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Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA)

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  • PIMA presentation

    1. 1. “To Seek the pleasure of Almighty AllahThrough character building and service to mankind”
    2. 2. INTRODUCTION Non-profit making & Non- governmental Registered with the Government of Pakistan Members: Pakistani Muslim doctors registered with PMDC, those who agree with the manifesto of PIMA Member of Federation of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA) Working in all aspects of medical profession to uphold the values & the principles of Islam
    3. 3. OBJECTIVES To motivate doctors to play their role in the development of society on the basis and values of Islam. To utilize the opportunities of doctors - patients relationship for propagation of the true message of Islam. To provide opportunities for personality development of its members. To play a positive and affective role to prevent medical ailments in the society. To establish effective of appropriate health policy and medical education in the country. To formulate plans for the execution of Medical Relief work.
    5. 5. PIMA MEMBERS Members UnitsPunjab 1035 36Sind 962 16Khyber PK 563 22Balochistan 91 1Azad Kashmir 154 7Female Branch 300 -Students Branch 300 -Total 3,405 82
    6. 6. PIMA CENTER Central President: Dr. Misbah-ul-Aziz (Karachi) General Secretary: Prof. Dr. Sohail Akhtar (Karachi) Deputy General Secretary:Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Khan (Islamabad)
    7. 7. PIMA PROJECTS Name of Project Directors2. DAWAH O TARBIAT Dr. Fazal-e-Azeem3. RELIEF Dr. Abdul Aziz Zia4. Continuous Medical Education Dr. Abu Baker Shahid5. Prevention of Blindness (POB) Dr. Intzar Hussain6. Female Branch Dr. Kaoser Firdous7. Students Branch (Associate Members) Pro. Dr. Ahmed Saeed8. Peshawar Medical College Prof. Dr. Najib-ul-Haq9. Media Cell Dr. Fakhar-uz-Zaman10. PIMA News Letter Dr. Hamayun Farrukh11. PIMA Website Dr. Imran Qureshi12. Tibbi Fiqhi Board Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman13. PIMA Secretariat Dr. Muhammad Azam14. PIMA Membership Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tariq15. Doctors Problems Prof. Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Khan16. Health Awareness Prof. Dr. Najib-ul-Haq17. PIMA Publications Dr. Maqbool Ahmed Shahid18. Finance Dr. Muhammad Ashraf19. Mega Pharmaceutical Dr. Muhammad Tahir Azam20. Foreign Affairs & FIMA Dr. Tanveer-ul-Hassan Zubairi21. FIMA Save Vision Prof. Dr. Hafeez-ur-Rehman22. Islamic Hospital Consortium Dr. Muhammad Ishaq23. Consortium of Islamic Medical Colleges Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Khan24. FIMA Save Dignity Prof. Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Khan
    8. 8. DAWAT-O-TARBIAT Director: Dr. Fazal-e-Azeem Aim:Ethical training, Character building in thought of Quran and Sunnah to become a good Muslim Doctors.• Committee: Punjab Dr. Khubaib Shahid Khyber PK Dr. Muhammad Qasim Balochistan Dr. Atta ur Rahman Kashmir Dr. Murtaza Bukhari
    9. 9. DAWAT-O-TARBIAT Director: Dr. Fazal-e-Azeem Activities• Nisab bassed on Quran, Hadith, Seerat e Rasul (PBUH)• Medical Ethics,• Dawat to other Doctors, Allied professionals and patients• Quran Houses, Quranic Circles, Quran Fehmi Classes & Arebic Classes on Daily/Weekly/Monthly basis
    10. 10. DAWAT-O-TARBIAT Director: Dr. Fazal-e-Azeem• Ramzan Programs – Istaqbal-e-Ramzan Programs – Shab Bedari (‫(شب بیداری‬ – Aftar Programs• Ethical Training Workshops• Special Campaigns for Tosi-e-Dawat (‫(توسیع دعوت‬
    11. 11. PIMA ReliefDirector: Dr. Abdul Aziz Zia
