RRS Student Advisory Council Intro at Chartwell


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This PPT was used as an introduction to Student Council at Chartwell

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RRS Student Advisory Council Intro at Chartwell

  1. 1. Chartwell’s 2012/2013Student Advisory CouncilA Rights Respecting Schools Initiative
  2. 2. Background and Rationale… Chartwell is a recognized Unicef Rights Respecting School A fundamental building block of being an RRS school is STUDENT PARTICIPATION
  3. 3. Background and Rationale…RRS…@Chartwell Every student having regular ops to be an active participant in the school community His/her opinions being considered and heard
  4. 4. Why a Student Advisory Council??The formationof ademocraticallyelectedstudent council Article 5 of the UN Conventionprovides on the Rights of the Child …opportunities Adults have thefor this responsibility to help and guide kids in learning theirparticipation to rights and how to exercise those rights andoccur. responsibilities
  5. 5. Experiencing the Democratic Process…Student councils…  Democracy: means Provide an excellent “rule by the people.” op for kids to  Comes from a Greek experience word coined from democratic the words demos process (people) By voting for a rep & kratos (rule) from for your class, all Ancient Greece students have the opportunity to participate in an important element of their school community
  6. 6. Democracy is…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RR5iQ03QU3w&feature=relmfu
  7. 7. What does S.A.C. do?
  8. 8. What does S.A.C. do?
  9. 9. What does S.A.C. do?
  10. 10. What are the possible duties of a SAC Class Rep? Representing your class’ ideas at SAC meetings Attending SAC meetings every 2-3 weeks at lunch time Doing SAC work at home for upcoming meetings or SAC Events Carrying our surveys/questionnaires Working cooperatively with other SAC members and other school personnel Working with management on school policies Attending meetings with Stakeholder groups in the evenings (1-2 per year)
  11. 11. Possible S.A.C. Initiatives… Spirit Days? Fundraisers? Student Council Blog? Collaborating on School Charter? Formation and consult of new school rules? Review the Code of Conduct? Liaise with CPAC?
  12. 12. The democratic process… Nominations… Elections… Voting… Declarations..
  13. 13. Nominations… All students who  nom·i·nate want to run for a 1. To propose by SAC classroom rep name as a position will be candidate, especially nominated for election. Students can 2. To designate or nominate appoint to an themselves office, responsibility, Teachers cannot or honor. nominate students Not a popularity contest
  14. 14. Qualities of nominees… Good listener Thinks of others before themselves Confident Responsible Accountable Will represent your interests accurately Optimistic and energetic Loyal, but stands up for what they believe in
  15. 15. Who willyou vote for come election day? Use yourvote wisely.
  16. 16. Schedule of SAC electionprocess… ELECTION EVENT DATENomination Info Meeting and Application Friday Oct 26th Hand Out Nomination Deadline and Campaign Tues Oct 30th Opening Campaign Closing Tues Nov 6th Election Dates (Within Each Division) Wed Nov 7 & Thurs Nov 8 SAC Rep Declaration Monday Nov 13 1st Official 2012 RRS Chartwell SAC Friday Nov 16th Meeting
  17. 17. SAC Representatives… 2 from each Division  All nominations must Div 1- 7; be completed and No grade req’ handed in to your No gender teacher by Tues of requirements Next Week…Oct 30 by 3:00 pm Campaign requirements will include a speech to the division that demonstrates the reasons why candidate desires to fill this role and
  18. 18. Rights Respecting Schools Initiative….and increasingStudent Voice!STUDENT ADVISORYCOUNCIL AT CH