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  • 1. aguayour partnerin the watercycle
  • 2. contents0Sustainability4.and socialwellbeing0commitment t6. oenvironmentalprotection1Drinking0.watertreatmentplants1Desalination4.25.end-to-endwatersupply andsanitationsystems3tertiar6y.treatmentplants andreuse ofindustrialwastewater3wast8e.treatment:thermaldrying andcomposting4o&M of0.plants andservices
  • 3. ACCIONA
  • 4. 4 // 5 your partner in the water cyclesustainability andsocial wellbeingKeys for generating h2o at acciona aguaThe ACCIONA Agua divisionoffers water treatment servicesand manages the entirewater cycle. It is focused on arange of activities, from watercapture and producing drinkingwater through desalination, topurification and return to theenvironment.Thanks to the innovativedesign, execution andoperation of water treatmentand desalination plants, theCompany is a leader in globalsolutions that contribute tosustainable growth in thewater sector.The strategy of ACCIONAAgua is to maintain a presencethroughout the entire watercycle - construction, operationand services – in Spain and ininternational markets.At this time,ACCIONA Aguasupplies a total of 70 millionpeople with water in 20countries around the world.In 2012 it had a portfolio worthmore than 11.3 billion eurosand 506 million euros’worth ofrevenue.The main activities inthis business area include:The design,construction,commissioning,operationand maintenance (O&M)of water treatment plantsincluding:Seawater desalination plants.Drinking water treatmentplants.wastewater treatment plants.Tertiary treatments andrecycling.Treatment of waste fromprocessing plants.
  • 5. Comprehensive waterservices encompassing theentire water cycle:Management of reservoirsand water distributionnetworks.Treatment, distribution andsupply of drinking water.Management of supply andsanitation networks.Auxiliary services.The Company has officeson five continents with arelevant presence in marketsthat include the unitedStates, Australia, Italy,Portugal, Algeria, Puerto rico,Egypt, united Kingdom andLatin America, among others.The Company’s professionalshave experience and athorough knowledge of allstages of the water cycle:research and development.Design.Detail engineering.Construction.Commissioning.O&M.
  • 6. 6 // 7 your partner in the water cyclecommitment to environmental protection,r&D and innovation and technologyEnvironmental protection isone of the top priorities ofACCIONA Agua on each one ofthe projects it undertakes.Theobject is to minimise the use ofresources and the quantity ofwaste generated.The Company’s strategy hingeson two concepts, sustainabilityand social wellbeing, togenerate wealth, improve theenvironment and fostersocial progress.In 2002, the EnvironmentalManagement System ofACCIONA Agua obtainedISO 14001 certification andin 2008, its Occupationalhealth and Safety System wasOhSAS certified. however, theCompany’s commitment farexceeds legal requirements andseeks to continuously improveits environmental protectionprocess and increase thelevel of awarenessamong employees.To do so,ACCIONA Aguafocuses its efforts on:Optimising the use ofnatural resources.Minimising the production ofhazardous waste.Achieving the properenvironmental managementstandards for the sewage,waste and by-productsgenerated during the watertreatment process.Organising employeetraining and awareness-raising campaigns.Conducting internal audits ofimprovements.As part of its environmentalprotection efforts, the Companyhas conducted inspections ofwaste and control systemsusing a specially trained teamwhich have yielded results inthe Molina de Segura project(Murcia, Spain). In this case, theuse of internal technologicalinnovation directed by r&D andInnovation played a decisiverole in each phase, contributingto its ultimate success.The ongoing support of ther&D and Innovation for allstages of the water cycle iswhat sets ACCIONA Aguaapart from its competitors.In the desalination sector,the Company is workingwith the latest membranemodel and new energyrecovery devices.The r&D departmentalso conducts ongoingresearch into new water-treatment techniques.Ther&D department providesfundamental technical supportand takes charge of the firststeps in designing large-scaledesalination plants.The Company’s r&D andInnovation activities seek torespond to greater demandfor water treatment andincreasingly scarce resources.ACCIONA’s participation inSpanish and internationalresearch projects, alongsideuniversities and publicresearch centers, makesit a technological front-runner and consolidates itsopposition as sector leader.Its r&D work has led toimportant advances such as:A v ariation on modified uCT(university of CapeTown)process, aimed primarilyat reducing sludge andconsuming less oxygen;A patent f or a ground-breaking process for biomass,bringing greater designflexibility, space savings,and easier functioning andcontrol.research into the effectsof potentially dangeroussubstances (e.g. hormonesand medicines) inwastewater destinedfor reuse.The r&D work carried outhas borne its fruits, including16 patents for desalination,membrane bioreactors andwater reuse.The following arejust a few examples:ELF A (Treatment).SEPAFLOC (Desalination /Pre-treatment).BIOFILPAS (Drinkingwater).MEMPACK (wastewater).OPTIMIZACIONENErGÉTICA SPLIT CIEGOS(Desalination).A CTIDAFF / uLTrAFLOT(Desalination).ACCIONA Agua has a highlyqualified staff with more thanthirty years of experienceapplying r&D and Innovationto water treatment and theuse of membranes, fromthe most basic laboratorytechniques to pilot plants onan industrial scale.C
