Ace american spoken english


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Ace american spoken english

  1. 1. ACE AMERICAN BRITISH ENGLISH Reach us: T.NAGAR BRANCH 3rd Floor, P.M.G. Complex, No. 57, South Usman Road T.Nagar, Chennai – 17. (T.Nagar Bus Stand)(Opp. Rathinabavan Hotel) Mobile: 98407 49872, 98406 74165
  2. 2. In present world a person’s personality depends upon his English which is usedin all sectors and in all parts of the world. To climb the ladder of success youmust be a good communicator in English. We, in ACE American Spoken Englishprovide you with the best teaching methodology.Our institute has experienced and dedicated staff. We have different teachingmethods for different type of learners.The School and College students are Taught English in an Academic manner;Communicative English is taught for housewives; Spoken English withCorporate training is taught to professionals, executives and aspiring leadersand American, British accents are taught for the call center traineesIn addition to spoken English we conduct classes for personalitydevelopment, IELTS and TOEFL.Personality development classes are a feast to the eye, substance to thesenses, so that matter for action, is attempted and perfected.Today the world is in need of good, efficient and understanding human resourcemanagers so, join ASE to become ACE in communicator.
  3. 3. Soft Skills Training Institute in Chennai The Basic and Foundation level provides the participant to have aworking knowledge in English.THE SYLLABUS :Parts of Speech.Listening, Writing, Reading, and Speaking Conversation for the day to dayactivities.Places, Professions, Body parts and Body Language.Removal of Fear and Hesitation in Speaking English.Communication and Positive attitude..Internet E-mail and Browsing.Duration : 1 Month
  4. 4. ADVANCED ENGLISH Advanced English develops the participant to have a complete knowledge ingrammar and emphasizes the students to speak fluently.THE SYLLABUS :Creation of 4,000 sentences from be verbs, action Verbs, modal verbs, active andpassive voice, Infinities, Gerunds, Imperatives, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Directand Indirect Speeches.Self - Motivation and Concentration.Telephone Conversation.Letter Writing.Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences.American and British Accents are taught Through American Audio and VideoCassete.Group Discussion, Essay Writing and Stage Speaking.Emotional and Spiritual Empowerment.Stress management and Goal setting.Internet, E-mail and Browsing.Duration : 1 Month
  5. 5. Stage Speaking Training Institute in Chennai This course is meant for the people who want to be the Leaders and experts intheir field of work. The participants are Constantly given training to Speak EnglishFluently and to handle different situations.THE SYLLABUS :Positive Attitude.Over All View of English Grammar.Training in usage of English in jobs, Business, Public and Private Administrationactivities.News Reading.Interview and Group Discussion Skills.Time, Stress, Communication and Marketing Skills.Extempore Speeches.American and British Accent.A View on Politics, Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, Religion, Business Management andEconomics.Exciting life style.Sharp memory and Problem solving.Internet E-mail and Browsing.Duration : 1 Month
  6. 6. Personality Development in ChennaiStage Speaking, Body Language, American and British Accents.Corporate Philosophies.Economics, Business Administration, Politics, Sociology, Public Administration and Budget.Group Discussion, Interview skills, Extempore Speeches, Dining Table and Dress Manners.American Slang, Idioms and Phrases.Positive Attitude.Emotional and Spiritual Empowerment.Teaching from Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam.Internet, E-mail and Browsing.Duration : 1 Month
  7. 7. Call Center Training Institute in ChennaiThe IntonationThe sounds and Rhythms of American English.Targeting Pronunciation(American and British accents)Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking American and British English.Group discussion, Interview skills and extempore speeches.Computer aided Phone Conversations.Articles reading and Presentations.American slang, Idioms and English.Internet, E-mail and Browsing.Duration : 1 Month
  8. 8. TOEFL Training Institute in ChennaiListening: Tenses, Passive voice, Appositives, Modals, ConditionalSentences, Comparisons and Comparatives, Causatives, Idioms and Idiomaticexpressions, Affirmative and Negative agreement, Commands and IndirectCommands.Structure: Phrases and Clauses, Infinites and Gerunds, Complex and CompoundSentences, Noun, Adverb and Adjective clauses, Verb forms, MissingSubjects, Articles, Conjugated Verbs, Nouns and Pronouns, Subject/Verbagreement, Word order.Reading : Testing your Vocabulary, Prefix, Rootwords, Suffix, Noun, Verb, Adjective and Adverb endings. Writing Various EssayWritings.Speaking :Class Room : Teaching with Computer aided.Internet, E-mail and Browsing.Duration : 1 Month
  9. 9. I.E.L.T.S Training Institute in ChennaiOur Record Band Score in IELTS is 8.5Academic Writing Task : A Table of Information, bar or piechart, graph, diagrams.General Training Writing: Expressing your wants, Complaints, FactualInformation, opinion, likes and dislikes.Speaking : On Various topics.Reading : Academic reading, General reading.Listening : Audios, CDs and Materials Provided Internet E-mail andBrowsing.Duration : 1 Month
  10. 10. Corporate Training Institute in ChennaiBusiness EnglishBusiness EtiquettesPortfolio ManagementMNC GovernanceInterview SkillsHigh Powered Group DiscussionInternational Business CultureAmerican and British AccentsReading, Writing, Speaking and Listening International English.Duration : 1 Month
  11. 11. ACE AMERICAN AIR HOSTESS & STEWARD TRAINING ACADEMY(For Boys & Girls)AviationReservation (Hotel & Airlines)Tours and TravelsHospitalityHotel ManagementGerman / French / HindiYoga and MeditationSwimmingPersonality DevelopmentAmerican and British AccentsCommunication SkillsComputer Training (Reservation)Air Traveling ExperienceDuration : One Year - 3 Hrs - 5 Days a Week(Inclusive of Air Travel and 2 Sets of Uniform)(HOSTEL PROVIDED, FEES SEPARATE)