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A&B Solutions Data Product Portfolio   External   12 07 2011
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A&B Solutions Data Product Portfolio External 12 07 2011


Access & Backbone Solutions Data product portfolio customer presentation_July 2011

Access & Backbone Solutions Data product portfolio customer presentation_July 2011

Published in Technology , Business
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  • Metro Ethernet Forum EMEA Service Provider of the Year – Best in Business (2005, 2007), Outstanding Innovation (2006, 2008), Service Provider of the Year (2009, 2010), Best Service Portfolio (2009), Best Business Service (2010) Light Reading Ethernet Award for Best Product Portfolio (2007)   World Communication Awards – Best Brand (2006), Best Regional Operator (2005), Best Customer Care (2001–2004)    Global Wholesale Telecommunications Awards – Best pan-European wholesale offering (2005)   Ethernet Expo Europe, Service Provider of the Year – Best Product Portfolio (2009)   Global Telecoms Business Innovation Awards – International Optical Service Innovation (2009)    
  • Colt have a broad portfolio of Ethernet services to meet the needs of most organisations. Here is a high level overview, but we will be exploring more detail on the next few slides. LANlink Point to Point -Ideal leased line replacements, benefiting from the lower cost per Mbps and greater choice of connection sizes LANLink Hub and Spoke -Suits a centralised organisation structure where application servers and data are kept at one or two data centres. Attractive to Information providers who connect their customers to their central information servers. Customers with ATM or Frame relay networks will find Hub and Spoke a more cost effective and easier to manage option Any-to-any -Suits decentralised organisation structures where there is significant inter-branch traffic. Customers wishing to run VOIP over their WAN will need an any-to-any service. An any-to-any Ethernet service is an alternative to IP VPN, where customers whish to retain the management of their WAN (as opposed to outsourcing it as is the case with IP VPN) All these services enable customers to keep control of the management of their network. To reduce the need for capital expenditure, Colt can lease unmanaged routers and switches with any of the services listed If you prefer to have Colt manage the WAN, this is possible through the provision of managed routers and switches to complement our Ethernet services
  • Colt LANLink operates across metro, national and international territories Great for replacing legacy leased lines Delivers resilient, large bandwidth point-to-point connections-ideal for services such as those for disaster recovery Bandwidth is now available in granular steps so you can select the optimum speed for each connection – balancing performance and cost-efficiency Protocol-transparent. Plug and play into your on-site equipment Ethernet is typically less expensive to deploy than traditional leased lines, the interfaces are less expensive and it can be grown in line with the business requirements at fine increments. It offers higher network speeds, and a greater choice of bandwidths. Using Ethernet right across your network infrastructure provides and ideal opportunity to increase bandwidth and performance whilst simplifying your networks and reducing management costs
  • Colt LANLink Hub and Spoke uses one of your sites (such as a head office or data centre) as a hub, with a single connection to each of your other sites: Reduces the number of connections and the complexity of your network and traffic between secondary sites runs via the hub Spokes are Metro, National, or International Ideal for connecting high bandwidth shared services; for example, your data centre to your regional headquarters Strong option for any organisation that is likely to undergo change because this delivers predictable and affordable infrastructure development Good alternative to legacy ATM and Frame networks which are traditionally built as hub-and-spokes or alternative to multiple point-to-point services There are some limitations to the service: 64 sites 1Gbps hub and 8 sites 100Mbps hub
  • Ethernet Private Network (E-PN) provides any-to-any connectivity: Removes the need to run point-to-point connections between every site; instead, each has a single connection into the Colt network Access bandwidth is scalable from 2Mbps to 600Mbps for up to 64 sites (greater can be available, subject to approval) Highly flexible solution; new sites can be easily added and access bandwidth can readily be scaled up Self-managed alternative to IP VPNs Ideal for supporting applications such as VoIP which is highly distributed traffic pattern


  • 1. Colt Data Product Portfolio coverage and capabilities Alessandro Caiani Access & Backbone Solutions Snr. Mgr.
  • 2. Agenda
    • Access & Backbone Solutions
    • Solutions Overview
    • Solutions Customer Benefits
    • APT-Customer Self Service Portal
    • Colt Unbranded Data Portfolio
    • Portfolio Overview
    • Bandwidth Services: Colt Link - Colt Dark Fibre - Colt Wavelenght
    • Ethernet Services: Colt Lan Link - Colt E-PN
    • EFM
    • Wholesale VPN
    1 2
  • 3. Access & Backbone Solutions © 2010 Colt Technology Service Group Limited. All rights reserved. 1
  • 4.