    12. 12. PIMA RELIEF• Service to mankind without discrimination• Medical aid through hospitals, welfare clinics, free medical & Specialist camps• Services during disasters nationally and internationally
    13. 13. PIMA Relief in Disasters National InternationalFlood 2010 Iran Earthquake 2003Hunza 2010 Indonesia Tsunami 2005Flood 2011 Bangladesh Tsunami 2007Dengue 2011 Gaza Relief 2007IDP’s 2009-11 Somalia Relief 2011Earthquake 2005 Turkey Earthquake 2011
    14. 14. PIMA ReliefStatic Units:• PIMA, Al-Hajri Hospital Muzafarabad• PIMA, Muslim Aid Hospital Mansehra• PIMA Jalala Hospital Malakand RoadCommunity based Activities: 2011• Hygiene Promotion Project in Sindh• FIMA MCH Mobile Hospital• Community Nutrition Project, Charsada• Free Medical Camps
    15. 15. Flood Relief2011 – Sindh Pakistan
    16. 16. Flood Relief - Sindh
    17. 17. Other activities• Health education• Circumcision camp at TandoBago(35 children)• Distribution of 300 water coolers and Aqua tab• Distribution of 1000 Eid Gifts in the tents (Juice, Snakes, Toffees and biscuits)• Vaccination for Typhoid Fever to children• Struggle to evacuate stagnant water from Civil Hospital Mirpurkhas
    18. 18. Qatar Red Crescent
    19. 19. Mercy Malaysia• 500 Hygiene Kits distributed in flood affectees in collaboration with Mercy Malaysia• Place: – Mirpur Khas: 250 – Badin: 250
    20. 20. Dengue Relief
    21. 21. Dengue Relief• Established 60 bedded ward in Surayyah Azeem Hospital in collaboration with Al-Khidmat Foundation where 200 patients admitted with average 3 to 7 days during Aug/Sep• Dengue Seminar held in Lahore by local PIMA• Awareness brochures published in Urdu and English (5000 each)• PIMA published guidelines for Management of Dengue fever and haemorrhagic fever from Sri Lankan Health Ministry
    22. 22. Somalia Relief
    23. 23. Somalia Relief• Medical Mission: 1• Members: 3 – Dr. Irfan Ullah Malik – Dr. Muhammad Asim – Dr. Abdul Ghafoor• Duration: 28 days (September 2011)• Patients treated: 5600• In collaboration with FIMA
    24. 24. Turkey Earthquake Relief
    25. 25. Turkey Relief• PIMA donated 10,000 $ to Earthquake affectees through Doctors World Wide• Prof. Muhammad Iqbal Khan, Prof. Hafeez-ur- Rehman and Dr. Abdul Aziz Zia remain in contact with Prof. Ahsan Karaman, Turkey (chairman DWW)• PIMA offer medical relief to DWW
    26. 26. Flood Relief 2010 - Pakistan
    27. 27. Summary of medical relief work for Flood Affectees • No of patients treated 5,02,320 • No of doctors participated 3,128 • Paramedics participated 5,855 • No of camps 2,837 • Volunteers 7,671 • Medicines 25 Millions • Ambulances 35 • Places 30 • Tents 750 • Eid Gifts 1,000 • Food Packets 4,000 • Hygiene Kits 1,500 • Eye Operations 1,844 • Cash Distributions 25,20,000 • Foreign Collaborations 13 organizations
    28. 28. IDP’s Relief2008-11 - Pakistan
    29. 29. Mohmand Agency In charge: Dr. Muhammad Sharif• Medical Center: 1• Place: Ghazi Baig• Duration: Feb-March 2011• Patients treated: 3866• Doctors: 2 (Male & Female)• Other Staff: 7• Services: Medicine, Ambulance service, Laboratory• UNICEF appreciated PIMA relief work for IDP’s
    30. 30. Mohmand Agency In charge: Dr. Rehmat Ullah Oppal• Medical camps: 10• Patients treated: 1300• Doctors: 2 (Male & Female)• Other Staff: 7• Medicine & donations provided by – Central PIMA Relief – PIMA Swat
    31. 31. IDP’S RELIEF 2009• PIMA was involved in medical relief service to the IDPS’ of Swat, Malakand, Waziristan and Mohmand Agency operation.• 17 medical camps were established and ambulance service was provided.• More than 1,32,000 patients were treated costing Rs. 1,50 00,000.• Needy patients were transferred to tertiary care centers in Peshawar and Rawalpindi.
