Introduction Office Equipment Supplies


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Looking for new business opportunities in México?

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Introduction Office Equipment Supplies

  1. 1. Your business in México
  2. 2. OUR VISION To be leaders in the products in which we take part, offering always a high value added and a high degree of differentiation for our consumers, to be the best sales representative company, as well as always strengthening our business relationship with our international partners; generating long term loyalty and profitable alliances. OUR MISSION Complete satisfaction of our clients through our commitment, experience, quality, service and functionality. As well as establishing an efficient relationship of teamwork with our business partners.
  3. 3. OUR VALUES • Loyalty. • Leadership. • Honesty. • Respect. • Commitment. • Tradition. • Quality. • Professionalism. • Actualization. • Functionality. • Immediate Attention.
  4. 4. OBJECTIVE Our company was created to develop the business for international companies in México. We are committed to learn and understand our partner´s business, products and capabilities in order to develop their expansion plans in México. We have experience as value creators and business operators to identify clients, secure business and build long lasting value added relationships. We assist and support foreign companies to establish business relationships with Distributors for Office Equipment supplies in México. We have extensive experience developing and growing the commercial presence in Mexico of international companies.
  5. 5. Strategic Options New Customer Segment Strategic Options New Businesses New Products & Services New Sales Channels Value Market Options New Geographic Segments
  6. 6. About us: Our company wants to establish a successful business relationship with international companies doing business in México. Do you need a broker, a Distributor or a professional sales representative team in México?? We know we can cover your needs. Your Company Distributors, Consumers, End Users México Our core business is knowing the product and the company, find the need in the market and develop the business opportunity.
  7. 7. OUR JOB We deliver results by getting your product approved in each chain, arrange distribution and logistics to reach your specific target, develop regional markets, search, develop and follow business relationships with local distributors and customers. We are your sales team that will work in the “Street Business” to develop your brand.
  8. 8. BENEFITS: • Extensive Portfolio of Free Trade Agreements. • Location. • Open market for foreign products. • Highly qualified Personnel who knows the business and commercial culture in Mexico. • Sales Team in México. Continue…
  9. 9. Benefits… *Personalized attend to customers as your official representative in México. • You will have the customers since the beginning of the business relationship. • Your company do not need to incur in additional expenses as: Office, payroll, law benefits to employees, payment of social insurance, car benefits, bonuses, xmas bonus (per law) etc. • For customers will be clear we are your commercial office in México and they will feel more confident to negotiate. • Clients will receive the best cost directly from your company without middlemen. • Prospects would exhibit their needs in their own language. • CETMA Group will handle customer´s orders directly in México efficiently. •Customers will receive attention in their own work schedule and all the necessary visits to establish the business relationship.
  10. 10. We like and enjoy what we do, and what we like most is what we call: “Growing the business as a Team” • We work with the commitment to exceed our customers expectation. • Solving their needs. • Providing long lasting relationships for all parts. • Developing new accounts. • Industry analysis. • Market research. • Networking building. • Competition analysis. • Represent the best quality of products to our end users.
  11. 11. PLAN A: Includes: • Use of our business address as yours. • Market and competitor research. • Prospecting, visit and negotiate with buyers. • Close communication with your company about customer´s requirements. • Close the sales. • Personal communication, follow up and feedback to your clients. • Client support. Business hours (9:30 am to 17:30 hrs Central Time) • Follow up purchase orders and offers. • Correspondence, e-mail and phone calls in their local language. • Phone number in México. • Weekly report to your company. • Travel organization. • Trade Show support Requirements: • $ 2,250.00 us monthly fee + VAT (16%) • + 2.5% commission of invoiced sales. – depending product, market, rotation, etc the percentage may vary. • + Training – In your offices or in México. • + Business Cards • + Travel expenses if necessary (prior budget and authorization) • + Additional expenses if necessary (prior budget and authorization) • + Contract must be deal for 6 months minimum. • + Responsible person from your company with decision making to meet the market and customers requirements and our business relationship.
  12. 12. PLAN B: Includes: Option A plus de following: • Logistic support. • Importation support. • Distribution support. • Attend trouble shooting and emergencies. • Monthly sales history report. • Unlimited visits to customers to follow business relationship. •Trade Show support Requirements: $ 2,650.00 us monthly fee + VAT (16%) + 2.5% commission of invoiced sales – depending product, market, rotation, etc. the percentage may vary. + Training – In your location or in México. + Business Cards + Travel expenses if necessary (prior authorization) + Additional expenses if necessary (prior authorization) + Contract must be deal for 6 months minimum. + Responsible person from your company with decision making to meet the market and customers requirements and our business relationship. Note: These plans can be adjust according to the necessities of each company and products.
  13. 13. Additional Services: In addition to the services included in the packages we also offer: • Warehouse service. • Custom Clearance. • Freights. • Bar Codes registration. • Trademarks and Patents legal protection. • Marketing support. • POP Translation support. • Legal services. • Employment support. Ask for an individual quote.
  14. 14. Contact: Exito en Negocios CETMA, SA de CV Av. Xola # 1902, Col. Narvarte Deleg. Benito Juarez, México DF CP 03020 Phone: +52 (55) E-mail: