Chemir Analytical Services


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Chemir Analytical Services

  1. 1. cGMP/GLP COMPLIANT • ISO 9001 CERTIFIED • FDA REGISTERED • DEA LICENSED Analytical Services Analytical Services Analytical Services Deformulation Materials Identification Failure Analysis Litigation Support Consulting S C I E N T I F I C S O L U T I O N S W I T H PA S S I O N A N D P U R P O S E
  2. 2. WHAT’S YOUR CHEMICAL CHALLENGE? For over 50 years Chemir Analytical Services has been defining problems, developing solutions and producing reliable, meaningful results for nearly 7000 clients worldwide.
  3. 3. Analytical Services Our independent non-routine analytical laboratory solves challenging problems for such industries as food Analytical Services and beverage, pharmaceutical, medical device, personal care, polymers, plastics, packaging, coatings and more. Analytical Services OUR MISSION We strive to maintain the highest degree of scientific excellence, state-of-the-art instrumentation, quality standards and customer service. ANALYTICAL SERVICES ................................2 - Deformulation - Materials Identification TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S SCIENTIFIC EXCELLENCE - Contaminant Identification Our team of scientists designs and implements - Failure Analysis investigations that result in accurate, - Industrial and Consumer Product Testing reliable data with meaningful interpretations. - Polymer Analysis - Emergency Services STATE-OF-THE-ART INSTRUMENTATION Our instrumentation is maintained and calibrated SOLUTIONS FOR INDUSTRY ........................6 regularly to ensure reliable results. - Food and Beverage - Home, Health and Beauty FOCUS ON QUALITY - Pharmaceutical Our facility is ISO 9001 certified, FDA registered - Medical Device and cGMP/GLP compliant. Our quality mission - Plastics and Composites is to achieve total customer satisfaction by delivering on-time, accurate analyses that meet - Packaging each customer’s needs. - Coatings, Adhesives and Sealants - Working Together CUSTOMER SERVICE LITIGATION SUPPORT Our scientists ask the right questions, listen to our clients, and provide practical solutions. Results are AND CONSULTING ................................... 10 provided in a timeframe consistent with customer - Litigation Support requirements, including rush turnaround if needed. - Consulting Services Resources ........................................ 12 Customers ....................................... 14 Case Studies ................................... 16 Terms and Conditions ....................... 17 1
  4. 4. Chemir scientists take a customized approach to chemical identification, deformulation and materials testing, utilizing A N A L Y T I C A L a wide variety of techniques and instrumentation. S E R V I C E S DEFORMULATION Unlike other deformulation providers, Chemir’s deliverable is a complete table of ingredients, including Deformulating products and materials is our specialty. quantities and percentages of components. After Also known as reverse engineering, deformulation contacting our clients to discuss the results, we provide is the separation, identification and quantitation of analysis and interpretations in a concise, bound final ingredients in a formulation. report containing a summary, conclusions and any original data. We have successfully deformulated a variety of products such as: - Drug products including oral, topical and liquid dosages Deformulation analysis of commercial products is provided - Personal care products including topical gels, for informational purposes only. Chemir Analytical lotions, creams and ointments - Detergents and cleansers Services strongly recommends review of state and federal - Coatings - Adhesives (PSA, hot melt and water borne) and laws, trademarks, copyrights and patent situations by the sealants (Epoxy, PU, silicone) customer prior to use of such information. - Rubber products (natural rubber, EPDM, TPE, Neoprene, SIS, SBS, NBR, EVA, PUR, silicone and more) - Plastics (PP, PE, PMMA, Nylon, PU, flexible and MATERIALS IDENTIFICATION rigid PVC, copolymer and blends, degradable PP Materials identification can be used to determine the and PE) components of an unknown material, confirm the - Specialty products (multiple layer films, high identity of a suspect material, or to identify differences temperature engineered products) in similar materials. - Composites (glass reinforced, carbon or graphite filled, Kevlar fiber reinforced and more) An unknown material is often the underlying cause of many difficult problems. The goal of material Our clients often come to us with a knowledge of the identification is to understand the chemistry of the types of ingredients in their target formula, such as major components. Chemir has developed expertise the wetting agent, co-solvent or surfactant. Using the in identifying and characterizing unknowns through client’s information along with our scientific expertise, analytical techniques and accurate interpretations. we can create a working “recipe” that meets a variety of needs including: We tackle organic material identification using FTIR - Competitive product characterization spectroscopy to determine the chemical family and - Identification of batch to batch variations functional groups through library matching and - Comparative analysis of “good” and “bad” samples fundamental spectral interpretation. We can also - Patent infringement litigation identify the inorganic components using an SEM equipped with an EDXA elemental analysis technique. Our experienced chemists are kept up-to-date with the latest methods and have developed techniques for Once the data is collected, our experienced scientists unraveling complicated formulations. interpret the information. They are skilled at effectively communicating information to our clients and providing useful results regarding the unknown material. 2 CHEMIR ANALYTICAL SERVICES • 1.800.659.7659 • WWW.CHEMIR.COM