  • 7. 8 // 9 your partner in the water cycle
  • 8. the integratedwater cycleFor ACCIONA Agua,Customer Satisfaction is a keymanagement goal.Taking careof water users and sorting outtheir queries and difficulties is amajor management tool in ourline of business.So we make every effort tostay close to our customers: itit’s about tackling problems,coming up with the bestsolutions or carrying out theexecution, operation andmanagement of plants andsites, the ACCIONA Agua teamknows that our collaborationis vital for ensuring ourcustomers’ total satisfaction.The Integrated water Cyclestarts with the type of watercaptured, which is turned intodrinking water.The processincludes desalination, transportand delivery to the manand woman on the street,before coming to a close withwastewater treatment and thewater’s treatment for reuse, inthe state as it was captured orpossibly even better.Desalination plant in Javea,Alicante, Spain
  • 9. 10 // 11 your partner in the water cycleDrinKing water treatMent plantSACCIONA Agua has builta total 115 drinking watertreatment plants, with a totalcapacity of 7 million m3perday, delivering water to morethan 30 million inhabitants.The Alcantarilla drinkingwater treatment plant builtby ACCIONA Agua, located inAlgarve in southern Portugal,is one of the largest on theIberian Peninsula with acapacity to treat 259,200m3/day. Currently, ACCIONAis building drinking watertreatment plants in Australia,the Dominican republic andMorocco.Since the beginning,ACCIONA has offeredinnovative solutionsto address a widerange of problems inthe field of drinkingwater treatment.ACCIONA Agua builtthe first plants inSpain with chlorine-free pre-oxidationprocesses and wasalso a pioneer in theuse of intermediateozonization, betweensettling and filtering.Solano DWTP,Vizcaya, Spain
  • 10. ///// CONSTRUCTION: DRINKING WATERPLANTS COUNTRYCAPACITY(m3/day)POPULATIONValmayor Extension (Madrid) Spain 1,036,800 2,960,000Torrelaguna (Madrid) Spain 518,400 1,728,000Oum Azza Morocco 432,000 5,000,000Pu-Dong , Shanghai China 400,032 1,800,000El Bodonal Extension (Tres Cantos, Madrid) Spain 345,600 100,000Santillana (Madrid) Spain 345,600 100,000Canal Bajo (Madrid) Spain 345,600 100,000Alcantarilha Portugal 259,200 1,050,000Amerya Egypt 200,000 2,000,000Casablanca (Zaragoza) Spain 172,800 690,000Mundaring Australia 160,000 100,000Gabón, Libreville Gabon 140,000 1,000,000Zaragoza Spain 144,288 912,072Sollano Fluoración (Zalla - Biscay) Spain 129,600 450,000El Cuartillo (Jérez de la Frontera - Cádiz) Spain 114,912 400,000Marbella (Málaga) Spain 110,592 124,333Mostorod, Cairo Egypt 110,000 1,200,000Regio di Calabria Italy 108,000 360,000Rod el Farag, Cairo Egypt 100,224 900,000Campotéjar (Murcia) Spain 100,000 1,000,000North Helwan I Egypt 100,000 1,000,000North Helwan II Egypt 100,000 1,000,000El Perelló (Tarragona) Spain 95,904 383,616Peravia Multi-Aqueduct Dominican Republic 86,400 138,000Albacete (Albacete) Spain 86,400 345,600Carambolo (Seville) Spain 76,032 253,44089 additional plants 1,342,326 4,312,214TOTAL 7,160,710 29,407,275TABLA
  • 11. 12 // 13 your partner in the water cycle
  • 12. relevant projectsMunDaringDrinKing watertreatMent plantPerth,Australia// Capacity: 165,000 m3/day,with the possibilityof reaching up to240,000 m3/day.// Client: water Corporation.// Type of Contract:Public-Private (PPP)Financing Project.ACCIONA Agua is part of thehelena water consortiumwhich also includes TrILITy,Brookfield Multiplex and royalBank of Scotland, and whichhas been awarded the design,build and operate (35 yearconcession) of the Mundaringdrinking water treatment plantin the Perth area of westernAustralia.This is the first PPPwater treatment project in theState of western Australia.The facility will deliverwater to the Goldfield andAgricultural water System(G&AwS) network, includingKalgoorlie.This project received adistinction from GwImagazine for the BestContract 2011.ADrinKingwater treatMentplantouM MaZZaCoastal areaRabat-Casablanca.Morocco// Capacity: 432,000 m3/day.// Client: Moroccan NationalOffice for Drinkingwaterand Electricity.The project is part of a watersupply improvement plan forthe rabat-Morocco coastalarea.The plant is located inthe municipality of Oum Azza.some 30km away from rabatand is intended to improvethe drinking water supply forone of the country’s fastestgrowing populations (currentlyat 5 million inhabitants).R
  • 13. 14 // 15 your partner in the water cycleDesalinationACCIONA Agua has beena pioneer in thedevelopment of reverseosmosis (RO) desalinationof both seawater andbrackish water.The R&D and Innovationdepartment plays afundamental role inapplying this experienceto each phase of theproject, including thedesign, construction,commissioning and O&Mof the plants.Port Stanvac desalination plant,Adelaide,Australia
