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Access Path Brochure 09v1

  1. 1. the way to communicate with the world Multilingual Translation & Localization Services
  2. 2. AccessPath in a Nutshell…  We are a language service provider based in Beijing and Hong Kong, China, with a staff of 18 full-time people coordinating the work of more than 1000 language professionals on a regular basis.  When you need high-quality multilingual translation of documents into any target language - even very large documents - we will deliver.  When you need a translation vendor to fit a tight schedule, we are here.  When you need a Chinese vendor that handles all of its customer service in English, we are here.  AccessPath's services are not cheap but reasonably priced. Count on us for clearly explained cost estimates with transparent cost calculations. Prices include scheduling, coordination, proofreading and quality assurance. Multilingual Translation & Localization Services
  3. 3. AccessPath’s Services AccessPath is a professional language service provider offering translation, interpreting, localization, desktop publishing, and multimedia services at competitive rates you can afford and with experience you can trust.  Document translation  Website localization  Software localization  Desktop publishing  Multimedia service Multilingual Translation & Localization Services
  4. 4. AccessPath’s Services  Document translation AccessPath has a pool of over 1500 translation professionals who translate your documents into 140 languages. Our proven translation experience, commitment to client satisfaction, and adherence to continuously enhanced quality assurance standards, enable us to handle all aspects of your translation projects, regardless of their sizes or complexity. All at competitive rates!  International desktop publishing AccessPath provides desktop publishing (DTP) service in all languages covered by our translation service. Our DTP department is staffed by seasoned DTP specialists and graphic designers, who use the latest desktop publishing software to deliver projects of any size in any format on any platform.  Website localization Our website localization service includes translation of contents of a web site into a target language, adapting the contents of the site to fit a specific target audience, and rebuilding the whole localized site into a fully functional one. Multilingual Translation & Localization Services
  5. 5. AccessPath’s Services  Software localization AccessPath has rich experiences in the localization field. We have localized software products (stand-alone programs, web-based applications, etc.), handset UI and applications, and so on. Our experience runs across multiple platforms, including Windows, Unix, Symbian, etc. We have worked with such clients as HP and Sun.  Multimedia service AccessPath has the expertise to produce high-quality materials that you require. Our multimedia engineers and graphic designers create e-brochures, e-catalogues, etc, that combines the convenience of traditional media with ease of use of digital technologies, delivering a seamless experience to the target audience. Multilingual Translation & Localization Services
  6. 6. AccessPath’s Process Our translation process is carried out by translators and reviewers - among the best in the field - under the direction of seasoned project managers. This process includes full understanding of your globalization needs, creation of a tailored workflow that meets those needs, creation of glossaries, engineering pre-processing before translation starts, and post-processing and quality assurance measures such proofreading, editing, review, and functional checks. The localization process  Pre-ordering  The localization process  Post-delivery Multilingual Translation & Localization Services
  7. 7. AccessPath’s Process Multilingual Translation & Localization Services
  8. 8. Translation Memory Leveraging the power of the global standard in translation memory: TRADOS TM Advantages of using TM Using TM on high-volume jobs, we have seen amazing results: Speed – Turnaround time is cut in half, when comparing with orders we'd handled in the past. Quality - We found a 40% improvement over the earlier software, i.e. fewer cases of variableness to correct, better terminology referencing, etc. Cost-effectiveness - Naturally we have been able to reduce costs on translation jobs with considerable enhancement in efficiency and quality, which is made possible by using TM Server. Multilingual Translation & Localization Services
  9. 9. Why AccessPath? Feel the difference Yes, there are hundreds of translation companies all over the world. But among others in the field AccessPath is perhaps the only one which can show an average growth rate of over 20% year on year. We believe this is a result of the Six Assurances we guarantee to clients. 1. Using cutting edge technology in localization industry 2. Provide domestic and overseas translation service for the U.S. and European markets – Multilingual Translation & Localization Services 3. AccessPath provide high quality and professional services 4. Rich project management experience 5. Outstanding staff team 6. Saves the cost 7. Flexible and diversified service forms 8. Confidentiality and security that we guarantee to our clients Multilingual Translation & Localization Services
