XIS Jam Session


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A demonstration of the MAIstro XML Intranet System, part of the Data Harmony software suite from Access Innovations, Inc. Presented by Alice Redmond-Neal and Jack Bruce at the 2012 Data Harmony User Group meeting on February 7, 2012 at the Access Innovations, Inc. offices.

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XIS Jam Session

  1. 1. XISXML Intranet System Jam Session
  2. 2. Start your engines Jam Session p.2 Admin Module  TMMAI projects – samplethes  XIS databases – samplexis Be sure samplethes and samplexis are “running” Be sure you have editorial access  Default = User name editor, no Password 2
  3. 3. MAIstro Jam Session p.4 Open MAIstro samplethes  Take a look at the available vocabulary Name of server: localhost Port: 9080 Project name: samplethes Project location: ./data Language: English 3
  4. 4. XIS Jam Session p.4 Open XIS samplexis Project name: samplexis Project location: ./data TMMAI Project name: samplethes TMMAI Project location: ./data Name of Server: localhost Port: 9080 4
  5. 5. Add to samplexis Jam Session p.6 Click Add samplexis to open edit screen 5
  6. 6. Add a XIS record Jam Session p.6 Copy+paste article from SAMPLE DOCUMENTS FOR XIS TRAINING Enter File ID, Title, Byline (author), Body of article, and Publication information (access 2nd level from Publication field) 6
  7. 7. F2 to open Pick lists, Search Pick lists  Publication source  Document type Search  Taxonomy descriptors 7
  8. 8. Index the article Jam Session p.7 Taxonomy descriptors  M.A.I. – click to see suggested terms  Select good terms  F2 – search samplethes for other terms  Use right-stemming * to make search more lenient Additional descriptors  Enter any important non-taxonomy terms 8
  9. 9. Save the article Jam Session p.7 File  Save  Spellcheck Add Info, date, initials/name are entered automatically 9
  10. 10. Add another article Jam Session p.7 Copy+paste another article F4 copies field entry from previous record  File ID - adjust the number  Publication information as appropriate  F2 pick list or search for other choices Index the article Save the article 10
  11. 11. Forgot something? Go back to the previous record  Get record  Previous Return by Get record  Next 11
  12. 12. Take a closer look F3 expands a box – enables you to see full field contents F2 – pick list or search F3 – expand box F4 – copy from previous record 12
  13. 13. Jam Session p.7-8 Which field to search?Search XIS Exact, fuzzy, greater/less than ENTER QUERY Search additional parameters to narrow results 13
  14. 14. Search XIS Jam Session p.8 Search All fields for politic* 14
  15. 15. XIS record found 15