  • 14. AACCIONA Agua has more than70 plants of reference in thissector with 2.1 million m3/day of installed capacity thatservices 10.5 million people.Many of the technologicalinnovations incorporated intothe current designs of thesetypes of facilities have beendeveloped and implementedby ACCIONA Agua.Some of the most relevantinnovations include:The use of filters for thetreatment of highly pollutedseawater (Las Palmas IIIdesalination plant, Spain,1990).u se of spiral membranescomposed of a fine layer oraromatic polyamidewith cross-linking in largedesalination plants (LasPalmas III desalination plant,Spain, 1990).First reverse osmosis plantto use laminate purifiers totreat the highly pollutedriver water with varyinglevels of salinity (I.D.A.S.Denia, Alicante, Spain,1991).Superficial dischargeof rejected brine usingvarious distribution pipesin the breakwater area forrapid dilution (Southeastdesalination plant, GranCanaria, Spain, 1993).The use of reverse osmosisand pretreatment withfilters to desalinate urbanwastewater (SoutheastTertiary Treatment, LasPalmas, Spain, 2000).Sea water collection usinghorizontal perforationsrather than vertical shafts(New Cartagena Canal,Murcia, Spain, 2001).use of microfiltration forpretreatment and reverseosmosis for the treatmentof urban wastewater(Campo Dalias, wastewatertreatment plant, Almería,Spain, 2001).Dilution o f rejected salinewater at a ratio of 4:1 so asnot to damage the Neptunegrass (Jávea desalinationplant, Alicante, Spain,2002).Optimisation of electricityusage by recovering energyfrom isobaric chambers(Talara desalination plant,Peru 2002).ACCIONA Agua is capableof combining in a singleamount of water theflotation of low densityparticles and the filteringof larger or heavier solids.using this technologyleaves us in a strongerposition to deal withso-called “red Tides”, anatural phenomenon thatoccurs when a number ofenvironmental conditionscoincide in a given expanseof seawater and give riseto a massive accumulationof seaweed. (CopiapoDesalination Plant, Chile,2011).In 2012ACCIONA-run treatmentplants desalinated, purifiedand made fit for humanconsumption 568 Hm3of water
  • 15. 16 // 17 your partner in the water cycle
  • 16. B. DeSalination plantS:operation & Maintenance (o&M)The maintenance strategy, fordesalination plants focuses onminimising operating costsand maximising the usefullives of the assets, whichmeans that the applicationof essential preventivetechniques is essential.To ensure that this ispossible, the r+D and ProcessEngineering departmentswork together as acomprehensive desalinationtechnology team, whichenables them to achieveobjectives such as:Minimising the use ofpretreatment reactives.Improving the qualityof pretreated water byoptimising the coagulationchemistry.Minimise the cleaningfrequency of the reverseosmosis membranes.Optimising membr anecleaning by detectingcontaminating agents,conducting membraneautopsies and improvingthe efficiency of cleaningsystems in situ (CIP).Minimising the need toreplace membranes.Minimising the plant’sdown time.To minimise the impact onplant operations, it is criticalto detect any abnormaloperation early and respondquickly.Alicante desalinationplant, Spain
  • 17. 18 // 19 your partner in the water cycle///// CONSTRUCTION AND O&M: DESALINATION PLANT REfERENCESPLANTS COUNTRY CAPACITY(m3/day) POPULATION CONTRACT TYPED&C O&MPort Stanvac,Adelaide Australia 300,000 2,000,000 n nTorrevieja,Alicante Spain 240,000 1,600,000 n nPrat de Llobregat Spain 166,666 nBeckton Fase 1 & 2 – London UK 150,000 1,000,000 n nFujairah UAE 137,000 900,000 n nCarboneras,Almeria Spain 120,000 nFouka Algiers 120,000 800,000 n nTampa Bay, Florida USA 108,831 733,333 n nAl Jubail Saudi Arabia 100,000 nParaguaná Venezuela 75,000 500,000 n nCanal de Cartagena Phase I, Murcia Spain 65,000 433,333 n nCanal de Cartagena Phase II, Murcia Spain 65,000 433,333 n nCanal de Alicante (BOT),Alicante Spain 65,000 380,000 n nTordera (BOT), Gerona Spain 57,600 400,000 n nCopiapó Chile 51,840 115,200 n nAlmería Capital (BOT) Spain 50,000 333,333 n nLas Palmas III, Las Palmas Spain 42,750 nSureste de Gran Canaria Spain 33,000 220,000 n nIbiza and San Antonio Spain 29,800 198,667 n nJávea (BOT),Alicante Spain 26,000 186,667 n nReggio Calabria Italy 25,000 n nLanzarote V Spain 24,000 nSanta Cruz de Tenerife Spain 20,000 nCampo de Dalías,Almería Spain 20,000 nCeuta, Ceuta Spain 16,000 nDenia,Alicante Spain 16,000 nTelde Phase II, Las Palmas Spain 16,000 nMartos (Jaén) Spain 15,552 nArucas & Moya (BOT), Las Palmas Spain 15,000 100,000 n nBocabarranco and Roque Prieto, Las Palmas Spain 15,000 100,000 nCiutadella (BOT), Minorca Spain 10,000 66,667 n nJacarilla,Alicante Spain 9,000 nCervezas Dam, Barcelona Spain 7,200 nCap Milano Italy 6,480 nPraia Cape Verde 5,000 nTalara Peru 2,200 26,667 n n36 additional smaller plants 50,304TOTAL CAPACITY 10,527,200 2,261,223 1,874,241nD&C Design and Construction ; nO&M Operation and MaintenanceTordera desalination plant, Girona, Spain.
