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This presentation was given to Springdale Administrators to convey the importance of a global personal learning network.

This presentation was given to Springdale Administrators to convey the importance of a global personal learning network.

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  • I would argue that educators are the exact same way with technology that Zander describes opinions of classical music. Most of us get to age 10 (figuratively) and we quit. If we would just stick with it a little longer – the world would open up to us.
  • Why does it matter that we do or don’t use the tools? Well, our goal is to have students that are global citizens……they not only can find information from all over the world, but they can collaborate with those people, they can creatively find solutions to global problems…..they understand the world around us..
  • Our teachers have to be modeling this behavior and expecting those things of our students, in turn for our teachers to get over the hump of the third year, the leaders in our buildings have to model this behavior. You have to start leveraging technology for your own PD……you have to start accessing people and information outside of our physical community and branching out to our virtual community. Most of our teachers won’t start to change their practice until they see the expectation from their leaders and they start to see you modeling these practices.
  • We as leaders, our teachers and our students should be forming relationships around the world and across content and curriculum areas……if you want to see what other kids are doing in the science fair – search science fair winners……….if you want to compare yourself to a higher standard……search site:sg science fair winners…….now you’ve raised the bar!


  • 1. Creating Your Personal Learning Network (PLN)
  • 2. International Society for Technology in Education
    Administrator Standards
  • 3. What is a PLN?
  • 4. Who is in my PLN?
  • 5.
  • 6.
  • 7. Global Citizenship
  • 8. When does the learning stop??
  • 9. Compare yourself to a higher standard…..
    Michael Fullan
  • 10.
  • 11. Awareness
  • 12. List one thing you are most interested in learning about this year?