how does music influence people (ALIV- BANGLADESH)


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how does music influence people

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how does music influence people (ALIV- BANGLADESH)

  1. 1. Members Of Group 4-B
  2. 2. How Does Music Influence Our Daily Life How Many Ways Music Follows To Influence us How Does Music Influence Young Generation Relation Between Music & Romance Types Of World & Homeland Music In Which Sector Music Influences Lives Of Musical Heroes Types Of Musical Influencing Relation Among Music, Animal & Plants Power Of Music Unhealthy Effect Conclusion
  3. 3. SURPRISING EFFECT OF MUSIC Ω Music Influences Our Mood “ MUSIC IS SO NATURALY Music Also Influences A Ω Music Influences Us Praying In little Baby To Sleep Worship And WITH UNITED Praise Songs US THAT WE Ω Music Influences Us To Find CAN’T BE FREE FROM IT Jobs EVEN IF WE SO DESIRE ” Ω Music Inspires People To Take Action, Help People And Share Love To Someone Else Twinkle Twinkle Little Star . . . . .
  4. 4. 7 Ways Music Influences Moods  According to Saarikallio and Erkkila’s Investigation 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Entertainment Revival Strong Sensation Diversion Discharge Mental Work Solace
  5. 5. MUSIC : A COURSE IN LOVE  Music Stirs Our Emotion And Broaden Our Romantic Thoughts  Music Is Called The ‘Perimeter Of Love’ “ I Love You, You Love Me, We Are A Happy Family”
  6. 6. OUR HOMELAND MUSIC WORLD MUSIC Today’s Bangla Music Is Of “All The Music” World Music ConsistsVaried and Distinctive Of The World Classification Of Bangla Music : : Generally People Like Worldwide Classical Music Classic Music Rabindra Sangeet Hip Hop Music Nazrul Geeti Pop & Jazz Music Folk Music Heavy Metal Adhunik Gaan Modified Western Music
  7. 7. MUSIC FOR PURIFICATION  His Song Shows Us The Truth Of Life  His Major Influence Is Islam  People Become Conscious about spiritual Life By His Song Fakir Lalon Shah  His Song Broaden Our Mind And Close A Narrow Passage Of Our Life
  8. 8. THE INFLUENCE OF MUSIC UPON YOUTH “Young People Wake Up To It, Drive To It Play To It, Study To It and Go To Sleep To It.” It’s Music Teenager Listen Music In Average Of 2.5 hr Per Day Young People Mostly Like Rock and Rap Music They Try To Follow Their Favorite Singers Dress and Behavior
  9. 9. Music Influences People Physically and Mentally In Different ways Classic Music: It Stimulates Brain, Increases Creativity, Memory and IQ Nazrul and Rabindra Sangeet: It Shows Us The Theme Of Philosophy and Beauty Of Love Folk Music: It Expresses Our Emotion, Political, Economic and social Issues Modern Music: It Brings Newer Style Among Our Newer Generation
  10. 10. MUSIC INFLUENCED THE GREATEST  Einstein Himself Said That The Reason He Was So Smart Because He Used To Play Violin Vladimir Plato: “One Quick Way To Destroy A Society Is Though Its Music”  Music Was The Main Key That Helped Einstein Vladimir Plato Albert Einstein
  11. 11. MUSICAL HEROES Father Of Of Pop Music King Bangla Pop Music People’s Most And HisPopularMusic A Newer Folk Singer In Inspiration Bangladesh Influenced Bangladeshis and People Got Newer  Music Is The Most Entertainment Inspiration To Her  Music Lifted Her Life From Ground To Sky Azom Khan Michel Jackson Momtaz People Has Become Senseless In Jackson’s Concert
  12. 12. MUSIC IS EVERYWHERE Music Provides Energy To A Soldier’s Blood In His Mission It Enhances A Soldier’s Bravery Energetic Music Is Using To Pump Up A Team At Playground Music Makes Energetic The Team Members And Entertain The Viewers Salman Khan Aspiring As A Model In A Song It Gives Entertainment Music Has Become An Important Element In Cinema Sector In A Soldier's Sometimes Music AtTimeMusic Contains The Whole Theme Of A cinema Leisure Cricket Stadium
  13. 13. Our Scientific Experience : Special Effects Of Music Aid Hens In Laing More Eggs Music Can Also Help Cow To Yield More Milk Wheat Will Grow Faster With The Help Of Ultrasonic & Musical Sound Music & Animal
  14. 14. THE POWER OF MUSIC 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Effective Therapy For Pain Medicine For Heart Boosts Immunity Enhances Intelligence, learning, & IQ Improves Concentration & Attention Improve Body Movement & Coordination 7. Music Calms Relax And helps To Sleep 8. Reduces Stress & Aids Relaxation 9. Improves Moods & Decrease Depression 10. Music Helps To Work More
  15. 15. UNHEALTHY EFFECT  Heavy Music Might Make People Angry and/or Violent  Music Promotes And Glorifies Drugs & Alcohol  Music Promotes To Do Suicide
  16. 16. “CONCERT FOR BANGLADESH” “Bangla Desh, Bangla Desh Where So Many People Are Dying Fast And It Sure Looks Like A Mess I’ve Never Seen Such Distress Won’t You Lend Your Land And Understand Relive The People Of Bangla Desh” George Harrison His Song Influenced Our National Heroes and General People To Proceed and Survive In War 1971
  17. 17. QUESTION SESSION . . .
  18. 18. Contact: 01672-462007  Country : Bangladesh Email:  