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Abu Dhabi Tempo, March Publication focusing on culture, fun, lifestyle and more on Abu Dhabi
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Abu Dhabi Tempo, March Publication focusing on culture, fun, lifestyle and more on Abu Dhabi


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Abu Dhabi Tempo, Magazine focusing on AbuDhabi Community News Events Exhibitions Lifestyle Culture Food Maps Resorts Hotels and more..

Abu Dhabi Tempo, Magazine focusing on AbuDhabi Community News Events Exhibitions Lifestyle Culture Food Maps Resorts Hotels and more..

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  • 2. VOLUME 6 | MARCH 2010 th e r h y th m o f your this month city Heeello Abu Dhabi !! 4 Your Say March is a bumper month for everyone, as Abu Dhabi again outdoes itself with amazing choice, quality and value. 5 ShopCall 5 Shop Call Our calendar is chockfull of events for high profile events including the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, the Abu Dhabi Media Summit and the 6 What’s Hot in Abu Dhabi prestigious annual Laureus sports awards. For sport lovers there’s also the Abu Dhabi International Triathalon and the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge 8 City Bites 2010. 10 My Abu Dhabi Family fun is coming in all forms, from the quirky to the specialty, including the Royal Drive 2010, the International Sculpture Symposium 2010, the Abu Dhabi Festival and of course the supercool Wakestock festival. 11 Home Smart So much to do, and so little time. Be sure to take our central pull out event 12 People Meter & Meet your Neighbour planner along. Plan ahead and enjoy! 13 Making a Difference 14 Handy Helper Media Licence No. 1/105866/24295 15 Workitude Editor: Sana Bagersh, Editorial Coordinator: Kulsoom Zakir, Magazine Designer: Praveen Prabhakaran, Website Designer: Rizwan Pervaiz, Marketing Coordinator: 16 Alive & Kicking Ahmad Al-Dajani, Production Coordinator : Joel Flores Editorial Contributors: Genevieve Colaco, Aicha Diop, Samantha Davis, Mariam Bukair, Randy Parker and Farrukh Naeem. 18 My Style Blueprint Disclaimer: 19 Trendsetter Tempo is a publication of BrandMoxie. Although Tempo Magazine does its best to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of its contents, the publisher cannot accept any responsibility for errors, mistakes and inaccuracies. The publisher reserves the rights of 20 On the Beaten Path & Arablish this product and no part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the permission of the publisher. 21 Funny thing about Life Address: To reach editorial at Abu Dhabi Tempo email: To reach advertising call 02 6673349 or email: 22 Culture Talk If you need to find out where you can pick up your copy call: 02 6673349 or check out the list of Tempo distribution points on our website. 23 Webwatch Abu Dhabi & Movie Watch Join us at: Would you like to be a community reporter for 24 Lifecoach, search for Abu Dhabi Tempo Abu Dhabi Tempo? Email us: 25 Ask Um Saif & A Yank in Sand Land 26 Classifieds To advertise in Abu Dhabi Tempo magazine or the website: 27 Tempo Fun Page, call 02 6673349 Published by: Please recycle this magazine: locations include Spinneys and behind Riyada Clinic.
  • 3. YourSay Dear Tempo, I loved the Emirati machbus recipe in your February issue Khalidiyah Mall ! It’s not hard to make and my family loved it. Now all we need is a real Emirati restaurant! Could your Tempo Get in the Bohemian Groove! Fashion Show Dear Tempo, reporters look into whether there are any out there? That .Bhs stores across UAE are welcoming the season with a minty fresh I was near Al Khaleej Al Arabi and Al Falah Street would be great. Womenswear line. Vibrant pinks and purples, bitter chocolates, Amy J intersection on February 5 when I witnessed a horrific 4-5th March & 11-12th March tangerines and jade are kept sophisticated with cool white tones accident. An ambulance and a 4-wheel drive crashed into Dear Amy, throughout their exotic bohemian globetrotter theme. Yes, flowing each other. The reason is that the driver of the 4-wheel drive did not take heed that the traffic lights have now We’re on it. Ed maxi dresses and psychedelic gypsy skirts are back! Their nautical changed. Before the new DOT changes, forward going range is what caught our attention. Choose wisely though, while and left turning lights were also green. Now while the the bold clean lines in a fresh palette of white, navy and red front going lights are green the left turning lights are Dear Tempo, still red. I know the traffic department has an extensive evoke timeless nautical style, if you do not select the right stripe I’ve moved to Abu Dhabi from New York. I’m grateful radio campaign—I hear it all the time on the Arabic radio patterns for your body type then your style statement will that Abu Dhabi city is laid out in grid form kind of like stations—warning people about the Al Khaleej Al Arabi sink faster than you can say SOS! NYC—makes it easier to find places. Thanks for your traffic light changes. It is a shame that people don’t listen pull-out map and events guide. I keep it folded in my carefully and don’t pay more attention on the road. wallet and take it everywhere. A Boy Girl Thing for Sure! Anita For stylish boys the Duck and Dodge range from Bhs kids Wafa Nasser Dear Tempo, offers two main collections: Pop Life is all about clashing Dear Wafa, colours and bold prints for the playful boy who loves cool I read Fatima’s letter in your last issue about the Corniche Collision with an ambulance no less?! DOT’s objective characters and graphics, whereas the Rock Idol collection Road crossing near the coffee shops area. I agree that is to create a ‘green wave’ , and they have succeeded. on busy weekends, people cram in the centre island to gives a laid back rock ‘n’ roll vibe look. Also, this season Sweet Our hope is that the public heeds the safety cross to the other side and that a ‘green wave’ that allows Millie features a stunning range of pieces that will suit little girls campaign. you to cross the entire road would be the answer. I do want to make a comment about how pleasant and polite no matter what their style! Girlie girls won’t be able to resist the Ed some of the police crossing guards are. I don’t know if Garden Party collection. Wish to go all hippy? Arizona Dream they are told to be nice as part of their jobs, but it really collection offers colourful maxi dresses with patchwork prints Dear Editor, does make a difference to the public. Thank you, nice and tie-dye teamed with sun hats and canvas beach bags. Go on kids, have fun I loved “Funny Thing About Life” in your Feb issue about policemen. taxi stopping etiquette and how difficult it is to catch a S.D. dressing up! taxi if women keep stepping up in your waiting line and Being a Girl is Fun! 3349 m claim the taxi you’ve been waiting for—all on the basis of �� �� �� �� on 02 667 �� �� �� �� �� � �� � � � their gender. Being 18 and a young male, I am the most � � t call Imran � � This spring summer Tammy has once again pulled together a collection that offers � � � � � � � � � � ��� disadvantaged segment of the taxi customer. I have de- � this pullou � � � � VE ������ � � GE TA ������ � BL a ‘one stop shop’ for fashion savvy teenage girls combining catwalk and celebrity E MA www.bran RK ET � ���� UQ To sponsor ������ cided that I will give my taxi to an older person (provided A SO ���������� EN ME ���� � ��� AS SUWWAH T RD ISLAND inspired must-haves with stunning accessories and jewelry. Check it out! ����� FOR ��������� they are really old and not pretending) but I refuse to � ������������� ND ISLA LU LU � ET ������ RE � N ST ����������� allow a pretty young thing to take my taxi. dMoxie MDA ) RD AL RD HA SA � ORT LA NICHE M SP St (PAS D St ����������� COR T TO ND ET BOA ISLA YE RE N ZA U LUL � ST A BI QASR EL BR L H EA ZA LA KW HA HA BAHR FA ATE R MAN (AIR AL AL PO RT � H RD Young and Car-less AC ) AH ET red by Bran BE EA ALIYY RE ICHE ST E ST RD D RN AL SAMMAN NE KH (M ISL � NC CO AS W AL UR H SU CO FE EIRA LT EE OO RN DE AN J AL R) St St ICH AB BIN IFA AR EN E KH ZA AB AL TE YE IS KH BA AL HEALTHPLUS WOMEN’S HEALTH CENTER � D St T BIN REE A St MED UMM AL NAR RD A ST EAST RING I AD DUBA AM RD POWER STATION SA RAS AL I LM MOH AL ABU DHABI DHAB AL Dear Ed, DA AKHDAR NATIONAL OIL �� ABU KH AL POLICE COCONUT AL SU EE J AL AL MUR COLLEGE COMPANY ISLAND BA LT AN OOR AR TE BIN AB AT A �� EN ZA I St AL MAT MADINIFAH KHAL YE D St AR AL BATEEN SHEIKH ZAYED BRIDGE TO D (AIRPORT RD) AIRPORT AL MUSHRIF T is sponso AT AN BO ISI ISL COAST BRIDGE OPENS IN ABU DHABI �� FU TA ROAD MAQTA QASR I agree with your conservation columns Tempo—good EL SHATIE ABU DHABI EXHIBITIONNATIONAL CENTRE �� UMM AL NAR TO MUSS AFAH BRIDG E �� job for your constant reminders about environmental �� International Marine and Sports MANGROVE Tel: 02 681 Tel: 02 645 0001 8988 8484 EMERGENCY NUMBERS 13. Abu Dhabi 02 681 5566 1111 Tel: 02 681 5000, 18th Street Club- 8D: Tel: : Tel: 02 673 5I: Tel: 02 678 This PULLOU 9B: End of Sailing Club-3L responsibility. But I have to say I somewhat disagree with 02 666 2228 1700 �� Private