    • Access Solutions:
    Is a complete packages for Customers to integrate into their own design, delivery and support of their end Customers offerings , covering high performance and secure at a metro, national and international level.
    • Backbone Solutions:
    Backbone solutions allow Colt customers to upgrade their infrastructure and extend their backbone or completely outsource their backbone in Europe without the need for capital investments. Colt's Long Distance Network (LDN) provides a pan European high capacity, low latency optical platform that supports all of Colt's national and international traffic. Our geographical Coverage enable customers to combine Colt's own extensive network to On-Net sites with partner connectivity for Off-Net sites, offering unrivalled pan-European coverage. Access & Backbone Solutions Overview A portfolio of solutions that help you achieve your business goals
  • 5. One solution, a full range of options
    • Colt IP VPN (MPLS NNI)
    • Colt Link
    • Colt LANLink
    • Colt LANLink Hub & Spoke
    • Colt Ethernet Private Network
    Access & Backbone Solutions Colt Solutions Network Technology Product Metro National International Variant MPLS Wavelength SDH Ethernet
    • Colt Wavelength
    • Optical Private Network
    Backbone Solution only Colt Access & Backbone Solutions: based on a wide product portfolio
  • 6. Solutions capability matrix IP VPN Colt IP VPN (NNI) Ethernet Colt LANLink Colt LANLink Hub & Spoke Colt Ethernet Private Network SDH Colt Link International Wavelength Colt Wavelength Cost Efficiency High High Low European Network Coverage Cost Efficiency Vs Network Coverage across continental Europe
  • 7. Colt Access Solution at a glance
    • Colt Access Solution provides end-Customer access from the specialists in high performance and secure access at a Metro, National and International level.
    • We enable our Customers to extend the reach of their services right across Europe with the benefit of market-leading SLAs, fast and timely provisioning, Up/Down-Grade flexibility with no capex investments.
    Connect new customers Reach your custo-mers in new countries with innovative Hub& Spoke offers Obtain your customer access anywhere across Europe Enter new markets cost-effectively Your network Wholesale Access Solutions Connected Site
  • 8. Access Technologies
      • Various connectivity options available
      • Solutions that best fit your needs
      • Option: Multi-vendor access into a building
    Your Network Colt Fibre Colt DSL (SDSL / EFM) 3rd Party DSL SDSL / ADSL Leased line (fibre / copper) Your Network Colt Network
  • 9. Colt Access Solutions approach
    • Three different ways of giving you access sites wherever you need
    • Single circuits connect your sites across Europe
    • Optimised processes and the easy-to-use online suite make like easy
    Ethernet transport network Point-to-point
    • Cost effective and innovative way to connect up to 64 sites to a hub.
    • Flexible Ethernet technology enables you to deliver converged services.
    Ethernet transport network Point-to-multipoint
    • Any-to-any connectivity using Ethernet or IP VPN technology
    Ethernet transport network Any-to-any
  • 10. Upgrade your infrastructure, extend your network or completely outsource your backbone without the need of capital investments Colt Backbone Solution reach
  • 11. Colt offer Customer benefit Colt Solutions make Customer life easier Economies of scale and third party management Connectivity across Europe Fast provisioning with firm delivery dates Strong SLAs and competitive lead times Strong relationship and easy communication Single point of commercial contact Tailored tools making Colt easy to do business with Online customer self-service portal Reliable service assurance Unified services across all geographies First class support Central customer service in your local language Better managing your cost base Competitively priced services
  • 12. APT – Online Customer self service portal The “Access Price Tool” is a tool, which provides you with cost information for Hub & Spoke and Point-to-Point services and enables you to submit the requests in an easy way. With only one click, the claimed request can be submitted to Colt for ordering or to request further details. In this case Colt will get in contact with you, to clarify the details. The tool allows you to search for an access option and price for a circuit with free searchable A-End and B-End or for a B-End with an existing A-End which is already preconfigured in the system. Mandatory information for the B-End is the country and the postcode. Further, the search can be more detailed by filling out additional parameters. Colt fibre connected and Colt partner connected results will be provided including SLAs and the standard or customized pricing. The preferred access option can be selected by clicking on the radio button. If you want to email your search result to someone you can also select the interface Type and Connector Type manually. For additional information, a free hand text can be added. Making your life easier
  • 13. Colt Unbranded Data portfolio © 2010 Colt Technology Services Group Limited. All rights reserved. 2
  • 14. Colt Unbranded Data Portfolio
    • Bandwidth Services: provide secure, private, reliable, deterministic connectivity and cost-effective solutions for a wide variety of industries.
