Parallels Automation Executive Summary Apr2010
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Parallels Automation Executive Summary Apr2010

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  • Offices in Seattle, Herndon, Munich, Frankfurt, Switzerland, Moscow, Dezosibirsk, London, Paris, Tokyo, Beijing, Lviv
  • The big picture is the ecosystem of 100s of application or services that parallells automation provisions or integrates with across dozens of different platforms. What we see of the slide is just small sub-set of those. From exchange to apache and traditional hosting applications to virtualization platforms and single tenants aps. The goal of enabling new offerings that I talked about earlier is really realized here and we’ll see in second where are we moving with this part of the picture. Now what we seeing s just the services and applications that are sitting within your dataceneter. As cloud computing industry eveolvs it’s clear that some of the services that you provide to end-users need to be drawn from third parties. Note that this does mean that those third parties should own the customer. As Serguei pointed out yesterday it’s important that you do and you become one stop shop. But second piece of broad provisioning capability is really provisioning and aggregation of third party services. Today this is somewhat limited but we foresee that numbers of those off-site services that need to be aggregated growing in the future. In fact it’s not going to be surprising if some of those services you’ll have to use from your competitors – IT industry is example of extreme coopetion. Yet another piece of the bigger picture with Parallels automation is integration with your back-office – ERP, In-house of third party CRM and Helpdesk, Billing system and other functions. Some of them we provide ourselves but some of them such as ERP or helpdesk – we really do not have intentions to significantly develop and will rather focus on good integration with common or best of breed systems. Last piece of bigger picture is back-end third part services that you rely on. Such as payment gateway, or it might be Redhat repository or MS update service, or our own APScatalog. These are not usually customer facing services and again some of them might be services of your competitors. To close out this bigger picture let’s in fact simplify it: In a nutshell Parallels Automation really consists of services that it provisions to customers and back-end infrastructure. And that brings to where we are moving with Parallels Automation:
  • POA natively supports limits/billing on the D irect I nward D ial numbers, but cannot measure/report actual usage. Therefore it is possible to charge flat monthly rate per DID (+ optional setup fee): We expect different monthly rates for numbers in different regions (e.g. states/cities) Toll-free numbers (1-800, 1-888) could also have different rates than toll numbers We also support registering a DID that has been transferred from another carrier for a specific customer. We expect here a specifcic setup fee to cover the transfer expenses. Easy-to-remember patterns, like (xxx) 212-7-212 are charged more in some countries (e.g. in Russia this is typical. Setup for 363-wx-yz is free, for 363-xy-xy is $500, for 363-x0-x0 is $1000, for 36-333-36 is $2000). Vanity numbers (1-800-FLOWERS) could also be priced differently. PBA 5.0 will provide an API to import the custom charges (long-distance calls, etc) Location Profiles are usually requested by the large customers with multiple offices. Therefore charging extra for this is a way of market segmentation
  • Accelerate new customer acquisition and reduce the cost of acquisition Innovate Develop innovative services that are brand new to the market Use innovation to drive better bundled services Use innovation to develop new “sticky” offerings TechData was a stalwart of traditional software distribution. What do they do now: They move to a new distribution model. With the help of Parallels Automation Accelerate new customer acquisition and reduce the cost of acquisition Innovate Develop innovative services that are brand new to the market Use innovation to drive better bundled services
  • Accelerate new customer acquisition and reduce the cost of acquisition Innovate Develop innovative services that are brand new to the market Use innovation to drive better bundled services Use innovation to develop new “sticky” offerings TechData was a stalwart of traditional software distribution. What do they do now: They move to a new distribution model. With the help of Parallels Automation Accelerate new customer acquisition and reduce the cost of acquisition Innovate Develop innovative services that are brand new to the market Use innovation to drive better bundled services


  • 1. Parallels Automation – Executive Summary Lukas Hertig, Sales Director Parallels Automation, EMEA
  • 2. Agenda
    • Introductions
    • Parallels Overview
    • Opportunities with the Parallels Partnership for Telcos and Hosters
  • 3. Parallels at a Glance
  • 4. Parallels Automation Momentum
    • Over 500 companies with over 1,500 automation modules
    • Sites:
    ‘ 04 – 75 ‘ 05 – 120 ‘ 06 – 200 ‘ 07 – 350 ’ 08 – 500 Telco/ ISP Mass Market Hosting ’ 09 – 700+ VAR & SaaS ISV
  • 5. Parallels Products – Optimized Computing Partner Automation Virtualization
  • 6. Definition of Cloud Computing and Broad Opportunity!
