Abu Dhabi New Magazine targets fun, events, community, culture, entertainement, lifesytle and more


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Complete abu dhabi news magazine focuses on fun, events, community, culture, entertainement, lifesytle, exhibition and more updates on abudhabi

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Abu Dhabi New Magazine targets fun, events, community, culture, entertainement, lifesytle and more

  1. 1. Free ISSUe FUN | FAMILY | FOOD | FRIENDSHIP | FASHION | FITNESS the rhythm of your city J U N E 1 - 15 , 2 010 we are H EF IRST T TR UEDIA IME NE TaGGeD! ULT AZI M G M A EGION IN T HE RUse your Mobile Phone to Browse Tempo WORLD CUP FEVER IN EVANGELINE LILLY FROM ‘LOST’ THE ‘SHO?’ ABU DHABI pg 7 Talks to Abu Dhabi Tempo MUST GO ON… pg 27
  2. 2. VOLUME11 | JUNE 1-15, 2010 th e r h y th m o f your this month city Hello Abu Dhabi !! It’s official: we are probably the first magazine in this region to integrate mobile tags to create a truly ‘multimedia magazine.’ A few publications (Golf Digest, Wakeboarding, 4 Mail Shot & Raising the Bar Self ) are experimenting with it in other parts of the world. Is it a gimmick? We are engaging with developers from all over world and everyone is excited about it. But in 5 ShopCall truth only time will tell. 5 Shop Call We suspect mobile tags might work for Tempo. Our research shows us that our readership is characterized by high smart phone penetration; most fall in the 16-35 6 What’s Hot in Abu Dhabi age group and are tech savvy. We also think tags reflect the spirit of our magazine: unique, edgy and innovative. But we also realize that not everyone has a smart phone, 7 World Cup Fever or indeed wants to engage in the experience. So we will also try to keep tags minimal and non-intrusive. 8 My Abu Dhabi Another reason we were attracted to tags is that it conserves paper. By design we have kept our magazine small and lightweight. We engage with readers through our website and social media, and dispatch a large number of e-magazines. We believe that 10 City Bites tags will enable us to keep our print run under control, while offering a greater amount of content. 12 People Meter We love tag innovation but we want to know what you think. Write to me at editorial@abudhabitempo.com. 13 Making a Difference 14 ARTiculate 19 Workitude Media Licence No. 1/105866/24295 Editor: Sana Bagersh, Magazine Coordinator: S.M. Irfan ul Haque, 21 U Space Magazine Designer: Praveen Prabhakaran, Website Designer: Rizwan Pervaiz, Marketing Coordinator: Manjul Abhishek, Production Coordinator: Rizwana Shahid, 22 My Style Blueprint Editorial Contributors: Aicha Diop, Samantha Davis, Randy Parker, Jalal Luqman and Alma Kadragic. 23 Trendsetter Disclaimer: Tempo is a publication of BrandMoxie. Although Tempo Magazine does its best to ensure 24 On the Beaten Path & Arablish the authenticity and accuracy of its contents, the publisher cannot accept any responsibility for errors, mistakes and inaccuracies. The publisher reserves the rights of this product and no part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the 25 Funny thing about Life permission of the publisher. 26 Culture Talk Address: To reach editorial at Abu Dhabi Tempo email: editorial@abudhabitempo.com To reach advertising call 02 6673349 or email: advertising@abudhabitempo.com 27 The Beat with Shak If you need to find out where you can pick up your copy call: 02 6673349 or check out the list of Tempo distribution points on our website. 28 Um Ayman & A Yank in Sand Land 29 Live Smart Join Us @ 31 Tempo Fun Page This is Abu Dhabi Tempo’s youtube channel. Watch out for regular video updates! Visit abudhabitempo.com on your mobile phone. Published by: Download www.gettag.mobi Please recycle this magazine: locations include Spinneys, to scan this tag on your mobile. Al Mamoura Building and behind Riyada Clinic.
