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Abou abdoulaye yéro diop ecv jan13

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae 1. Last name DIOP 2. First name Abou Abdoulaye Yero 3. Birthday 30 mars 1953 4. Nationality Senegalese 5. Civil Status Married 1 wife 6 children Drive Permit (B) 06. Address D. (221)33952 28 79  (221)77554 94 29 Email abuujoob@yahoo.fr or abuujoob@gmail.com  Nguinth Extension THIES 07. Diplomas Period Establishments Location DiplomaFrom toNov. 2002 Jun 2003 National Higher School Teaching Practice Dakar Certificate of Aptitude in Middle and Technical (ENSEPT)/University Dakar Technical Education Practice (UCAD) (CAEMTP)Dec. 1979 Nov. 1982 National School of Rural Managers (ENCR) Bambey Engineer of Agricultural Works (ITA)Sept. 1972 Jul. 1974 Agricultural Technician School (EATA) Ziguinchor Technician of Agriculture (ATA) 08. Trainings Period Structure Place/Country Domains of studiesFrom to8/10/12 12/10/12 CTA/AUF UCAD/Sénégal Web 2. For Development27/08/12 15/09/12 USAID/PCE/ CSE/ Sénégal Seminar- High Level Training on Climate Change in Agriculture: Impacts and Adaptation Strategies30/03/12 28/04/12 Universities, USA, Kenya, Study tour on “Public-private partnership” in Education farmers, factories Uganda and research in Agriculture25/07/11 29/07/11 COLEACP/ PIP Dakar / Senegal "Capacity building of teachers and trainers in the ACP on analysis and prevention of risks related to the use of pesticides and biocides"01/06/10 20/06/10 A CSAD Damas /Syria Management and Development of Natural pastures in African French Countries20/04/09 20/06/09 LNATC Lembang/ Apprenticeship program for Asian and African Indonesia farmers/Indonesian agriculture31/03/08 13/04/08 CNEARC/ENEA Thiès/ Observe and understand an agricultural system Sénégal02/10/04 16/10/04 COLEACP/ PIP Dakar / Senegal Formation of Trainers in crops protection01/06/04 04/06/04 World Bank Dakar / Development of horticultures Channels for Economic Senegal Growth and the Poverty Reduction08/08/02 08/12/02 PSSA Mbour/ Senegal  Communication for rural development08/16/01 08/29/01 KOICA/RDA Seoul & Suwan /  Rural development policies in African countries Korea04/06/99 07/30/99 High National Abidjan/  Data collect methodology School of Statistics Ivory Coast  Agricultural statistics and investigations and Applied  Computer data processing Economy (ENSEA)11/15/92 11/30/92 F.A.O. Accra/  Use of geographical information systems (GIS) in Ghana agro-ecological zones03/14/85 11/22/85 ICRISAT Hydarabad/  Plants improvement and protection India  Agricultural statistics and Informatics 09. Languages. Languages Speak Write Comprehension French Excellent Excellent Excellent English Good Good Good Pulaar (= Fulfulfe, Fulani) Excellent Excellent Excellent Wolof Excellent Excellent Excellent Spanish Poor Poor Poor ------------------ CV Abou Abdoulaye Yéro DIOP 1/4 : 19/01/2013
  2. 2. 10. Professional Experience Period Structure and localities Function Major ActivitiesFrom to Structure Locality11/04/03 Now Horticultural Camberène Trainer • Agronomy Teaching and training to students, teachers and producers ; Vocational Training /Dakar • Coordinator of ERA/USAID sweet corn project in CFPH Center • Coordinator and Animator of Curricula Review Working Group / ERA-USAID- Tuskegee University • Identify with National Office of Professional Training (ONFP), horticulture farmers personal technical training ; • Organize and coordinate thinking workshop on teaching and training strategy; • Participate in the design and development of training materials; • Consultant (WB/Senegal, NGO,)03/13/96 11/30/02 Departmental Office Matam Chief of  Coordinator of rural development09/13/95 03/14/96 for Rural Podor Departmental Office  Member of piloting or credit comities of projects or programs;06/25/90 10/24/90 Development Kebemer for Rural  Trainer of teachers n primary school for Environmental information Project Development  Organization of agricultural investigations  Produce weekly, quarterly, annual and circumstantial rapports on rural activities  Organize research and diagnostic participatory rural appraisal (PRA) to develop projects of village land management, studies, surveys but also structures (basic infrastructure) villages and farm households.  