June 2012 Registration Day, Overview of the ABVMA


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The AM portion of the June 2012 ABVMA Registration Day with an overview of the ABVMA

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June 2012 Registration Day, Overview of the ABVMA

  1. 1. ABVMA REGISTRATION DAY Radisson Hotel Edmonton South Edmonton, Alberta June 13, 2012
  2. 2. WHAT IS THE ABVMA? The professional regulatoryorganization (PRO) responsible forregulating the practice of veterinarymedicine and representing the veterinaryprofession within the Province of Alberta.  Veterinarians  Animal Health Technologists
  3. 3. WHAT IS THE ABVMA? A not-for-profit organization. Established through legislation: Veterinary Profession Act (VPA)
  5. 5. MAINTAINING ACCOUNTABILITY Report annually to provincial government - Minister of Human Services. Government appointed public members on councils and committees ABVMA Annual Report is a public document
  6. 6. PROVINCIALLY REGULATED Veterinary Profession Act General Regulations to the Act SELF GOVERNING ABVMA Bylaws Council Guidelines ABVMA Policy and Procedures
  7. 7. GOVERNANCE AMENDMENT Membership Committees Council Annual General Meeting Bylaws & Council Guidelines immediate effect VPA and Regulations made by Government Administrative StepsAlberta Employment and Immigration Professions & Occupations (P&O) requests
  8. 8. OTHER RELEVANT LEGISLATION Provincial:  Radiation Protection Act  Animal Health Act  Drug and Pharmacy Act  Motor Transport Act  Municipality Act  Animal Protection Act  Environment Legislation  Privacy Legislation  Occupational Health and Safety Act
  9. 9. OTHER RELEVANT LEGISLATION Federal:  Food and Drug Act  Health of Animals Act  Radiation Emitting Devices Act  Meat Inspection Act  Controlled Drugs and Substances
  10. 10. OBJECTIVES OF THE ABVMA To encourage and promote the health, humane treatment and usefulness of animals; Protect public health; Protect environmental health;
  11. 11. OBJECTIVES OF THE ABVMA To promote, encourage and develop veterinary medicine; In the interest of the public and profession, regulate the practice of veterinary medicine in Alberta;
  12. 12. OBJECTIVES OF THE ABVMA To arrange for and conduct courses of instructions, studies and lectures; To cooperate with associations, societies and organizations having, in whole or in part, objectives similar to those of this Association.
  14. 14. OwnersAll Registered Veterinarians and Animal Health Technologists Council
  15. 15. OwnersAll Registered Veterinarians and Animal Health Technologists Council CEO Registrar
  16. 16. OwnersAll Registered Veterinarians and Animal Health Technologists Council Legislated Committees Professional Enhancement Committees CEO Registrar
  17. 17. CEORegistrar Staff
  18. 18. CEO Registrar Staff•Practice Standards Practice Inspection•Discipline and Ethics•Registration•Communication and Professional Enhancement•Financial Management•External Communication•Council and Committee Activities•Other
  19. 19. CEORegistrar StaffCustomers
  20. 20. CEO Registrar Staff Customers•Veterinary Clinics•Veterinary Businesses•Federal / Provincial Government•Public as a whole•Individuals of the public•Related Stakeholders•Veterinarians•Other
  21. 21. COUNCILThe ABVMA governing body.Voting Members  Eight veterinarians  elected based on regional representation  Two public members  appointed by the Provincial Government  represent the public interest
  22. 22. COUNCILNon-Voting Members  Ex-Officio Members CVMA CFIA AARD AAAHT UCVM WCVM  Past President  AHT Council Member
  23. 23. COUNCILGoverns by making policy: Policy determines long-term direction of the Association consistent with the VPA, General Regulations, and Bylaws. Development of Council Guidelines, policies and procedures.
  24. 24. COUNCILKey Information Sources  Committees Policy Development  Administration ABVMA Staff  Membership
  25. 25. ADMINISTRATION Dr. Duane Landals – Registrar Dr. Darrell Dalton – Deputy Registrar Dr. Phil Buote – Complaints Director Mrs. Midge Landals – Manager Communications and Member Services
  26. 26. ADMINISTRATION Mrs. Kathy Mosmann – Executive Assistant Communications Ms. Janeen McPhee – Administrator, Practice Certification and Radiation Programs Mrs. Brenda Betnar –Administrative Assistant
  27. 27. ADMINISTRATION Ms. Lisa Barry – Administrative Assistant (Regulatory and Discipline) Mrs. Margaret Massey – Administrator, Member Registration Mrs. Carmen Luca – Accounts Administrator
  28. 28. ABVMA COMMITTEES Legislated or Operational Defined in VPA & Regulations Professional Enhancement or Policy Development Established by Council
  29. 29. LEGISLATED COMMITTEES  Registration Committee  Practice Inspection & Practice Standards Committee  Complaint Review Committee  Hearing Tribunal  Practice Review Board