  3. 3. SHOPCALL a nk MaILSHOT liihpaBmy’scew Fw t T m Dear ed, Kudos on getting Jalal Luqman on board Abu Dhabi Tempo. I’ve seen his work and he really stands out as an artist. We look forward to getting insight from this established Emirati artist. Dan collection ! Dear ed, Justin Bieber?? Really Tempo? The one place I thought we could get away from the Justin Bieber madness was in Abu Dhabi, and lo and behold he’s in our community magazine. Let’s not get caught up in the frenzy, Tempo. Keep in grounded and keep in local. Not impressed Dear ed, This is in reply to your coloumn ‘Funny thing about life’ (May 1, 2010). Well, it’s really not your fault. Now when you complain to any manager there, they will fire the poor cleaner. I understand how important the meeting is. It’s just a few drops of water, not the whole bucket ! Just imagine the poor guy’s position, everything happens for good. Take it positively, 1 drop instead of 1 bucket !! Shayma Raising the Bar that if she really must use a hair drier, a sense of identity, and gives it she is adding to her carbon footprint ‘nourishment. He sees a need to David Trubridge whatever its wattage. The only eco- overhaul the current understanding of Cultural Furniture Designer friendly hair drier is the wind” eco-design.“It is simply not enough to motivate the massive changes in habit   “It is this kind of sham that is and lifestyle that are required. (That is) confusing people, and worse, causing just a continuation of the way design is a dangerous sense of complacency working now” Here is something for the boys to go crazy about! Tammy is now that the small steps we are taking are out with their new refit FlipBack edition for boys between the enough. The cruel reality is that the David’s company has introduced an age of 8-16. The FlipBack collection seems confident, colourful, required changes are far greater than “EMS” (Environmental Management See Tammy’s cool, in touch with high trends and knows what it takes for the what can be achieved in this “eco” System) to help lead the new vision of collection on your mobile phone. girls to get impressed! So get in the groove and strut your stuff way. And every day the target gets eco-design. EMS focuses on the causes The famous New Zealander declared further out of reach as we slip behind, of environmental impacts and seeks to this season with the new FlipBack collection brought to you by Download www.gettag.mobi as ‘one of the world’s top 15 and as new, more alarming scientific put in place simple, but effective ways to scan this tag on your mobile. Tammy. Speed up boys before they run out. designers’ by L’Express was in Abu data replaces older more moderate to eliminate or mitigate these effects. Dhabi recently to give a talk, and his Pashmina estimates.” furniture will soon be made available through Bahri & Mazroei Trading David said that eco-design is not about Company (BMTC). David spoke to Spartan or basic furniture. “Someone Tempo about his furniture. else recently described “eco-design” for every occasion as muesli design. This implies that we “Eco-anything has become an have to accept this bland diet because advertising spin to promote the it is worthy and the right thing to do, business of consumption as usual. almost as an act of penitence for our Who’s in for some hand spun, woven and There is only Good Design or Bad previous excesses. This is not going to embroidered shawls from Kashmir? Reshie Design -- if design is not actively trying encourage people to buy in to it, even Novelties is flaunting their new collection to preserve our future, then by default if they want to (which many don’t). So of cashmere wool and textiles. Available at it is destroying it.” it is another reason why eco-design is Khalidiya Mall, the collection is fine, exotic and not working and not going to solve the can be used for any season, event or occasion. David explained that people See David Spoil your self with style and elegance as there’s problem.” are unaware of the concept of Trubridge’s a wide range of Pashmina scarves, shawls and sustainability.“A friend of mine proudly designs David believes design should on your mobile phone. wraps to choose from, prices ranging from a showed me her new “eco-friendly” hair incorporate a strong cultural Dh 35 to a Dh 10,000. You can also find drier which claimed to use half as much dimension, something that creates Download www.gettag.mobi to scan this tag on your mobile. handmade table cloths, antiques and other electricity (as what?). I pointed out handicrafts to give your home a royal touch.   4 Tempo June 1- 15, 2010 www.abudhabitempo.com 5
