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  • Also teach @ msu grad students, working on Admin 1 aspiring leaders, administrators
  • LiveBinders.com search: HCPSS
  • ----- Meeting Notes (10/29/12 19:04) -----don't try to eat it all
  • ----- Meeting Notes (10/29/12 19:04) -----plenty of left overs
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  • Hcps i pad apps for admin

    1. 1. 7th Annual 2013 HCPSS Summer Technology Conference July 23 & 24 2013 Joquetta Johnson, Library Media Specialist, Baltimore County Public Schools
    2. 2. Making Best Use of iPads® and Other Digital Tools in Your School Library Media Program Joquetta L. Johnson Seminar Leader
    3. 3. http://goo.gl/Okuio All resources will be found here:
    4. 4. http://www.flickr.com/photos/catspyjamasnz/4007683970
    5. 5. Think of this session as a smorgasbord… You will get to taste and sample a buffet of iPad Apps & resources.
    6. 6. iPad Fluency http://langwitches.org/blog/2011/06/11/ipad-fluency/ Skilled… Literate… Fluent…
    7. 7. Skilled ability to do something well: the ability to do something well, usually gained through training or experience http://www.bing.com/Dictionary
    8. 8. take screenshots substitute tasks they used to doing on their laptop upload and sync images and documents organize apps into folders search for, open, close, multi-task type, copy/paste, edit text, etc. http://langwitches.org/blog/2011/06/11/ipad-fluency/ A SKILLED iPad User Knows how to…
    9. 9. To be literate means to have knowledge or competence 21st Century Fluency Project To have to think about what you are going to do next Literate Ian Jukes
    10. 10. manipulate and edit images and video read books and documents, allow annotations, share highlights aggregate and read my RSS feeds organize and access files brainstorm and mindmap tweet, blog and facebook take notes create presentations, graphs, flyers, etc. http://langwitches.org/blog/2011/06/11/ipad-fluen A Literate iPad User - finds and uses specific apps to…
    11. 11. Fluency To be fluent is to demonstrate mastery and to do so unconsciously and smoothly 21st Century Fluency Project Are unconscious skills, you just know what to do next Ian Jukes Fluent
    12. 12. connect tasks effortless together (ex. creating and editing a video, then uploading, embedding and disseminating on several platforms) create and communicate - the ability to create and communicate your creation is one of the main characteristics of fluency read in a RSS Reader and seamlessly disseminate links to Twitter, Facebook and other social bookmarking service not rely on a laptop as a “translator” to convert a file, remix files, upload files… http://langwitches.org/blog/2011/06/11/ipad-fluency/ A Fluent iPad User Knows how to…
    13. 13. http://m.socrative.com Room Number: ipads4admin Please visit
    14. 14. Don’t Stress
    15. 15. RELAX
    16. 16. Everyone is at different levels
    17. 17. We shouldn't expect "out of the box" thinking when we only employ "in the box" teaching or [LEADERSHIP]. Tom Whitby
    18. 18. It’s about looking at the tools and applications to see which one will help you accomplish teaching, learn ing, and leading in the 21st century.
    19. 19. If the only tool you have is a hammer, yo u tend to see every problem as a nail. Abraham Maslow
    20. 20. http://www.flickr.com/photos/plugusin/
    21. 21. Let’s Play
    22. 22. http://appadvice.com/apps/new
    23. 23. https://www.quixey.com/
    24. 24. www.remind 101.com
    25. 25. www.livebinders.com
    26. 26. https://app.cat/
    27. 27. http://appcat.com/pikesvillehighschool
    28. 28. http://www.socrative.com/
    29. 29. http://goo.gl/Okuio All resources will be found here:
    30. 30. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ouOwpYQqic