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June 2012

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  • 2. contents 04. 06. 14. 16. A global leader Reasons for Economic Energy in renewable leadership figures figures energies 18. Wind power. 34. Hydroelectric power. 26. Wind turbines. 36. Biomass. 28. Concentrating solar power. 38. Biofuels. 32. Photovoltaic energy.40. 44. 46. 48. 50.Marketing Energy Electric Innovation Communityenergy efficiency vehicles and environment
  • 3. ACCIONA, pioneers indevelopment and sustainabilityACCIONA is one of Spain’s leading corporations, a front-runner in promoting andmanaging infrastructures, renewable energies, water and services. The Company goesback a hundred years and is made up of 30,000 professionals, and it is to be foundin thirty countries on five continents. ACCIONA is an Ibex-35 listed company and anindustry benchmark. In 2011, it posted 6.46 billion euro in revenues.ACCIONA’s position as a pioneer in sustainability and development expresses itsability to use its full range of business activities to respond to the challenges posedby sustainable development. Among other specific commitments, ACCIONA setsout to gradually reduce its carbon footprint and lead the way towards a low-carboneconomy. As a result, ACCIONA’s activities and businesses avoided 11.7 millionmetric tons of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere in 2011.ACCIONA’s strategy revolves around sustainability principles and social wellbeingas vectors for economic growth, environmental balance and social progress. Thiscommitment is underscored by the fact that the Company is a component of severalhighly reputed sustainability indices, such as the Dow Jones Sustainability WorldIndex (DJSI World) and the Dow Jones Stoxx Sustainability Index (DJSI Stoxx), inwhich ACCIONA obtained the highest score in its sector. In 2012 it ranked 37th —the top Spanish company— in the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in theWorld, a table compiled by Corporate Knights.ACCIONA’s has consolidated its bet on innovation by stepping up investment andcoming up with more and more projects, programmes and resources. Our intentionis clear: we aim to continue to lead the field in more sustainable solutions andalternatives.
  • 4. 4 // 5 A GLOBAL LEADER IN RENEWABLE ENERGIES ACCIONA Energy, a global leader in renewable energies ACCIONA Energy is a global Since wind energy is the projects; it also offers a large renewable energy operator, Company’s main business, number of services to a vast the world’s biggest devoted ACCIONA Energy holds array of clients interested in entirely to renewable sources stakes throughout the entire investing in or developing of energy. wind energy value chain, renewable energy projects. with activities in project With more than 20 years’ development, engineering and And it does this with a strong, experience in the sector, construction, industrial-scale multidisciplinary management the Company holds major wind generator manufacturing, team that has a wealth of assets based on seven wind farm operation and international experience and clean technologies (wind, maintenance and energy sales. a highly skilled staff of over solar thermal, photovoltaic, 2,000 people. hydroelectric, biomass, biodiesel ACCIONA Energy has a and bioethanol) in twelve wide-ranging portfolio countries on four continents. of proprietary assets and ///// ACCIONA ENERGY, BY THE NUMBERS CUMULATIVE FIGURES AT 31/12/11 Owned capacity (MW) 8,211 Comulative investment (€M) 12,290 ANNUAL FIGURES FOR 2011 Total electricity production (GWh) 17,749 CO2 emissions avoided (million metric tons) 11.4 Revenues (€M) 1,650 EBITDA (€M) 956 EBIT (€M) 101 CAPEX (€M) 802 ACCIONA Energy’s main business focus is wind power.