    32. 32. PIMA Hospitals
    33. 33. PIMA AL-HAJRI HOSPITAL MUZAFFARABADPIMA Hospital Muzaffarabd, AJK, was established incollaboration with Al-Khidmat Al-Hajri Al-Rabia Trust,followed by PIMA Field Hospital Muzaffarabad on 8th Oct. 2005. The 50 bedded indoor facility with OPD 24 hrs emergency service, surgery, OT, Obs&Gyn, Pediatrics and Diagnostic facilities(Lab, (Ultrasound, and X-ray Total OPD = 201,844
    34. 34. PIMA, Al-Hajri Hospital, Muzaffarabad April 2010 to January 2012OPD 59,109Admissions 3,001Operation (major) 394Operation (Minor) 840Normal deliveries 1,215X-ray 1,581Lab Test 21,489Ultrasound 6,637
    35. 35. PIMA, Al-Hajri Hospital, Muzaffarabad• Free Camps: 4 – Places: Hatian, Chakkar & PIMA Hospital – Patients: 2050 – Surgeries performed: • Minor: 8 • Major: 21
    36. 36. PIMA, MUSLIM AID HOSPITAL, MANSEHRAPIMA established a 25 bedded Hospital in Mansehra in collaboration with Muslim Aid, UK. This Hospital Provides state of the art health services to the local and regional population of this remote area since March 2011. Total OPD: 7,352
    37. 37. PIMA, Muslim Aid Hospital, Mansehra March to December 2011OPD 8,763Gyn. Patients 657Obstetrics Patients 753Normal deliveries 16X-ray 546Lab Test 5,448Ultrasound 806
    38. 38. PIMA, Muslim Aid Hospital, Mansehra• Free Camps: 4 – Patients: 450 – Medicine Cost: 370,000
    39. 39. PIMA Medical Center, Jalala January 2010 to Dec.2011OPD 19,794Gyn. Patients 0Obstetrics Patients 1,094Normal deliveries 53Total D &C 34Lab Test 14,566Ultrasound 2,034
    40. 40. Free Medical Camps• Total Camps during 2011: 250• Doctors participated: 33• Patients examined: 43,500
    41. 41. Hygiene Promotion Project in Sindh
    42. 42. Hygiene Promotion Sessions 2011 Villages Households Sessions Participants 151 12,312 917 17,402 Material DistributionWater Aqua Soaps Disposable Clothes Plastic Fiber tab Glass Sheets Sheets11,475 10,200 11,935 4,500 105 800 292
    43. 43. Community Nutrition Project, Charsada
    44. 44. Community Nutrition Project, Charsada• Partners: – PIMA Relief (Financial Support) – UNICEF (Nutritional supply) – Al-Khidmat Foundation (Logistic Support) – Prime Foundation (Technical Assistance, Monitoring and Evaluation, Training of the staff)• Duration: – 15th July 2011 to 15th Feb 2012• Budget: – Total project value: PKR 27,71,910 – PIMA’s contribution: PKR 21,92,910
    45. 45. Community Nutrition Project, Charsada• Project title: – Community Management of Acute Malnutrition in Flood Affected District of Charsada, KP, Pakistan• Mission: – All the partners agree to work together in partnership on this project to contribute towards the Community Management of Acute Malnutrition in Flood Affected District of Charsada, KP, Pakistan
    46. 46. Community Nutrition Project, CharsadaProgram Registered Follow UpsOTP 45 45SFP 300 300PLW 127 127• Sessions: 21 – Schools sessions – Community sessions• Total Screening: – Children: 1900 – Pregnant women: 1205