  4. 4. What's Summer WORLD CUP Hot FEvER It’s that time again when football hits fever-pitch in Abu Dhabi and people all over the world are crowding around their televisions. Tempo hit the streets to find what IN ABU DHABI Abu Dhabi residents think. Happenings in Abu Dhabi 24 June – 5 August, Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Center (ADNEC), Khalifa Park, Abu Dhabi Mall, Marina Mall and Al Wahda Mall in Abu Dhabi. Al Jimi Mall, Al Ain Mall and Bawadi Mall (Al Ain). This year, the award-winning ‘Summer in Abu Dhabi’ festival has tripled in size and scale. Held over six weeks, this carnival-like event will offer respite to scores of families from the sweltering summer heat in the Middle East by providing plenty of scope for entertainment within the seven vast air-conditioned halls of the Abu Rizwan Tarmoham Aicha DIOP Canada ed Phurbu Phutia Dhabi National Exhibitions Center. The festival will Senegal Nepal feature five themed islands: Science & Technology, Football means... Th e world coming Football means... Excitement, passion, gathering, Football means... One of the best games, Adventure, Art, Culture & Heritage, Sports and together. fast and interesting unl multiculturalism, fair play. Can’t imagine life ike cricket. Entertainment, each with a range of fun and interesting Your favorite team. without football. Your favorite team...Bra .. Italy zil activities lined up for the whole family to enjoy. FORZA AZZURI! Your favorite team... Cameroon, also Spain Prediction... Brazil vs England Prediction... Brazil vs Prediction... I would like to see an African team Italy The score... Brazil 2 – 1 The score... Italy 2 to the final. If I have to predict I’d say Argentina -0 Weaving with Burlap vs Cameroun or Brasil vs England (it’d be an awesome match to watch!) 2, 9 & 16 June, Gallery One Education Room, Emirates Palace The score... Argentina 2 -2 Cameroon (penalty shootout and Cameroon will win 5-3)! Taught by Cynthia Capriata, this workshop is directed at children from ages 7 to 10 and guides them through creating their own artwork from burlap and other materials. Kids are free to let loose their imaginations in producing creations using a combination of Yasmeen Ferdjani stitching and weaving techniques. To register email Sarah Salih Algeria artsabudhabi@tdic.ae. much than it Sudan Football means...Way too can make Football means...One of my favorite things to do is should! I just LOVE how such event gives you my mood and you forget about ever ything else and to watch football games, it changes my team wins so much emo tions. makes me truly happy “especially when DUH! :) but of course”. Your favorite team... Algeria Painting and Crafts Exhibition Your favorite team... My favorite first team is Brazil, Bilal Passela Sri Lanka realistically speaking, Braz il all the way baby! in my heart!!! 9 June – 12 June, Khalidiya Mall and my second favorite is Spain (most of the players But of course all African are play in Barce lona). Football means... It decides the Prediction... Braz il vs a team from 1 of the first mood I’ll be in for the next few days. or Argentina A painting and crafts exhibition to be held in Khalidiya Mall by Emirati artist Prediction...It’s tough to predict it this early, but i 4 groups, I’d say Germany hope that its Brazil Vs. Argentina or France Vs. Italy Your favorite team... France The score... 3-1 for the people who re-invented Ayeda Ahmed Al Ghailani and a few other artists. There will be a range of (like the previous WC) Prediction... Brazil vs Spain FUTBOL...aka BRAZIL!! silk paintings and other handmade crafts. If the art of silk painting inspires Brazil scoring you, this one is worth a visit. The score...Hopefully (fingers crossed) The score... Brazil 3 – 2 2 goals. One of Ayeda Ahmed Al Ghailani’s paintings See South Africa 2010 FIFA Tempo’s 2010 FIFA World Cup The free membership World Cup Football Match prize is provided by Schedule Contest on your mobile phone. Nomadic Music of Kyrgyzstan Download www.gettag.mobi to scan this tag on your mobile. 10 June, Manarat Al Saadiyat, Saadiyat Island Ole Ole Ole, all you have to do is tell us the This cycle of concerts presented at this exhibition are to be divided into names of the two final teams, the score and two presentations, offering a deeper insight into the music produced by the winners of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. traditional nomads, sedentary dwellers and the worlds they present in turn. The first person to send in the correct answers will receive a Complementing each other, these concerts offer a broader, more whole, FREE single 6 months membership with World Gym, Khalidiya. Khalidiya Branch, view of Central Asian music. Do not miss this one to be held in Manarat Al Rush your answers to: Dana Plaza, Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat at Saadiyat Island. contest@abudhabitempo.com or editorial@abudhabitempo.com Tel: 02 667 5779 6 Tempo June 1- 15, 2010 www.abudhabitempo.com 7