  • 18. 20 // 21 your partner in the water cyclePBecKtonDeSalinationplantLondon, United Kingdom// Capacity: 150,000 m3/day.// Population: 900,000.// Client: Thames water.The decision to buildLondon’s first desalinationplant was the result of agrowing population and ascarcity of natural resourcesin the area. It will be thefirst desal facility plantto extract water from theThames estuary usingreverse osmosis.In 2009 it was chosenas the most sustainableproject of the year by themagazine Global waterIntelligence and in 2011 itwas voted Best Desal Plant.T
  • 19. 22 // 23 your partner in the water cycleTCOPIAPFujairahDeSal plantfujairah, United Arab Emirates// Capacity: 137,000 m3/day.// Type of contract: design, buildand operate (7 years).// Client: Emirates Sembcorpwater & Power Company.The winning bidder is aconsortium comprising ACCIONAAgua (75%) and ACCIONAInfrastructure (25%). Theplant will service a populationequivalent of half a millionpeople. Construction is expectedto take 28 months.
  • 20. ACCIONAwas named“DesalinationCompany of the Year”and“Best WaterCompany”by GlobalWater Intelligencemagazine
  • 21. 24 // 25 your partner in the water cycle
  • 22. end-to-end water supply and sanitation servicesServing the man and womanon the street is a priority forACCIONA Agua.The research of andcommitment totechnological innovationare the keys to efficientmanagement andsustainable development.Comprehensive watermanagement servicesinclude all of the stagesinvolved in the treatmentof the water until it is fitfor human consumption.For ACCIONA Agua, servingthe man and woman on thestreet is a priority.These services include thesupply of water to thepopulation and the treatmentof urban and industrial wastewhich is billed directly to theend user.The different stages of thewater cycle include:Collection.Treatment.Distribution.Sanitation.Treatment.reuse.To verify the status of thewater and the maximumquality of the waterthat flows from the enduser’s tap, ACCIONAAgua conducts laboratoryanalyses of the water on acontinuous basis.Furthermore, in order toguarantee the highestperformance levels inthe municipalities wherethe Company managesthe water, the sewageand sanitation networksare evaluated regularly.ACCIONA Agua uses thelatest technologies availablein the market to detect andrepair leaks and minimiselosses to the extent possible.The Company also providestechnical assistance servicessuch as processing andapproving new water supplyprojects and maintenancework on existing facilities.The cycle ends with thetreatment of the wastewaterat the treatment plant.The treated water can bereturned to the environmentreused for irrigation witha minimal environmentalimpact.ACCIONA Agua deliversintegrated water cycleservices across Spain,managing and operatingdrinking water andsanitation services. Today, itserves more than 180 Spanishtowns and cities (more than7 million people).SUSTAINAbLEMANAGEMENT ANDRESPECT fOR ThEENvIRONMENTCorrect and sustainablemanagement of the watercycle leads to significantimprovement in theenvironment:By captur ing just enoughof the resources requiredto satisfy a demand. Thisis achieved by stepping-uptechnical efficiency, i.e. bykeeping leakage and waterloss down to a minimum.By appl ying cutting-edge water-treatmenttechnology in order toreturn water to nature inthe best possible state.EACCIONAAguaoperateson all fivecontinents
  • 23. 26 // 27 your partner in the water cyclePATLLof the downstream supply take thewater to end-users. ATLL managesa number of facilities, includingfour large treatment plants: theAbrera and Cardedeu drinkingwater plants (DwTPs) for waterfrom the Llobregat and Ter rivers,and the Prat de Llobregat and LaTordera desal stations; severalpumping and driving stations andmore than 900km of pipeline.ATLL’s sphere of responsibilitycovers the upstream water supplyfor Barcelona (northeastern Spain)and its metropolitan area and nineadministrative divisions (knownlocally as comarcas), with a totalpopulation of roughly five millioninhabitants.ATLL Concessionaire obtains regulatewater from six reservoirs: Baells,Llosa del Cavall and Sant Ponç in theLlobregat basin and Sau, Susquedaand Pasteral in the Ter basin.dATLL Concessionaire’s activitiesinclude the following:Optimization of available waterresourcesImprovements in water treatment(including studies of new reactivesubstances for adaptation to Euregulations, tests at pilot pants andapplication of new technologies)Automation at the facilities involvedin treatment processes.Increase and improvement wateranalysis control methods.Treatment of sludge byproductsduring the drinking water treatmentprocess in order to maximize waterproduction.The desalination plant at El Prat de Llobregat,Barcelona (Northeast Spain)
  • 24. 28 // 29 your partner in the water cycleOSince 1993 the Companyhas been responsible foroperating and managingthe municipal drinkingwater, sanitation and watertreatment services for thecity of Soria.Since 1994 the Company,through the subsidiariesGESBA, S.A. and Compañíade Aguas Paguera, SL,has been providingdrinking water andanitation services to themunicipalities of Andratx,Deià and Paguera (Calvià.Majorca), serving a totalpopulation of 23,000inhabitants in low seasonand 70,000 in high season.In 2009, ACCIONA Aguawas awarded the firstcontract ever tendered inSpain under a competitivedialogue arrangementproposed by the AndratxCity Council for theconstruction and operation.under this contract, thecompany will provide end-to-end water services to10 housing developmentsin the municipality with apopulation of 5,000 for 36years.Since 1996 the Companyhas managed the entirewater cycle for theAssociation of Municipalitiesof the Tropical Coast ofGranada under a 25-yearcontract.The servicescover an area of 1,400 km2and serve a population of110,000 inhabitants duringlow season and 330,000 inhigh season.The Company is also apartner in SErCOMOSA,a multiservice jointly-controlled companyfounded in 1990 and aleader in the Autonomousregion of Murcia withvast experience in themanagement of the fullrange of urban services.It is one of the fewcompanies in Spain thatprovides all of the publicservices for a singlemunicipality.Thanks to the alliancereached in 2007 with theJaen pronvicial Authorities,ACCIONA Agua managesthe entire range of theintegrated water cycle in 34towns and cities across theprovince.The Agreementcovers the magement of thewater supply for more than250,000 inhabitants for thenext 25 years.
  • 25. CACERESample analysis at labs inorder to check the stateof the water and to ensuretop quality tap water forend-users.ACCIONA Agua appliescutting-edge technologiesto customer management,plant and network operation,material resources and specialvehicles, which will be rolled-out gradually in Caceres.Cáceres WWTP, Spain
  • 26. 30 // 31 your partner in the water cycleVALENCIAsupported by a 250-strongworkforce, a fleet of50 vehicles equippedwith cutting-edgetechnological systems andan organizational structureworking in coordinationto ensure that Valencia’ssanitation system is alwaysworking satisfactorily.MaDriD// Client: Canal de Isabel II.// Ppopulation served:803,300.ACCIONA Agua commencedoperations in Madrid in2009, running the city’ssewer system, and servinga population of morethan 940,000 inhabitants.ACCIONA Agua handles themanagement and correctfunctioning of the sewernetwork, as well as stormtanks in the catchment area.The sewer system serviceis staffed by more than100 professionals and ithas a fleet of 30 vehiclesequipped with cutting-edge tech systems and anorganizational structureworking in coordinationto ensure that Madrid’ssanitation system is alwaysrunning smoothly.The Madrid sewer system isequipped with a round-the-clock security system.
  • 27. ///// SERvICESSERvICES POPULATION SERvICES POPULATIONATLL (Barcelona metropolitan area and 106 municipalities) 5,000,000 Dolores (Alicante) 7,313Valencia sanitation system 814,208 Lorquí (Murcia) 6,996Madrid sewer system (Lot B) 803,300 Montefrío (Granada) 6,237SOMAJASA (Jaén 34 towns and cities) 258,786 Paguera (Majorca) 6,000Jerez de la Frontera (Roadworks and meter reading) 207,532 Villanueva de Algaidas (Málaga) 4,602Costa Tropical de Granada 201,256 Orba (Alicante) 2,616Getafe (Maintenance of public roads) 167,164 Alfoz de Lloredo (Cantabria) 2,484Cáceres 100,000 Voto (Cantabria) 2,386Molina de Segura (SERCOMOSA) 64,065 Favara (Valencia) 2,100Soria 39,528 Villanueva (Murcia) 2,100Úbeda (Jaen) 35,649 Sierra de Fuentes (Cáceres) 2,075Pilar de la Horadada (Alicante) 21,421 Deià (Majorca) 2,000Manzanares (Ciudad Real) 19,186 Selaya (Cantabria) 1,985La Unión (Murcia) 18,825 Ricote (Murcia) 1,845Archena (Murcia) 18,208 Meruelo (Cantabria) 1,500Osuna (Seville) 17,813 Corrales del Vino (Zamora) 1,350Santomera (Murcia) 15,481 Ulea (Murcia) 1,273Andratx (Majorca) 11,682 Llaurí (Valencia) 1,229Villarrubia de los Ojos (Ciudad Real) 11,191 Ruesga (Cantabria) 1,150Ceutí (Murcia) 10,174 Golmayo (Soria) 1,000Yuncos (Toledo) 10,043 Liendo (Cantabria) 995Toro (Zamora) 9,850 Fontiveros (Ávila) 968Zafra (Badajoz) 9,584 Ojos (Murcia) 650Arévalo (Ávila) 8,030 TOTAL 7,941,828Suances (Cantabria) 7,998TABLA
  • 28. 32 // 33 your partner in the water cyclewaStewater treatMent plantSACCIONA Agua has builtplants for small towns andbig cities such as Barcelona,Santander, León, huelva,Málaga and Almería, all inSpain, as well as in Portugal,Italy, Morocco, Brazil, Peruand Colombia.It has also developed morethan 300 wastewatertreatment projects, witha total capacity of morethan 11.4 million m3/day,equivalent to more than52 million people.ACCIONA Agua has athorough understandingof the different processesand technologies needed toprovide solutions to differentproblems, combining thelowest capital outlay withthe maximum optimisationof the operations andmaintenance process.ACCIONA is currentlybuilding the world’s biggestwastewater Treatment Plant.with a capacity of 42 m3/second and located in thestate of Mexico, it willsupply electrical energybased on the combustion ofsludge digestion gases.WAtotonilco WWTP, MexicoACCIONAAgua hasprovided solutions to awide and diverse rangeof wastewater treatmentproblems.Populations of varyingsizes, domestic andindustrial wastewater,cities and towns withseasons populationfluctuations, plants withlimited available spaceor with visual and/environmental impactproblems and differentdumping levels are justsome of the challengesthe company hashad to face.