    47. 47. PIMA MCH Mobile Hospital - 2011• Places: 7• Patients: 22,000• Doctor. 01• Other staff: 04• Expenditures: 40 Lac
    48. 48. Past PIMA Relief Projects
    49. 49. INTERNATIONAL RELIEF Iran Earthquake 2003
    50. 50. INTERNATIONAL RELIEF Tsunami Indonesia 2005
    51. 51. INTERNATIONAL RELIEF Bangladesh Tsunami 2007
    52. 52. INTERNATIONAL RELIEF Tsunami Indonesia 2005
    53. 53. GAZA RELIEF 2007
    54. 54. GAZA RELIEF 2007
    55. 55. GAZA RELIEF 2007
    56. 56. GAZA RELIEF 2007
    57. 57. CONTINUOUS MEDICAL EDUCATION Director: Dr. Abu Bakar Shahid
    58. 58. CONTINUOUS MEDICAL EDUCATION Director: Dr. Abu Bakar Shahid• Vision: To update the Professional Knowledge of the Doctors• Activities: – Seminars – Workshops – Clinical Meetings – Publications
    59. 59. PREVENTION OF BLINDNESS Director: Dr. Intzar Hussain Butt• Vision: A World in which no one is needlessly blind and where those with unavoidable blindness can achieve the full potential.• Mission: To work for the elimination of the avoidable causes of blindness regardless of religion, ethnicity, gender and nationality.
    60. 60. PREVENTION OF BLINDNESS Director: Dr. Intzar Hussain Butt Pakistan ForeignFree Eye Camps 327 59 Doctors 966 306 OPD 300,846 3,48,743 Surgeries 32,664 34,201 Places 42 Districts 13 CountriesCountries: Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Darfur, Somalia, Srilanka, etc
    61. 61. PREVENTION OF BLINDNESS Director: Dr. Intzar Hussain ButtServices for Flood affectees & IDP’s Flood 2010 IDP’s 2009 Camps 15 8 OPD 21,163 6,989 Surgeries 1,844 1,040Glasses Provided 00 2,712
    62. 62. PREVENTION OF BLINDNESS Director: Dr. Intzar Hussain ButtEye Camps for prisoners No. of Jails OPD Surgeries 16 8,900 45
    63. 63. PREVENTION OF BLINDNESS Director: Dr. Intzar Hussain Butt• Other Services: – School eye care project – Eye care training courses for eye specialist & paramedics – Center of excellence in Ophthalmology, Lahore – Public awareness campaigns through Hand bills, Lectures, Seminars & Media.
    64. 64. PIMA FEMALE BRANCH• Working in all aspects of medical profession to uphold the values & the principles of Islam• Female Membership of 300 through out Pakistan Central and Provincial Setup• President Dr. Kaoser Firdous• General Secretary Dr. Asma Iqbal• Central Executive Council• Provincial Bodies• Units Presidents
    65. 65. PIMA FEMALE BRANCH - ACTIVITIES• Fehm-e-Quran classes• Personality development workshops• Central Training Workshops• Lectures in medical colleges• Free medical camps• CME seminars• Hygiene promotion programs• Breast cancer awareness programs
    66. 66. STUDENTS BRANCH (Associate Members) Director: Prof Dr. Ahmed Saeed OBJECTIVESPIMA Students Branch is working in the students of Medical Colleges to:– Promote understanding of Quran and Sunnah.– Develop the attitude of selfless services of humanity.– Provide guidance and help in future career planning.– Help in academics & research– Create awareness regarding mission & activities of PIMA so that students may become its members after graduation.
