How marketers are rediscovering the value of direct mail


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Now days marketers are re-discovering the effectiveness of direct mail advertising. It is faster, more efficient and economical way to grab the consumer’s attention. Less mail means that your postcard or letter is more likely to be read, so response rates to direct mail advertising are trending upward. Its positive effect can be measured directly and quickly. It has a tremendous potential to reach a very specific and select audience. Further, direct mail is a great way to stay in touch with your current customers and keep them up-to-date on special offers or announcements.

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  • Direct mail has a profitable ROI and is being rediscovered by many businesses. Variable imaging has made it more personal so that more pieces reach the consumer...not the trash can.

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How marketers are rediscovering the value of direct mail

  1. 1. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY How Marketers Are Rediscovering the Value of Direct Mail By Randy Lisciarelli
  2. 2. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Why Direct Mail Is Not Dead Take the increasing presence of such sites as Face book, Pinterest, and Tumbler. Then add ever-present Tweets, blogs, and other social media, and the first impression is that digital media represents the dominant form of modern marketing. Such “old school” methods as direct mail and other printed media must be dead in the water, right? Not necessarily. According to the Direct Mail Association (DMA), 65 percent of consumers of all ages purchase products because of direct mail appeals. It is both efficient and cost effective. Last year, the DMA reported a 4.4 percent response rate for direct mail, including business-to-business and business-to-consumer mailings. That is considerably higher than industry expectations, an indication that direct mail is not only alive and well, but experiencing a renaissance. Because of such results, an increasing number of clients (including those in advanced technological fields) understand the value of direct mail. So now it is up to marketers to decide whether to maximize their online spending and search for another channel, or enjoy the response rates and satisfying developments available through direct mail.
  3. 3. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Targeted Communication Direct mail is one of the most reliable and effective media a company can use for marketing a product, service or brand. It enables the transmission of an appropriate communication that conveys the benefits to a specific audience. In addition, it has the ability to initiate and nurture relationships with your customer. Through direct mail, customers can get to know you, as well as provide the knowledge you need to meet their specific needs. This builds relationships—and sales. It is often distinguished by fresh tactics designed to reach new customers, usually by means of spontaneous communications. This offers an incentive or enticing message to get consumers to respond.
  4. 4. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Steps to Success Focus on your client For successful direct marketing, it is important that you listen to your clients and respond to them. This will increase the chances of offering what a specific group of customers need while including special offers to enhance value and response rates. Targeting a specific list of consumers is the key to reaching the mailing’s goals. So, how does successful direct mail work?
  5. 5. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY In the past, it used to take weeks to develop a campaign concept and print direct mail pieces. However, thanks to print-on-demand technology, direct mail is much faster, enabling companies to use it alongside other sales and promotion efforts. With seasonal merchandise, this flexibility is particularly important. For example, if a clothing store offers a sale in the middle of the year, direct mail can remind clients of the latest collections and offers. Timing is everything
  6. 6. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Start collecting direct mail pieces as a reference library. Focus on those aimed at your audience and analyze the sender’s intentions, graphics, calls to action, and other elements. The goal is to understanding the right format for each product or service. For example, a mailing for financial services should be professional and credible, while glitzy pieces work well for fashion-related services. Use the appropriate format
  7. 7. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY For decades, direct mail list has worked well for dealers. A direct mail list from a good dealer will be tightly targeted at desired customers. Include customers who have responded or purchased previously, as well as former customers who might return with an enticing offer. Paying attention to such details will repay an investment many times over. Use better quality of direct mail lists
  8. 8. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY In today’s hectic world, consumers tend to read postcards more readily than something in an envelope they can easily discard. An effective direct mailer doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. A postcard tends to be effective; the client understands the offer within seconds of glancing at it. Large postcards tend to get more recognition, so you may want to try this size. Try postcards
  9. 9. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY It is vital to value customer’s opinions and meet their specific days. In today’s world, intelligent marketers are investing in clients by providing them with outstanding services and value. Achieve excellent value
  10. 10. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Studies show that clients today are receptive to new ideas, including rediscovering direct mail’s value. It gives sufficient time for consumers who are more likely to read a letter delivered by mail than an unsolicited e-mail. A majority of clients prefer to receive direct mail instead of digital spam, as shown by its response rate, which is 30 times higher than e- mail. Comparing Direct Mail to E-mail
  11. 11. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Its advantages over e-mail marketing include:  Higher response rates.  More trustworthy.  Uncovers more prospects.  Less competition.  Longer shelf life.  More selectivity.  Higher delivery and open rate.  More safety and control while increasing web traffic and online sales.  Allows the use of discounts and coupons. Since direct mail advertising can be quite effective, every business owner should consider it. However, the type of direct marketing that will work for your business depends on your industry. This much is sure: It is worth checking out— today!
  12. 12. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Direct mail service Stay in Touch We’d love to share more tips and info on direct mailing services Review & Share: