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  • Parents kids
  • Viral Marketing: maximize our exposure online by existing social media platforms To acknowledge them our variety activities regularly To sustainably establish open communication and mutually beneficial relationship The ‘virtual events’: online platforms to complement physical ones
  • Exposed our brand by sharing among our core audience group
  • Google+ and Pinterest Popular in US district US group recommended us particularly organized, concise but visually richer Pinterest repining images have a link back to the original sources, which are usually our pages Google+ customize our contact list some VIP and frequent buyers directly do marketing job on them some occasions, like Mother’s Day, we can give them special deal because they are in the special circle
  • Group1 Test

    1. 1. EN2837 Communicating fashion culture Store Concept in Manayunk Cheung Wan, Sarah Liu Pui Shuen, Ivy Tai Ka Po, Katherine Wan Hiu Yat, Lucia Yu Tsz Wai, Michelle
    2. 2. Store Concept• Create a joyful and comfortable kid’s kingdom – Provide miscellaneous collection of kids’ clothes for shopping – Be a customer-oriented store in that field • Establish a play area • Encourage stress-free shopping experience • Provide quality service
    3. 3. Store Target Market• Demographic – Kids – Young parents • Upper class • Around 25-40 years old • Have or going to have kids – People who have friends with kids
    4. 4. Store Target Market• Psychographics • Adults: – Enjoy care-free shopping – Enjoy shopping with friends and kids – Enjoy shopping in the assistance of experienced salesperson • Kids: – Enjoy shopping with parents and having fun time in the play area
    5. 5. Store Product Categories• Children’s boutique• 0-5 years old young kid’s clothes – Toys – Outfits – Swimsuit – Jackets – Dresses – Accessories – Shoes & boots
    6. 6. Store Name & Logo• Store Name – choosing clothes from the closet – “Double K” shows care about kids and to be special
    7. 7. Store Name & Logo• Store Logo – font is childlike fun, playful and less formal – bring in two cute cartoon characters, as a remarkable icon
    8. 8. Store Location• Main Street Manayunk, Philadelphia
    9. 9. Store Front
    10. 10. Store Floor Plan
    11. 11. Interior DesignCloset Design The Cashier
    12. 12. Kid’s Corner
    13. 13. Social Media Strategy• Viral Marketing: maximize exposure online by existing social media• To acknowledge them our variety activities regularly• To establish mutually beneficial relationship• ‘Virtual events’ complement ‘physical events’
    14. 14. • Core central of our social media strategy • Submit our website address to 3. leading search engines e.g. Google & Yahoo! 4. social bookmarking websites with tags & keywords  search effectively
    15. 15. Facebook Fan Page: Pato & Rana• Potential popularity of two characters• Target: – Have 300 newly-joined fans in the first month – 40 to 50 more monthly• Functions: – Upload snapshots of precious moments – Spread over other social media platforms e.g. Pinterest, Twitters & Tumblr
    16. 16. Facebook Fan Page: Pato & Rana• Procedures: – Voting on the Top-3 most popular shots – Announce in our homepage monthly• Prizes: – Cash coupon & extra discount up to 30% off
    17. 17. Secrets in KidsKloset• Blogs – To welcome customers’ subscription• Youtube – Narrated by Pato & Rana – Disclose private back-stage scenes – Share experts advice & experience on child-caring – Produced with descriptions – Set in parent-oriented channels
    18. 18. Be the first to share!• Google+ and Pinterest – Popular in US district• Features: – particularly organized, concise but visually richer• Pinterest – repining images – have a link back to the original sources
    19. 19. Be the first to share!• Google+ – customize our contact list – VIP and frequent buyers – directly do marketing job on them – E.g. Mother’s Day: Special deals
    20. 20. Check you in!• Location-based service• When attending our physical events e.g.Grand Opening & Seasonal Kids Fashion Show• Check in via smartphone app
    21. 21. Email• Fowardable• Help enlarge customer base• Plan: – Forward to >3 people who may also be interested in  receive e-coupon: extra 10% off for selected items
    22. 22. Opening Event
    23. 23. Promotional Plan LeafletInvitation card Website(online store)
    24. 24. Opening Event Budget• Celebrity (SJP)- Charitable nature• Snack & drinks • USD$300• Opening souvenirs (mugs) • USD$500
    25. 25. Promotional BudgetKeystone Outdoor Advertising Company• Billboard Placed in the Roosevelt Expressway: USD$4,000 /4-weeks
    26. 26. Promotional BudgetFireball Printing Company• Flyers: 8.5x11 Double Sided Digital Flyers: $0.30/ sheet,1000 Sheets = USD$300• Posters: 12x18 Single Sided Digital Posters: $0.30/ sheet, 200 Sheets = USD$ 60• Invitation cards : 200 Folded Cards: $0.45/card = USD $90 (Pricing is for all sizes between 3 x 5 and 5.5 x 8.5 finished folded size.)
    27. 27. Promotional Budget• Website Website Vendor: First Year price: USD$11.99 Domain:• Magazine advertisement : Parents Express magazine Full pages Adv: USD$1,179 Online banners Adv: : USD$360/month Total Cost: USD$6,800.99
    28. 28. Thank you!