  • 5. 6 // 7 A GLOBAL LEADER IN RENEWABLE ENERGIES Reasons for leadership Key points in our position 06. Skilled 01.Twenty years’ management team experience With plenty of experienced staff More than anybody else in the sector 05. Multiple products 02. Renewable and services energy only For a wide range of clients And in a wide range of technologies 04. All over 03. Throughout the world the value chain In key markets Competitive edge and maximum returns
  • 6. First electric car initiatives 01 TWENTY YEARS’ EXPERIENCE AW-3000 prototype More than anybody else in the sectorMilestones and development in installed capacity (MW) First concentrated 8,211 solar power plant 7,587 7,437 Zero-Emissions Bioethanol Building plant Biomass plant Biodiesel plant 4,871 4,090 3,337 Proprietary wind turbine prototype First 2,647First hydroelectric First photovoltaic facility 2,204 plants wind farm 1,791 1,308 1,094 833 602 247 396 89 150 19 23 33 36 451990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  • 7. 8 // 9 A GLOBAL LEADER IN RENEWABLE ENERGIES 02 RENEWABLE ENERGY ONLY Operating in seven technologies ///// HORIZONTAL INTEGRATION ELECTRICITY (MW) BIOFUELS (t) WIND CSP PHOTOVOLTAIC HYDROELECTRIC BIOMASS BIODIESEL BIOETHANOL Owned 6,920 264 48 912 57 283,000 33,000 Clients 1,472 1 67 TOTAL 8,392 265 115 912 57 283,000 33,000 TOTAL OWNED CAPACITY: 8,211 MW (*) TOTAL INSTALLED CAPACITY: 9,766 MW (**) Figures at 31/12/11. (*) This includes 1 MW of solar hot water and 77 MW of cogeneration. (**) In addition to previous figures, this includes 15 MW of solar hot water.
  • 8. 03 ALL OVER THE WORLD In key markets ACCIONA Energy facilities at 31.12.2011 (in MW) Poland 38 Germany 150Canada 181 Spain 5,818 Wind 4  ,637 Hydroelectric 912 Hungary 24 CSP 200USA 686 South Korea 62 Biomass 57 Photovoltaic 2Wind 622 Solar hot water 1CSP 64 Cogeneration 9 India 86Mexico 556 Greece 48 Portugal 165 Wind 119 Italy 92 Photovoltaic 46 Australia 305 OWNED FACILITIES FACILITIES FOR THIRD PARTIES ONLY * In the countries where no technology is specified, the facilities are wind-powered.
  • 9. 10 // 11 A GLOBAL LEADER IN RENEWABLE ENERGIES 04 THROUGHOUT the value chain Vertical integration Value chain Project development Engineering Construction Wind turbine manufacturing Financing Marketing O&M Ownership Activities DEVELOPMENT INDUSTRIAL OPERATION, ENERGY SALES AND SERVICES
  • 10. 05 A BROAD RANGE OF SERVICES for a variety of costumersMulti-Service Multi-Client Financial investorsDevelopment Wind turbines Governments and institutionsBiomass Energy marketing Power companies Other agencies and organizationsEnergy efficiency O&M management
  • 11. 12 // 13 A GLOBAL LEADER IN RENEWABLE ENERGIES 04 SKILLED MANAGEMENT TEAM With plenty of experienced staff Employee distribution in 2011 66% 69% 34% 31% ENERGY BUSINESS SPAIN INDUSTRIAL BUSINESS OTHER COUNTRIES Workforce development 2,311 2,310 1,640 2007 2009 2011 Operators in the Company’s wind turbine blade manufacturing plant.
  • 12. 14 // 15 A GLOBAL LEADER IN RENEWABLE ENERGIES ACCIONA ENERGY ECONOMIC FIGURES Million euros ///// KEY FIGURES 2011 Revenues 1,650 EBITDA 956 EBT 101 Revenues EBITDA EBT Million € Million € Million € 1,650 956 101 1,497 821 81 +10% +24% +16% 2010 2011 2010 2011 2010 2011 The CSP plant at Majadas, Cáceres (Spain).
  • 13. 16 // 17 A GLOBAL LEADER IN RENEWABLE ENERGIES ACCIONA ENERGY FACILITIES Cumulative figures (in MW) at 31/12/11 ///// ELECTRICITY OWNED TOTAL ATTRIBUTABLE FACILITIES CAPACITY CAPACITY Wind 6,920.53 6,054.23 Concentrating solar power 264.00 264.00 Photovoltaic 48.26 32.51 Solar hot water 0.72 0.72 Hydroelectric 911.89 911.89 Biomass 57.00 57.00 RENEWABLES 8,202.40 7,320.35 Cogeneration 9.00 8.55 TOTAL 8,211.40 7,328.90 BUILT TOTAL FOR CLIENTS CAPACITY Wind 1,471.67 Concentrating solar power 1.00 Photovoltaic 67.10 Solar hot water 15.17 TOTAL 1,554.94 ///// BIOFUELS OWNED TOTAL ATTRIBUTABLE CAPACITY CAPACITY (t) CAPACITY (t) Biodiesel 283,000 283,000 Bioethanol 33,000 16,500 TOTAL 316,000 299,500
  • 14. ACCIONA ENERGY PRODUCTION2011 annual figures (in GWh)///// ELECTRICITY TOTAL ATTRIBUTABLEOWNED FACILITIES PRODUCTION PRODUCTIONWind 14,810.1 12,731.3Concentrating solar power 454.1 454.1Photovoltaic 96.5 64.6Hydroelectric 1,933.5 1,933.5Biomass 434.0 434.0RENEWABLES 17,728.2 15,617.5Cogeneration 20.4 19.4TOTAL 17,748.6 15,636.9Production development ACCIONA production by technologiesAnnual figures (in GWh) 2011 figures (in percentages) 17,749 13,569 83.4% 10.9% Wind Hydroelectric 2.6% CSP 8,539 2.5% Biomass 5,105 0.5% Photovoltaic 0.1% Cogeneration 2005 2007 2009 2011
  • 15. WIND POWER7,000 proprietary MWThe wind power assets at ACCIONA installed 651 MW The Company develops,ACCIONA’s disposal at of wind power capacity in builds, sells and operates31/12/11 amount to 2011, 93% of it outside Spain. wind farms for clients6,921 MW capacity, making anywhere in the world,ACCIONA a global leader. Over the next two years, the and provides buyers with Company intends to expand the know-how of theThese facilities are spread its implementation further, worldwide developer thatacross 225 wind farms and it will have wind farms does business in morelocated in thirteen countries operating in 16 countries on countries, and delivers theon four continents. The five continents. best wind farm performance.attributable power, i.e.the portion of power ACCIONA has also built 58proportional to ACCIONA’s wind farms for clients, ashare of facility ownership, total of 1,472 MW. A largecomes to 6,054 MW. percentage of them are operated by the Group.The Company’s wind farmsgenerated 14,810 GWh in 2011
  • 16. 20 // 21 A GLOBAL LEADER IN RENEWABLE ENERGIES ACCIONA Energy wind power facilities Cumulative figures at 31.12.2011 Canada 181 USA 622 Mexico 556 Costa Rica FACILITIES OWNED BY THE COMPANY FACILITIES BUILT FOR OTHERS ONLY FACILITIES UNDER CONSTRUCTION IN 2012 AND 2013
  • 17. Germany Poland 150 38 FranceSpain Hungary4,637 24Portugal Croatia South Korea119 62 India Greece 86 48 Italy 92 Morocco South Africa Australia 305
  • 18. ///// ACCIONA ENERGY WIND POWER IMPLEMENTATION NO. OF TOTAL ATTRIBUTABLECOUNTRIES FACILITIES CAPACITY (MW) CAPACITY (MW)OWNED FACILITIES 225 6,920.53 6,054.23Spain 164 4,637.35 3,968.95USA 6 621.63 547.38Mexico 4 556.50 556.50Canada 4 181.00 103.00Australia 3 304.50 271.50Germany 15 150.30 150.30Portugal 17 119.70 119.70Italy 4 91.80 91.80Greece 2 48.45 48.45Poland 1 38.00 38,00Hungary 1 24.00 11.35India 3 85.80 85.80South Korea 1 61.50 61.50BUILT FOR CLIENTS 58 1,471.67Spain 38 1,354.29France 17 105.58Italy 2 1.60Morocco 1 10.20TOTAL INSTALLED WIND POWER CAPACITY 283 8,392.20SPAIN 202 5,991.64OTHER COUNTRIES 81 2,400.56 Parque de Cathedral Rocks (66 MW), en la costa de South Australia.
  • 19. 24 // 25 A GLOBAL LEADER IN RENEWABLE ENERGIESTatanka wind farm (180 MW),in North and South Dakota, USA.
  • 20. Las Oaxacas (306 MW), in Mexico, the largest wind power complex in Latin America.Boira wind farm Cathedral Rocks Wind Farm (66 MW),(34.5 MW), Spain. on the coast of South Australia.
  • 21. 26 // 27 A GLOBAL LEADER IN RENEWABLE ENERGIES WIND TURBINES Proprietary technology ACCIONA Windpower ACCIONA Windpower manufactured a total of produces wind turbines also has a WTG blade 2,559 wind turbines, with a using proprietary technology. manufacturing plant in total generating capacity of It has different models to Lumbier, Navarre, Spain. 3,844.50 MW. Its products make the most of wind power have been shipped to wind potential at different sites. The company markets farms in twelve countries. 1.5 MW and 3.0 MW The Company has two capacity wind turbines, In 2012 and 2013 the production plants in Spain with rotor diameters from Company will assemble wind (in Barásoain, Navarre, and 70 to 116 meters and with turbines for wind parks in in La Vall D’Uixó, Valencia steel or concrete towers. five more countries: Poland, Region) and a third plant in Brazil and South Africa (3 MW the United States (in West In eight years ACCIONA machines) and Croatia Branch, Iowa). Windpower has and Costa Rica (1.5 MW). Turbines for wind farms in 17 countries United Kingdom Poland Canada France South USA Croatia Spain Korea China Mexico Costa Rica Greece Brazil Italy Australia Chile South Africa OPERATIONAL WIND FARMS WIND FARMS UNDER CONSTRUCTION IN 2012 AND 2013
  • 22. Top: ‘Launch’ of the first 3-MW wind turbine prototype. 1.5-MW wind turbine, installed in aBottom: wind turbine blade manufacturing plant. wind park in Spain.
  • 23. 28 // 29 A GLOBAL LEADER IN RENEWABLE ENERGIES CONCENTRATING SOLAR POWER A world leader Since ACCIONA Energy grid Alvarado (Badajoz), Majadas Location of CSP projects connected its first thermal (Cáceres), Palma del Río I solar (CSP) plant to the grid and II (Córdoba), with in 2007, the company has Orellana (Badajoz) coming USA become one of the major on stream in 2012. developers of this technology in the world, with five plants In 2011 ACCIONA CSP installed and a sixth under plants produced 454 GWh, construction at the end of representing an increase of 2011. The total capacity of 111% on the figure for the these installations is 314 MW. previous year. ACCIONA was a pioneer in The company has in-house the resurgence of thermal parabolic trough technology solar power in the world in its CSP plants and carries through the entry into service out intense innovation work Spain of Nevada Solar One (2007), aimed at increasing efficiency located in the Nevada desert and reducing costs in this kind (USA). It has been followed by of installation. five 50-MW plants in Spain: ///// ACCIONA CSP IMPLEMENTATION NUMBER OF ATTRIBUTABLE COUNTRY PLANTS CAPACITY Operational USA/Spain 5 264 Under construction* Spain 1 50 PROPRIETARY AND OPERATIONAL TOTAL 6 314 UNDER CONSTRUCTION * Operational by summer 2012. IN DEVELOPMENT
  • 24. ACCIONA’s CSP plants inNevada, USA, and Alvarado, Spain.
  • 25. 30 // 31 A GLOBAL LEADER IN RENEWABLE ENERGIES Parque eólico de Boira (34,5 MW) en España.
  • 26. Palma del Río IIConcentrating Solar Power Plant, Córdoba (Spain). Majadas Concentrating Solar Power Plant, Cáceres (Spain). Palma del Río I & II. CSP plants, Córdoba (Spain).
  • 27. 32 // 33 A GLOBAL LEADER IN RENEWABLE ENERGIES PHOTOVOLTAIC ENERGY New international projects ACCIONA is thoroughly in which more than 3,500 Status of Solar PV facilities experienced in developing, private citizens have invested building and operating 456 million euros. photovoltaic power plants, with more than 115 MW In late 2008 ACCIONA hooked connected to the grid. up a 45.8-MWp PV solar plant to the grid in Amaraleja, a Portugal The Company has put into parish in Moura, Portugal. The operation more than 69 MWp Amareleja facility is one of Spain of photovoltaic capacity to the biggest PV plants in the the Spanish grid. Most of it world. It covers 250 hectares comes from what are known and is partly-owned (34%) by as ‘huertas solares´(solar Mitsubishi Corporation. gardens), privately owned photovoltaic facilities that ACCIONA has been awarded ASSETS OWNED BY THE COMPANY share common services the construction and running managed by ACCIONA. of a 74 MW nominal PV solar Dark grey background, regions of Spain where there are photovoltaic facilities facility (94 MWp) in South ACCIONA has built for clients. ACCIONA has built 19 solar Africa. The plant will be up and gardens of this sort, almost 62 running in 2014. MWp of photovoltaic capacity, South Africa /////  ACCIONA SOLAR PV IMPLEMENTATION TOTAL ATTRIBUTABLE COUNTRY CAPACITY CAPACITY Spain 2.48 2.48 Company Portugal 45.78 30.03 owned assets 48.26 32.51 Assets built for clients Spain 67.10 TOTAL 115.36 PROJECT UNDER CONSTRUCTION IN 2013
  • 28. 45.8-MWp solar PV plant in Amareleja (Moura, Portugal).Opening ceremony at a solargarden in Spain.