  5. 5. Deformulation - Materials Identification - Contaminant Identification - CONTAMINANT IDENTIFICATION When an unknown material is found in a product, manufacturers need to know the source of contamination. Contaminant identification projects involve the determination of components at low concentrations such as ppm or even ppb levels. A strategic technical approach is required to identify the unknown contaminant by using a comparison study between a control and suspect sample. The technical approach is dependent on the sample matrix and the suspected level of contamination. Often, we start with a general screen of the control and suspect samples using GC/MS and LC/MS. Depending on the results, we may need to isolate the contaminant from a large amount of sample to allow for analysis using FTIR and NMR spectroscopy. Once identification is complete, we can further quantify the contaminant in the sample matrix. Typical contaminant identification projects have involved off-odor/flavor investigations, off-color problems, or foreign particles in a product. Some sources of contaminants have been from the environment, improper storage of the product, or poor quality raw materials. We work closely with our clients to trace the source of contamination and develop a corrective action program. 3
  6. 6. Our independent laboratory and expert scientists design A N A L Y T I C A L experiments that provide answers to industrial challenges. S E R V I C E S FAILURE ANALYSIS INDUSTRIAL AND CONSUMER PRODUCT TESTING From consumer goods to industrial machinery, the scientists at Chemir Analytical Services can meet your We provide customized product testing for individual failure analysis testing needs. We will help you define components as well as finished manufactured products. the problem and recommend solutions. A product We can investigate advertised product claims as well failure may include premature breakage, discoloration as conduct performance comparisons. Other product or even an unexpected odor. testing includes durability and resistance testing, as well as corrosion, chemical solvent resistance, stain and burn We can help with new or ongoing failures. A sample of resistance, flammability, and fire properties. the “good” vs. “bad” product is often sent to our lab for comparison, but onsite investigations of processes may The effects of the environment can have significant also be necessary. impact on the lifetime and functionality of your product. Chemir can simulate environmental Products tested include packaging, plastics, adhesives, conditions in order to understand the effect on metals, coatings, composites, laminates and more. your product’s performance. Chemir’s final report includes conclusions, results Testing services include: and all the original technical data acquired during the - Degradation analysis including photographs, chromatograms and - Product lifetime spectra. Our years of experience investigating material - Product resistance and product failures allow us to recognize the indicators - Weathering controlled accelerated exposure of failure and follow these leads to their root cause. Chemir has developed, validated and transferred methods for the analysis of inorganic materials. These include metals, sulfates, phosphates, chlorides, fluorides and other anions. When unforeseen quality Materials tested include automotive parts, engines, fabrics, plastic components, toys, sporting goods issues occur, Chemir can help. and appliances. 4 CHEMIR ANALYTICAL SERVICES • 1.800.659.7659 • WWW.CHEMIR.COM
  7. 7. Failure Analysis - Industrial and Consumer Product Testing - Polymer Analysis - Emergency Services - POLYMER ANALYSIS EMERGENCY SERVICES When problems arise with the development, production When unforeseen quality issues occur, Chemir can help. or function of polymer based products, Chemir has the Our scientists are available 24/7 to solve complex, non- tools and experience to help. We have investigated a routine problems using a customized approach. wide range of polymeric materials including: - Thermoplastics Whether it is identifying the source of an off-odor - Thermosets or resolving a product failure, Chemir has a - Elastomers solid reputation for delivering results during - High-performance polymers emergency situations. - Specialty polymers - Composites Our analytical investigations provide quick and reliable - Polyurethanes answers needed to manage a crisis. - Adhesives and sealants Depending on our clients’ needs, we can offer a strategic combination of physical and chemical testing to answer specific questions. Physical properties analyzed have included: - Tensile properties - Adhesive strength - Compressibility - Cross-sectional multiple layer film thickness - Melt Flow Index - Thermal properties (including glass transition, melting point, thermal expansion and crystallinity) Our chemical testing capabilities range from obtaining basic information to more detailed and structurally specific results such as: - Chemical family, including base polymer characterization - Molecular weight distribution - End group analysis - Co-polymer backbone chemistry, comonomer contents/ratios, polymer blends - Additive analysis 5