  • 7.
    • Parallels enables its Partners to become profitable providers of Cloud services
    • With service automation and virtualization software that spans from self-service control panels to Cloud services operations and revenue management, Parallels makes it easy for Partners to make Cloud services a profitable reality.
  • 8. Parallels Value Proposition to Telcos & Hosters
    • Grow revenue and profit
      • Increase revenue and customer share of wallet by upselling and cross-selling to existing customers
    • Expand market reach and potential
      • Improve existing services and develop new bundled services
    • Quickly launch new services
      • Stay ahead of changing market requirements and reduce churn
    • Run business operations with minimal staff and capital
      • Reduce operational costs and improve margins
  • 9. What do SMB’s need from IT?
  • 10. Parallels Automation: A Complete Solution
  • 11. Parallels Operations Automation: Big Picture Provision Integrate Integrate Provision Services Back Office APS Catalog Payment Gw Marketplace Domain Registrar Hosted Internally Hosted Externally Helpdesk Billing CRM MySQL Apache Good Mobile Parallels Containers Parallels Server MS SQL MS IIS MS CRM PostgreSQL 300+ APS Apps SharePoint ERP MS Exchange Blackberry Open-Exchange
    • Messaging Security
    • MessageLabs
    • MX Logic
    • Postini
    • Archiving
    • GlobalRelay
    SSL Parallels Automation Parallels Plesk Panel
  • 12. Parallels Business Automation Big Picture Reporting System Accounting System Helpdesk CRM Order Processing Taxation Workflow Engine Notifications Promos & Discounts Service Plan Manager E-Commerce Subscriptions Fraud Screening Resellers Parallels Operations Automation Service Plan Management Service Plan Management Service Plan Management Internal Provisioning System(s) SSL Gate Payment Gate License Gate Domain Gate Core External Services ERP System Internal Services Provisioning
  • 13. Flexibility: Reseller/Channel Support up to Whitelabeling
    • Reseller Service Definition
    • Complex resellers can make their own bundles
    • distinct branding
    • service catalogue independence
    • full visibility of the reseller hierarchy
    • complete reporting
    • consolidated billing
    • -> check out the new Whitepaper about Channel Marketing Strategies for the Cloud!
  • 14. Cloud Services Available today with Parallels Automation No system in the market does what PA does! Delegated Management of all IT and Services on Large Scale And Complete Back-office Automation Software as a Service Infrastructure as a Service ► SaaS Delivery hundreds of applications as a service, based on APS Standard ► Microsoft Exchange Automated ordering, provisioning, billing, and self-service control panels for Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007 . ► Unified Communications Microsoft Office Communication Server ► Mobile Access ► Messaging Security ► Message Archiving ► Microsoft SharePoint Automated ordering, provisioning, and billing for SharePoint sites. Integrated delivery with Exchange. Track users and site storage. ► MS Dynamics CRM Automated provisioning of Dynamics CRM accounts and users. ► Virtualized Services Offer VPS, VM’s and Desktops and cloud computing ► Dedicated Cloud Hosting Bare metal provisioning, IP address management, remote re-boot, and automated re-imaging from a customer control panel. ► Website Hosting Standard web hosting for Windows or LInux
  • 15. New: Exchange 2010
      • Attract new customers with exciting end-customer facing features:
        • Outlook Web Access
        • Outlook 2010
      • Upgrade existing Exchange 2007 customers:
        • On their discretion – paid or free
        • On your discretion – migrating multiple customer organizations
        • Keep all services intact – BlackBerry, AS/AV, Unified Messaging, Company Disclaimers, Public Folders, Resource Mailboxes
      • Reduce disk costs due to Exchange Storage Engine improvements
      • New High Availability features:
        • Incremental Deployment
        • Database Availability Groups
  • 16. New: Exchange Unified Messaging
      • Accessing their Voice Mail through phone
      • Accepting/Rejecting meeting invitations through Outlook Voice Access
      • Auto-Forwarding incoming Office Communicator calls to Voice Mail
