Traxess Traveller Security Solutions English


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Traxess Traveller Security Solutions English

  1. 1. TraXess AG TraXess traXess tr Axess traXess traXe traess traXess traXes TraXess AG - Pioneers in Traveller Tracking
  2. 2. TraXess Traveller Eye Modern Corporate Security Management Do you keep track of your travellers? Our Traveller Eye localises your business travellers glob- ally. We display flight-, hotel- and rental car information on a world map. Your companies risk classification and global security policy triggers information processes and helps you managing global traveller security programs. · Multi level risk classification (e.g. No-go Ar- eas, subject to authorisation, security train- ing required). · Emails notifications for security managers and travellers when a ticket to a risk country has been booked or the travel policy had been violated. · Isolated security environment secures special needs of executive board members. TraXess AG - Pioneers in Traveller Tracking 2
  3. 3. Traveller Security Site The Security Portal for your Travellers Do you communicate Security Issues? Our Traveller Security Site helps you communicating se- curity information to your travellers. Important issues e.g., No-go Areas, your preferred Limousine Service or Medical Contact Numbers. With the Traveller Security Site you are creating active security for your travellers. Our application is as easy to use as a text processor. Making changes in the Traveller Eye automatically up- dates the Traveller Security Site. TraXess AG - Pioneers in Traveller Tracking 3
  4. 4. TraXess Security Wire Security News Alerts for Business Travellers How serious do you take your Duty of Care? Monitoring the security situation for all countries is al- most impossible for a corporate security department. With TraXess Security Wire we keep you up to date about security and travel related events via SMS/Email - around the clock. Adding intelligence to your Corporate Security Department helps you stay ahead and protect- ing your valuable assets. TraXess Security Wire comes categorised, risk labeled, geo-coded and in SMS- and Email-Format: Air Travel : delays, closures, strikes,.. Weather/Nature: flooding's, hurricanes, blizzards,.. Security: demonstrations, riots, terror warnings,.. Health: diseases, contaminations, spills,.. ...and in many other categories and levels. TraXess AG - Pioneers in Traveller Tracking 4
  5. 5. TraXess VisaEntry Requirements & Health IATA-Standard Free your travellers from researching. Recent history has seen more and more changes of entry requirements, which have caused delays or the abortion of business trips. TraXess Visa & Health informs travel- lers automatically about visa- and vaccination require- ments and changes. Visa & Health uses the establishes PNR-structure, existing profile data and integrates per- fectly into your booking process. TraXess AG - Pioneers in Traveller Tracking 5
  6. 6. TraXess Partner Network Mercur Medical Assistance Prevention and Active Assistance in an Emergency. When it comes to crisis management, the available assistance options are designed to cater for a wide range of requirements. Whether practical assistance is required on the ground, in which case an experienced scouting team will be dispatched, medical care involving psychological support is needed, the victims have to be transported out of the situation (which might even involve the use of a private jet) or there is a need to evacuate people to a neighbouring country, the range of services available with the Mercur Travel Risk Management package takes all needs into account. 6
  7. 7. Contact us for further information about our products and services: Phone: +41 43 322 31 31 Email: Web: TraXess traXess tr Or contact your local distributor: Axess traXess traXe traess traXess traXes TraXess AG - Pioneers in Traveller Tracking 7