  30. 30. PROFESSIONAL ENHANCEMENT COMMITTEES  Animal Welfare Committee  Companion Animal Committee  Equine Committee  Food Animal Committee  Alternate Livestock and Wildlife Committee
  31. 31. PROFESSIONAL ENHANCEMENT COMMITTEES  VetMed 21 Committee  Task Forces  Working Groups
  32. 32. ABVMA LEADERSHIP WEEKEND  Committee Member Training  Leadership Training  Annual General Meeting  February 8-10, 2013 in Calgary
  33. 33. ABVMALEGISLATED RESPONSIBILITIES Registration  Veterinarians  Animal Health Technologists  Verify Credentials  Good Moral Character  Legally Eligible to Work
  34. 34. ABVMALEGISLATED RESPONSIBILITIES Discipline Process  Maintain accountability to the Public  Complaints Process  Veterinarians  Animal Health Technologists  Permit Holders
  35. 35. ABVMALEGISLATED RESPONSIBILITIESPractice Inspection Practice Standards(PIPS Committee)  Establish and Verify Standards for any entity offering veterinary services Practice Certification, Audit & Inspection Annual Quality Assurance Self Verification Radiation Quality Assurance
  36. 36. ABVMALEGISLATED RESPONSIBILITIESContinuing Education (CE)  Members are required to acquire CE in order to maintain their registration  ABVMA provides CE opportunities
  37. 37. ABVMAPROFESSIONAL ENHANCEMENT RESPONSIBILITIES Policy Development Committees  Established by ABVMA Council  Mandate is either:  a specific set of responsibilities  to review and discuss issues to make recommendations to Council
  38. 38. ABVMA COMMITTEESRecommendations assist Council to: Recognize and be responsive to the diversity and changes within the profession, Promote the veterinary profession, Be pro-active in addressing veterinary issues, Make recommendation regarding the advancement of quality veterinary medicine, and Liaise with the profession, the public and special interest groups
  39. 39. ABVMAPROFESSIONAL ENHANCEMENT RESPONSIBILITIESAdvocacy - Voice of the Profession  Establishing the Profession’s identity; including veterinarians and animal health technologists  Global perspective, member’s role in caring for animals and public health
  40. 40. ABVMAPROFESSIONAL ENHANCEMENT RESPONSIBILITIESLegislation Development  VPA, General Regulations  Animal Health Act  Animal Protection Act  Radiation Safety
  41. 41. ABVMAPROFESSIONAL ENHANCEMENT RESPONSIBILITIES Representation and Delegation Animal Owner Groups Industry Professional Associations Governments Welfare Organizations Others Educational Institutions
  42. 42. ABVMAPROFESSIONAL ENHANCEMENT RESPONSIBILITIESContinuing Education CanWest Veterinary Conference - Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Alberta, October 13-16, 2012
  43. 43. ABVMAPROFESSIONAL ENHANCEMENT RESPONSIBILITIESContinuing Education  Regional CE  Specific Training Sessions Radiation Quality Assurance BSE Surveillance
  44. 44. ABVMAPROFESSIONAL ENHANCEMENT RESPONSIBILITIESHuman Resource Development Recruitment Career Development Video AHT and DVM Advisory Committees Curriculum Development
  45. 45. ABVMAPROFESSIONAL ENHANCEMENT RESPONSIBILITIESHuman Resource Development AHT and DVM Student Presentations Pre-Vet Student Presentations Classroom Agricultural Program
  46. 46. ABVMAPROFESSIONAL ENHANCEMENT RESPONSIBILITIES Business Development  Economic Survey  Resource Material and Manuals  Affinity Partnerships
  47. 47. ABVMAPROFESSIONAL ENHANCEMENT RESPONSIBILITIESCommunicationMember Magazine Annual ReportDirectory Fax ReleasesE-News Social Media
  49. 49. ABVMA REGISTRATION DAY Membership FAQs
  50. 50. ANNUAL RENEWALS Sent out to members’ home address in early November Due December 31 Renew online (instant receipt), fax, or mail Membership cards mailed out March/April
  51. 51. TYPES OFMEMBERSHIP/TRANSFERS Transfer in Nov/Dec to avoid transfer fee Non-Practicing or Time Limited Call us if you are unsure what works best for your situation.
  52. 52. CONTINUING EDUCATION (CE) If graduated in 2012, or received Certificate of Qualification (CQ) in 2012, then CE requirement starts in 2013 Keep certificates/receipts for 5 years in case you get audited, but do not sent to ABVMA office CE information – Council Guidelines and Bylaws
  53. 53. LETTER OF GOOD STANDINGCall or email us if you need to register inanother province/state to request a Letterof Good Standing (LGS).
  54. 54. NAME CHANGE REQUESTNeed written request with copy ofmarriage certificate or updated driverslicense.
  55. 55. NEW GRADSIf still pending, will not be able to log in. New Grad Veterinarian needs:  Certificate of Qualification (from CVMA)  Notarized copy of veterinary degree New Grad AHT needs:  Notarized copy of animal health technology diploma  VTNE result (if write in AB, testing agency will release results to ABVMA)
  56. 56. Questions?