Beach- Corniche Road 14. Abu Dhabi Ladies Club-10B: Tel: Tel: 02 671 • Women’s Along 02 633 1110 3555 Beach-8E: 15. Abu Dhabi Chess Club-9J: Tel: Tel: 02 676 • Corniche : End of 18th Street 15S: 2008 16. Abu Dhabi Bowling Centre- Tel: 02 556 • Breakwater-7E International • Police: 999 : Inaugurated on 16th February, this is one of the first premiumout patient tion-6H 9444 Cultural Founda 17. Khalifa �� 4. Abu Dhabi MOSQUES Al Nahyan Grand Tel: 02 403 4650 Tel: 02 681 gency: 997 Bin Sultan • Fire Emer or 992 : 998 or 999 ricity: 991 5300 TS Tel: 02 621 1. Sheikh Zayed LS & RESOR Tel: 02 690 9000 02 645 4858 ext. 221 your last issue of “On The Beaten Path” Yes, we should be . MALLS Mall-5K: Tel: Centre-6I: e Village-7E 8950 Mosque-11L HOTE Ambulance r and Elect 1. Abu Dhabi 5. Heritag Tel: 02 690 Mosque-16V med Bin Zayed s Palace-8C: Dhabi-7F: d: 996 • Wate 02 666 7776 her Forecast: ng 1. Emirate tional Abu �� t Zayed Shoppi 6. Barakat-9C: 2. Sheikh Moham Coast Guar 199 2. Hilton Interna ity: 993 • Weat • Etisalat: 181 • Du: 2. Madina 8555 S Mosque-10G 8555 Tel: 02 631 SPAS & SALON : Tel : 02 690 8885 3. Sultan 6888 -4I: Tel: 02 631 Centre-7I: RES & CLUBS Tel: 02 666 Resort & Towers Municipal t Zayed Gold 02 443 7070 Spa-9C 6888/02 621 0000 Club-12J: n Abu Dhabi Services centers to open in a planned network of 20. As a distinct ‘Center of 1. Anantara 3. Madina Mall-8J: Tel: 4. Al Wahda Mall-8H: Tel: 02 635 4400 2. Beauty Salon-10E: Tel : 02 666 : Tel : 02 644 6666 SPORT CENT and Equestrian 1. Abu Dhabi Golf 3. Sherato Tel: 02 677 3333 Tel: 02 644 6666 Direc tory Enquiry & Health Club-4J Tel : 02 632 4437 5500 15BB: n Hotel-4J: I: Tel: 02 674 2020 turning our ACs off in the current ‘winter’ in Abu Dhabi. 5. Khalidiyah 02 681 8300 3. Eden Spa ont Salon-6 H: Tel: 02 445 and Resort- 4. Le Meridie Mall-7D: Tel: 02 642 5800 4. Gilles Poplim : 02 666 2228 Golf Club Meridien Hotel-5 575 7377 Tempo email: 6. Marina 2. Abu Dhabi 5. Le Royal Airport Hotel: Tel: 02 Address: Plaza-7J: Tel: 02 556 2229 : Tel : 02 666 6266 8706 : 2700 l at Abu Dhabi 7. Al Falah Tel: 5. Le Spa-9B Salon-4I: Tel Tel: 02 558 Cultural Club-9I 6. Abu Dhabi Hotel-5H: Tel: 02 626 6888 To reach editoria om Mall-12HH: Tel: 02 696 4444 : 02 681 8817 Sports and 9E: Tel: 02 666 dhabitempo.c 8. Al Raha 6. Nicole Beauty 4. Al Wahda 7. Millenn ium al Abu Dhabi- editorial@abu sing call 02 6673349 or email: Yas Island Spot-7C: Tel 8386 : ntinent 9. Yas Mall:On 7. The Beauty Tel: 02 4433000 Yacht Club-4K 5335 Excellence in Women’s Health’ this innovative facility offers a team of -6C: Tel : 02 681 3000 Marina and 8. InterCo I: Tel: 02 633 To reach adverti GARDENS 8. Tips & Toes Beach Rotana Hotel, Tel : 02 644 5. Abu Dhabi 9. Sands Hotel-6 Hotel-6K: Tel: 02 644 3000 abudhabitem your copy call: on our website. PARKS & 02 563 2700 advertising@ can pick up tion points where you But tell you the truth it’s not much of a winter here. : 0300 Rotana t Garden-9E 9. Zen Spa-6L Tel: 02 644 -12FF: Tel: 10. Beach 4444 to find out of Tempo distribu 1. Zalama s Sailing SchoolTel: 02 444 8000 Tel: 02 696 508 0555 If you need out the list 2. Family Park-7G n’s Garden-11K CLUBS K: 6. Emirate City-15S: 11. Yas Hotel: Hotel-12HH: Tel: 02 9 or check HEALTH Fitness Club-12 8888 02 667334 f Childre Health and 8. Zayed Sports 02 446 5855 12. Raha Beach Hotel-16X: Tel: 02 509 654 3333 3. Al Mushri Park-14U 1. Abu Dhabi Club-8I: Tel: Tel: 02 446 5850 i-La 9 . Al Jazeera Club-10J: 13. Shangr 5X: Tel: 02 4. Sheikh Khalifa Tel: 02 443 6333 U: r Football Fishing Charte rs nt Bab Al Bahr-1 02 495 2000 Garden-8G Officer’s Club-16 10. Amateu 14. Fairmo Tel: 5. Khalidiyah Garden-15T 2. Armed Forces and Sport Hotel-8K: competent healthcare professionals dedicated to meeting the unique and Divers -One 6. Old Airport 5900 11. Arabian 050 614 6931 15. One-to Temperatures have jumped higher and we need Tel: 02 441 6666 T: Tel: 02 444 8458 Park-13O :Tel: 02 644 Tel: 02 443 0355 -11G: Mob: 7. Al Ghaf 3. Beach Club-5J t Club-10K: Ice Rink-15 h Garden-6J Comba 12. Abu Dhabi 8. Baldiya 4. Abu Dhabi Garden-5I: 9. Capital GALLERIES SITES & ART 665 5332 BEACHES CULTURAL Tel: 02 Gallery-8G: 666 9656 1. Ghaf Art -9G: Tel: 02 changing medical needs of women of all ages. A comprehensive range of Zeidan Gallery our ACs!!! 2. Salwa sub-specialty services, which include General Obstetrics & Gynecology, Daniel B. Log on our website Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Urogynecology and Reproductive Medicine will help provide a fresh approach to women’s We'd love to hear from you. Write to us at and watch Tempo TV’s latest healthcare in the capital. For more info call 02-6433494 video updates on Abu Dhabi 4 5 Tempo March 2010
  • 4. What's Abu t HoDhabi ABU DHABI ABU DHABI INTERNATIONAL SCULPTURE CLASSICS in Fort, Al Ain 5 Mar, Al Jahili SYMPOSIUM 25 Feb – 7 Apr, Zayed University, nductor Daniel Young British co e splendid Salwa Zeidan Gallery and the Harding wi ll lead th r Orchestra in a Armed Forces Officers Club Mahler Chambe rmance rfo soul-stirring pe three “New What do artists from the United Kingdom, focusing on on Bernstein’s World” favo urites: Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Portu- re, Gershwin’s gal, Bulgaria, Austria, Republic of Georgia, Candide Overtu Blue, jazzy Rhapsody in Japan, China, Korea, USA, Canada, New e extraordinary Zealand, Australia, Egypt and Lebanon performed by th ák’s Fazil Say, an d Dvo� have in common? symphonic heart-breaking ic and people Give up? 17 of these contemporary artists tribu te to the mus s u Dhabi Classic will be participating in the Abu Dhabi of America. Ab music rises yet ag ain to entertain International Sculpture Symposium. The binding 2010 lovers with spell gs. OYALasDRIVCErniche and Dubai program schedule includes a series of lec- tures at Zayed University campuses in Abu m elodious evenin rts at 8 pm. Dhabi and Dubai along with interactive onsite workshops. Performance sta R Mar, Y Marina, o ound the w orld and su per duper ill 18 – 20 of superc ars from ar e Royal D rive 2010 w mbination g tow ards UAE. Th 18. Developed from a combination of waterskiing, snowboarding and “The artists taking part in this milestone A unique co s are headin the evening of March event were carefully selected to create a l performer a Hotel, on internationa surfing techniques, wakeboarding is a surface water sport which in- volves riding a wakeboard over water. World Pro Tour Water Sports multi-cultural atmosphere and were asked er at th e Yas Marin a gala dinn oring organizers around the world will be looking to Abu Dhabi to set to present three proposals for sculptures begin with ts will be flo determined y, participan wing a pre- the tone for this year’s inaugural WWA Wakeboard World Series as that compliment the UAE, its culture and The fo llowing da ina circuit before follo tators and on the Yas M ar ral spec Abu Dhabi Municipality in partnership wih Abu Dhabi Beaches and history,” states Symposium Director Salwa accelerators ard to enth Flash bring you Wakestock Abu Dhabi: a free wakeboarding and niche Boulev named Zeidan, Director of the Salwa Zeidan the length of Cor 12-hour music festival music festival, the likes of which you have never seen! The world’s Gallery. route along s. In Dubai, a acts from top 16 riders (that’s what they are called, seriously!) have already s enthusiast ing live motor-sport ences featur an Kingston confirmed their participation. hed on audi -pop idol, Se w ill be unleas Gorillaz and reggae mething to entice The six-week Symposium will result in the “Elements” virtual band e’s a little so In addition to the world’s best wakeboarders battling it out for a unveiling of 17 large sculptures (six me- Gram my-winning rnatio nal DJs. Her perVeloce an d ters) which will be permanently placed in merous inte hini LP670 Su alongside nu $50,000 prize purse (the largest one yet for the sport!), live music from the some of the hottest international and regional acts will 8 Italia, a Lamborg selected locations around the city of Abu the lads: e Ferrari 45 entertain audiences over the wakestock weekend starting from 1 event includ Dhabi for your viewing pleasure. For more ating in the pm everyday till late. For details flip over to our music feature : The Cars particip irage. info on lecture and workshop timings, arrera GT M Beat with Aich. venues and artist biographies log on to a Porsche C our website 2010 ABU DHABI FESTIVAL Registration for the 2010 Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (ADDC) is signalling a bigger- than-ever competitor 20 Mar – 7 Apr, Abu Dhabi Theatre and Emirates Palace turnout with more than 100 challengers expected Celebrating the 200th anniversary of Chopin’s birth, the Abu Dhabi Festival features for the event which, for the symphonies from one of the grandmasters of the Romantic era which will captivate the second year running, will be hearts and minds of UAE residents. Established in April 2004, this classical arts festival totally staged across Abu Dhabi never fails to attract high calibre regional and international artists to the capital annu- emirate. ally. This year the primary focus of the event will be the the Festival of Bilad Al Khayr The cross-country motor sport spectacular, organised - where the Seven Emirates unite motivated by the legacy of the late H.H Sheikh Zayed by the Automobile and Touring Club of the UAE (ATCUAE) is the season- bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Abu Dhabi Festival endeavours to bring together all nationalities opening round of both the FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup and the FIM Cross Country Rallies World Championship. and communities living in UAE by providing a platform where cultural minds meet and exchange ideas through public, life-long learning projects. For a complete list of the Entry to the 2010 Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge is open to cars and trucks complying with FIA T1, T2 and T4 technical regulations, as well as festival’s performing program visit our website: motorcyclists and quads running under FIM auspices. 6 7 Tempo March 2010
