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Ipad in education 2

Ipad in education 2






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    Ipad in education 2 Ipad in education 2 Presentation Transcript

    • iPad Apps for Individualized Education
      • Abbie Frank & Amy Cantone
      • S
    • Why?
      • * Why use the iPad?
      • * Who can benefit?
      • * Who says so?
    • Old Vs. New
      • * Old = Dynovox
      • * New = ipad
    • Research on iPads in General Education
      • One to one possibilities
        • Ipad’s potential
      • Guidelines for effectiveness
      • Technology & motivation
    • Examples
      • Ideas for in the classroom
        • 47 Ways to use it
      • Example schools
        • More Schools
        • iPad pilot program
    • Research on iPad Use with Specialized Instruction:
      • Gets kids excited about learning
      • Easy to program and use
      • Can address many areas: academics, communication, social language skills, fine motor skills
      • There’s an APP for that!
      • Students with fine motor, gross motor, vision and hearing loss are able to use the device
      • Portable and long lasting battery
    • Uses for iPad in Specialized Education
      • Can be used to provide a daily visual schedule for students
      • Appeals to all students, allowing for more social interaction
      • Can be used for small group instruction as well as individual lessons
      • Student can feel a sense of independence and control
    • The iPad and AAC
      • More cost effective ($ 600 vs $8,000)
      • One device for all student needs
        • (Communication, fine motor, social language, daily schedule, behavior, sensory, daily living skills, vision)
      • Apps that provide: natural sounding text to speech software, audio and text with photos,
      • Can use one device for more than one student
      • IPad can be used as a big mac switch
      • Real photographs can easily be used with many Apps
    • How?
      • * What does it look like?
    • Professional Use
      • * Management
      • * Communication
      • * Notes & Assessment
      • * Organization
    • The Special Educator’s iPad
      • Qualitative notes
      • IEP management apps
      • Communication & collaboration with colleagues
      • Easy data management & collection
    • Example
    • In Classroom Support
    • Lydia
      • 4th grade student with a specific learning disability (auditory processing)
      • Finds attending in a classroom environment challenging.
      • Written expression & oral expression are very challenging.
      • Spends much of the day in the general education classroom, but also receives pull out instruction for speech & language.
      • Has a difficult time connecting with classmates.
      • Enjoys art and technology.
    • iPad for In Classroom Support
      • Provides individualized practice & reinforce skills
      • Assists in access to curriculum
      • Aids in tasks
    • What it looks like....
    • Classroom & Individualized Assistance Needs
    • Nathan
      • 3rd grade student
      • Diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD
      • Weaknesses with attention, fine motor, memory and social language skills
      • Academic skills well below grade level
    • How Nathan Uses the iPad
      • To work on academic goals
      • As a motivator
      • To supplement curriculum
      • Uses Apps for social language goals, fine motor goals
      • In and out of class
      • Independently
      • During self select reading
    • Nathan’s iPad
    • Individualized Use
    • Lexi
      • 3 rd grade student with EFMR
      • Demonstrates severe delays with cognitive and language abilities as well as gross and fine motor skills, visual-motor and self help areas
      • Requires complete assistance with all activities of daily living and communicating
      • Is included in a regular education classroom and also receives SpEd,ST, OT,PT
      • Enjoys social interactions and music
    • How Lexi Uses the iPad
      • Daily schedule
      • Making choices
      • Participating in class activities
      • Choosing peers
      • To socialize
      • Sensory breaks
      • Work on cognitive goals
      • Use in specials, recess
      • During feeding
      • As a motivator
      • Sharing pictures/video
    • Lexi’s iPad
    • What?
      • * Where can you find what you need?
      • * Things to consider...
    • How to Find “an app for that!”
      • * Google searches
      • * Our wiki page
      • Read the reviews
      • Follow a blog, or two, or three...or an RSS reader’s worth.
      • When it doubt...try something free first (often marked with the title “Lite”)
      All Things Considered...