      • Colt Link
      • Colt Dark Fibre
      • Colt Wavelenght
    • Ethernet Services: provide high performance and scalable network solutions for data centre, office and branch sites by enabling an interconnection of Ethernet LANs. This enables various company sites to be connect onto a single network with seamless site-to-site connectivity, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
      • Colt Lan Link
      • Colt E-PN
  • 15. Colt Link overview
    • Colt Link enables Customers to connect their sites using fast and reliable leased line
    • connections.
    • Customer sites can be within a single country or across Europe, and we
    • have agreements with partner carriers worldwide.
    • Link provides non-switched, point-to-point or point-to-multipoint (Hub and Spokes)
    • connections with committed, constant bandwidth availability between the sites.
    • Point to Point services and Point to Multipoint spokes are available in 3 geographical
    • coverages:
    • Metro services are provided between buildings in the same city
    • National services are provided between towns or cities in the same country
    • International services are provided between towns or cities in different countries
  • 16. Service description: Diagrammatic illustration SDH Ring Customer Site A Customer Site B Colt NMC Management Centre
  • 17. Colt Dark Fibre overview
    • Colt Dark Fibre is the underlying physical network layer that we use for our managed
    • services.
    • Colt has two types of fibre deployed in our network:
    • LDN - Corning LEAF G.655 fibre
    • Metro - G.652 fibre, which is suitable for most metropolitan services
  • 18. Colt Wavelenght overview
    • Colt Wavelength Metro, National and International services provide end users with a
    • fully managed, high quality end-to-end transparent data transmission service operating
    • at SDH speeds of 2.5Gbps and 10Gbps.
    • Colt Wavelength services enable high bandwidth network services to be deployed over
    • redundant fibre architecture to leverage market opportunity and meet the demands for
    • ever increasing performance and resilience.
    • Colt Wavelength services are suitable for any high bandwidth data capacity applications
    • where performance, security and assured service availability are required in any of
    • Colt's countries across Europe.
  • 19. Colt Wavelength – Customer Benefits Award winning service assurance Ultra high capacity 17,000 retail buildings & over 250 carrier hotels Strong technology roadmap ...future proof path to new services (e.g. 100Gbps) ...connectivity where you need it …very high speed links available across Europe …excellent customer service define the circuit routes Flexible solutions ...increased reliability, circuit diversity Redundant architecture
  • 20. 2001-2004 WCA for Best Customer Care 2005 WCA for Best Regional Operator 2006 WCA for Best Brand Strongest Ethernet product portfolio Service Provider of the Year – Best Product Portfolio International Optical Service Innovation Service Provider of the Year Best Service Portfolio Best Regional Operator Service Provider of the Year Best Business Ethernet Service Award-winning Ethernet services 2005 2007 2006 2004 2008 2009 2010
  • 21. Colt Ethernet services Product Colt LANLink Point to Point Colt LANLink Hub and Spoke Colt E-PN Topology Point-to-point Hub-and-spoke Any-to-any Bandwidth 2Mbps-10Gbps Hub: 100Mbps/1Gbps Spoke: 2-600Mbps 2Mbps – 1Gbps Scenario Replacement for leased lines Centralised organisations, replacement for ATM/Frame Relay Decentralised organisations with significant inter-site traffic Managed Service Colt managed switches and routers Scenario Proactive management; online performance; managed and unmanaged switches and routers can be combined with any Colt data service
  • 22. Colt Lan Link overview
    • The Colt LANLink portfolio of services enables Customers to interconnect their Ethernet
    • local area network (LAN) so that they can operate various company sites as a single
    • office, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
    • Ethernet is the de facto industry standard protocol within the LAN, and Colt LANLink enables customers to extend Ethernet into metropolitan and wide area networks (MANs and WANs).
    • The customer can connect LANs within the same city (LANLink Metro), within the same
    • country (LANLink National) or between countries (LANLink International).