  8. 8. Our scientists investigate challenges with products S O L U T I O N S that impact health and well-being. F O R I N D U S T R Y FOOD AND BEVERAGE HOME, HEALTH AND BEAUTY Chemir Analytical Services has helped hundreds of Chemir has helped companies with challenging issues food and beverage manufacturers with challenging food in the personal care, cosmetic, fragrance, soap and testing issues including: detergent industries. We provide custom formulation, - Contaminant identification including ingredient stability studies and pilot-scale, semi-commercial cross-contamination manufacturing. - Off-colors, off-flavors, or off-odors analysis - Packaging trouble-shooting From concept to finished product, our formulation - Extractables and leachables testing scientists help manufacturers create new products or - Foreign object identification improve existing ones. Our staff has years of experience - Emergency response working with a diversity of matrices. Unlike other - Hazard analysis contract facilities, our clients retain the option to full - Toxicity risk assessment rights of their final product formulation. In addition, our experts provide litigation support for We also partner with personal care product food product liability issues and other legal challenges. entrepreneurs, developers and marketing firms to take their ideas from concept to commercialization. Examples of ways we have helped food manufacturers: - Identified diet soda product contamination Chemir Analytical Services has assisted companies in - Determined the cause of bursting potato chip bags the health and beauty industry by providing: - Analyzed levels of benzene in a beverage - Deformulation and reformulation of a - Off-odor source identification in produce discontinued product - Performed contaminant identification in an - Formulation development and pilot batch imported food product production of a mouthwash - Assisted poultry and meat processors with toxicity - Investigation into an off-color nail polish risk assessment - Characterization of an unknown substance in a cosmetic product - Quantification of ingredients in a soap formulation 6 CHEMIR ANALYTICAL SERVICES • 1.800.659.7659 • WWW.CHEMIR.COM
  9. 9. Food and Beverage - Home, Health and Beauty - Pharmaceutical - Medical Device - PHARMACEUTICAL When medical device issues involve litigation support, Chemir’s scientists are available to review data, provide Our services to the pharmaceutical industry are focused independent testing and offer expert witness services. on solving difficult problems. Chemir scientists are experienced at designing and performing investigative Examples of problems solved for the medical projects involving contamination or product failure device industry: issues. Our expertise in deformulation and polymer - Analysis of polymeric materials to evaluate analysis has provided many companies with solutions products for resin composition to troubling product challenges. - Investigation of product failure of a polyurethane catheter Chemir also offers analysis and expert witness services - Deformulation of a detector strip in support for cases involving pharmaceutical patent infringement. of an intellectual property case Our chemists are experienced in the courtroom and are - Polymer analysis to investigate biodegradation skilled in explaining technical methods and results in of an implanted device clear and understandable terms. Examples of pharmaceutical challenges Chemir scientists have resolved include: Our facility is cGMP compliant, FDA registered - Determination of the cause of black speck contaminants in aspirin and DEA licensed, and is centrally located in - Deformulation of an OTC product for a St. Louis, Missouri. generic drug manufacturer - Investigation into an off-color of a liquid pharmaceutical product - Litigation support for a patent infringement case involving active pharmaceutical ingredients MEDICAL DEVICE Chemir Analytical Services investigates medical device materials and performance issues involving polymers, plastics, metals, organics, inorganics and more. Our scientists have solved difficult problems with a wide variety of device products including implantables, flexible tubing, containers, protective devices, and more. 7
