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Accel - EMC - Data Domain Series

  1. 1. Training KitData Domain Series – DD160
  2. 2. What is the new Data Domain DD160 appliance?• The DD160 provides simple and affordable scalability for small enterprise data centers as well as remote offices.• With a starting list price of $10,000 for the 1.6 TB configuration, the DD160 is up to two-fifths the cost of the competition.• DD160 offers usable capacity up to 3.98 TB—over 4.6-times more capacity than the DD140—and aggregate throughput performance up to 1.1 TB/hr.• In addition, the DD160 supports RAID 6 and all Data Domain software options, making it a fully capable Data Domain system for small enterprise data centers and remote offices.
  3. 3. What are the key features of the new DD160 appliance?• An “all-in-one” appliance, available in configurations of either seven or 12 500 GB SATA drives, providing 1.6 TB or 3.98 TB usable capacity, respectively• Aggregate throughput: Up to 1.1 TB/hr• Usable capacity: Up to 3.98 TB• Logical capacity: Up to 195 TB (logical capacity equals usable capacity times the realized deduplication ratio—50:1 in this example)• Up to 16 concurrent backup write streams or four concurrent backup read streams• As replication target: Up to 20 replication destination streams or 15 replication source streams
  4. 4. What are the key benefits of the DD160?• Affordable entry price for a Data Domain system• Scalable, flexible deduplication storage• Easy integration for small enterprise data centers or remote offices
  5. 5. How should you position the DD160?• Position the new DD160 for small enterprises or remote offices with backup datasets less than 4 TB of data.
  6. 6. In many organizations, a tremendous amount of duplicate data is created andstored. This unnecessary consumption of storage and network resources can be dramatically reduced for efficiency, cost savings, and faster recovery. In addition, reducing the storage footprint lowers power and cooling costs.
  7. 7. EMC Data Domain and EMC Avamar deduplication solutions reduce the amount of data being backed up and archived. With these solutions you can Retain longerBy reducing data amounts by 10-30x, you can keep backups onsite longerusing less disk for fast, reliable restores, and eliminate the use of tape for operational recovery. Replicate smarter Move only deduplicated data over existing networks for up to 99% bandwidth efficiency and cost-effective disaster recovery. Recovery reliablyWith continuous fault detection and system self-healing, you can ensure that data is recoverable and easily meet service-level agreements.
  8. 8. EMC Data Domain: Deduplication Storage Systems• EMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems let you deduplicate everything without changing anything.• These systems optimize data protection and disaster recovery performance and are easily integrated across various workloads and infrastructures, so you can gain deduplication benefits right away.• Data Domain offers a comprehensive range of offerings to meet the backup and archiving storage needs of enterprises of all sizes, and supports all leading enterprise backup and archive applications for seamless integration into existing IT infrastructures.
  9. 9. EMC Avamar: Deduplication Backup Software• EMC Avamar ensures that you never backup the same data twice. With Avamar deduplication, backup data is reduced to a minimum before being sent across the network.• The Avamar software agent identifies duplicate data segments at the client and globally, so only new, unique sub-file data segments are transferred across the network to the storage device.• This approach results in fast, daily full backups, shorter backup windows, and maximum bandwidth availability.• As a result, Avamar resolves backup bandwidth bottlenecks, and is ideal for protecting VMware environments, NAS systems, remote offices, and desktop and laptop systems. In addition, Avamar provides simple, one- step recovery.
  10. 10. EMC Data Domain Benefits• Simple, centralized management — including easy integration with your existing backup and archiving applications, and the ability to backup and archive data on a single platform.• Fastest DR-readiness — replication flexibility ensures that data is available for offsite recovery faster than other methods.• Lowest backup cost per gigabyte — the efficient architecture reduces the amount of disk access required, minimizing the number of disks needed to deliver high throughput.
  11. 11. EMC Data Domain Benefits
  12. 12. EMC Avamar Benefits• Fast, daily full backups and one-step recovery• 90% faster VMware backups — which can result in the ability to consolidate 50% more servers to virtual infrastructure.• Full NAS backups at incremental speeds — daily full NAS backups at the speed of incremental, or “changes-only” backup.• Remote office protection using existing bandwidth — with deduplication, data from remote offices can be moved to the central data center over existing network bandwidth, instead of with local tape.• Efficient desktop/laptop protection — with automatic back up and end- user initiated restore without IT Help Desk assistance.
  13. 13. EMC Avamar Benefits
  14. 14. HAPPY SELLING 