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Optimise-GB provides you with an Excel template for staff appraisals. The objective of this template is for managers and employees to work and agree the activities for forth coming period, based on strategic goals (from the balanced scorecard) and aligning them to the targets / objectives of the employee. This is to demonstrate how the employee fits into the organisation, what part they play and to feel valued. There are a number of targets that require the employee to put forward, not the manager, so that they take ownership of the targets and use their intellect to achieve the ultimate goals of the organisation. This template also looks at what the managers should be doing for the employee to improve morale / motivation and help them with the employees training. After all, an appraisal is meant to be about both the employee and manager, not one or the other. Please contact me should you have any questions on and visit for more details. Many thanks Simon Misiewicz

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Staff appraisal document - template

  1. 1. Staff ReviewNameLine ManagerDate of appraisalDate of last appraisal Optimise-GBCompany Bonus - Balanced Scorecard TargetsCustomer perspective Target 1 Target 2 Target 3Financial perspectiveInternal PerspectiveInnovation perspectiveBonus can be converted to extra days off holidayTargets / Objectives / Key performance indicatorsEnsure the list below is SMART: Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic, Time Bound - Based on the Balanced ScorecardDevelopment needs to meet targetsThe developmental needs should be on the job or external training, its success should be measurable and pre-defined objectives and outcomesPersonality traits (1 = Training would be beneficial 2 = No action required 3 = High level of ability)These scores are to be initially set by the employee and discussed then the final score agreed with the manager- Verbal communication (Very clear with my communication and confirms understanding of others)- Written communication (Communication is clear, concise whilst focusing on the recipients needs)- Active listening (Listens to people empathetically - First seek to understand)- Time management (Always on time / Puts first things first)- Achieving targets / objectives- Customer focus (ensure highest level of customer satisfaction)- Proactive (Ability to see a problem and take action)- Logical approach (Understands a problem and works towards a logical solution)- Professionalism (Upholding the company values and always acting professionally)- Team player (Thinks of the team first and then self second)
  2. 2. Staff ReviewNameLine ManagerDate of appraisalDate of last appraisal Optimise-GBWhat motivates you the most (10 signifies the most important out of the list and 1 the least important to me)Employee input only: Only put in a number between 1 to 10 once in the boxes below (so you should not see two or more 2s for instance) 1 to 10- Company Policies- Supervision- Basic pay- Bonus payments for achieving results- Job security- Team involvement- Recognition for my hard work- Promotion / job prospects- Work / Life balance- Lifes luxuriesKey Actions - EmployeeThe key actions should aim to achieve the agreed objectives. The employee should identify these tasks and are to be agreed and reviewed with the managerActivity Aligned to which Objective / Target DeadlineKey Actions - ManagersThe managers key actions should be identified by the employee to improve motivation and are to be agreed and reviewed with the managerActivity Aligned to which motivational factor Deadline