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Game Design

  1. 1. WHAT IS GAME DESIGN?April BundridgeART117-001 Computer Graphic Design (section 01)December 17, 2010
  2. 2. PROJECT  /features/411/ga s/6129276/index. me_design_an_i html ntroduction.php  Site designer- Site designer- CBS Interactive UMB TechWeb  Site deals with many different This is mainly an game consoles, article videos, forums, information site cheats, reviews, on the game articles and design career. downloads.
  3. 3. WHAT I HAVE LEARNED There are lots of different avenues that are available to someone who wants to do game design. Game design is a complex work field and can be difficult to get into without the proper knowledge and experience. While game design can be very rewarding, it also has its drawbacks when a project fails. There are many different genres of games and many different styles of games within
  4. 4. OVERVIEW What is Game Design? Game Designers Spotlight What do Game Designers do? Did Game Designing Meet Personal Expectations Pros and Cons of Game Design Technology and Game Design How to Become a Game Designer Job Titles of a Game Designer How Much Money do Designers make? What are Some Other Resources for Information?
  5. 5. WHAT IS GAME DESIGN Game design refers to the idea behind a game.Large immersive games – Smaller games/onesrefers to the plot or theme without plot- refer to how as well as story and one plays the game character‟s back story
  6. 6. GAME DESIGNERS SPOTLIGHTDesigners — Company — Best Known Works
  7. 7. WHAT DO GAME DESIGNERS DOGame designers are creative decision makers.
  8. 8. DID GAME DESIGNING MEET PERSONAL EXPECTATIONS It‟s like doing pen-and-paper design, only more detailed and more fun.Finding a balance between making the games you want to play and being aware of the big picture and adjusting for it. Surprised at how technical game design is.Met most expectations though there was surprise at the amount of communication required with staff outside of development.
  9. 9. PROS AND CONS OF GAME DESIGN Pros Cons Selling It‟s not static publishers onBeing able to risky titlesmeet a variety of people Finally seeing a Waiting to see project come to an idea come life to life Dream fulfillment Worrying about budget and saying „no‟
  10. 10. TECHNOLOGY AND GAME DESIGN Facilitates design and storytelling Faster Enhances access to design and data and player better experience graphics Can be critically important to the games design
  11. 11. HOW TO BECOME A GAME DESIGNER Be team- orientedA critical eye for Good writing games skillsGood design Good skills communication Persistence and Know what you enthusiasm like in games
  12. 12. JOB TITLES OF A GAME DESIGNER Junior Game Designer Level Designer Game Designer Lead Designer Content Designer Creative Director User Interface Designer Writer Scriptwriter
  13. 13. HOW MUCH MONEY DO GAME DESIGNERS MAKEAverage Designer Averagewith 3yrs or less Experience Designer Salary$40,000 $77,419 Statistics taken from
  14. 14. OTHER RESOURCE ARTICLES“Designing Video Games…Sometimes,” by Jill Duffy“Game Design Career Preparation,” by Tom Sloper“Academics for Game Designers,” by Michael McCoy“On Game Design: The Designer,” by Jason Weesner“So You Want to Be a Game Designer,” by Marc Mencher“Tips for the Working Designer,” by Sylvain Dubrofsky“Types of Game Designers,” by Brenda Brathwaite“Designer Advice: A Beginner‟s Guide,” by Jill Duffy with Mike Mooreand Marc Mencher Articles available at
  15. 15. WHAT IS GAME DESIGN?April BundridgeART117-001 Computer Graphic Design (section 01)December 17, 2010
  16. 16. Assignment Requirements:For this Project, you will create a presentation over a topic related to Graphic Design and/or Computer GraphicDesign.An important component of this Web Research Project is the actual design of the presentation -- utilizing all of theskills and techniques that you have learned throughout the semester.Another important component will be the inclusion of all of the specific details about your topic. The list is below.You will:Research a topic related to Graphic Design / Computer Graphic Design. For example: typography, non-traditionaldesign, a specific graphic designer, a specific logo or branding that has changed the way we think of design, etc. Ifyoure not sure of a topic, please email me. Use the book to help you find topic ideas.All of the research for this Presentation will be done on the Web.Think about how you are going to present this information. Will it be on a poster? A brochure? This is up to you. Youshould think about how the format relates to your topic.The specific required elements and their point values are below.You are creating this to educate you fellow classmates about your topic.• Include the following:• Your Name• Your area of research / topic.• Title of Web Sites• Web address researched (http:// address)• Person or institution that designed the site (If no name is listed, please state that in this section.)• Describe the important elements on your chosen web site by commenting on the design of the site. For example: color, fonts, images, the ease or difficulty of finding information, etc. Plan to spend some time in this. Be specific about the sites design.• Dedicate this section or the remainder of your paper on the artist or areas of research. Like...• What did you discover that you did not know?• Discuss visuals and anything that you can share with the class about our chosen topic.• Teach us about your topic.My Comments:I chose Game Design for my research project. I found a couple websites that talk about being a game designer, butcouldnt find anything specifically about designing games. I chose to create a PowerPoint presentation to layout theinformation.Instructor Comments:Well done, April!