  • 5. ���� Ready for some Sea Flava? Shang Palace presents seafood lovers with an exclusive seafood menu and the freshest catch of the day at Shangri-La hotel. Available for lunch and dinner from 8th to 23rd March, this promotion is not to be missed if you are up for a tasteful culinary Arabian Sea adventure. Falling for Falafel! Just Falafel promises to serve crunchy light falafels to its customers and it does just that! No more, no less. Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi city (Hamdan and Khalidiya Street), easy access to both its branches allow people from all walks of life the chance to learn about this traditional and healthy fava bean snack. Just falafel outlets are nowhere as big as neighbouring restaurants but then again, you don’t need much space to create the tasty Arabian snack anyway! If watching servers and cooks working ambidextrously at breakneck speeds does not surprise you then the affordable falafel rates and refined, original taste of these beloved chickpea nuggets will. Spread across Lebanese humus on pita bread, doused in Indian curry or served straight up with side serving of fresh salad, falafels might just be the healthy mid-day snack you need to refuel those brain cells. “With falafel there is something for everyone. Each person has their own unique tastes, and with our outlets offering so many different varieties and preparation methods, each person can find their individual favourite choice, and become a part of this culinary classic.” Mohammad Bitar, Founder and Managing Director MEKONG RIVER Ring the King COMES TO ABU DHABI! No more fumbling for restaurant menus under sofa cushions or kitchen cabinets! Customers can now dial one dedicated number - 600 5 2222 4 to place orders Home to many traditional Vietnamese specialities, at any Burger King restaurant anywhere in the UAE. Shangri-La celebrates the Mekong River with a host of native cuisines which can now be enjoyed in Hoi An from 10th to 19th March in addition to the regular a la carte menu. Note: Hoi An is open from 7pm to 11:30pm daily. 8 9 Tempo March 2010
  • 6. MyABU DHABI Life, love and happiness on the sea homesmart Everyone has something they do better than anyone else. You have the brag rights and Tempo is giving you the space! So send us your helpful tips and tricks to making life lusemons Carine Bruyninckx is a resident of Abu Dhabi who found her simpler and richer. Just make sure its all original and all you. e them as... happy ending on the docks of our capital city. Send us your tips: When life gives you Abu Dhabi and I applied for company each equiped with an air condition- accommodation as that boat was too ing unit, toilet, basin and shower; one small for all four of us. We immediately big kitchen, one Jacuzzi, two terraces shifted to the appartment and settled and even a slide! in, neglecting the boat. The bildge pumps that should expell the water “Now that my daughters have gone coming in were disconnected (it back to Belgium, I want to sell the boat to build a new smaller one Air Fresheners: Simmer a half dozen lemon slices with a was an old wooden dhow boat) and with only one bedroom but with the handful of cloves in water and say good bye to bad odours. slowly it filled up with water and sank at the marina berth! The 999 financial crisis we have not been able “I am a Belgian cargo pilot and I first Taste Enhancers: When roasting, add lemon peels to the mix sea rescue team of Abu Dhabi did a to sell it. Besides it is still a too good came to Abu Dhabi on a contract and enjoy the new taste! wonderful job putting the boat afloat a boat to simply give away at a lower for Etihad Crystal Cargo three years and we brought her to Mina Zayed price and we simply enjoy our time ago. I stayed in a hotel here for three Pot Polishers: Dip half a lemon in a small dish of salt, and rub it for repair. Sea Light marine company on it everyday. On the weekends weeks every month and I really liked over tarnished copper. repaired it so beautifully that it was we sail to the near by islands with the city.Then one day, me and my better than before and... I fell in love friends, we swim all year round, go Household Cleansers: Make a paste out of half a cup of baking companion were looking for a with the manager, Abou Ahmed, who fishing on it and catch a lot of soda and liquid dish soap. Use a lemon half to scrub kitchen restaurant in the Marina club and was responsible for the repair work. hamours that we cook in different and bathroom surfaces. found an advert – ‘House-boat dhow However, the companion from my ways. It is so much better than living for sale’. This was a completely early days in Abu Dhabi still needed in an appartment. You have fresh Stain Removers: Remove berry, coffee, and tea stains by different approach to the boat as a house, so he bought it air from the sea even in the hottest soaking stained areas in lemon juice for about an hour. accommodation. We would have from me. months; there are turtles, barracudas, 100% ownership and if things go crabs, hamours, rays, and a crazy Dishwasher ‘Detoxers’ : Run a dishwasher cycle with half a wrong we could sell it! I bought the “I had a new love, a new life but I number of other fishes in the Marina. lemon in the top rack to freshen the appliance. house-boat in one hour and what became ‘boatsick’. I missed my life at I spent hours watching them from followed next were three years of an the marina too much. Abou Ahmed the boat. Everybody in Abu Dhabi Hiccup Healers: Bite into a lemon and get instant relief from incrediblely good life at the marina consoled me and said that he had goes to Marina Mall so friends often annoying hiccups. near Marina mall (in close proximity built more than 200 boats and he drop by to say hello. It feels like a to all the shops and entertainment). Tempo Tip! could build a perfect house-boat in holiday everyday! Our friends visited from Europe and which both my daughters could live. I we often went out at sea, sleeping on some of the smaller islands at night, agreed and the new house-boat was “Soon Abou Ahmed and I will be PO Product: ah... life was going great! ready in four months! My daughters getting married on the boat. I guess I TEMICE Mehran Ker spent two years in it while attending their french school - Lycee Massignon. finally found my fairytale ending.” Don't get carried away R PHECKER nel Basmat i 5 kg “A couple of years later I had the The new boat has three bedrooms at shops when you see C opportunity to bring my children to 'great deals' and sales. A Descriptio n lot of people are sucked Amt into the hype and often s overspend, buying thing Emirates Dh 44.00 that they have a hard Cooperativ time returning later on. e Dh 45.50 To avoid buyer remorse, Carrefour keep a shopping list and Dh 45.95 p stick to it. If necessary kee a small amount asi de for those 'surprise' finds. 10 11 Tempo March 2010