      • Sell Voice Mail and Outlook Voice Access to Exchange Customers
      • Assigning extensions to individual mailboxes
      • IVR and Auto-attendants in multiple languages
      • Text Preview for the voicemail messages in Outlook
  • 17. OCS 2007: Messaging
      • Instant Messaging
      • Presence Integration with Outlook/Exchange
      • PC-to-PC A/V calls
      • Web Conferencing: Desktop Sharing, A/V, Documents sharing
      • Sell Instant Messaging, Enhanced Presence, and Web Conferencing to Small Business customers
      • Secure Instant Messaging
      • Compliance Archiving of messaging history
  • 18. New: OCS 2007R2: Voice
      • Optional Resource: useful for medium-to-large businesses
      • Flat-rate per DID per month
      • Different rates for different groups of DID numbers:
        • Regions
        • Toll/Toll-free numbers
        • Easy-to remember patterns
        • DIDs transferred for a specific customer
      • Pluggable Telco Billing integration (since PBA 5.0)
  • 19. New: OCS 2007 R2 - Customer Features
      • PC-to-phone, Phone-to-PC calls
      • Simultaneous ringing (Office Communicator on PC and Mobile)
    Per-customer settings for translating short extensions to/from complete DID number
  • 20. Parallels SaaS Ecosystem Drives Customer Value Access to channel of service providers with access to 10M+ SMBs Utilize applications to increase customer ARPU and reduce churn 10M+ SMB Customers 1000+ Service Providers 100s of ISVs Applications that solve SMB business needs available through Marketplace and APS Catalog visit for more information! visit
  • 21. Enables YOU to Be the “App Store” for SMB’s Easily make Solutions available to Sunrise Customers the APS Application Catalog
      • Over 1 million downloads in past 12 months
  • 22. SaaS Service Module: Overview
    • SaaS Module utilizes the Application Packaging Standard (APS)
    • Features and Support
    • Access to Business Grade Applications, e.g. CRM, VoIP, etc.
    • Facilitates Patches and Upgrades of Applications
    • Control Panel allows management of Customers, Access & Apps
    SaaS Services in POA Application Type delivered to your Customer Simple Web Applications Lightweight, extension of Hosting Services, e.g. blogs, etc. Business Web Applications APS brings a wide category of Business Grade Web Application types to your customers, along with higher margins than Simple Web Applications Multi-Tenant
    • Hosted Exchange
    • Hosted Sharepoint
    • Hosted Dynamics CRM
    Cloud Service Aggregation Deploy Local and Remote Services for Your customers, including 3 rd Party Services like these: Postini – Anti-Spam/Anti Virus, Message Labs – Anti-Spam/Anti Virus, Global Relay – Mail Archiving, Interspire – Contact Manager/Doc Management, – online backup
  • 23. eCommerce Hosting Module (ePages+APS)
    • Instant delivery of Onlineshops for SMB‘s
    • Full upsell path supported
    • Advanced options for Enterprises
    • Integration ability into ERP‘s, Delivery Services and so on..
    • Full provisioning & billing over Parallels Automation
    • Upsell path supported
    More information:
  • 24.
    • Online backup software platform
      • Online Backup Client
      • Backup Server
      • To be integrated with Parallels Automation (POA & PBA) !
    • For Service Providers
      • Branded or whitelabel software
      • Multi-tenant (3 layers) and scalable
      • Integrates with HMC and Active Directory
      • Available languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Polish
    • Backup-as-a-Service
      • SLA-based backup and recovery
    • Supports Desktops and Servers for backup
      • Support for all popular OS’s
      • Support MS Exchange and SQL Server
    Online Backup Module (BackupAgent + APS)
  • 25. Portugal Telecom Case Study
  • 26. KPN Case Study
  • 27.
    • Time to market is the most important reason Telcos should buy solutions to help them deploy cloud services rather than build in house.
    • -Melanie Posey, Research Director, Telecom Services, IDC Feb 2010
    • We can deploy and start selling new cloud services in under a month using Parallels Automation. This used to take us a year.
    • -Joost Pisters, Senior Consultant, KPN Feb 2010
    Customer and Analyst Quotes
  • 28. Parallels helps its Partners become profitable providers of Cloud services Questions?