  • 29. 34 // 35 A GLOBAL LEADER IN RENEWABLE ENERGIES HYDROELECTRIC POWER 80 plants up and running ACCIONA has 912 MW of procedure, and the power ///// ACCIONA HYDROPOWER IMPLEMENTATION hydro capacity in 80 plants they produce is marketed as GENERATION ATTRIBUTABLE located in Spain, making part of the Spanish electricity COUNTRY TYPE Nº PLANTS CAPACITY (MW) hydroelectric the Company’s pool, without the premium Ordinary procedure 36 680.20 second biggest technology assigned to energy produced Spain Special procedure 44 231.69 in terms of facilities in from renewable sources. A operation. further 232 MW come under TOTAL 80 911.89 the Special Regime and this The plants are spread over production is sold with the Location of hydroelectric assets seven autonomous regions premium referred to above. Capacity in MW of Spain: Aragon (744 MW), Navarre (76 MW), Cantabria The plants under the ordinary (45 MW), Catalonia (41 MW), procedure generated a total 45 Spain 76 Castile-Leon (4 MW), La Rioja of 1,305.5 GWh in 2011 1 41 744 (1 MW) and the Valencia (68% of the total), and the 4 Region (1 MW). plants under the special procedure accounted for Not all the hydroelectric 627.9 GWh (32%). 1 capacity ACCIONA owns is operated under the same Altogether, that made rules; 680 MW are run under 1,933.4 GWh, which added the ordinary (conventional) up to 11% of the Company’s electricity generation power production. IN OPERATION
  • 30. ACCIONA’s hydroelectric plantin the Aragonese Pyrenees, Spain.
  • 32. BIOMASS Three operational plants ACCIONA is a benchmark ACCIONA is currently applying ///// ACCIONA BIOMASS IMPLEMENTATION company in the design, for administrative approval for Nº OF ATTRIBUTABLE construction and operation of a number of biomass plant COUNTRY PLANTS CAPACITY(MW) biomass plants for electricity projects in different Spanish In operation Spain 3 57 production. regions. TOTAL 3 57 It was a pioneer in the field It has, therefore, proven with the opening of a 25-MW experience in both the design power station at Sangüesa and operation of this type of Location of biomass facilities (Navarre, Spain) in 2002 based installation, and also in the on straw combustion. logistics of supply to the plants. It has since put two more plants into service, in Briviesca The electricity we generated (Burgos) and Miajadas from biomass in 2011 was (Cáceres).Each has a capacity 434 GWh, 69% up on the Spain of 16 MW, taking the previous year. company’s total operational capacity in this technology to ACCIONA offers a range 57 MW. of services to customers in the field of biomass, with The Miajadas plant is the first projects for plants that include FACILITIES of its kind in Spain to engineering, construction and IN OPERATION combine grassy and woody operation, together with the raw material, which makes supply logistics for fuel operation more flexible and sources. allows a greater diversity of fuel sources.ACCIONA’s biomass plantsin Burgos and Navarre, Spain.