  • 29. ///// WASTEWATERPLANTS COUNTRY CAPACITY (m3/day) POPULATION EqUIvALENTAtotonilco Mexico 3,024,000 10,500,000El Besos (Barcelona) Spain 525,000 3,199,220La Chira Peru 544,320 2,500,000Bello Colombia 432,000 2,000,000Butarque (Madrid) Spain 432,000 1,980,000Baix Llobregat (Barcelona) Spain 420,000 2,275,000Arrudas (Minas Gerais) Brazil 388,800 1,600,000La China (Madrid) Spain 300,000 1,400,000Cagliari (Cerdeña) Italy 260,000 1,150,000Los Tajos Costa Rica 242,784 1,490,000Guadalhorce (Málaga) Spain 210,000 700,000Santander (Cantabria) Spain 194,400 428,294El Caracol Mexico 172,800 864,000Arroyo Culebro (Madrid) Spain 172,800 1,353,600Temuco,Angol y Villarica Chile 158,232 443,722Maqua (Asturias) Spain 123,811 214,979Leon and Su Alfoz and the thermal drying of the latter’s sludge (Leon) Spain 107,100 330,000Guadalquivier WWTP enlargement Spain 105,665 665,000Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz) Spain 103,680 691,200Kattameya Egypt 100,000 1,000,000Las Rejas (Madrid) Spain 92,000 250,000Bens – Underwater pipeline (A’Coruña) Spain 89,000 250,000Casaquemada (Madrid) Spain 83,199 211,492Abnoub & El Fath Egypt 80,000 750,000Lugo enlargement (Lugo) Spain 76,500 200,000Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid) Spain 75,000 450,000Albacete Spain 74,356 371,280Montcada enlargement (Barcelona) Spain 72,600 423,500L’Horta Nord enlargement (Valencia) Spain 72,000 400,000Entremuros (Doñana - Huelva) Spain 72,000 240,000Arroyo de la Vega 4th line WWTP (Madrid) Spain 65,000Zarandona (Murcia) Spain 62,500 200,000Santillana (Madrid) Spain 60,667 13,992Fuengirola (Málaga) Spain 60,000 350,000Huelva (Huelva) Spain 58,500 180,000Almería (Almería) Spain 54,000 250,000Peñón del Cuervo (Málaga) Spain 51,840 100,000Albacete (Enlargement) Spain 49,500 200,000Ibarra Ecuador 43,200 197,809274 additional plantsTOTAL 11,483,939 52,787,830
  • 30. 34 // 35 your partner in the water cycleWAundertaken by the waterSustainability Programmeof the MexicoValley Basin.In 2011, it received GlobalWaterIntelligence magazine’sContract of theyear award.arruDaSwaStewatertreatMent plant(wwtp)belo horizonte, Minas GeraisState, brazil// Capacity:388.800 m3/day.// Equivalent population:1,600,000 inhabitants.// Client:COPASA.The contract includes technicalsupport and maintenance forthewwTP. ACCIONA Aguahas installed an electricitycogeneration system based onbiogas-powered micro-turbines;it will apply ultrasound tooptimize this fuel and willalso use an odor-abatementtreatment in an effort toimprove the environmentalconditions for local inhabitantsin the surrounding area.Bello waStewatertreatMent plantMedellin. Colombia// Capacity:432,000 m3/day.// Type of contract:build, design,O&M.// Client:Aguas NacionalesEPM de Medellin.This project sets out toincrease the internationallyaccepted dissolved oxygenlevels in water, an indicationthat a river is pollution-free.Lowering the organic loadthat the river receives meetsthe water quality targetset by the AburráValleyMetropolitan Area authorities,which aims to bring dissolvedoxygen levels in water toan average minimum level of5 mg/l.Major projects
  • 31. LUGOV HAG
  • 32. 36 // 37 your partner in the water cycleBThe Company has extensiveexperience with the designand construction of tertiarytreatment plants using thefollowing processes:Settling using conventionalor lamellar gravity.Single layer, dual layer andsuspended bed filtrations.Microfiltration andultrafiltration.Ozone, ultraviolet andchlorine disinfection.reverse osmosis toeliminate salt.Bakio WWTP, Biscay, SpainTbecause of thegrowing demand forwater for farming,urban parkland,golf courses and forsaving aquifers fromthe invasion of salinewaters, ACCIONAAgua has made it apoint to investigate,develop andimplement innovativetechnologies for thetertiary treatment ofwastewater to allowit to be recycled andused for a number ofdifferent purposes.
