Colt wholesale vpn customer presentation


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Colt wholesale vpn customer presentation

  1. 1. Colt MPLS NNICustomer Presentation© 2010 Colt Technology Services Group Limited. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. CCS IPVPN refresh- Agenda 1 IPVPN market 2 Colt IPVPN product overview 3 MPLS NNI 4 Why Colt ?2
  3. 3. IP VPN Market • IP VPN Services became a $20.5bn global market in 2009 and this is set to grow to $30bn by 2016 Dec 2010 • In Western Europe, IP VPN Services is predicted to become a $11.5bn in 2011, increasing to $13.2bn in 2014 European Telecoms Services Database Q4 2010 • This presents a huge opportunity – one which can be realised via MPLS NNI’s3
  4. 4. IPVPN product overview4 © 2010 Colt Telecom Group Limited. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. IP VPN “An IP VPN is a partitioned private network constructed over a shared IP-based backbone that utilises technologies to ensure privacy of data, either self-implemented or provided by an IP-based service provider.” Data centre Branch office MPLS Home IP VPN worker Head office Public Internet Mobile worker5
  6. 6. Colt IP VPN Private Networks: A shared MPLS backbone: • High cost of dedicated bandwidth • Lower cost • Multitude of interfaces at hub site • Increased flexibility • Limited resilience possible • Scales to hundreds of sites • Not available as a fully managed offer • Fully managed solution (unmanaged also available) • Separate circuits – not a network solution • Not a scalable any to any solution • MPLS technology provides the security and service guarantees of a dedicated network Colt MPLS6
  7. 7. IP VPN compared to private networks* Colt IP VPN Plus Private networks Bandwidth 64kbps - 1Gbps 2Mbps - 10Gbps Number of sites Very scalable Less scalable Topology Any-to-any, hub-and-spoke Any-to-any, Hub-and-spoke, point-to-point Access types Fibre, leased line, all DSL types, Fibre, leased line, limited DSL EFM, 3G Wireless, Wifi and Dial types Security Logically separated by Logically separated by VLANs Label Switch Paths (LSPs) Class of Service 5 None or 2 Network Management WAN managed by Colt WAN managed by customer CPE Routers Colt managed CPE routers Customer equipment Features Feature rich Limited set of features Cost Shared backbone provides cost Higher costs for customer efficiencies dedicated circuits Protocols IP Transparent to Layer 3 protocols * Ethernet Private Networks7
  8. 8. Network access Colt MSP/SDH Off-Net based fibre rings (Ethernet or leased lines) Colt SDSL and EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile) Wholesale DSL (wDSL) Colt Partner network networks Public Fixed and wireless Internet remote users 3G PDA connected to the public Internet8
  9. 9. Network Coverage • Colt operates in 22 Countries • Over 200+ E-NNI‘s • Metropolitan Area Networks in 39 • 400 Ethernet Point-to-Point Major European Cities Interconnects • A total of 88 Colt connected Cities • 92 OLO Ethernet Agreements in place • 43,000 km network • 800+ ULL DSL Central Offices • Direct fibre connectivity into over 18,000 buildings • 17 wDSL partners in place across 12 Countries A single MPLS NNI with Coltcould provide you with access to all of the above9
  10. 10. Two Product Variants Colt Managed CPE Partner Colt MPLS Wires Only MPLS Colt Maintained CPE Colt IPVPN Plus: – Includes Colt Managed CPE Routers at customer site Colt IPVPN Access: – Excludes Colt Managed CPE Routers site: wires only’ offer – Additionally, Colt can offer an ‘unmanaged CPE Router’ service, i.e. installing and maintaining CPE hardware on-site. The configuration and monitoring is under full control of you10
  11. 11. MPLS NNI11 © 2010 Colt Telecom Group Limited. All rights reserved.
  12. 12. Why an MPLS NNI ? Customer Access Options ConsiderationsMPLS Network Traditional method for extending MPLS network from core to the Customer site SDH Competition from DSL & EFM technology for metro access /OLO SDH SDH prices are distant dependant – the further the site, the more expensive the service Cheaper and less complicated than SDH Increased bandwidth options Ethernet /EFM Ethernet prices also distant dependant – like SDH, best for near net sites MPLS Router DSL delivers low cost to MPLS networks for small offices, remote workers & for redundancy DSL Requires another NNI ATM /ATM DSL speeds are limited and ATM interface can be expensive A single NNI with another Provider can All of provide access to all above technologies OLO MPLS The Above Extends the QoS and any-to-any proposition MPLS NNI12
  13. 13. Example: MPLS Network NNI Requirement • Providers network Covers Blue Countries, off-net sites can be connect but via expensive International P2P Links MPLS NODE • Sites in France & the UK communicate with one another via MPLS Node even though they are close together • Imagine two sites in Paris communicating with each other via Poland !13
  14. 14. Example: MPLS Network NNI Solution • With an MPLS NNI the providers coverage is effectively extended • Sites in France and the UK communicate with one another in this example via a fully meshed MPLS NODE network NNI14
  15. 15. NNI “Everywhere” Indicates the Cities where Carriers can currently interconnect with Colt – currently 53 locations15
  16. 16. The MPLS Interconnect • Interconnect “everywhere” ! • Redundant interconnect at 2 different sites – primary & backup • Physical interconnection on Ethernet circuit (100M or 1G) • The Ethernet circuit for the interconnect is included in the offer • Customer can interconnect at any on-net site • Two interconnect technologies supported: ‘Type A’ and ‘Type B’ • Once established, the NNI can be used to deliver hundreds of Customer sites16
  17. 17. Why a Colt MPLS NNI ? What is the end Customer looking for ?  Local Access Strategies  Local Customer OperationalA Service Provider that has strong & Sales Supporton net wholly owned MPLS Network  Consistency & Standardisation Effective 3rd party partnering strategies for NNI’s and off net access  SLA’s  Support for CoS17
  18. 18. Why a Colt MPLS NNI cont’d…? 22 Countries Local Access Strategies 39 Cities 18,000 buildings connected Customer Service Desks in 13 Countries Local Customer Operational & Technical Service Centre located in Barcelona: Sales Support 24/7 help desk, speaking 15 languages and managing 1.2 million calls per year Same product whether ordered in UK, Consistency & standardisation France, Spain etc SLA Single end to end SLA across Europe 5 Classes of Services Support for CoS Establish mapping between Customer CoS and Colt CoS18
  19. 19. Last but not least ! • DataCentreDynamics Awards – Data Centre Leaders Award for the process of modular data hall manufacturing model (2010) • World Communication Awards – Best Regional Operator (2009, 2005), Best Brand (2006), Best Customer Care (2001 to 2004) • Metro Ethernet Forum Awards – EMEA Best Business Ethernet Service (2010), Service Provider of the Year (2010, 2009), Best Product Portfolio (2009) Service Innovation (2008), Best in Business (2007, 2005), Outstanding Innovation (2006) • Capacity Global Wholesale Telecoms Award – Best European Wholesale Offering (2010, 2005) • Global Telecoms Business Innovation Awards – International Optical Service Innovation (2009) • Ethernet Expo Europe Awards – Service Provider of the Year, Best Product Portfolio (2009) • Light Reading Ethernet Award – Best Product Portfolio (2007) • VMware Partner Awards – VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP) Partner of the Year, both EMEA and Global Awards (2010)19