Bring your MP to school presentation


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A short intro to students on the significance of MP John Weston's visit to Chartwell

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Bring your MP to school presentation

  1. 1. Bring your MP to School Day Nov 13th, 2012 In Celebration of National Child Day & Rights Respecting Schools
  2. 2. Why? It’s your time to be heard! National Child Day is celebrated every Nov  Article 12: Children 20th in recognition of should have the right to the UN Convention on express their own the Rights of the Child. opinion and adults need to listen and It is a perfect time for consider those opinions young Canadians to in the decisions they express themselves make. and shape their future.
  3. 3. Bring your MP to School Day! WHY? Connects young people across the country with their elected representatives, because “no child is too far to be heard”. is an opportunity for Members of Parliament and their youngest constituents to engage in a meaningful discussion and learn from each other.
  4. 4. Why are we having our MP visit Chartwell? …so that children’s voices, concerns and interests find expression in and enjoy meaningful attention from Parliamentarians. The link between Members of Parliament and their constituents (the voters) is at the core of democracy …the rule of the people.
  5. 5. Why are we having our MP visit Chartwell? …Engaging with children and youth – generally a quarter of the population - helps inform decisions that affect the non-voting population In addition this opportunity helps Canada’s youngest citizens realize their vital role in decision making and participating in the democratic process
  6. 6. Bring your MP To School Day! This event will be marked by a one-hour visit by West Vancouver, MP John Weston to Chartwell on November 13th to celebrate National Child Day and “bring Parliament to children and youth” here at our school.
  7. 7. What is an MP? Stands for Member of Parliament A Member of Parliament is a representative of the voters to parliament. What is Parliament…?  The Senate (105) and the House of Commons (308)
  8. 8. Member of Parliament 308 MPs from across Canada Each of them represent communities of people across our country Are elected in to the position of MP by the CONSTITUENTS (the citizens) in their community Democracy in action
  9. 9. Some of the Constituencies in the Lower Mainland that make up the 308 across Canada
  10. 10. What will the 1 hour look like? Mr. Weston will arrive at 2:00 pm on Tues Nov 13th He will be introduced to Chartwell and share a bit of his background as his work in Ottawa at Parliament Hill and in the House of Commons and in the WV Community
  11. 11. Your role…the most important part! The focus of the visit is to intended to be a question and answer period where students (YOU!) can raise questions and issues that are important to your lives
  12. 12. But what makes a good question? What is the role of an MP in Parliament? What would you ask about his job as an MP? Eg.Favourite part of the job? Eg. Any part of the job you dislike?
  13. 13. What Issues are Important to You? What issues concern you as a young Canadian that John Weston could represent on your behalf? International Issues?? EG What is your government doing to ensure that Global Warming will not have an impact on my life as an adult?
  14. 14. What Issues are Important to You? What issues concern you as a young Canadian that John Weston could represent on your behalf? Federal issues…that deal with Canada? Eg. Can you help schools become paperless?
  15. 15. What Issues are Important to You? What issues concern you as a young Canadian that John Weston could represent on your behalf? Local issues… that deal with West Vancouver and BC? Eg. What kind of suggestions would you make to Mr. Weston re. Public Transportation? Bike
  16. 16. What makes a good question? Think about issues that matter to you…  In your community  In your country  In the world Tell your MP what you want him to know to help represent your views in Parliament.. This is your chance…you may not have it again soon.
  17. 17. Back in class… Discuss with your teacher what makes a good question. Use the speech bubble or thought bubble to write your question Your teacher will decide or the class may vote as a class which are the best questions (eg . Dotmocracy?) 3-4 Questions per class selected Questions due by Thurs Noon…Meeting Thurs Afternoon.