  • 33. 38 // 39 A GLOBAL LEADER IN RENEWABLE ENERGIES BIOFUELS ///// ACCIONA’S BIOFUELS IMPLEMENTATION In biodiesel and bioethanol Nº OF ANNUAL PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY PLANTS CAPACITY (t) ACCIONA is a player in ACCIONA produces Operational Biodiesel 2 283,000 the biofuel field, adept at bioethanol at a plant with Bioethanol* 1 33,000 the technology involved in the capacity for 33,000 producing both biodiesel and metric tons of output a year, TOTAL 3 316,000 bioethanol. situated in Alcázar de San *ACCIONA holds a 50% stake in the bioethanol plant. Juan, Castile-La Mancha. The It has two biodiesel plants plant was commissioned in Location of biofuels facilities in operation, capable 2006. of putting out 283,000 metric tons of fuel a year. The plant makes bioethanol The first plant, located from alcohol produced by in Caparroso, Navarre, the wine industry. Biodiesel (83,000-metric ton capacity) was opened in 2005; the ACCIONA also has a second (200,000-metric ton microalgae laboratory and Spain capacity) is located in Puerto pilot plant on the premises de Bilbao, in the Basque of its plant in Caparroso, Country, and went into where it is looking into the business in early 2009. Both technical and economic Bioethanol produce biodiesel from virgin feasibility of using algae as vegetable oils. the raw material to produce FACILITIES IN biofuels. OPERATION
  • 34. Biodiesel plant in Navarre (Spain).Bioethanol plant inCastile-La Mancha (Spain).
  • 35. 40 // 41 A GLOBAL LEADER IN RENEWABLE ENERGIES MARKETING ENERGY to the end-customer ACCIONA Energy markets such as Adif, Aena, Telefónica, belonging to other clients (a electricity of renewable Metro de Madrid, Acuamed, total of over 6,338 MW at origin to major consumers in Banco Santander and end-2011) to the Spanish Spain through a subsidiary, Tetrapak, among others. electricity pool. ACCIONA Green Energy Developments, thus The Company provides its In that year the Company completing the last link in end-customers with energy sold 13,572 GWh on the the energy sector value chain. certified as 100% renewable Spanish market, equivalent to by the Spanish National the demand of more than 4 In 2011 ACCIONA sold more Energy Commission (CNE). million homes. than 1,000 GWh of clean energy to end-customers. Furthermore, ACCIONA This figure will triple in 2012, Green manages sales of thanks to supply contracts energy produced by its signed with major companies own facilities and facilities Electricity sources in Spain in 2011 Production mix in the Spanish electricity system ACCIONA Green’s production mix 19.8% 1,2% Nuclear Other 100% 2.5% 31.1% Renewable Fuel/Gas Renewable 15.6% 2.4% Coal High-efficiency cogeneration 17.6% Combined-cycle 9.8% natural gas Cogeneration
  • 36. Our clean energy runs essential services for a sustainable modelof development. We provide the power for customers such asAdif (top), Metro de Madrid and Aena.
  • 38. A CONTROL CENTERand world-class pioneering facilityThe Navarre headquarters of 2  54 wind farms with 6,620 Using proprietary predictionACCIONA Energy plays host wind generators models, the center alsoto CECOER, the Renewable 8  1 hydroelectric plants sends the Spanish electricityEnergy Control Center. With 8  CSP and PV plants. system operator, REE, moreCECOER the Company can 1  2 biomass and than 3,000 yearly productionsupervise the operation of all cogeneration plants. schedules, with very lowthe Group’s facilities plus the 2  89 substations. penalties for deviation.facilities ACCIONA operates Furthermore, CECOERon behalf of other owners CECOER, which is open interacts constantly within 14 countries on four 24/7, detects any incidents REE to facilitate maximumcontinents, in real time. occurring at any facility integration of the renewable in real time, and can energy produced.CECOER is one of the biggest troubleshoot more than 50%renewable energy control of the problems in the world. By early This means production2012 it was managing data facilities can uphold highfrom facilities capable of availability levels.producing over 9,000 MW ofpower. This included:CECOER, The ACCIONA RenewableEnergy Control Center.
  • 39. 44 // 45 A GLOBAL LEADER IN RENEWABLE ENERGIES ENERGY EFFICIENCY first zero-emission building ACCIONA is breaking new The Company also provides Status of actions ground in energy-efficient, clients with building energy sustainable building design, management services, which a realm in which it offers its afford major savings in clients end-to-end services, energy consumption; and it from the drawing board has an energy efficiency and on up. management control centre The Company’s Energy for the on-line tracking of Efficiency team has parameters such as a facility’s long years’ experience energy performance and in ecoefficient building emissions. consultancy, auditing and engineering. They plan ACCIONA Energy is working buildings whose energy on projects for building and SUSTAINABLE BUILDINGS consumption is pared to industry all over the world. ENERGY SERVICES a minimum; they design One of the headline projects the most-efficient power it has been involved in is generation and distribution Spain’s first ‘zero-emissions’ ///// SUSTAINABLE BUILDINGS systems; and they incorporate building for commercial use, PROJECT LOCATION the most-suitable renewable located in Navarre. ACCIONA Zero-Emission Building Sarriguren (Navarre) technologies. Photovoltaic module plant Moura (Portugal) Milla Digital Zero-Emission Building Zaragoza ///// ENERGY SERVICES Afrisol Building, Almeria Solar Platform Almería PROJECT LOCATION Eco-efficient homes Girona, Mallorca, Tenerife Infanta Sofía Hospital Madrid Mollet del Vallés Hospital Barcelona ACCIONA Logística building Barcelona Mieres Hospital Asturias ACCIONA buildings Madrid and Navarre Deusto University classroom building Guipúzcoa Vigo New Hospital Pontevedra Vigo New Hospital Pontevedra ACCIONA Technological Center Madrid Innovation Zone Barcelona Barcelona
  • 40. PV solar panels Solar thermal collectors SkylightsWest facade North facade Air intake Windows East facade PV solar panels Cement tube bundles South facade Thermal exchange Outside air Land Geothermal 5.000 m2 20% system Built Greenhouse 80% Green zone ZERO EMISSIONS BUILDING The building that produces its own energy The corporate headquarters for ACCIONA’s photovoltaic business has been designed to cover all the building’s energy needs without emitting CO2, thanks to building solutions and systems that save 52% of the energy a conventional building would spend, plus the use of four renewable technologies that provide the remaining 48% energy savings. This is the first non-experimental certified zero-emissions building in Spain. Operators at ACCIONA’s Energy Efficiency and Management Control Center.
  • 41. 46 // 47 A GLOBAL LEADER IN RENEWABLE ENERGIES ELECTRIC VEHICLES For five types of clients ACCIONA has taken up a dual sort have been reached with Location of recharging stations in operation position in the field of Electric Comfersa (which manages Vehicles (EV): as a developer car parks of Renfe and of vehicle-recharging Adif in Spain) and Unibail infrastructure (with a business Rodamco (which manages model that includes the big shopping centres). installation of recharging stations, station operation G  overnment and associated services), administrations keen to and as a supplier of certified installing recharging stations 100% renewable electricity. on streets and in public car ACCIONA has signed or parks, like the five-station Dark grey background, may sign agreements with pilot network in Pamplona, regions of Spain where ACCIONA has installed different types of clients for which was installed in recharging posts. whom EV are a factor to cooperation with the begin considering: Pamplona city government and the regional government A  uto manufacturers who of Navarre. /////  PERATIONAL RECHARGING POSTS FOR ELECTRIC O want to be able to bundle VEHICLES recharging infrastructure into C  ompanies that want to CLIENT TYPE UNITS the package people buy with run electric cars in their Automakers 156 EV. For example, ACCIONA fleets. Shopping centres 28 has signed a contract with Renault Spain. P  rivate citizens’ and Railroad stations 38 tenants’ associations, that Government 5 C  ar park managers that want recharging stations Other companies 2 want to have recharging in their private garages or posts set up on their building car parks. TOTAL 229 premises. Agreements of this Accumulated posts forecast by end-2012: 600
  • 42. An ACCIONA recharging post next to anelectric car by Renault, and a vehiclerecharging site on a Pamplona (Spain) street.
