Current awareness: Using RSS Feeds and Alerts


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From the Bodleian Law Library.

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Current awareness: Using RSS Feeds and Alerts

  1. 1. Current Awareness October 21, 2013 Penny Schenk Law Library ICT Officer
  2. 2. Aims and objectives  Learn how to stay up-to-date with information on websites, blogs, podcasts and legal databases  using RSS  using alerting services
  3. 3. The old way:
  4. 4. New and improved:
  5. 5. What is an RSS “feed”?  An RSS feed is website content put into a standard XML format.  Using a feed is a bit like tuning into a radio station, or subscribing to a magazine.  It’s easy to visit the associated site if you want more information.
  6. 6. A little background on RSS  What does “RSS” stand for?  RSS 2.0 “Really Simple Syndication”  RSS 0.91, 1.0 “Rich Site Summary”  What is it?  An XML format for “syndicating” websites
  7. 7. What RSS feeds offer  the end user  a way to stay up to date without visiting multiple web sites daily  the feed publisher  a convenient way to broadcast information to “subscribers” and encourage visits to website
  8. 8. Benefits for end users  Less clutter in inbox  No spam  No subscribe/unsubscribe hassles  Easy to keep items you want to save  Easy to share items with others  You choose when to view information  Discreet notification
  9. 9. Disadvantages for end users?  Not everything is available via RSS feed  Can find yourself “oversubscribed”  Different standards exist – RSS 2.0, Atom 1.0
  10. 10. Ways to read RSS feeds  Built-in readers in browsers, email  Web-based news readers Accessible from anywhere  Free: Feedly, Bloglines, NetVibes  Paid (for full version): NewsBlur 
  11. 11. How to get started… Web-based services • sign up for an account and configure it • find and add feeds that you’re interested in
  12. 12. Web-based services: Bloglines, NetVibes
  13. 13. Finding a feed
  14. 14. Right-click on icon to get link address. In Firefox: Copy link location...
  15. 15. Add to Bloglines Click FEED icon to preview and add to page
  16. 16. Add widget to page
  17. 17. Articles appear in chosen tab. Note: the interface for NetVibes and Bloglines is very similar.
  18. 18. Can add other items, not just feeds
  19. 19. What to look for:
  20. 20. Blogs and Podcasts  Blogs – popular way of keeping an online diary on the Web  Most blogs have an associated RSS feed, so you can subscribe to them easily  Podcasts – a special type of RSS feed where each item has an audio or video file enclosed
  21. 21. Oxford Podcasts on iTunes U
  22. 22. Searching feeds, blogs and podcasts  Justia Blawgsearch -  Technorati focuses on searching blogs
  23. 23. Alerting services
  24. 24. What are they?  Keep you update to date by sending to your e-mail address  Pros  No need to use an RSS reader  Cons  Can fill up your inbox  Sometimes this is the only option
  25. 25. Things to look out for  Not always called alerts – look out for links to “Alerts”, “Updates”, “SDI”, “Save search”  Three main types  Tables of contents – send TOCs of most recent journals / law reports as published  Keyword alerts e.g. Send new materials which match your keywords, authors  Broad subject areas e.g. everything new in IP, human rights etc
  26. 26. Keeping up to date with Journals: Tables of Contents Services  Zetoc  Tables of contents for journals received by the British Library  Subscribe by RSS feed or email alert   iLaw  Tables of contents for i-Law journals and law reports (insurance, IP, construction)  Subscribe by RSS feed or email alert   Most publishers offer TOCS from their web site
  27. 27. Zetoc Receive TOCS by email Receive TOCS by RSS feed
  28. 28. Zetoc TOCS by RSS feed To subscribe click on the RSS icon In older browsers right click on the RSS logo and choose “copy link”. This copies the URL to your clipboard. Then open your feed reader and choose “New Subscription”. Then choose EDIT / PASTE (or CTRL V) to paste in the URL for the feed.