Adviser in auto promotion (NGO, CBO, UNICEF, )  Trainer in Active Methods of Participating Research in environmental education, popular functional teaching and computer science  President, reporter, translator, or moderator of many seminars and Conferences  Consultant (NGO, WFP)10/26/90 09/11/95 Pedology Office Dakar o Assistant  Characterization of geomorphologic units and soils profiles (Project SEN 97/007 Nioro Cartographer  Toponymy, photo identification and interpretation & GPF/SEN/035Bel Kaffrine o Computer  Develop the programs of data bases capture and processing Ross Bethio Responsible  Soils analysis in laboratory03/17/78 30/04/90 National Center for Bambey Assistant  Survey of insects populations dynamic Agronomic Research Researcher in food  Economic threshold study of insecticides treatments (CNRA/ ISRA) plants entomology  Varietals resistance study of millet and cowpea  Management and Elaboration of reports, protocols and budgets  Member of « CILSS countries Comity of Plants Protection Researchers »07/15/76 03/15//78 Rural Expansion and Sakal/ Louga Rural expansion  Farmers adviser Polyvalent Center Agent then chief of  Elaboration of Rural Communities Budgets and projects (CERP) the Center10/01/74 06/30/76 Seed service Kaèl/ Mbacke Seed Controller  Seed control and certification ------------------ CV Abou Abdoulaye Yéro DIOP 2/4 : 19/01/2013
  3. 3. 11. Consultation Summary  In freelance "Environmental impacts of fixtures and fittings for agricultural development in the region of St. Louis: Review and Prospects for Sustainable Development" for the Spanish NGO Foundation MON-3 in collaboration with the ANCAR and University Gaston Berger (April- July 2011)  With the National Institute for the Study and Action for Development Education (INEADE): development of reference occupation by Competence Approach (floriculturist and arborist), skills and training and organizing methodological guide for the Centre for Social Adaptation Sébikhotane the Ministry of the Interior in 2010  With the International Office of Engineering Innovation (C3I) for UNDP (Millennium Village in 2010: development of agricultural projects in the villages of the Diokoul WADE area on the Marine fringe of Louga)  As Associate Expert of the NGO "Association des Amis du Sahel" development and technical conduct of the "project of regeneration and exploitation of the forest of Wallah", 2006-2007. Financing by the Netherlands IUCN  In freelance for the Union of Associations of gardening Niayes (AUMN) in 2006: Results of the campaign of forest gardening;  With the International Office of Engineering Innovation (C3I) for the Government of Senegal and the World Bank (assessment of the impact of locusts in 2005);  As a freelance consultant for UNESCO (2004): treatment of survey data on "Education for All";  In the freelance for association for Technology Development and Management of Space and village resources (ADT / GERT) in 2004: test demonstration for the use of garbage in millet fields in the area of Kissane (Thies)  In freelance for the World Food Programme (WFP) 1999-2000: assessments of flood damage in the department of Bakel,  In freelance for NGOs, development associations and villages and producer organizations: diagnostic studies and development of projects or programs. 