  • 7. PEOPLE METER Making a Meet People Meter is an offbeat way to learn more Each of us can in his, or her, own way make a difference in our world. Sometimes this can be a simple gesture, and about our community and its people, who sometimes it is a kind word. This page is dedicated to the hero that resides in each and every one of us, and to the sharing of great news that will make our planet a better place for us all. come from different backgrounds, cultures and walks of life. YO YOUR Volunteer opportunity at AD Triathlon: FEMALE NEIGHBOUR If you are all pumped up for a sporty month after the Terry Fox run along the Corniche last TRIATHLETES Roopali Mehra month then this volunteering opportunity is for you! The organizers for Abu Dhabi Triathlon are IN ABU DHABI looking for a number of volunteers to help make it Roopali Mehra is an Indian expat who fell in love with this The world’s top female athletes are gearing-up to a world class race. If you are interested in city. She shares her story with us this month: compete in the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon volunteering for the event please email info@abudhabitriathlon. (ADIT). With more than 500 participants com and in the subject line put VOLUNTEER. “Abu Dhabi is one of the best places I have ever been to confirmed from 25 countries, it’s going to be a and I can assure you that I have done quite a bit of globe dash to the finish line, skid marks and all! Here’s Reception Tents and Valet Parking: Abu Dhabi Municipality trotting. This city has a unique culture of building what two of the top-tier professionals had to has launched valet parking services along with reception tent relationships. I have made some really wonderful friends say about the event which has attracted the facility to its visitors. The tents, which have a heritage-inspired during past 12 years. People from different cultures and world’s top 50 athletes to the shores of design, reflect authentic traditions of the emirates and are nationalities are now like a family. Abu Dhabi: meant for receiving customers and visitors in comfortable environment, and offering them hospitality and other services “I am super excited about making the trip to “I was born and raised in New Delhi. My husband, Manu including newspapers. Abu Dhabi in March. It is a great opportunity Mohd. Usman Sarwar Nadia Mohamed and I got married and came to Abu Dhabi in December for me to step up in distance and try to learn a 1997. When we landed in UAE, we thought we will spend a The Greenery Prize: Good news city residents! Abu Dhabi lot about myself. With such a great organiza- Pakistani Somali American year or two and then go back to our homeland, little did we tion behind the race, and a great prize purse, Municipality has bagged the Greenery Prize at the 10th Arab Sales & Marketing Data-Entry Personnel realise that this city is going to be our home. Towns Organization Awards last month. Abu Dhabi has 1250 it is set to attract a great field of top pro males hectares covered by plantation, while the number of trees and females.” Julie Dibens What first word comes to your mind when I say: “I was always keen on being a working professional and outside our ‘nature-loving’ city are in excess of 5.5 million! With “I can’t wait; I’m really looking forward to racing that is what led me to educating myself even after statistics like that no wonder the competitors went green... with the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon. marriage. I pursued a degree in Masters of Business envy. The race-distances, the course-design and Difference Love ‘n’ Need Difference Obama Administration, from University of Bradford in England. Just professionalism of the organization are when I thought I was ready to embark on a professional Saadiyat Beach Classics Charity Gala Dinner: Organized by promising to make this race a hotspot in the Faith Allah Faith Islam journey, God had other plans for me. I discovered I was Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC), the dinner event’s calendar. The world will see triathlon at Fragrance My GF Fragrance Flowers pregnant. My first child my son was born in 2001 March successfully raised more than Dh 1.2 million. The Zayed Higher its best and I am thrilled that Abu Dhabi is Tunae Soul-stirring Tunae Harmonious and my second baby arrived in December 2002. Both my Organization for Humanitarian Care and Special Needs, Khalifa adding triathlon to the list of successful kids were born in Corniche hospital and since my kids were Foundation, and the Gary Player Foundation are some of the world-class events.” Circle Boundary Circle Table only 20 months apart I had my hands full. The working humanitarian organizations which will be sharing the funds. Yvonne Van Vlerken Time Running Out Time Deadline woman in me took a back seat. HelpingHand Space Good Space Ship “Abu Dhabi city offers a whole lot of activities for kids. Joy Success Joy To the World! Tempo’s From tennis to football to golf and lots of painting and ade’) Twilight Romantic Twilight Team Jacob! art lessons for the creative minds. Since it is not a very big (aka ‘the Rahma brig EcoVote! Wealth Necessity Wealth O La La! city, you dont waste time in travel because the distances are not too long. You have the best of the world brands Braeden Enzo Manuel is Wayne and Rowena and designer labels available in the world class malls here. Puras’s adorable two year old boy QuickQuestions Moreover it has the best restaurants and all cuisines are In a bid to adhere to who was born in UAE and needs your available to residents and tourists. From the hardcore sustainab global ility stand immediate help. Last October, he underwent Indian eatries to the lovely Italian pasta, Mexican ordered th ards, TDIC e world’s fir has an Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) test as enchiladas - you name it and they have it here! st two zero-emis his parents noticed that he was unable to utter sion all-el to Abu Dh ectric buse even a single word. The ABR confirmed what they dreaded most: their “I love Abu Dhabi because it is indeed a very beautiful abi for op s Bani Yas Is eration on son is completely deaf. In order to rectify their son’s condition the Puras family has decided 1) What is your dream world!!! I love to travel, place with a lot of greenery. It is most definitely one of the land. To be Sir to go ahead with a cochlear implant, surgery, and the speech therapy required to give their cleanest cities I’ve seen. But what I like the most about Abu from this m introduce job? just don’t have the onth, Sir B ani Yas d son a normal life which will cost a minimum of Dh 216,275. Dhabi is safety and security. My husband has to travel a lot Island, the Usman: I want a job time to. due to work and I have never felt scared to be alone here natural isla 87-square kilometer nd, will be “As we can not afford the amount no matter how much we tried, we are determined to ask which helps me earn 2) Your motto in life: with two little children. destinatio the first n in the w everyone who could help, even if it would mean begging everyone even for a little amount to public tra orld to ha raise money for our son for him to live like any normal kid around, being able to hear loads of money, but with Usman: Live n let live. “To all those who are reading this and are new to the city nsportatio ve a solely on a n system ru loving words from us, having education; and just like you and me being able to hear music and respect n honour. Also, a all I can say is give it time and you will soon discover that ll-electric buses. n laughter...” Wayne & Rowena Puras Nadia: Don’t dwell over there is no better place to live than Abu Dhabi. When I sexy secretary wouldn’t the past. Work on making compare it to the hustle bustle of a big city, I feel very Contact: Wayne - 00971 50 2832122 • Rowena - 00971 50 3401733 hurt! ;) comforted to see the peace and harmony of this place. Live your future look better your life to the fullest because you live only once.” Nadia: Anything to than your past! Making a Difference is a celebration of good people and good deeds. Please share with us your ideas, activities and community do with travelling the ‘public-good ‘ stories. Send them to 12 13 Tempo March 2010
  • 8. handyhelper helper AND THE AWARD SETTING GOES TO... A TABLE Abu Dhabi is the hot spot for sport fans this year as yet GET NOTICED AT WORK! another sporting event hits town! Only this time, the participants will be dressed to impress and the only Everyone enjoys the experience of fine dining workout involved will be avoiding a mental block while when they don’t have to set the table delivering an acceptance speech. Lo behold! The annual Despite all your attempts to get themselves.While some pretend to know the Laureus World Sports Awards will be staged at Emirates noticed at work Mr. Brown Noser basics, others simply chicken-out when assigned Palace on March 10. Celebrating sporting achievements snagged the promotion and that such a task. Although it is not rocket science, from January 1 right up to December 31, 2009, this setting up a informal dining table is a science of awards ceremony will be broadcast to a worldwide TV luxury vacation you had set your precision - place the water glass too far and your audience in 180 countries. sights on ever since you joined finicky guests will sign you up for table etiquette Here’s a list of some the nominees from a few the company. Don’t lose hope; lessons! Here are a few guidelines you can categories: we have devised a strategy which follow: Laureus World Sportsman of the Year ensures that you will bag the next • Firstly, make sure that all flatware and silverware • Usain Bolt (Jamaica) Athletics, 23 promotion and leave the • Roger Federer (Switzerland) Tennis, 28 placed on the table is an inch away from its edge. • Lionel Messi (Argentina) Football, 22 competition chewing on Make sure all cutlery and dining utensils are at Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year office supplies wishing they had settings equidistant to one another. • Shelly-Ann Fraser (Jamaica) Athletics, 23 thought of it first! • Begin by placing the plate in the centre of the • Sanya Richards (United States) Athletics, 24 placement mat. Remember that often as the meal • Serena Williams (United States) Tennis, 28 Be the Beacon: Management prefers to promote problem Be a Leader: Become the ‘go-to’ guy (or gal... we don’t is laid out, the first course plate is simply replaced Laureus World Team of the Year solvers over whiners so when things go wrong, don’t look believe in gender bias) for office colleagues. Support the with main course plate. • Barcelona FC (Spain) Football for people to blame instead help colleagues solve the management in new initiatives and try to play a more mess and move on. Be the shoulder everyone can count proactive role in everyday situations at the office so that • Brawn Formula One Team (United Kingdom) Motor • Since silver that is needed first is set the farthest on and for what it’s worth: always keep a smile on your Racing people notice your input. (right and left) from the plate, begin arranging face. Your positivity will not go unnoticed (wink, wink). .Keep this information handy for your own good. Cut out and save it in a folder • Germany Women’s Football Team (Germany) Football the utensils by placing two forks to the left of the Be Smart: Make sure your boss knows what projects • Los Angeles Lakers (United States) Basketball Be Innovative: Volunteer for other workplace tasks which plate. The fork for the first course is placed on the you are working on. Seek his or her guidance and input • New York Yankees (United States) Baseball involve organizing and planning, for example: office outside and the one for the main course will be on forthcoming initiatives and ideas. Don’t pester them parties and picnics, company newsletter publishing, and though! Also, make sure you are involved in projects that on the inside. The upper limit on number of forks Laureus World Breakthrough of the Year HR committee meetings etc. These moves will set you that can be placed on the table per seating is allow you to work with your seniors. So that next time • Jenson Button (United Kingdom) Motor Racing, 30 apart from the rest of the masses and show top levels around they know whom to select from the ranks. restricted to three. executives that you can pull your own weight. Not to • Mark Cavendish (United Kingdom) Cycling, 24 mention, you’ll have loads of fun with office mates and get • Next, position two knives to the plate’s right (the • Tom Daley (United Kingdom) Diving, 15 to know them better. Next time around, they too might be outside knife will be used first). If required soup Laureus World Comeback of the Year rooting for your promotion! spoons may be set on the table to the right of the knives. Remember to provide butter knives only if • Lance Armstrong (United States) Cycling, 38 Be Thorough: Try to imitate those whose position you Time Management Tip # 6* • Kim Clijsters (Belgium) Tennis, 26 wish to occupy someday. This in no way means losing butter or bread are set on the table. Place the Be shrewd when managing time. If you want to • Jessica Ennis (United Kingdom) Athletics, 23 your individual identity and sense of self just to please butter dish or the bread plate in the 11:00 others. The trick is to single out attributes that set them avoid long meetings schedule them right before • Tom Watson (United States) Golf, 60 position from the plate. The dessert spoon and apart from the rest of the pack and adopt these in your lunch or the end of day when most people fork are laid head to toe near main plate’s “I am really pleased that for the first time we’ll be going work life. will be more inclined to brevity in order to get top side. to Abu Dhabi which is one of the most exciting cities in away. If you want to avoid pointless meetings, the world.” Be a Player: A team player! (What did you think?) then cancel them, and change the communica- • The water glass should be put at 2:00 position Participate in team projects so you can highlight your Boris Becker, Vice Chairman Laureus World Sports ability to ‘gel-in’ with fellow workers. Management is tion direction in favour of other options such as to the dinner plate. Any other beverage glasses Academy always on the look-out for people who can take memos or email. Most meetings, if not properly should go to its right. directions well and synergize large groups of people to managed, are unnecessary time wasters for all To download a complete list of nominees and • Finally place the napkin centred on the dinner work together on difficult tasks successfully without those involved. categories for the Laureus awards log on to *Part 6 of a 12 issue series causing too much ruckus amongst members. plate or fold it to the left of the forks. and click on Tempo Downloads. 14 15 Tempo March 2010
  • 9. KICKING THE BEAT withAich Win! The Power Lies Within Prevent Sun damage: Photoaging causes premature age spots and deep wrinkles inside our skin. So listen to Baz Lurman’s song and rememeber to you use sunscreen! If you really want a tan, opt for a fake one and when outside, protect your skin from UV rays by wearing clothing which covers your entire body. Go Smoke Free: Smoking causes destruction of collagen in 5 sets of Ecojot paper products! your body, this accelerates aging. The damage once done is Prize: This month Ekotribe and Abu Dhabi Tempo irreparable! Our suggestion: buy some nicotine patches and have paired up to bring you another exciting quit smoking today! contest. Ecojot is a beautiful range of Canadian March is looking to be one ‘excitement-packed’ month in the made 100% post-consumer recycled paper products Drink Water: To look young it is essential to hydrate the capital. Wakestock Abu Dhabi is set to keep the beat of the city which are perfect for today’s eco savvy user. 5 lucky skin from within. Water can help you do that as it forms the alive with its fantastic selection of artists performing at the winners will each win a set of one Notebook (3X4), a medium which enables anti-aging nutrients to be carried festival. Arabic artists, Carole Samaga and Fady Andraos will Journal (5X7), an Eco Calendar and an Eco Workbook to cells inside your body. On an average, 8 to 10 glasses of perform alongside alternative rock band, Maximo Park and hip (6X9). water a day should do the job. For summer months your hop legends, De La Soul on the Corniche's Al Sahil beach from intake of water should increase as you sweat out most of it the 4th to the 6th of March. Here's what's lined up: Eco Benefits: during the day. Carol Samaha March 4th · They use acid-free, processed chlorine free paper © Photography by Ali A. Al - Tamimi Reduce Alcohol Intake: Alcohol causes dehydration and Carole started her career as an actress, and discovered her love & board. blocks the intake of key nutrients which inturn rapidly ages of singing through musicals. She launched her singing career · All the inks & glues are vegetable based, therefore our skin. Already we know that too much alcohol can cause in 2003 with the album "Helm", which took the Arab market by Aging gracefully is what everyone desires but very few are bio-degradable. some major health problems, so why take the risk? storm and won her the Best New Arab Female Singer award in willing to make the necessary lifestyle changes which can the same year. · No new trees are used to make the paper & the Green Tea Parties: Enjoy regular cups of green tea in paper mill is powered by biogas harnessed from a enable them to achieve this goal. Most people resort to power form and your skin will reap the benefits. Not to Goldierocks - March 4th nearby landfill. cosmetic surgeries, while others opt for skin rejuvenation Goldierocks is Sam Hall - DJ, presenter and party planner mention it also helps reduce abdominal fat, and protects · All the protective packaging is corn-based. techniques. Either ways, there are easier methods to du-jour. Renowned for her energized DJ appearances and you from cancer and heart disease. So what are you waiting · Furthermore, they try and use as much locally made looking and feeling younger everyday. Here are a few tips invading parties / aftershows all over the world, she is also for? Go green today! raw material as possible. to get you on your way: growing her reputation as a respected producer, presenter and music journalist. We look forward to sampling her ultimate Electro-Rock 'n Roll Disco as it swings into town for How to Win? HEALTHBEAT By Dr. Max Sawaf Wakestock 2010. Fady Andraos - March 5th Fady was discovered after reaching the semi finals in a popular Answer the question: How many trees are used to make Ecojot paper? Send in your answers along with your name and What I did not Know, Could have Killed me! Arab reality show, and shot to fame as the lead in a Lebanese mobile number to sitcom Fady & Rady. His first single, "B Alby Dally", was released with Ecojot Contest in the subject line. in July 2007 and with its innovative mix of rock and eastern music it went straight to the Arabic music charts. “Aging is not very pleasant, but it is this as a normal part of aging. as part of his balanced diet. He has the only known way to live longer.” I can never forget my dad who at never touched a cigarette. He travels Maximo Park - March 5th Sainte Beuve age 80 was crippled with Parkinson’s independently and continues to drive Paul Smith (vocals), Wooller (keyboards), Lloyd (guitars), Tiku Are you tired of yo-yo dieting? Do you disease as he sat in his wheel chair his car in Damascus’ busy streets. Now (bass) and Tom English (drummer) have been gathering crowds have trouble getting out of bed in the unable to walk after a fractured hip wouldn�t you choose to be like him all across Europe with their infectious energy and upbeat and live with his quality of life? nature. Their music is a mix of funk, disco and indie rock . Their morning without lots of coffee? Are and incapable of recognizing his songs are meant to quicken the heart and set the pulse racing, you suffering from chronic fatigue or kids due to his damaged retina from The fact is that fear of death is as old through a musical ethic that's dense and filled to the point of decreased memory? Does it take you age related macular degeneration. as recorded history. Could the recent bursting with ideas, lyrics and melodies. Renowned for their a long time to recover from a cold Compare my 80 year old dad to my explosive interest in anti�aging performances onstage, you don't want to miss this! and are you plagued with recurrent 78 year old father�in�law who keeps medicine and in extending life be allergies? The fact is that these are up his daily one hour walking routine partially a reflection of our fear of De La soul - March 6th De La Soul are a massively influential hip-hop group hailing CONGRATULATIONS all symptoms of accelerated aging with his friends and keeps lifting death, or is it the fear of disability or sub-optimal health. With early some light weights while taking some associated with old age? Regardless from New York. The three band members - Kelvin Mercer, prevention you can prevent yourself nutritional supplements. He maintains of the reasons for the interest in Vincent Mason and David Jude Jolicouer are best known for from slipping on to the wrong path, a healthy muscle�to�fat ratio, and anti�aging medicine, we all realize their eclectic sampling and quirky, surreal lyrics and were one of the earliest alternative hip-hop acts. Their debut album, 3 Winners of Envirosax Contest the path of disease. presents a good physique to the that we need radical changes so that Rama Krishna Asapu. Atia Sharmin. Archana Manmohan. Feet High and Rising, which was a critical smash hit has been The truth: You don’t have to accept world. He eats to live, rather than we stay independent and productive described as a "hip-hop masterpiece." Shiella Marie Pecson. Gilbert Rahhal live to eat, enjoys salads and fruits much longer. 16 See you on the beach! 17 Tempo March 2010
  • 10. My Style TrendSETTER This time around Tempo brings you a chic collection of belts. Don’t write these off as passing fashion fad; sometimes the right belt is all you need to highlight your personal sense of style and add that “wow” factor to your outfit. Choose wisely though, the wrong pick can leave others thinking ‘trashy’ instead of ‘trendy’! Check out our picks of the month: Tempo spots fashionable and smart dressers Sunglasses: Extreme Dh 350 around the city. For Him Tommy Hilfiger Webbed Leather Belt SPOTTING... Name: Shirt: Zara Rani Samer Sadi Dh 170 For Her Qaradeh Anne Klein Single Prong Belt Age: 22 Nationality: For Her Palestinian Evans Black Waisted Belt What do you do (work)? Graphic Designer in a For Her design company. Forever 21 Your most valued Ethnic Vibe Elastic Belt fashion possessions? Pants: Zara Sunglasses Dh 250 The One Thing I Regret Buying: Hats For Him The One Thing I Dream Ed Hardy of Buying: Men's Domin o Leather Belt An awesome guitar OUR FASHION Style inspiration: EXPERT SAYS: Vibrant colors and Shoes: Aldo attractive patterns Dh 290 Definitely a shirt that will effect my mood get you noticed! And pairing For Him positively and it with black pants is wise. inspire me to dress Vertical lines always make Ed Hardy my best! you look taller and although Men's London slightly dated, probably fits your occupation well. Calling Leather My Style Philosophy: Belt Simple and chic Would you like to be featured on My Style Blueprint? If you do contact: 026673349, 18 19 Tempo March 2010
  • 11. On By Rantan Rave It’s My Turn! Arablish Of movies and bad accents Watching “My Name is Khan”—the new Bollywood-meets-Hollywood Shahrukhan movie— was like breathing a lungful of wonderfully fresh air. Not only because the F NABOUNGIFE UN YTHI T L movie dealt with the September 11 attack and the subsequent stereotyping and I have had it with driving! If it weren’t for exorbitant taxi fares, I would We all know that one of the biggest no-no’s in any civilized society harassment of Muslims with intelligence and is to jump a queue. That goes for ANY queue, anytime, anywhere... sensitivity, but also because it delivered an have chucked my car keys in the sea along time ago. Early last year, I was whether you’re lining up for muffins and a tall, no foam, decaf latte authentic Islamic and ‘Arabic’ experience. driving my car through an intersection on a busy residential road when with blueberry muffin on the side; or the gas station near The producers may have taken some creative I stopped at a traffic light. Just as the lights were about to go green, a Shahama (the longest line I’ve seen); or at a grocery shop with license in the timelines between events, but only two items in hand and five housewives with full shopping right from the first moment it was clear this midnight black sports car came zooming towards my car from behind carts ahead of you. You don’t jump a queue! Exceptions to the movie is different from your typical and rammed into it. Thank goodness the driver recalled his training rule? Maybe only if you’re buying syrup of ipecac to take home commercial film because of the absence of lessons at the last minute and managed to hit the brakes before he to your grandmother who accidentally ingested your nail polish silly mistakes about Islam in general and Arabs in particular. Clearly has to do with the pushed my car in the path of oncoming traffic. When I recovered from remover, or you’re buying cable to rescue a child that hangs the shock, I composed myself enough to walk out of the car without fact that the acting and production teams precariously on the third floor of your building. Other than that included Muslims? It might also have helped I’d say no exceptions. clinging onto it for support (as my legs were shaking). The police were that Imagenation Abu Dhabi (as one of the producers) may have vetted content with a close-by so they responded to my call quickly. However, the Arab driver You would think that was a universal rule, like ‘thou shalt not kill’ qualified subject matter consultant? Maybe. who had hit me refused to step outside his car till the police came. He didn’t etc.... But you invariably come across these absolute dim-wits even check on me! The police were very concerned and polite. When the driver (not my first choice of adjective), who think they have a God given Mistakes abound in Hollywood. Remember Gwynth Paltrow as an UN interpreter in A did come out of his car I was shocked (for the second time that night, I might add) to right to YOUR space in the line. Even though you don’t have a sign Perfect Murder? Her Arabic –delivered in see that he was a teenager, no older than my son of 18!!! The officers made him apologize on your back that says, “If it pleases you in any way, please proceed a smooth monotone—sounded like utter ahead of me.” gibberish to an Arabic speaker. And of course to me. I only heard a distant mumble of the word “sorry” but that’s all I was going to get out of him. It has there’s “Body of Lies” which was partly shot in been a year since but I can’t seem to get over this incident. So stick to the fundamentals of the golden rule: no queue the UAE. The movie was full of bad Arabic and jumping...anywhere anytime. And that goes for everything from Kate R. non-relevant accents. The movie’s gritty standing in a line to get your prescriptions, in your car as you wait content was undermined by bursts of Over to to enter the traffic, or in a bank as you wait to be served by the audience laughter whenever someone spoke You next available teller. ‘Arabic’. The movie was set in Iraq and Jordan “Well, I feel sorry for Kate Nothing of this sort has ever happened to me but when you think of and had a smattering of Dubai locations. it, it is rather sad that some of the youth in this city has lost its respect for elders. Thank God some And the bank is exactly where I recently encountered the While many of the characters were supposed youngsters still have some manners left. Only yesterday a young boy bumped into me and said ‘I am phenomenon everyone should be wary of: the new hybrid to be Iraqi, the few actors who actually spoke sorry sir’, these were his exact words! ” A.K ‘real’ Arabic had strong local dialects from jerkface. This is an individual who doesn’t come in and take your Egypt, Morocco and other Arab countries. “I would have slapped him... and probably ended up in jail! Seriously, kids today place in the queue. Oh no, that would be impolite. What the NHJF Not Iraq. And then there’s the Jordanian head does is use a clever technique that makes YOU look bad if you need to learn that you cannot play with cars. They are dangerous tools of security, a central Arab character in the meant for grown ups who can handle responsibility...or at least object to them taking your spot. This is the scene: you have ticket movie—this guy couldn’t deliver an Arabic spell it! I am a teacher and you won’t believe the audacity of the number 351, and after 48 minutes of waiting you are absolutely phrase to save his life. teenagers I have to deal with everyday in the ‘private’ school that I work for.” relieved to take a seat before the teller. Then two minutes into Nutty Professor Sure as a non-Arabic speaker you may think your ‘session’, a polite looking man (or woman) pokes his head and it unreasonable to expect perfect accent after clearing his throat ‘uncomfortably’ (all a show folks, believe casting since the majority of the film going “I think the policemen did their part. The rest is up to the parents of that horrid young me) and saying ‘excuse me’ with a smile he proceed to ask a ‘quick audience is non Arab speaking. Well, yes... but man. I hope they revoked his license for sometime.” question’ of your teller. The teller, disarmed because of the ‘excuse to draw a parallel about what it feels like to Sunil K.P me’ and the very polite smile, looks your way apologetically and an Arabic speaker, it’s like showing the Queen Elizabeth and her government speaking in a “Parents should stick those ‘Am I driving responsibly?’ bumper stickers on their kid’s then proceeds to serve the NHJF as if this was a legitimate turn. mix of Texan, Australian, Jamaican, South cars. They should mention their numbers too so that people report reckless driving And here’s the quandary: if you object you take the risk of instantly. My parents did that when we were living abroad. My brother hated it but I sounding petty and unchivalrous. African and New Zealand English. Funny, right? didn’t mind as I knew it was the right thing to do.” Kelly Graham Now through this column we send a clear message to all the We want to hear from you. Send your NHJFs out there: we are on to you! We are not fooled by your comments to fancy airs and put on politeness. Go back and stand in the line, like the rest of us! Send your stories to 20 21 Tempo March 2010
  • 12. Culture MOVIE Talk Peregrine (Falco Peregrinus): For hunting purposes, the female Peregrine, ‘Shahin or Bahri Shahin’ is also thought Trend-spotting Abu Dhabi online to be better than the male, ‘Shahin Tiba’. Training Falcons Welcome to WebWatch - your guide to the online buzz about Abu Dhabi. I’ll take you on a trend-spotting tour every month. What was tweeted about Abu Dhabi? What caught bloggers’ WATCH The trainers or ‘Falconers’ as they are called must master attention? Which videos of our city made it to the top? Send us the three ‘Ps’: patience, proficiency, and perseverance. This your Abu Dhabi links at Alice in Wonderland Releasing March 5: Starring Johnny Depp, aspect of the hunt is what makes it a sport! Sitting on the trainer’s cuff called, ‘Mangalah’ which is used to protect Mia Wasikowska, Crispin Glover, Anne his hand from sharp talons, the falcon is held by a cotton TubeWatch Hathaway and Helena Bonham Carter, this is one of the most eagerly awaited films leash of sorts, called ‘Al Sabbuq’. Its reactive head and of the year. The story begins when Alice keen eyes are covered by Al Burgu. This helps them slowly tumbles down, a rabbit-hole one afternoon adjust to a new environment. Using the Tilwah method V8 Supercars 2010 at Abu Dhabi by Motorsports45 in pursuit of a white rabbit and finds herself in Wonderland, an outlandish imaginary to call them back, experienced falconers demonstrate place where she encounters a savagely complete control over their birds. This method basically violent queen, a weird turtle, the laconic Wakestock Riders in Abu Dhabi by FlashAbuDhabi Cheshire cat and a caterpillar addicted involves holding up a bag of bait to lure the falcons back Flight of the to the starting point. to the hookah! Unravel the mysteries of Wonderland this month. The Catch FALCON Green Zone MacQueen’s bustard (Arabic: Houbara), Stone Curlew BlogWatch Releasing March 12: Matt Damon and (Arabic: Kiriwan) and Hare (Arabic: Arnab) are mostly used director Paul Greengrass team up for this as bait. Houbara is a powerful bird that can weigh up latest action-packed war time movie set in to four kilograms and is known for its high speed both “The Abu Dhabi “Travelers Welcome” Campaign is too the early days of Iraq when US strategy to during flight and on land. This is why Falconers enjoy the fantastic for words. The imagery is really deal with insurgency in the land was still chase even more. moving.” murky. Amy Ryan, Greg Kinnear, Antoni Corone and Brendan Gleeson co-star in the movie. Fans of the Bourne series will love Falconry is the art of training Falcons in hunting Falcon Passport Matt in this movie! techniques. As a sport that came to UAE many years ago, “...last night, Al Jazira and Al Wahda, tied for first atop ”Today no falcons can be taken abroad by their owners the tables, squared off in Al Wahda’s cozy 12,000-seat its learning and mastery is a valued tradition among stadium, and it was a doozy” unless they are in possession of passports for their birds. Remember Me many Emiratis and residents. There are two species used The Falcon Passport provides a legal structure that com- Releasing March 12: Robert Pattinson for hunting in UAE: plies with CITES and, at the same time, provides falconers is back after his immensely successful with a permissible, easy-to-use way to participate in the portrayal of Edward in the twilight series. Popular Species Saker Falcons (Falco Cherruq): This species of falcons traditional sport of falconry,” says Dr. Frederic Launay, TweetWatch Pierce Brosnan and Emilie de Ravin join him on screen in the unforgettable love Director, WWF UAE Project Office. story of two young people who learn how is native to Middle Eastern countries. The female Saker @noaf_e All good.. Watching TopGear it’s the AbuDhabi important it is to have passion in their lives called, ‘Al Hurr’, is larger in size and substantially more Visit the award winning, Abu Dhabi based Falcon Hospital episode today! SLR’s, Lamborghini’s and Bugatti Veyron’s.. and make every day count. powerful than the male, which is named, ‘Garmoush’. Al facility to find out more about these amazing birds. Log Love it! Hurr is usually preferred by hunters due to her display of on to She's Out of My League strength and endurance over long flights. @abudhabiskaters Are you ready for Abu Dhabi Skaters Releasing March 12: Jay Baruchel, Alice Championship this year? Will update you about it soon! Eve, Krysten Ritter and T.J. Miller star in this refreshing story about a guy who can’t believe it when a successful and gorgeous ROUN SNAPSHOT Farrukh Naeem is a freelance copywriter and digital strategist. MA CULTURAL babe falls for him. Now all he has to do is D He is the most followed Tweeter in Abu Dhabi and blogs at figure out how to make the relationship T RO work. Some lucky guys out there know exactly what we are talking about, right? HE r’s WISDOM F ou In Venezuela, it is popular hb wn.” DON’T MISS! The Runaways eig r o for the couple to sing their WORLD rn u Releasing March 19: Kristen Stewart teams ou to yo wedding vows to each other. dy g up with Scout Taylor-Compton, Dakota en ein Afterwards, the couple receives Fanning, Stella Maeve and Alessandra Tor- tm e rb no fore s resani in this ‘70s drama about a teenage ve o Pro a list of commandments which ABU DHABI BOOK FAIR 2010 band, called ‘The Runaways’. The girls took “D e be ian their music seriously, the studio executives c they are to follow throughout “Books: they are true friends, they fen an didn’t. This movie makes a strong point nz will never flatter nor dissemble” about how creativity should be left to the Ta their married life. performers and artists. Francis Bacon Visit: 22 23 Tempo March 2010