  10. 10. S O L U T I O N S Chemir has been solving tough problems for manufacturers for over 50 years. F O R I N D U S T R Y PLASTICS & COMPOSITES PACKAGING Chemir offers a complete range of analyses for plastics Packaging systems can pose challenging problems and composites. These materials can be found in a wide for manufacturers. We solve complex problems with variety of industries including automotive, sporting cartons, cans, bottles, pouches, vials, bags and more. goods, toys, industrial products, construction materials, We have helped manufacturers in the research and consumer goods and more. Our scientists have development phases as well as trouble-shooting addressed issues such as: finished products. - Premature breakage of a plastic tubing - Failure analysis of a cracking door Our comprehensive instrumentation, wide range - Deformulation of a competitor’s multi-layered of capabilities and extensive experience enable us film product to test a package and also analyze its contents, labels, - Identification of the source of odor in a adhesives, closures, resins, pigments, additives, children’s toy shrink film and more. - Characterization of an unknown contaminant in a polyurethane product Some examples of our problem solving capabilities include: - Determination of the cause of “ballooning” of a sealed pouch packaging system - Identification of the source of delamination of a multi-layered product package - Identification of the composition of a film that developed on a bottle after hot product filling - Deformulation of ink on a package label - Finding the cause of pinhole formation in bags - Comparison of two adhesive products to demonstrate a difference in the applied glues - Isolation of an unusual odor from a package - Testing of competing package sealing systems in a patent infringement case - Determination of the cause of adhesive failure occurring under high temperatures We have helped manufacturers in the research and development phases as well as trouble- shooting finished products. 8 CHEMIR ANALYTICAL SERVICES • 1.800.659.7659 • WWW.CHEMIR.COM
  11. 11. Plastics and Composites - Packaging - Coatings, Adhesives and Sealants - Working Together - COATINGS, ADHESIVES AND SEALANTS CEOs/Presidents: Company leaders are most concerned with risk, both financial and legal. Chemir Our scientists investigate a wide variety of issues for has worked with corporate executives faced with patent the coating industry. We have helped manufacturers, disputes, customer complaints, product liability cases, distributors, importers and retailers with customized safety concerns and more. chemical analysis for: - Paints and coatings Production Managers: When production lines are - Adhesives and sealants shut down or mechanical equipment malfunctions, - Inks and dyes managers need reliable answers. Chemir Analytical - Other industrial chemicals Services can perform investigations to determine the root cause of failures, avoiding costly delays and Chemir has helped companies with deformulation resuming operations. and reformulation of coatings products, as well as trouble-shooting difficult challenges. We can also assist Entrepreneurs/Research & Development: Chemir with formulation projects, from bench scale up to helps entrepreneurs accomplish their dreams. Our staff toll production. can develop an idea for a new product from bench- WORKING TOGETHER top to semi-commercial production. We have assisted R&D departments research ingredients, determine Our goal is to become an extension of your research, procedures and make necessary adjustments to match product development or quality control team. Clients the customer’s idea. come to Chemir from a broad spectrum of industries and job functions. A PARTNERSHIP When you call our facility you are connected with a Quality Assurance/Quality Control: Questions from Director of Technical Services, an experienced scientist QA/QC professionals often stem from unforeseen who will ask the right questions, listen and develop quality issues such as contamination, poor product investigations to solve your problem. We are proud performance or premature failure. Our scientists can of our warm and personal service. Our scientific staff help QA/QC develop and evaluate methods for provides regular updates to our clients throughout the a proactive quality program, as well as investigate course of the project. Working as a partnership, we unusual hard-to-solve problems. can recommend changes in materials, reformulation or manufacturing processes. 9
  12. 12. Complex problems may require outside experts. Chemir can provide testing L I T I G A T I O N S U P P O R T A N D and testimony in legal cases, as well as consulting on challenging issues. C O N S U L T I N G LITIGATION SUPPORT SERVICES Our chemists have helped resolve issues in intellectual property disputes. As patent expert witnesses, our When challenges involve litigation, our scientists can scientists have offered testimony in patent infringement help. With experts in many disciplines and industries, disputes and trade secret litigation. we provide the technical and professional expertise necessary to support legal challenges. Ph.D. chemists Chemir’s materials scientists have also offered will design independent investigations, supervise forensic chemical and litigation support in product laboratory analyses and write comprehensive reports. liability defense cases, insurance claims and product They are skilled in explaining technical methods and failure litigation. results in clear and understandable terms. Some examples of litigation support projects: Litigation support services include: - Resolved a coatings patent infringement issue by - Evaluation of cases deformulation - Method development and testing - Resolved insurance claims for fire damages through - Interpretation of technical data analysis of explosives and fuels - Critical review of data - Expert consulting for chemical spill at a large - Literature searches company - Trial preparation - Performed failure analysis in a case involving - Depositions and trial testimony premature plastic pipe breakage - Reviewed opposing data in a personal injury lawsuit - Determined the root cause of failure for a window manufacturer in a product liability case - Conducted flame testing on a consumer product to support a client’s personal injury claim With experts in many disciplines and industries, we provide the technical and professional expertise necessary to support legal challenges. 10 CHEMIR ANALYTICAL SERVICES • 1.800.659.7659 • WWW.CHEMIR.COM
