critical Enterprise wide Information  Build textual status reports to report Risk Management status of your projects including highlights, lowlights, achievement of Manage project risks. Quantify risks and current week, targets for next week identify mitigation, and contingency etc. plans.  Custom Reports: Build Your Own Smart Notifications Reports Smart notifications about events through:  Emails  Internal messages. Aceicon Information Technology ●, ● USA: 856 741 0144, 408 318 6708 UK: 208 819 9804 India: 11 2510 7330, 955 591 3030, 989 986 0544