  • 43. INNOVATION The key to the future Innovation is a priority for The Energy Division invested euros in innovation in 2010- the entire ACCIONA Group, 45 million euros in R&D and 2013, doubling its efforts of whose mission is to pioneer Innovation in 2011 and is the last four years. The heart the fields of development participating significantly in the of the Energy Division’s R&D and sustainability. ACCIONA boost ACCIONA plans to give activity is at the ACCIONA Energy subscribes to this innovation: ACCIONA foresees Technological Center in strategic premise and investing a total of 400 million Pamplona. applies it to research, development and innovation in the different renewable /////  CCIONA ENERGY’S MAIN R&D PROJECTS A technologies it handles, in TECHNOLOGY PROJECT OBJET order to offer increasingly Offshore wind power HiPRWind Floating structures efficient, competitive energy solutions. Azimut High-power wind generator Marina Integration of Renewable marine energy Cenit Ocean Lider Sustainability, wave energy Float solutions Floating wind turbines Land-based wind 3D Navigation Wind generator interaction in signalling power Advocat Blade maintenance Bioenergy Microalgae New business models Decocel Energy crops Enercorn High-efficiency biomass plant running on corn waste PSE-On cultivos Energy crops Solar Ilis Improved integration of PV plants in the grid Store Energy storage Hydrogen Irhis Micro-grids with renewables Desphega Electrolysis technologyA computer-generated image of afloating wind turbine designed fordeep waters.
  • 44. 50 // 51 A GLOBAL LEADER IN RENEWABLE ENERGIES COMMUNITY AND ENVIRONMENT Committed to the world around us In line with the Group’s Sustainability Workshop, in CO2 emissions reductions philosophy, ACCIONA which more than 127,000 Million metric tons Energy is guided in its schoolchildren and teachers 11.4 business ventures by the have participated since 10.6 criteria of sustainability, it was first introduced in in all three facets: 1995. We produce clean economic sustainability, energy using methods that 8.0 social sustainability and we can introduce on a 6.7 environmental sustainability. sustainable basis. We seek We foster the creation of environmental excellence by local added value in the blending our facilities into the areas where we set up shop, environment as smoothly as by generating resources possible and minimising any that help local social and environmental disturbances. economic development and And we help slow down 2008 2009 2010 2011 encouraging the growth of climate change by generating the associated industrial renewable energy. fabric. We cooperate in spreading the values of a new energy culture, through initiatives such as the One of the schoolchildren who participate in the ACCIONA Sustainability Workshop in Oaxaca, Mexico.
  • 45. 52 // 53 ACCIONA AND THE EL GRECO 2014 FOUNDATION ACCIONA has committed itself to a project for future cultural and social development
  • 46. “El Greco” ACCIONA is an Official Sponsor of the ‘El Greco 2014’ commemorations ACCIONA and the Fundación exceptional public interest”. The imagination when it came to El Greco 2014 [El Greco 2014 Fundación El Greco 2014 was portraying the supernatural, or Foundation] have signed a set up on May 13th 2010, and his ability to breathe life into colaboration agreement whereby the Honorary Chairs are Their pictorial fictions. Spain had ACCIONA joined the team of Majesties the King and Queen of never seen anything quite like El Official Sponsors of the programme Spain. Greco’s work, and his complex, of events to mark the 4th intellectualized and overwhelming Centenary of the death of El Greco. DOMÉNIKOS THEOTOKÓPOULOS art caused amazement and (Candia, Crete; 1541 - Toledo, admiration but also uneasiness ACCIONA will be contributing Spain; 1614) and rejection, above all because to a cultural project designed El Greco, the painter who brought he eschewed convention and and organized by the Foundation together the Greek painting deliberately flaunted his courage and scheduled for 2014. This tradition, Venetian color, and and difference. El Greco used ambitious Toledo-based (Spain) Roman design, enjoyed a fantastic his brushes to create a new initiative will feature a number and ever-changing career as world of religious imagery and a of commemorative events an artist in Crete, Roma and revolutionary way of treating and on a regional, national end Toledo; in this latter city he displaying both divine and earthly international scale. ACCIONA has spent more than half of his life. beings, with such tremendous taken on a commitment with In Spain, the so-called “Greek power that, even today, we are a long-term cultural and social of Toledo” took his place as the quick to recognize the works of project at the regional level. In country’s most singular artist the “Greek of Toledo”. addition, the Company is now the during the reign of Philip II and Official Sponsor of a sculpture Philip III. He amazed spectators project that Cristina Iglesias has with his complex compositions, been comissioned for Toledo. his bright colors, his interplay of light and dark, transparency The commemoration in 2014 of and reflections, his naturalistic the death of El Greco has been skill when representing fabrics officially declared “an event of or cloudscapes, his boundless
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