  • 33. T Ttreatments, microfiltration andreverse osmosis to guarantee thehighest quality of the treatedeffluent so that it could be usedto irrigate the hothouse cropsand possibly to replenish theaquifer.Tertiary treatment ofwater from the CampoDalias WWTPin Almeria, Spain
  • 34. 38 // 39 your partner in the water cycletreatMent oF waSte: therMalDrying anD coMpoStingThe aim of these newprocesses is to minimise thevolume of the waste while atthe same time neutralising it.The processes used byACCIONA Agua includemechanisation, hygienisation,thermal drying andcomposting.TIncreasingly stringentnational and internationalregulations governing thedisposal of urban waste andthe sludge produced at urbanwastewater treatment plantshave accelerated the needto incorporate new wastetreatment technologies.///// SEWAGE TREATMENT. ThERMAL DRYINGCAPACITY (m3/day)Loeches (Madrid) 10,320Guadalhorce (Málaga) 7,250Quart Benager (Barcelona -2 units) 4,000Fuengirola (Málaga) 2,350Montornés Vallés (Barcelona) 2,000Maqua (Asturias) 2,000León 1,940Costa Tropical de Granada (Motril WWTP) 1,200Guadarrama River - Middle Basin (Madrid) 1,000Baiña (Asturias) 500TOTAL 32,560///// WASTE TREATMENTWASTE TREATED(t/year)Ecoparque (La Rioja) 75,000Loeches (Madrid) 50,000TOTAL 125,000TABLA
  • 35. 40 // 41 your partner in the water cycleo&M of plants and ServicesIn the operation andmaintenance area, ACCIONAAgua seeks to:Optimise the processby minimising energyconsumption,Guarantee optimumtreatment performance,Control water qualitythrough analysis,Correctly manageenvironmental aspects andthe by-products generatedduring the treatmentprocess.Comprehensive plantmanagement includespreventive maintenanceand conservation.The Company’s maintenancestrategy focuses onminimising operating costsand maximising the life ofthe installation.operation anDMaintenance(wwtp & Dwtp)To date, ACCIONA Agua hasbeen awarded more than 126Operation and Maintenancecontracts for conventionalwater treatment plants witha total treatment capacity of8.7 million m3/day.///// DRINKINGWATERTREATMENT PLANTS - O&MCOUNTRYCAPACITY(m3/day)INhAbITANTSCardedeu Spain 691,200Abrera Spain 345,600Mundaring Australia 160,000 1,066,667Sollano (Biscay) Spain 129,600 263,000Simbirizzi Nuovo Italy 120,960 604,000PeraviaDominicanRepublic86,400 138,000San Michele Cagliari Spain 66,528 302,000Donori Italy 51,840 259,000Simbirizzi Vecchio Italy 51,840 259,000Tudela (Navarre) Spain 23,328 40,863Lotto Sarrabus Italy 19,872 99,360Lotto Anglona Italy 17,280 86,400Lotto Parteola Italy 12,960 64,800Lekue (Biscay) Spain 7,000 16,600Yesa (Navarre) Spain 5,760 7,700Sangüesa (Navarre) Spain 5,184 7,000Valtierra-Arguedas (Navarre) Spain 5,184 4,700Arévalo (Ávila) Spain 3,974 10,000Garaizar (Biscay) Spain 3,600 3,600Basatxu (Biscay) Spain 3,333 16,000San Cristobal (Biscay) Spain 3,333 720Iparraguirre (Biscay) Spain 2,000 780Orduña (Biscay) Spain 1,900 480Salinillas (Biscay) Spain 1,400 720Arratoz (Navarre) Spain 518 1,000Mendaur (Navarre) Spain 346 2,300TOTAL 1,821,000 3,254,690The Company’s strategyis focused on improvingefficiency,cuttingoperating costs andextending the facilities’service lifeGueñes WWTP, Biscay. SpainO
  • 36. 42 // 43 your partner in the water cycle42 // 39 tu socio en el ciclo del agua
  • 37. ///// WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANTS - O&MWASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANTS(O&M)COUNTRYCAPACITY(m3/day)POPULATIONEqUIvALENTWASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANTS(O&M)COUNTRYCAPACITY(m3/day)POPULATIONEqUIvALENTAtotonilco Mexico 3,024,000 10,500,000 Mairena del Alcor, Seville Spain 9,220 43,025La Chira Peru 544,320 2,500,000 Campotejar, Granada Spain 9,000 65,000Bello Colombia 432,000 3,880,000 Cangas de Morrazo, Pontevedra Spain 9,000 30,000Arrudas, Minas Gerais Brazil 388,800 1,600,000 Manzanares y Membrilla, Ciudad Real Spain 8,800 75,000Copero, Seville Spain 255,000 1,400,000 Calatayud, Zaragoza Spain 8,500 63,892Arana S.Arabia 250,000 1,250,000 