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Social media final slideshare

  1. 1. BackgroundOperates in Massachusetts, Virginia, Connecticut & New Hampshire
  2. 2. MissionMain scheme is to diversify theirmenu while serving thefreshest food at the same time • With health being a universal issue Fresh City does what they can to makes those issues less immense. • Their food offered is always • The food served is guaranteed w/ no naturally-raised meat, poultry, & artificial ingredients, antibiotics for seafood, along with hand-picked growth, or hormones. produce and organic element always.
  3. 3. Mission  Giving Back An organized program named Thinking Fresh encompasses the intentions to support schools and non-profit organizations within their local area To engage in their community Fresh City also arranges the opportunity for associations to sell Fresh City gift cards leading them to raise a 20% donation straight from their efforts earned
  4. 4. Population of the Membership Population of the Membership Demographics Woman cover The median age “We eat to be w/in the slightly more is about 36 years healthy. We eat than half of the old and 40% of to be happy. restaurant population the population is Fresh City’s locations (w/in the four between 18 and approach is to diversify states) 44 years balance both” To reach out to a wider market Fresh City also offers a kids menu, breakfast menu, and the availabilities of online requests for take-out, catering, and gift cards.
  5. 5. Social Media Campaigns
  6. 6. Why Facebook Would Be Beneficial Everyday more than 10 million users become fans of pages More than 800 million users online  Large amount of users = More fans to reach with information 50% of users sign on everyday
  7. 7. Facebook Campaign for Fresh City Informing users of our mission, menu & deals Usage of photos & videos; Display menu on page along with prices Easy & Free way to promote the business  Our target age demographic is between 18 and 44 years taking up over 40%  About 52% of Facebook Users are between the age of 18 to 44
  8. 8. Twitter is a social tool  to gain followers. Here are some goals to promote the business: •Don’t spam others about our specials •Follow other users (including other restaurants andExample Tweet: “Finally companies that can retweetChristmas Season! Try our us)special deal for this time of •Post useful and relevantyear; buy Soup&Sandwichcombo on Tues. & receive a tweets about up comingfreedrink” #FreshCity events and specials; For example buy a Soup & Sandwich combo on Tues. & receive a free drink •Try to tweet daily •Engage in conversations and retweet  gain trust from
  9. 9. How to get FollowersPut a link to “Follow Me on Twitter” (ourwebsites, business cards, Facebook page) Use Twitter’s search feature to find profiles that can relate to the company Use Twitter’s RSS feed to be notified every time a tweet containing a certain keyword is made.
  10. 10. FourSquare Benefits Foursquare user  most desirable demographics, they tend to be young, college educated and employed. They are heavy users of online social media platforms and are actively engaging friends and acquaintances with the businesses they’re interacting with This demographic is highly mobile, has money to spend and most importantly is very influential. The competitive nature of Foursquare allows users to earn badges for checking-into certain locations  therefore competition between users will bring in more business
  11. 11. Goals & Objectives IMPROVISING: Millions of users We can use Foursquare to check out tips people are leaving about our restaurant & see what we need to improve  COUPONS & WORD OF MOUTH: free smoothie to employees of companies who have their first check-in. Coupons have a word of mouth appeal, & for restaurants with a few locations offer a hyper local way to advertise
  12. 12. How Success Will Be Measured Our main goal is to have people have conversations about Fresh City; To make a connection with the customers1. Conversation is made about the business; While 14% of customers trust advertisements, 78% of people trust other customers recommendations2. The company is reached by customers outside our target market; We will target the demographic within the restaurant areas, however we want our market to reach out to others on the outsideA. Business results; has our profits increased  PROFIT is the main concernB. We will begin to approach customers at the end of their meal and fill out a review of their experience and how they learned about our restaurant using an iPad for efficiency.
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