  13. 13. Litigation Support Services - Consulting Services - CONSULTING SERVICES Whether it is at your facility, here in our laboratories, part of a conference call, or by written report, Chemir’s staff is available for consultation on a variety of projects. Our independent consultants bring new perspectives and experiences valuable for problem solving and product improvement such as: - Defining a manufacturing problem - Working with your staff in problem solving - Recommending different testing procedures or methods - Defining research or quality protocols - Providing expertise in product or process development - Investigating a cause of product failure Our consultants regularly participate in conferences and panels in order to keep up with the latest technical developments in their field and are regarded as leaders in their respective industries. Our consulting experience includes: - Chemical analysis and techniques - Polymers including deformulations, synthesis, additives, alloys, blends and formulations - Consumer products - Fine organic chemicals - Polyolefins, nylons, multilayer films - Advanced composites, carbon fibers - Manufacturing processes 11
  14. 14. Our experienced staff of high level scientists, rigorous quality systems and extensive instrumentation enables us to provide industry leading O U R quality and service. R E S O U R C E S PEOPLE - Quality assurance coordinators to work closely with management and technical staff in reviewing Our staff of Ph.D-level chemists, along with advanced analyses for compliance with standards degreed scientists, collaborate to offer creative solutions - Quality team meetings to provide a forum for to non-routine problems. They bring practical industrial addressing questions and concerns on quality issues knowledge, as well as advanced academic credentials to each project. Ensuring Reliable Results: Our quality system is focused on obtaining accurate results. FACILITY - The use of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure uniformity in routine operations Our centrally located facility in Maryland Heights, - Installation, Operation and Performance MO, a suburb of St. Louis, has more than 20,000 sq. Qualification (IQ/OQ/PQ) of analytical ft. of laboratory space equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation for applicable regulatory work instrumentation. - The use of standard or validated methods for analyses when available QUALITY - Continuing surveillance of published guidance documents to ensure adherence to current regulatory Chemir Analytical Services maintains a Quality policies that impact our clients Management System based on ISO 9001:2000 as well as other certifications. Error Free Reporting: The quality of our reported data is critical. Our quality system, documented procedures and - Documenting all facets of analysis analytical methods reflect our quality policy statement: - Communicating any questionable or non- To achieve total customer satisfaction by delivering on- conformance results to the customer within 24 hours time, accurate analyses that meet each customer’s needs. - Following procedures and complying with standards - Auditing data internally when regulatory compliance The primary goals of our quality program are is required continuous improvement, reliable results and on-time, error free reporting. Our facility is: Continual Improvement: We strive to improve - ISO 9001:2000 Certified our processes, methods and procedures by the - FDA Registered following means: - cGMP/GLP Compliant - Ongoing training programs to help us keep abreast - DEA Licensed of new technologies, regulations and industry trends and to improve our processes 12 CHEMIR ANALYTICAL SERVICES • 1.800.659.7659 • WWW.CHEMIR.COM
  15. 15. People - Facility - Quality - Equipment - EQUIPMENT ATOMIC SPECTROSCOPY Inductively Coupled Plasma/Optical Emission Our clients can be assured their samples will be Spectroscopy (ICP/OES) investigated using state-of-the-art instrumentation in Flame Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (Flame AES) the areas of chromatography, spectroscopy, microscopy Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption (CVAA) and polymer testing. New equipment and regular upgrades reflect Chemir’s commitment to customized MICROSCOPY AND SURFACE ANALYSIS solutions and scientific excellence. Optical Microscopy Scanning Electron Microscopy/Energy SEPARATIONS Dispersive X-ray Analysis (SEM/EDXA) Gas Chromatography (GC) Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Sample Introduction Techniques - Microscopy - Direct Liquid Injection - Horizontal Attenuated Total Reflectance - Static Headspace (HATR) - Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) Raman Microscopy - Purge and Trap - Pyrolysis PHYSICAL AND THERMAL TESTING Detection Systems Instron 1122/1125 - Flame Ionization Detection (FID) Melt Flow Index - Thermal Conductivity Detection (TCD) Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) - Mass Spectrometry (MS) Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) Liquid Chromatography (LC) Modulated DSC (MDSC) Detection Systems Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) - Spectrophotometric (UV-Vis) - Refractive Index (RI) WET CHEMICAL TECHNIQUES AND - Evaporative Light Scattering (ELSD) OTHER EQUIPMENT - Electrospray Ionization-Ion Trap Mass Karl Fischer Volumetric Titration Spectrometry (ESI-IT-MS) pH - Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization- Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE) Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry (APCI-IT-MS) Soxhlet Extraction Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) Accelerated Solvent Extraction Ion Chromatography (IC) Glass Capillary Viscometers Brookfield Viscometers MOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY Weathering Chambers Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrophotometry (UV-Vis) Zeta Potential Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) Stability Chambers Raman Spectroscopy Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR) Additionally, we have access to unique - Proton 400 MHz instrumentation at local universities and affiliate - Carbon 400 MHz facilities. When needed, we partner with outside - Multi Nuclear, 19F, 29Si, 31P, 15N, etc. laboratories that have successfully passed our rigorous - Variable Temperature Capabilities quality approval process. - 2D NMR (COSY, NOESY, HMQC, HMBC, TOCSY, HSQC) 13
  16. 16. O U R Chemir has helped over 7,000 customers worldwide since 1959. C U S T O M E R S PARTIAL CLIENT LIST - Dowell Schlumberger, Inc. - Dupont - 3M Corporation - Duracell, Inc. - ACH Food Companies - Eaton Corporation - Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP - Emerson Electric - AKZO Nobel-Fortafil Fibers, Inc. - Exxon Chemical Company - Alpha Plastics, Inc. - FedEx - Anheuser-Busch Companies - FMC Corporation - Archbald & Spray LLP - GE Plastics - Ashland Chemical - GenCorp Polymer Products - BASF Corporation - General Polymers - BF Goodrich Company - Georgia-Pacific Corporation - Borg-Warner Automotive - Gillette Company - Bostik, Inc. - Graphic Packaging International, Inc. - BP Chemicals, Inc. - Gulf States Asphalt Co., Inc. - Calgon Vestal Laboratories - HB Fuller Company - Cargill, Inc. - Holland & Knight LLP - Chevron Chemical - Jones & Granger - Colorite Plastics Company - Jones Day - Cozen O’Connor - Latham & Watkins LLP - Da/Pro Rubber Inc. - MacDermid, Inc. - Dow Chemical Company - Mattel Toys, Inc. - MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc. - Monsanto - Morton International - Owens-Corning - Perkin-Elmer - Pillsbury Company - PQ Corporation - Pratt & Whitney - Ralston Purina Company - Rubbermaid Commercial Products - Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal - Therm-O-Disc, Inc. - Ultradent Products, Incorporated - United States Army Research Lab - Valspar Corporation - Velcro - W.R. Grace & Company - Zoltek Corporation 14 CHEMIR ANALYTICAL SERVICES • 1.800.659.7659 • WWW.CHEMIR.COM
  17. 17. Partial Client List - What Customers Say About Chemir - WHAT CUSTOMERS SAY ABOUT CHEMIR “Excellent follow-up. After analysis was complete, they called me to discuss findings. Good personal touch.” “Responsive, timely and good service.” Mark Magnussen, International Paper, Shelbyville, IL Kaj Johnson, Method, San Francisco, CA “Everything was professionally handled. The analysis “Great customer and technical service staff. Very was impressive” knowledgeable and friendly. Enjoyed collaborating with Robert C. Naylor, Jr., Pierre Foods, Cincinnati, OH all Chemir staff.” Marco Hobi, Devro Inc., Columbia, SC “Communication was excellent. It was never a problem to get an update or an explanation. The testing was “Answers! Several techniques used to get them. Good done in a timely manner, as well as the final report.” reports. Thoroughness in analysis.” Beth Gramza, Beiersdorf, Inc., Cincinnati, OH Dr. Carolyn M. Primus, Primus Consulting, Bradenton, FL “Timely, professional, satisfying and informative” Randy Allen, Temple Inland, “Exceptional service. Results delivered promptly Humboldt Industrial Park, PA and always on or before the promised date...very professional and a pleasure to work with.” Dr. Vikram Mehrotra, Monsanto, St. Louis, MO “The staff was very helpful and the communication was great.” Burk Lattimore, Meadow Gold Dairies, “Exceptional service. Las Vegas, NV Results delivered promptly “Friendly service, well-organized reports, quality results, overall great experience.” and always on or before the promised date.” Robert Sorenson, Ultradent Products, South Jordan, UT “Customer service. The quality of work was outstanding!” Timothy Jackson, Jr., FedEx, Memphis, TN 15