12. Publications Soil Investigation: Course first year Horticulture Technician Certificate: 43p, 2004, revised in 2005, 2007 and Oct. 2011 Maintenance and improvement of soil fertility: Course 2nd year Horticulture Technician Certificate 39p, 2004 and October 2011 Agrology: Course of study, conservation and improvement of soil fertility for recycling trainers of Social Adaptation Centre SEBI Ponty, ,30p 2010 Agrology: Course of study, conservation and improvement of soil fertility for the Certificate of Horticultural Professional Aptitude 36p, 2004, revised in 2007, 2010 and 2011 Foundations and Principles of cultures outside soils: 16p, July 2011 Improving and maintaining soil fertility: Continuing education courses for professionals in horticulture with funding / ONFP 30p, May 2010 Crop Protection: Lessons Plant Protection in Horticulture Technician Certificate 59p, October 2010 Management and Development Course Natural Senegal: Country Report presented at the seminar on "Management and Development in Africa Natural Course» Syria, 20p, June 2010 Guide and Teaching Organization Material in Arboriculture / Floriculture (GOPM: crafts for Tree Surgeon / floriculturist 17p, December 2009 Competence Repository: crafts for Tree Surgeon / floriculturist 11p, December 2009 Training Repository: crafts for Tree Surgeon / floriculturist 57p, December 2009 Repository Occupation: Arborist for crafts / floriculturist 19p, December 2009 Diagnostic report: Preliminary Report of the seminar CFPH, 27p, Nov. 2009 ------------------ CV Abou Abdoulaye Yéro DIOP 3/4 : 19/01/2013
  4. 4.  Participatory feasibility studies of agricultural activities in the area Diokoul WADE: Office for C3I UNDP Millennium Villages / PTFM: Platform multifunctional fight against poverty, November 2009 • Draft seed production, 45p • Draft cowpea seed production of forage Diokoul Wade, 24p • Agricultural Project of Diokoul Wade, 8p • Agricultural Project of Keur Mandione, 7p • Agricultural Project of Ndialakhar SAMB, 7p • Agricultural Project of Wékhé, 7p • Feasibility studies of nursery seedling production in the area of Diokoul WADE, 9p • Feasibility studies of conditioning Bissap in the Multifunctional platform of Diokoul WADE, 9p • Feasibility studies of the processing of cereals in the area of Diokoul WADE, 29p • Feasibility studies for the conservation of milk in the area of Wékhé / Diokoul WADE, 18p Mission Report of the “Apprenticeship program for Asian and African farmers/Indonesian agriculture”,21p; July 2009 Balance campaigns vegetable and forestry Unions Vegetables Fresh Niayes: 51p. fév.2008 Regeneration Project and Operation of the classified forest Wallah: NGOs ASAS, 15p, May 2006 Evaluation of locusts damage in 2004: Cabinet C3I Agricultural Economist for the World Bank and the Government of Senegal: 52p May 2005 A comparative study of millet fields fertilized with household garbage or not: Research and Development for ADT / GERT "Supporting food production: restoration of soil fertility", 21p, November 2004 The plant and its environment: continuing education courses for professionals in horticulture with funding ONFP 11p, March 2003 Development of control methods against insect pests. Dissertation education Higher Polytechnic School of the University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar, May 2003 for graduation "Certificate in Technical Middle Practice Education, 31p June 2003 Diagnosis for Participatory land management villagers Matam with GPF Soubalo 12p in August 2002 Many technical reports in the functions held or co-produced in the different structures of the state and development projects Agricultural Development Policy in Senegal: Report presentation Senegals agricultural policy in Korea in August 2001 Agricultural statistics: Report of internship from March to July 1999 in Côte dIvoire Methodology for Agro-ecological zones and Geographic Information Systems: Mission Report Accra (Ghana) from November 16 to 27, 1992 Systematic beetles in "IDRC EXOLORE" Volume 14, No. 2 - July 1985 Many draft, reports, protocols and budgets on Cowpea and millet entomological protection (Survey of insects populations dynamic, economic threshold study of insecticides treatments, varietals resistance study of millet and cowpea,…) The entomological protection of cowpea in the central zone of Senegal Thesis tuition Ecole Nationale des Cadres Rural Bambey, 86p, November 1982 ------------------ CV Abou Abdoulaye Yéro DIOP 4/4 : 19/01/2013