  29. 29. Zetoc TOCS by email alert Alerts that I have already set up Alert name – use something meaningful as this will appear as the subject of your email
  30. 30. Zetoc TOCS by email alert
  31. 31. Zetoc TOCS by email alert Find journals by search terms or browsing the alphabetical or subject lists
  32. 32. Zetoc TOCS by email alert “Add” to add journals to the TOC alert
  33. 33. Zetoc TOCS by email alert E.g. Email alert for Human Rights - Chicago
  34. 34. Keeping up to date with Journals using author/keyword alerts  Index to Legal Periodicals (WilsonWeb) (Anglo-American articles)    Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (Non Anglo-American articles) Lawtel (UK Legal Journals index on Lawtel)      Email alert only Search in the normal way and choose alarm clock icon (top right) on results screen Social Science Citation Index – articles, books, reports etc in Social Sciences.    Email or RSS Requires Personal Lawtel username (contact Search in the normal way / choose “Save this search” on results screen Lexis Library(journals/commentary held on Lexis)   RSS or Email Alert RSS or email Choose “search history” followed by “Alerts” vLex
  35. 35. Index to Legal Periodicals Choose which databases to search Enter search terms
  36. 36. Index to Legal Periodicals Choose “Create Alert” (for email alerts) or RSS feed from the results screen
  37. 37. For RSS feeds simply choose frequency and click “Create Alert”. Click on the link to subscribe (or paste into your feed reader) Index to Legal Periodicals RSS feeds
  38. 38. Index to Legal Periodicals RSS feeds
  39. 39. Index to Legal Periodicals Email Alert Set frequency and subject line. When setting up an email alert it is best to create an account on WilsonWeb (follow instructions on screen)
  40. 40. Keeping up to date with primary materials Law Reports: TOC  Justis – Weekly Law Reports by RSS feed plus others  iLaw – Lloyds Law Reports by RSS feed plus others Legislation  OPSI - RSS feeds for new acts and SIs ( Keyword alerts/RSS • Lawtel Alerts (UK cases, legislation, bills, command papers) • Search in the normal way / choose “Save this Search” • Email alert only (RSS coming in Nov)  Lexis Nexis Butterworths (cases and legislation from UK, USA, Australia, Canada) • Search in the normal way / choose alarm clock icon • Email alert only
  41. 41. Lexis Alerts Choose source and enter search terms as usual
  42. 42. Lexis Alerts Create email alert from the results screen
  43. 43. Lexis Alerts Wording will appear in subject line Frequency Email address
  44. 44. History - recent searches. Use to re- run earlier searches or to set up alerts Alerts •Scheduled searches – keyword alerts •Updates – broad subject alerts Managing Lexis Alerts: My Research
  45. 45. Lexis- My Research – Alerts – Scheduled Searches
  46. 46. Lexis- My Research – Alerts – Updates Alerts for broad subject areas
  47. 47. Lexis- My Research – Alerts – Updates Resources types Subjects Jurisdiction
  48. 48. Creating an alert from search history Lexis- My Research - History
  49. 49. Keeping up to date: subject alerts  Lexis Nexis Butterworths   Cases, legislation from around the World Choose “My Research” / “Updates” and browse subject categories  Lawtel Updates   UK cases, legislation, bills in selected subject areas Choose “Lawtel Updates” and browse subject categories
  50. 50. Keeping up to date with legal news and views, also twitter Huge number of web sites and blogs offer feeds. e.g.  Jurist (International & US Legal News)   Global Legal Monitor   Law.Com   Legal Blog Watch (monitors legal blogs)  
  51. 51. Directories of legal web sites and blogs with feeds Justia Blawgsearch -  Directory of blogs organised by subject, jurisdiction, law school etc  Note – other blog directories listed at the foot of the page  Virtual chase    Directory of legal RSS feeds (recently updated) Blawgrepublic directory  Directory of blogs monitored by Blawgrepublic  Directory of feeds, blogs and podcasts  Almost entirely American  Intute -   Browse or search for your subject then choose “Filter” – Blogs
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