Ccs Customer Presentation July 2011


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Colt CCS customer presentation_July 2011

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  • Colt is preparing for future success We have recently made changes to Colt’s organisation and business structure As a key customer/partner we wanted to share with you some of the details of what this means to you We continue to implement our vision: Colt is Europe’s leading information delivery platform. Our vision, mission and strategic enabling actions remain unchanged. In fact, they are all more appropriate than ever before. This reorganisation is focused on growth, simplifying the business and empowering our people 2. We are changing our business structure and operating model to deliver: Greater simplicity, clarity and clearer lines of ownership across the business Faster responses to customers’ needs and quicker decision making Growth across the business, especially in our sales and professional services areas
  • This organisation better aligns Colt’s operating model and business structure with our customers 1. Three new business units are accountable for revenue, profit management, customer satisfaction, product/service design and 1 st line customer operations: - Colt Enterprise Services is integrating the activities of the former Managed Services and Major Enterprise divisions and focuess on selling solutions to meet the needs of enterprise customers through a consultative direct client engagement. - Colt Communication Services is integrating the activities of the former Wholesale and Midsize business divisions and focusses on selling services on a transactional basis to meet needs of the channel through an indirect client engagement. Colt Data Centre Services is integrating the activities of DCS and DCIS and focusses on selling large scale data centre space to large enterprises and providers through a specialised direct sales team. 2. These new Business units are being supported by new Service units which comprise: - Infrastructure Services Unit integrates the former activities of Colt’s Network and Managed Services Operations; along with its Technology and IT divisions. Business Services Unit integrates the former activities of the India and Barcelona Shared Services Centres. Corporate includes the CFO, COO and HR functions. It also includes a Group strategy and business development function, corporate communications, brand and business process architecture and change. By integrating the various support functions, we have a single focus across managed services and networks, delivering world class customer service. And time to market is reducing significantly by simply making faster decisions with clearer end-to-end ownership and accountability.
  • Our organisational structure is aligned with our business goals We have designed a seamless European operation, ensuring effective resource management and the avoidance of complexity
  • 1. A portfolio of services designed for branded and unbranded solutions. The branded solutions continue to promote the Colt name in the SME market through our agency partners. The unbranded solutions answer wholesale customers needs.
  • Ccs Customer Presentation July 2011

    1. 1. CCS – Colt Communication Services [name of]
    2. 2. Content <ul><li>Colt Go-to-Market Model </li></ul><ul><li>Colt Communication Services </li></ul>1 2
    3. 3. Colt Go-to-Market Model © 2010 Colt Telecom Group Limited. All rights reserved. 1
    4. 4. Colt organisation Business Units Service Units Colt Enterprise Services Colt Communication Services Colt Data Centre Services Infrastructure Services Unit Business Services Unit Corporate
    5. 5. Customer/Partner benefits Colt’s re-organisation is leading to clear benefits for customers and partners Easy-to-do business with We are removing complexity and making it easier to do business with Colt Simplification We are placing even greater emphasis on making our processes simple and consistent Technology We continue to invest in key technologies and in areas where we have been successful - e.g. Ethernet, Managed Services and Data Centre Services Customer experience We are enabling our people to make decisions more quickly and to go further in delivering an excellent customer experience
    6. 6. Colt Communication Services © 2010 Colt Telecom Group Limited. All rights reserved. 2
    7. 7. Colt Communication Services (CCS) Top 3 Strategic Local CCS delivers IT and communication services through a network of business partners to wholesale and midsize customers Colt Communication Services Strategy & Bus. Development Marketing Sales Voice Trading Mobile Backhaul Customer Experience Business Operations
    8. 8. CCS solutions Branded Solutions Unbranded Solutions Market Segment Portfolio Medium Enterprises (100-1000 employees) Small Enterprise (30-100 employees) Business Solutions Portfolio of products, generic solutions & sector solutions Smart Office Communications & Managed Services packages Wholesale Carriers (Pan-euro and national) Resellers Managed services Access Backbone White Label Voice Term (VoIP) Mobile Backhaul
    9. 9. Thank you [name of ]