    67. 67. PESHAWAR MEDICAL COLLEGE Director: Prof. Dr. Najib-ul-Haq Excellence in professional competence and ethical values• PMC started on 27th March 2006• Recognized by PMDC – Comprehensive inspection also done.• Recognized by CPSP for postgraduate training.• Well versed in IT and latest health technologies.• Research oriented – 5 Research papers compulsory for undergraduate students – won prizes in research competition in GIKI & Egypt.• Students practically involved in community health projects – relief projects for IDPs & flood disaster being run by students.• Dental college started
    68. 68. TIBBI FIQHI BOARD Director: Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman Working for current medical issues in Islamic perspectiveActivities:  Islamic Perspective of Organ Transplantation  Liaison with Islamic ideology Council  Lectures on Islamic Fundamentals  Lectures & seminars  Literature booklets
    69. 69. PUBLIC HEALTH AWARENESS Director: Prof. Dr. Najib-ul-Haq Aim: Public Health Awareness in light of Quran & Sunnah.• Lectures print booklets on following topics – Ladies Health & Families Care – Healthy environment for Good Health – Relation between Health and Habit – Health and Cleanliness – Prevention of Aids, Hepatitis B & C keeping in view the Islamic education
    70. 70. PIMA PUBLICATIONS Director: Dr. Maqbool Ahmed Shahid• Vision: To update the Islamic and Professional Knowledge of the Doctors on different Topics• Established in 1999• Total Publications: 20 books
    71. 71. ‫‪PIMA PUBLICATIONS‬‬‫‪Director: Dr. Maqbool Ahmed Shahid‬‬ ‫•اصول حدیث ایک تعارف‬ ‫• ماہ رمضان اور انفاق فی سبیل اللہ‬ ‫• شفاء اور دعا‬ ‫• صحت مند زندگی کیسے‬ ‫• میڈیکل کمپنیوں سے مالی تعاون کا حصول‬
    72. 72. Federation of IslamicMedical Associations FIMA
    73. 73. PIMA Positions in FIMA• FIMA Secretary General – Dr. Tanveer-ul-Hassan Zubairi• FIMA Save Vision – Prof. Hafeez-ur-Rehman• FIMA Save Dignity – Prof. Muhammad Iqbal Khan• Consortium of Islamic Medical Colleges (CIMCO) – Prof. Muhammad Iqbal Khan
    74. 74. FIMA• Muslim doctors for medical relief, research, education through out the world• 30 IMAs members of FIMA• FIMA is well known as International Relief Agency• FIMA year book – based on medical research
    75. 75. FEDERATION OF ISLAMIC MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (FIMA)Director International Affairs & FIMA: Dr. Tanveer ul Hassan Zubairi FIMA Council Meeting, September 2011 Jakarta, Indonesia 08 PIMA Members participated
    76. 76. Provincial Convention 2011
    77. 77. PUNJAB – 27 MARCH th
    78. 78. PUNJAB – 27 MARCH th
    79. 79. SINDH – 26th & 27th MARCH
    80. 80. SINDH – 26 & 27 MARCH th th
    81. 81. KPK – 2 & 3 APRIL nd rd
    82. 82. KPK – 2 & 3 APRIL nd rd
    83. 83. AZAD KASHMIR – 10 APRIL th
    84. 84. AZAD KASHMIR – 10 APRIL th
    85. 85. BALOCHISTAN – 30 MAY th
    86. 86. BALOCHISTAN – 30 MAY th
    87. 87. BALOCHISTAN – 30 MAY th
    88. 88. PIMA Secretariat Islamabad
    89. 89. PIMA Secretariat Islamabad PIMA Office: 12-Shalimar Center, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad Ph: +92-51-2261943, Fax: +92-51-2857132 www.pima.org.pk – pima@dsl.net.pk• Hamid Fayaz Office Secretary• Asim Siddiqui Co-ordinator PIMA Relief• Abdul Wadood Media Co-ordinator• Zeeshan Amjad Manager Finance
    90. 90. PLAN FOR NEW PIMA SECRETARIAT• Total Area for PIMA Secretariat: 20 Kanal• Location: Near Toll Plaza Islamabad• Basic Drawings of Development works has prepared• Development work will be started in March 2012• At the end of this year development works will be completed. Inshallah
    91. 91. PLAN FOR NEW PIMA SECRETARIAT• Development Work Detail: – Landscaping – Sewerage – Road – Boundary Wall – Electricity – Water Supply
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