  18. 18. C A S E Recent success stories illustrate Chemir’s experience and capabilities. S T U D I E S LEACHING FOOD PACKAGING LITIGATION SUPPORT FOR A MANUFACTURER A frozen food manufacturer came to Chemir to In a lawsuit against a glass-laminate manufacturer, determine if their “in-the-bag-cooking” packaging was an installation contractor claimed that an incorrect contaminating the food during microwave cooking. product formulation was the cause of product failure. Our expert scientists first analyzed the packaging and The glass-polyester laminates had experienced serious then the microwaved food samples. Two components discoloration, degradation, delamination and from the packaging were found to migrate into the food hydrolysis. Our expert chemists performed a tested. One served as a flame retardant and the second comparative analysis of a failed sample alongside a as a plasticizer. We then helped the client find a new control sample. From the data, our scientists concluded packaging source that did not exhibit leaching, allowing that the manufacturer used an incompatible UV them to resume production. stabilizer along with an unstable polymer formulation. Chemir scientists presented this data and interpretations HEAT SEAL ADHESIVE FAILURE ANALYSIS as expert witness testimony for the installation contractor, resulting in a positive outcome for our client. Our client’s new heat seal adhesive was not providing a hermetic seal and released after only a few days. Faced EMERGENCY CONTAMINANT ANALYSIS with production line shut-down and delayed shipments, the customer called Chemir. They suspected that the Chemir’s 24 hour emergency phone number was called new adhesive’s formula, a polyurethane-acrylic hot melt on a Sunday afternoon. The door to a meat processing adhesive, was the reason for the failure. Our expert plant was left open while a pesticide was being sprayed, chemists deformulated both the old formula and the and they needed to determine if the product was new formula. The results showed significant differences contaminated. Results were needed by the following in the molecular weight and molecular weight morning, as 2000 butchers were holding operations. distribution, as well as the urethane-acrylic ratio. After extracting the meat using a proprietary solvent, After concluding that these variations were the reason Chemir used GC/MS to screen the extracts, looking for the adhesion failure, we recommended a formula for the 3 main components of the pesticide. None were adjustment. The revised formula performed well, and observed. We also intentionally spiked samples of meat the customer was able to resume operations. with pesticide, confirming the effectiveness of the test methods. The processor was able to resume operations on Monday morning. MEDICAL PLASTIC STABILITY A manufacturer of an implantable medical device needed to characterize several different polymers in order to identify the materials’ chemical changes over time. The manufacturer needed to know that the device would remain stable and effective inside patient’s bodies. Chemir’s scientists performed GPC analysis comparing the molecular weight of the polymers under various conditions, and were able to recommend an appropriate material selection. 16 CHEMIR ANALYTICAL SERVICES • 1.800.659.7659 • WWW.CHEMIR.COM
  19. 19. 9. Chemir reserves the right to subcontract Services to COSTS AND PAYMENT other laboratories. If subcontracting is necessary, samples will be sent only to laboratories meeting 1. Client agrees to pay all invoices within 15 days of T E R M S A N D Chemir’s qualification requirements. invoice date. 2. In the event that payment is not received within 15 C O N D I T I O N S LIABILITY days of invoice date, Client agrees to pay a late payment charge on the unpaid balance equal to 1. Chemir is not an insurer or a guarantor. Chemir 1-1/2% per month. represents that the Services shall be performed 3. All costs associated with compliance with any SERVICES within the limits mutually agreed to, in writing, and subpoena(s) for documents, testimony in court of law, in a manner consistent with the level of care and skill or for any other purpose relating to Services performed 1. Client acknowledges that Chemir Analytical Services, ordinarily exercised by providers of similar services by Chemir for Client, shall be paid by Client. Client Inc. and/or its affiliates (together, “Chemir”) performs under similar circumstances. No other representations shall also pay Chemir’s then existing standard fees analysis and testing services (the “Services”) only as or warranties, express or implied, are included or for consulting, deposition and trial testimony and all specified in writing by Client. Chemir does not design, intended in this agreement, or in any report, opinion or expenses related thereto. warrant, supervise or monitor compliance of products or document related to the Services provided hereunder. 4. Project specific supplies including, but not limited to, services except as specifically agreed to in writing prior 2. For the safety of Chemir’s personnel, Client must advise standards, raw materials, shipping, columns and/or to the performance of the Services. Client acknowledges Chemir if samples are known or suspected to contain specialty chemicals and supplies required for execution that, by their very nature, the Services are limited in hazardous substances. Material Safety Data Sheets of a Client’s project will be purchased by Chemir and scope and subject to expected measurement variability. must be provided if available. billed to Client as pass-through costs. If necessary, 2. Samples and portions thereof not destroyed in the 3. Client understands and agrees that Chemir, in entering Chemir may bill a waste disposal fee of up to 5% of performance of the Services remain the property of the into this Contract and by performing Services, does not total project cost or $500.00, whichever is lower, to Client, are retained a maximum of 30 days after project assume, abridge, abrogate or undertake to discharge cover proper sample and chemical disposal. completion, unless instructed otherwise in writing by any duty or responsibility of Client to any other party or 5. Chemir reserves the right to request a prepayment from Client, and thereafter will be disposed of or returned parties. No one other than Client shall have any right Client prior to initiating project work. to Client, at Client’s expense. A sample storage fee of to rely on any report issued by Chemir. Client agrees, 6. Should Client cancel all or a portion of the project after $200.00 per month will be applied on requests for in consideration of Chemir undertaking to perform the project has been initiated, Client will be liable to storage past 30 days after project completion. the Services hereunder, to protect, defend, indemnify, Chemir for all hours expended on the project up to the 3. Unless otherwise specified therein in writing, nothing save harmless and exonerate Chemir from any and time of cancellation, at a rate of $385.00 per hour, plus contained in any report issued by Chemir shall be all claims, damages, including lost profits, expenses, all project specific supplies at cost, or a minimum of deemed to imply or mean that Chemir conducts any including attorney’s fees, either direct or consequential, 25% of the estimated project cost as a fee for Chemir’s quality control program for the Client to whom the for any and all injuries to persons, including the mobilization on the project, whichever is greater. This report is issued. personnel of Chemir, or property arising out of or in cancellation charge is a fee for work performed and is 4. Reports issued by Chemir are for the exclusive use of consequence of the performance of the Services and/or not regarded as liquidated damages. the Client to whom they are addressed. Reports and the performance of the samples tested hereunder. the name Chemir, or its seals or insignias, are not to be 4. Client agrees that if Chemir should be found liable for MISCELLANEOUS used by or on behalf of Client under any circumstances any losses or damages attributable to the Services in for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited 1. This agreement and any and all claims and disputes any respect, Chemir’s liability shall in no event exceed to use in advertising, publicity material or in any other hereunder or related thereto shall be governed by the the amount of the fee paid by Client for such Services manner without Chemir’s prior written approval. internal laws of the State of Missouri. Chemir and Client and Client’s sole remedy at law or in equity shall be the 5. Reports issued by Chemir apply only to the standards agree that exclusive jurisdiction and venue for any right to recover up to such amount. Client acknowledges or procedures identified therein and to the sample(s) and all such claims and disputes shall be in St. Louis and agrees that in no event will Chemir be liable for tested. County, Missouri. consequential or incidental damages or expenses, 6. Chemir shall retain copies of reports for a period of five 2. In the event that Chemir prevails in any dispute including, but not limited to lost profits. years, after which such reports will be destroyed. or claim, including the collection of monies from 5. Whenever performance by either party is delayed or 7. Unless specified in a report in writing, the analysis and Client, Client agrees that Client will pay any and all prevented by war, insurrection, fire or other casualty, testing results are not indicative or representative of the expenses, including collection costs and attorney’s fees, strikes or embargoes, shortage of transportation qualities of the lot from which the sample was taken or reasonably incurred in the prosecution or defense of facilities or any other similar or dissimilar causes, of apparently identical or similar products. such claim, dispute or collection. beyond the control of such party, such delay 8. Deformulation analysis of commercial products is 3. The terms and conditions contained herein, together or prevention shall be excused and the time of provided for informational purposes only. Chemir with Chemir’s quotation and offer of Services to Client, performance hereunder extended for the duration strongly recommends review of state and federal laws, and Client’s acceptance of such offer, shall constitute of the causative factor. trademarks, copyrights and patent situations by the the entire agreement between Chemir and Client. Any Client prior to use of such information. conflicting terms contained in any order or acceptance submitted by Client shall be null and void. Analytical Services Analytical Services
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