  10. 10. Outstanding Staff AccessPath recruits the most outstanding localization professionals from the world. • 100% English working environment • Most of the members on AccessPath team have educational background in western countries and international project management experience. 1% 3% 11% 19% PhD MBA Master Bachelor Associate Educational Level 66% Multilingual Translation & Localization Services
  11. 11. Outstanding Communication Skills AccessPath has a staff with strong communication skills in English • More than 90% customers operate their businesses in Europe and Asia. The AccessPath staff have strong background in the English language, which enables them to communicate with our clients smoothly and efficiently. 7 22% Good or very good English speaking skills Western clients Good English Chinese clients reading and w riting skills 78% 93 • AccessPath provides training which includes cultural, interpersonal communication skills and language curriculum in order to further strengthen the staff’s communication skills. Multilingual Translation & Localization Services
  12. 12. Technical Capabilities AccessPath has the most advanced technical force, and the special technology in the tools and the software application area. • Graphic Design: Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand • DTP: QuarkXpress, InDesign, Acrobat, Interleaf, PageMaker, FrameMaker • Office Systems: Microsoft Office, OpenOffice. • Web Development: HTML, XML, SGML, Javascript, ASP, JSP, PHP. • System & Equip: MAC up to OS-X, PC up to Vista, OCR, High Resolution Scanner Multilingual Translation & Localization Services
  13. 13. Total Quality Process 4 simple concepts: Process in parallel allows a full QA including 100% preparation, 100% translation, 100% editing and 100% QC… …while traditional translation process allows 100% translation & 40% editing only – there is no time for preparation and QC for the same timeframe. •Focus on prevention via the Evaluation process & preparation stage •Permanent monitoring during production stage via our Online Systems (JobSys) and our daily project status meeting •Full Quality Control & Sign off of deliverables Multilingual Translation & Localization Services
  14. 14. The QA approach Regression Quality Control Production monitoring Preparation Evaluation Multilingual Translation & Localization Services
  15. 15. Translation “in parallel” Traditional translation process 40% 100% translation editing, 0% QC Translation “in parallel” 100% Prep 100% Translation 100% Editing 100% Quality Control Multilingual Translation & Localization Services
  16. 16. Productivity Average number of words translated per hour and per translator: •Documentation translation: 250 •Help translation: 250 •User Interface (UI) translation: 125 Average per month •Translation: •SC: 400,0000 words •TC, KO, JA: 300,000 words •European languages: 100,000 words / language •SW engineering 250,000 words •Help/HTML engineering 1,200,000 words •DTP 3000 pages Capacity can be increased immediately: •Potential resources/staff are pre-selected at all time •Present office space allows 35 staff - More rooms available Multilingual Translation & Localization Services
  17. 17. TEP steps (TEP – Translation, Editing, Proofreading) Glossary generation (Trados extractor) • • Systematic use of Trados • Full linguistic QA (editing) is performed • Proofing or/and technical reviews are performed depending on the projects. Multilingual Translation & Localization Services
  18. 18. Our Project Management system • JobSys is a project portal that allows our PMs and our internal and external resources to collaborate online easily and safely. • Include project, resource and customers databases • JobSys also allows our PMs and our customers to collaborate online (not used by customers yet). Customers can verify their project costs real time and use it a backup for all their projects. • JobSys allows easy tracking of multiple repeated small projects and large complex projects • JobSys supersedes the use of email (too unreliable) and FTP and acts as file repository during and after projects • JobSys cuts down project administration costs by at least 50 % • And more… Multilingual Translation & Localization Services
  19. 19. Key Account Management Reference Multilingual Translation & Localization Services
  20. 20. Locations Beijing office: 1 Ciyunsi, East Town Center 3-2108 Chaoyang District, Beijing 100025 China Tel: +86 10 85916568 Tel: +86 10 85913661 Email: Hong Kong office: Flat/RM B 8/F Chong Ming Building 72 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon Hong Kong Tel: +852 2319 2933 FAX: +852 2319 5168 Multilingual Translation & Localization Services