    • A fourth option, the Colt LANLink Hub and Spoke service, enables the aggregation of LANLink Metro, National and International services onto a single Ethernet interface at a single site
    • LANLink is a Layer 2 service offering:
    • Point-to-point and hub-and-spoke topology options
    • Speeds from 2Mbps through to 10Gbps
    • A dedicated service to a single customer
    • Metro, National and International coverage with Off-Net access available
  • 23. Colt LANLink Point-to-point
      • Speed flexibility
      • Metro, National, International
      • Alternative to leased lines
    London Madrid Colt Ethernet
  • 24. Colt LANLink Hub and Spoke
      • VLAN-based
      • Alternative to ATM/Frame
    Spoke: Frankfurt Hub London HQ Hub connection 100Mbps or 1Gbps Spoke connection 2 to 600Mbps Spoke: Zurich Spoke: Madrid
  • 25. Colt E-PN overview
    • Colt Ethernet Private Network (E-PN) provides any-to-any connectivity at the Ethernet
    • layer. The service is delivered over a star topology, which means that all sites are allowed to communicate to each other without the requirement of additional switching or routing equipment.
    • The E-PN service is a Layer 2 VPN service with switching functionality implemented in
    • the Colt network. This allows any Ethernet frame entering the network at one site to be
    • switched and delivered to any other site, offering:
    • Any-to-any switched services
    • Speeds from 2Mbps through to 1Gbps
    • A dedicated service to a single customer
    • Metro, National and International coverage with Off-Net access available
    • The service uses Ethernet over SDH or native Ethernet technology, ensuring
    • guaranteed levels of performance. All interfaces are fully transparent to Layer 2 protocols.
    • Each network has a resilient switching point that will be installed in a Colt node.
  • 26. Colt Ethernet Private Network (E-PN)
    • Switched network
    • Any-to-any or one-to-any
    • Metro, National and International
    • Wide choice of connection speeds
    • Class of Service
    • Alternative to IP VPN
    Madrid Munich Zurich 2 to 1Gbps London
  • 27. EFM for Lan Link & E-PN (1Mbps-40Mbps)
    • EFM = E thernet in the F irst M ile – Over 600 sites connected in CH
      • A new access technology defined in the IEEE 802.3ah standard for copper (and fibre as well)
      • Successor of DSL by using ATM.
    • EFM uses a new SDSL standard for 5.7 Mbps (*) per copper line
      • EFM can also use 3.1Mbit/s and traditional 2.3Mbit/s per copper line
    • EFM provides `line bonding` for combine multiple copper lines into one service/circuit
    • Full complience with European standards:
      • ETSI-101524 annex E for 5.7 Mbps per copper line
      • ITU G.991.2 for 2.3Mbps and Annex D for 3.1Mbps per copper line
    (*) = symmetrical bandwidth with same up- and download bandwidth
  • 28. EFM Benefits Scalability Reliability Performance
    • Easier to increase bandwidth. Minimal service interruption
    • Wider reach. More sites can be reached
    • Customers can use their own VLANs for Ethernet services (VLAN transparency)
    • Copper line failure reduces bandwidth but does not cause complete service failure
    • Proven technology – Over three years of experience at Colt
    • Simplified network. ATM is not required anymore
    • Managed end to end
    • Lower install and rental cost compared to fibre and OLO
    • Symmetrical bandwidths available up to 40Mbps
    • Maximum throughput through uncontended bandwidths and optimized line bonding
  • 29. Colt Wholesale VPN
    • Wholesale VPN is specifically focussed on the requirements of our large Carrier and Reseller Customers and is based on the Colt IP VPN product.
    • Wholesale VPN (using MPLS Network to Network interconnects - NNI's) now offers the possibility to source complete IP VPN networks rather than individual links. This means that a Customer can benefit from the dense Colt coverage in Western Europe (20 Countries), 39 fibre Metropolitan Area Networks (giving access to over 17.000 connected business buildings) and millions of DSL locations.
    • The MPLS includes:
    • Redundant interconnect at 2 different sites – primary & backup
    • Physical interconnection on Ethernet circuit (100M or 1G)
    • The Ethernet circuit for the interconnect is included in the offer
    • Customer can interconnect at any on-net site
  • 30. Example: MPLS Network NNI Solution
    • With an MPLS NNI the providers coverage is effectively extended
    • Sites in France and the UK communicate with one another in this example via a fully meshed network
  • 31. NNI “Everywhere” Indicates the Cities where Carriers can currently interconnect with Colt – currently 53 locations
  • 32. Thank You http:// [email_address]