Getting Started with Twitter


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Basic, introduction to Twitter for Rutgers University School of Environmental & Biological Sciences staff members.

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Getting Started with Twitter

  1. 1. Getting Started with Twitter School of Environmental and Biological Sciences September 26, 2013 Andy Campbell - @ac_andycampbell SEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS
  2. 2. SEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS Getting Started with Twitter What Is Twitter? • twit·ter /ˈtwitər/ – Verb - (of a bird) Give a call consisting of repeated light tremulous sounds. – Noun - A series of short, high-pitched calls or sounds. – Synonyms verb: chirp - tweet - chirrup - chatter – warble noun: chirp - tweet - chirrup - warble – chatter • Twitter ( – Information network made up of 140-character posts called Tweets – Social (friends/connections) Media (news/information) – Personal Learning Network – Networking, Marketing, Information Exchange
  3. 3. SEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS Getting Started with Twitter But Really, Why Twitter?
  4. 4. SEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS Getting Started with Twitter Create Your Account • Visit to get started Enter Name Enter email Create a Password Choose your Twitter Handle on the next screen and you can change it later
  5. 5. SEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS Getting Started with Twitter Basic, just created profile for SEBS ITS account
  6. 6. SEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS Getting Started with Twitter Build Your Profile • Follow the welcome wizard to start your account, or go direct to to begin a manual setup • Customize your account & profile: – follow accounts, use search or visit directly & click “Follow: – add photos – profile picture & header image – you can change background colors & other attributes – fill in all profile information – bio, location, website, etc. • Public vs. Private Account – Privacy in General To help illustrate “Getting Started” I launched the new SEBS ITS Twitter Account while preparing the presentation. Examples & images show web interface for Twitter.
  7. 7. SEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS Getting Started with Twitter Updated profile, pictures added, colors changed, bio completed
  8. 8. SEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS Getting Started with Twitter Terminology & Culture • Tweet – a post of up to 140 characters • Followers – accounts that follow you publicly • Following – accounts that you follow publicly • Handle – your Twitter Username (@ac_andycampbell) • #Hashtag – an index/keyword feature using the # symbol • Trending – the most popular topics being discussed • RT – Retweet, like an email forward • MT – Modified Tweet, forward with modifications • DM – Direct Message, private message • @Reply – to respond to a Tweet • Favorite – to mark a Tweet as a favorite • Mentions/Interactions – list of activity for interaction with your account • Lists – a means to organize information & accounts • Search – powerful tool to locate information in Twitter
  9. 9. SEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS Getting Started with Twitter Start Sharing, Engaging • Send a tweet • What to send, when to send is up to you • Follow some accounts & engage in conversation • Reply to messages, ask questions, favorite items, retweet • Search for hashtags & keywords, add them to your tweets or use them to discover new accounts, new conversations • Look for scheduled, topical chats – great way to engage with others and learn the community norms • Department/Official accounts – send regular, consistent content, don’t stress about followers, seek engagement • Be yourself
  10. 10. SEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS Getting Started with Twitter Compose a Tweet Start Here
  11. 11. SEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS Getting Started with Twitter Our first Tweets!
  12. 12. SEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS Getting Started with Twitter Engagement & Interactions
  13. 13. SEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS Getting Started with Twitter Basic Retweet Reply Retweet using RT
  14. 14. SEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS Getting Started with Twitter Give It Time • The SEBS ITS account doesn’t have many followers yet but we’ve begun sharing some information and followed some accounts that are similar to our own • We had a few interactions, retweets and replies as the last three picture slides illustrate • We plan to share important & emergency information • Give Twitter time – it is a big network with tons of information shared daily, don’t get discouraged • Almost everyone has an “Aha!” moment when they “Get it” • Use lists to organize information as your network grows – more about this in the Intermediate Twitter Class
  15. 15. SEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS Getting Started with Twitter Next Steps • Watch, read, observe to take in Twitter culture if you are nervous at first • Share some information – be yourself • Add your handle to email signatures & profiles • Try different Twitter software & clients – mobile, web, etc. – some are better than others, find the one you like best • Ask questions both on Twitter or to friends/colleagues – search for information, tons of help available • Utilize Twitter – networking, indulge hobbies & passions, share information, find information, creative outlet, etc. • Join the conversation
  16. 16. SEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS Getting Started with Twitter Why the 140 Limit: and-how-to-write-more_b1124 Twitter Glossary: Twitter New User FAQ’s: 25 Tips to Tweet Like a Pro: Twitter for Beginners: Visual Guide for Beginners: Top 10 Tips for Beginners:,2817,2341095,00.asp Twitter 101: Beginners Guide: Hashtags: Proper Use of Hashtags Rant: Hashtags Guide: about-twitter-hashtags/ SEBS ITS: Andy Campbell: Rutgers Guide to Social Media: media Join Us for Intermediate Twitter on Tuesday, October 22, 2013:
  17. 17. SEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS Getting Started with Twitter Thank you!