  • 13. Lifecoach By Samantha Davis Yain k n A SandLand Ace Your Interview! It is a universal truth that no one likes to be interviewed for a job. It would be clearly less painful if upper level management ran us through It’s Not all Sand Here.... body scanners (like the ones at airports), which were somehow calibrated to measuring our Recently, I had the opportunity to explore the wilder side of aptitude for handling job responsibilities. When Abu Dhabi. No, it wasn’t the newest flashy nightclub or the right candidate passes through, the machine major sporting event, it was much cooler than that, a would simply beep in acknowledgement. Science mangrove tidal flat visit via sea kayak! hasn’t exactly caught up with this ingenious idea quite yet, so we have to subject ourselves to the If you look at the Abu Dhabi area in Google Earth you will Dear Um Saif, see a literal maze of small islands dotting the Arabian Gulf methodical assessment and elimination of coastline. Because of the relatively gentle and warm waters, inappropriate candidates till the appropriate My husband and are on the verge of divorce due to the islands are hotbeds of flora and fauna. candidate is discovered. Having fairly vast constant disagreements that I now believe are irreconcil- experience on both sides of the interview table, I able. All I can say is that I am European and my husband is Mangroves are the creators and keepers of the islands. from the Levant. We have two children below 10 years old. can safely say that the key to acing interviews lies Our family and friends think our differences are cultural, They are unique plants that thrive in salt water and infertile in practice and preparation. Here are some marine sands. Mangrove plants actually separate fresh water but I think the differences are more from our personalities, common interview questions and their less-than- and the way we deal with everyday issues. He does not from brine and exude the resulting salt crystals from the common answers. First answer the question like to discuss things and he is very stubborn, so I don’t underside of their leaves. Their root system prevents soil erosion and insures these islands will not eventually wash yourself then compare it with the answers always know that he is unhappy about my actions and the resentment builds in both of us. What is a clearly a cultural away with the tide as well as provides protection for smaller interviewers are looking for. aquatic species. The islands are their own small ecosystems. difference is the way that we each want to try to solve our problem: I want us to see a marriage counselor in Dubai Q: Tell us a little about yourself. sorry for you is not the way to go on A: Honesty is the best policy if you are who is a friend of mine, and my husband wants us to talk However, mangroves are very sensitive to environmental to the elders in his family. What do you think, Um Saif? disruption so care must be taken by us two legged creatures this question. Now...err... if you were Mother Teresa or Dalai Lama but not A: This question sets the stage for the Another issue is that my husband wants our two kids to especially in the “Full Speed Ahead” development phase fired, let me be very clear on this: you’ll if you are the average human being currently underway in Abu Dhabi. If the mangroves interview but be careful of what you stay with his mother until we resolve our problems and that need a good explanation!! All I can who has had more than one moment is something I cannot accept. disappear, so does Abu Dhabi’s unique coastline. That would say! The interviewers do not wish to say is don’t play the blame game, stay of disgrace to hide. Just mention that be a shame and practically irreversible. know all the details about your life. positive and if it was your fault then your colleague once complimented Trying-to-hold-on They are not making a movie about tell employers how you have changed you on dedication and persistence It was a perfect day out in the tidal flats and a nice break you! Remember to stick to relevant and rectified the issue/condition. to get the job done. Again the main Dear Trying-to-hold-on, from the many manmade entertainment venues available facts about your education, experi- point is to keep it short and to the here. Although I enjoy a fun night out on the town as much ence and career goals. Q: What you know about this Marriage is a delicate thing for any couple, of any race, as anyone, it is rejuvenating to commune with Mother point. We don’t want you digging up let alone a multi-cultural marriage which has Nature once in awhile. I encourage my fellow Abu Dhabians company. holes for yourself and then trying to additional challenges and stresses, and requires double to do the same, but remember to leave nothing but your Q: Why did you leave you last job? crawl your way out. the amount of work to make the union succeed. I always footprints! A: Do a background check on the have sympathy for children in divorce situations as A: There are three dimensions to this company before you go for an Q: Have you done anything to divorce can scar children for life. For their sake, and for Randy Parker question depending upon the interview. If you think you’ve heard further your experience? yours, I would suggest you seek a NEUTRAL counsel, circumstances of your present this many times... it is because it’s true! neither his family elders, nor your friend counselor. Randy has been a resident of Abu Dhabi since August, 2008 and employment or unemployment). If Check out the company’s website A: This is your chance to prove that Arbitration by elders is a popular way of resolving works in the travel industry. He has a blog at: you are looking for a new job because for press releases, news, events, new you are a self motivator, pro active, problems in Arab culture, and I believe that it works only you wish to move towards better when the people involved are from both families, are initiatives, contacts, organizational creative and basically well rounded wise, and have both your interests at heart. The fact that opportunities and get to a position structure etc. This makes you look person with an avid interest in you are both willing to seek solutions is a good thing as that allows you to grow and explore prepared (well that’s because you are hobbies, social activities and sports. the only way a marriage can be saved is if both sides are all facets of your capabilities... then if you follow my advice!), confident Remember that it’s worth mentioning willing to change. Emphasis is on ‘both.’ As for sending just go ahead and say so! Stir clear of and serious about the position you only if it is related. Anything that your kids to his mother; I think that’s a bad idea. Your any mention of money here, you don’t have applied for. reflects on your efforts to improve kids need their lives to go on uninterrupted, including want to sound materialistic, do you? skills such as self-sufficiency, time school, their rituals etc. They don’t need an upheaval On the other hand, if you were down- Q: What would your previous in their lives. So while you are trying to resolve these management and motivation is a issues, please don’t fight in front of your kids. Solve your sized, be positive, stick to facts and be co-workers say about you if they good thing. Remember to keep your problems like grown ups. I pray you succeed. brief. It is a sad fact that has happened were here right now? chin up and best of luck! to many and making employers feel 24 25 Tempo March 2010
  • 14. Classifieds For advertising in Tempo Classifieds Contact 02-6673349 funpage Nursery, Pre-School & Daycare, Email Sudoku 4 Funny Quotes “Age to women is like Kryptonite to Superman.” ������������ Kathy Lette ������������� ������������� ���������������� “As you get older three things happen. The first ���������������� ������������ is your memory goes, and I can’t remember the ������ other two...” ��������� Sir Norman Wisdom �������������� “The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age..” Lucille Ball ����������������� ���������� “Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you ������������������� don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” Jack Benny ����������������������������������������������� Sudoku 3 Answer “You know you are getting old when the candles ������������� cost more than the cake.” Bob Hope ������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������ Reach for e Sta Tempo Monthly Horoscope Aries: You will be the centre of attention control your emotions. Don’t pounce; try to keep a close watch on your health. TO ADVERTISE IN this month. Your energy levels will be off instead linger around for a reaction. Capricorn: It’s all busy this month. During ABU DHABI TEMPO the charts! Virgo: This month will be full of romance, the first half you’ll be occupied with help- Taurus: Someone will ask you to be their nostalgia and fun with your partner. If you ing close friends and neighbours. Later, CALL 02 667 3349 ������ ��������� ����������� secret-bearer for this month. Think it don’t have one, you will soon find one! family matters will take precedence. ������������������������� ������������ through before you agree. Libra: 7, 17 and 20 will be interesting Aquarius: You will have to choose ���������������� Gemini: Be patient this month. A close days... we mean romantically. Your stars are between voicing your opinion or keeping �������������������������� friend will want to be something more. all in the right position. Make your move your mouth shut tight. Whatever you ���������������� You will have important discussions. Wait already! decide, make sure you’ve heard both ������������� till the time is right to have them. sides first! ���������������� Scorpio: Financial troubles will haunt you ������������������������������ Cancer: Travelling is definitely in your stars this month. Consult someone skilled and Pisces: It’s your turn to be popular! Many ���������������������������������� this month. Don’t feel timid, go for it! you’ll be out of the mess in no time. invitations will head your way so keep ����������������������� your daily planner handy. 7, 22 and 25 will ������������������� Leo: You will be naturally alluring this Sagittarius: Sleeping patterns will be be days to look forward to. month. So we suggest you play fair and disturbed this month. Don’t party late and ��������������� ��������������������� ��������������� family fun park ������������������ �������������������� 27 Tempo March 2010