Lease Audit


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Lease Audit

  1. 1. Lease Audit Services
  2. 2. AmCorp Management, Inc. has been  highlighted by the following media outlets. highlighted by the following media outlets Plus many more…
  3. 3. AmCorp Management, Inc. is the Nation’s  most successful Lease Analysis Firm. most successful Lease Analysis Firm AmCorp’s lease auditing team’s sole practice is to identify and  secure overcharges made through lease overpayments. secure overcharges made through lease overpayments. We have the highest recovery rate in the industry and our experts will  precisely analyze landlord fees and your payments and provide you a  report with our findings. We will then plan and manage recovery  ih fi di W ill h l d negotiations with your landlord, subject to your approval.  We are a performance and contingency‐based company which means  p g y p y there are no recovery fees unless we are successful in securing your  overpayments. Above all, we respect the delicate tenant‐landlord  Above all we respect the delicate tenant landlord relationship and ensure fair and honest practices in dealing with your lease negotiations. With an  uncompromising process we are true advocates  of your rights as a tenant. 
  4. 4. AmCorp Management, Inc. is the Nation’s  most successful Lease Analysis Firm. most successful Lease Analysis Firm We have had the opportunity to serve and recover money  From excess lease payments for many well known clients.  (Here are just a few) Chase Bank (Bank One), First Data Corporation, ReMax  Realty,  New England Financial, R. T Welter & Associates,  Inc., Aim Tax Advisors, Automated Office Systems, Inc.,  , , y , , Cash Flow Direct, Inc., Arizona Heart Institute, Scottsdale Radiology Group, Scottsdale Orthopedic Associates,  Kilpatrick, Luster & Co., CPA s, LLC, Price Kong & Co., CPA s,  Kilpatrick, Luster & Co., CPA’s, LLC, Price–Kong & Co., CPA’s, PA. Coldwell Banker Realty, Olympic Mortgage, Pacific  Coast Mortgage, Interlink Mortgage Corporation, Plus many more…  Plus many more
  5. 5. The problem is highlighted in these National Lease articles National Lease articles "OFFICE TENANTS CHECK FOR LEASE OVERCHARGES“ Wall St. Journal Uncle Sam isn't the only one performing audits these days. More and  more office tenants are taking a closer look at their landlords' books. The goal: to make sure they are not being overcharged. “TENANTS ARE LOSING MONEY”  The Chicago Tribune "Eighty percent of all commercial  tenants are overcharged by their  landlords.“ Sarbanes‐Oxley and Control of Corporate Real Estate Leases For corporate real estate managers, Sarbanes‐ Oxley presents a problem because much of the  Oxley presents a problem because much of the data they report to management are incomplete  and only marginally reliable. How do you know if you have un-known lease issues?
  6. 6. The problem persists because • Landlords fail to properly manage and administer facility expenses and issue tenant adjustments • Landlords are unaware how to adequately measure the square  footage of their facility • Landlords do not secure proper tax adjustments of their property • Tenants are not aware of the practice of getting standardized  measurement verifications before they sign their lease. measurement verifications before they sign their lease • Tenants unreservedly trust the Landlords practices and information • Tenants are busy running their business and  do not have the time, resources or knowledge  to properly review the landlords billings Do you know if you are overpaying lease fees?
  7. 7. Potential areas for overcharges.   Rent Inaccurate facility measurement  ‐ Improper Increases (CPI’s, Step‐Ups.) Rent Abatements  ‐ Co‐Tenancy Requirements  ‐ Offsets for Taxes Common Area Maintenance (CAM) Escalations / Operating Expenses Common Area Maintenance (CAM) Escalations / Operating Expenses Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions (CC&R’s)     Association Dues  ‐ Reciprocal Easement Agreements (REA’s)  Capital Costs  ‐ Pro‐rata Shares  ‐ Administrative Fees  ‐ Management  Fees  ‐ Home Office Charges  ‐ Tenant Specific Charges  ‐ Original  Fees Home Office Charges Tenant Specific Charges Original Construction Costs / Initial Installations  ‐ Building Related Costs vs.   Common Area Related Costs  ‐ Proper Base Year Charges  ‐ Caps,  Fixed Increases, CPI Adjustments, etc. Real Estate Taxes Real Estate Taxes Building Taxes  ‐ Land Taxes  ‐ Common Area Taxes  ‐ Pro‐rata Shares   Assessed Values  ‐ Valuation Methods  ‐ Fiscal Tax   Years  ‐ Personal Property Taxes  ‐ Consulting Fees   Base Year Charges   ‐ Caps, Fixed Increases,  Base Year Charges ‐ Caps Fixed Increases CPI Adjustments, etc. Utilities CAM Consumption Electric  ‐ Water / Sewer  ‐ Trash  ‐ HVAC  ‐ Etc. Are you certain that you are not over paying for any of these items?
  8. 8. AmCorp Management Lease analysis and report.   and report A lease expenses analysis will:  A lease expenses analysis will: • Verify fees that you are being overcharged • Verify fees that your company is not obligated to pay • D t Determine fees and the amount of money we can recover i f d th t f • Outline the process in which AmCorp Management will  locate and recover any unknown overcharges l d k h and expenses to you and your business
  9. 9. The Analysis Process. PRE-AUDIT DATA REVIEW We will collect and review the necessary lease data to y verify whether you are a lease audit candidate. FACILITY MEASUREMENT Once we determine that you are a lease audit candidate we will measure your facility and verify it meets BOMA or state standards or as lease specifies. PREPARE YOUR AUDIT REPORT The pre-Audit report will include: Initial measurement fee Processing and recovery fees Initial recovery amount
  10. 10. The Recovery Process. INITIATE LAND LORD COMMUNICATIONS Once you have reviewed the Report our experts will Proceed with professional and non-confrontational communication with your landlord. We simply ask them to confirm and explain the actual charges that disagree with our findings. CONDUCT SETTLEMENT DISCUSSIONS After the landlords response we will proceed with settlement negotiations with your landlord and proceed with the appropriate avenue to resolve the lease discrepancy. RESOLVE CLAIM All negotiations are done professionally, however Our main concern is securing y g your overpayments.
  11. 11. The Next Step YOU Authorize the audit Supply the necessary data  pp y y (Copies of lease documents and expense records) AmCorp A C Analyze lease Analyze lease payments Analyze expense records Analyze expense records Verify facility and building square footage Provide Lease Audit Report Initiate and complete settlement with landlord I iti t d l t ttl t ith l dl d