Ceutí, Murcia Spain 7,970 30,000Los Tajos Costa Rica 242,784 1,490,000 Difusores, Minorca Spain 7,800 30,000AQP-ATO Bari 4 Italy 220,000 1,060,000 Alguazas, Murcia Spain 7,380 50,000Arroyo Culebro Cuenca Baja Spain 172,800 1,350,000 Cehegín, Murcia Spain 7,000 15,000El Caracol Mexico 172,800 864,000 Amorebieta, Biscay Spain 6,688 18,000Cagliari is Arenas Italy 164,000 1,150,000 Palma del Río Spain 6,000 43,000Arroyo Culebro Cuenca media Alta Spain 130,000 1,224,720 La Ermita Spain 5,500 31,000Haddah S.Arabia 125,000 625,000 Archena, Murcia Spain 5,374 35,000Lot III Spain 89,655 446,400 Tafalla-Olite, Navarre Spain 5,147 13,000Lot V, Madrid Spain 74,932 358,950 Lorquí, Murcia Spain 5,000 50,000AlbaceteBaiña,AsturiasSaint Juia de LloiraGrupo AbreraArequipaRubí, BarcelonaGrupo Igualada, BarcelonaSpainSpainSpainSpainPeruSpainSpain74,35643,20035,30034,86834,80027,00025,212371,28086,500100,000155,310179,712135,000247,700Montblanc, Santa Coloma de Queralt,Espluga de Francolí y SenanSeseña, MadridSocuéllamos, Ciudad RealValdebernardo, MadridYecla, MurciaAlhama de MurciaSpainSpainSpainSpainSpainSpain5,0005,0005,0005,0005,0004,24717,0001,00029,1679,00037,50124,774Aguilar de la Frontera, Cabra, Fernán-Núñez y MontemayorSpain 25,000 85,000Lillo, Cuero,Tembleque, Romeral,ToledoSpain 2,575 15,021Grupo Anoia Nord Spain 21,370 291,567 Brea-Illueca Spain 2,550 12,750Tudela – Suroeste, Navarre Spain 20,416 40,122 Bakio, Biscay Spain 2,400 14,000Güeñes,Vizcaya Spain 20,000 57,143 Mungia-Gorliz, Biscay Spain 2,200 6,400Grupo Montsiá,Tarragona Spain 17,824 80,370 Ibdes Spain 1,700 4,000Llucmajor, Majorca Spain 15,000 79,500 Morat de Jalón Spain 1,600 3,200Grupo Zona Media Pirineos Spain 14,906 32,552 Ateca, Zaragoza Spain 1,300 6,500Soria, Soria Spain 14,580 56,133 Longares Spain 1,300 4,008Sureste, Grand Canary Spain 12,000 100,000 Navaleno, Soria Spain 1,025 942Scicli Italy 11,800 45,000 Alhama Spain 1,000 2,500La Almunia de Dª Godina Spain 10,500 28,350 33 proyectos adicionales 9,132 125,638Villarrobledo,Albacete Spain 9,500 41,000 TOTAL 6,918,131 32,861,677TABLA
  • 38. 44 // 45 your partner in the water cycleTACCIONAturnover506(million euros)454438412.653702752007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
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  • 40. “El Greco”ACCIONA and the Fundación El Greco 2014 [El Greco 2014Foundation] have signed a colaboration agreement wherebyACCIONA has joined the team of Official Sponsors of theprogramme of events to mark the 4th Centenary of thedeath of El Greco.ACCIONA will be contributing to a cultural project designedand organized by the Foundation and scheduled for2014.This ambitious Toledo-based (Spain) initiative willfeature a number of commemorative events on a regional,national end international scale. ACCIONA has taken on acommitment with a long-term cultural and social projectat the regional level. In addition, the Company is now theOfficial Sponsor of a sculpture project that Cristina Iglesiashas been comissioned for Toledo.DOMéNIKOS ThEOTOKóPOULOS “EL GRECO”(Candia, Crete; 1541 - Toledo, Spain; 1614) El Greco, thepainter who brought together the Greek painting tradition,Venetian color, and roman design, enjoyed a fantasticand ever-changing career as an artist in Crete, roma andToledo; in this latter city he spent more than half of his life.In Spain, the so-called “Greek of Toledo” took his place asthe country’s most singular artist during the reign of PhilipII and Philip III. he amazed spectators with his complexcompositions, his bright colors, his interplay of light anddark, transparency and reflections, his naturalistic skillwhen representing fabrics or cloudscapes, his boundlessimagination when it came to portraying the supernatural,or his ability to breathe life into pictorial fictions.
  • 41. Avda. de Europa, 18Parque Empresarial La Moraleja28108 Alcobendas(Madrid). SpainTwitter: @accionafacebook.com/accionawww.acciona.com© MArCh 2013 ACCIONA S.A.All rights reserved.