  5. 5. MyABU DHABI ‘The versatile Running Mommy’ T: Living by the Corniche must be quite inspiring, isn’t it? K: I’ve seen a lot on my runs. I’ve met some of my very best friends on its blue bricks. As a writer, it’s on those runs where I’ve received inspiration for a story. It’s also a time to reflect on my role as a mother. I think I’ve America. We didn’t have a car upon arriving here- only stretched and grown in those roles and more; friend,   my trusty jogging stroller. We walked everywhere. writer, wife, and mother. I owe that to this place. I remember my feet and back aching. But I felt alive, quickly becoming in tune with this city so far My experience abroad has shown me that people are Kera’s kids from home. Men in kanduras, women in abayas. The not so different as I once thought. Most people want to smells of the Lebanese grill, the heavenly aromas T: The most surprising thing you found out about work hard, cultivate families and friendships, eat good of curries and spices from India. The radiating heat. Abu Dhabi. food, and feel safe. And I thank Abu Dhabi for giving Knowing nothing of it before, I was beginning to fall in K: I was really surprised to learn that nearly everyone me those treasures and so much more. love. And fall I have- and as we prepare to return to the has a nanny here! States on holiday, I reflect on what I’ve learned from T: Tell us about your designs and what inspires you? T: What scares you the most? this great city. K: I went to college to study interior design, as it has K: The heat!! T: How did you meet your husband? always been a passion of mine. I worked on a large K: I’m originally from Chicago, and I moved to Utah commercial project and as it completed, I found T: Has your perception in life changed? How? when I was 18 for a fresh start. I met McSean at a out I was expecting my first child. After Owen was K: I’ve realized that you can live in the most exotic McSean Kera (right) with her husband college party, and we were engaged 10 days later. It born, I started a small graphic design company place in the world and and still be “bored” You have . was a whirlwind romance, and I’m so lucky to have that specialized in birth announcements and small to challenge yourself to get outside of your comfort found someone so perfect for me! We lived happily business entity packages. I also worked for a while zone, to meet new people, and try new things. I’ve also Kera, from Utah, USA is a freelance in Utah and started a family, and then moved to as head designer for a real estate developer. I gained realized how incredibly small I am. writer and designer living in Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi after receiving an exciting offer from his a lot of experience, but with marathon training, with her two children, and husband. current employer. modeling on the side, and mommy duties, I was She blogs about her life.... getting overwhelmed! I finally made the decision to Excerpt from Kera’s Blog: T: How long has it been in Abu Dhabi? find opportunities where I could work mostly from Tempo: Tell us a bit about yourself. K: We have been here as a family since last September home. I’ve always loved to write, so I’ve found ways to “abu dhabi comes alive at night. i just about collided Kera: I’m originally from a small farming community and are under contract for three years. incorporate my two interests, by working as a freelance into 80 people that were so shocked to see me and living in Utah, USA before moving to the UAE. I writer. Currently, I’m a design blogger for the popular running with kids that they forgot to move out of my blog about my experiences in www.runningmommy04. T: What do usually write in your blogs? American mag, Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine. I am way. i maybe realized that i’m not very friendly when blogspot.com and I write about life, love, and being a K: Running Mommy is a lifestyle blog which means I always looking for ways to contribute in the design i have to move my half ton stroller out of the way mom on the run. My husband, two boys and I currently can write about whatever I want! I tend to usually focus to avoid hitting someone because they can’t stop field. Simply put, I am inspired by bright, clean, well live in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I love running, my family, my on motherhood, interior design, running & fitness, and gawking. designed spaces, be it in a home or on the page. I have faith, and being surrounded by pretty things. I love my own personal musings. reflected those ideals in our own home here in i haven’t really been inspired on my runs lately. no meeting new people so please feel free to drop Abu Dhabi, and on my blog. profound words of wisdom, great ideas, or thoughts me a line! T: Why the name ‘running mommy’? K: I quickly came up with the name without giving have been coming to mind. just a jumble of mostly T: The thing you miss most about home. nothing. i’m too busy wiping sweat off my forehead. T: How was it moving to Abu Dhabi from Utah? it much thought two years ago, but I really feel it suits me well. I obviously enjoy running, but I K: I miss my family, and the mountains. but as a little competition started tonight between K: I vividly remember the physical pains of moving me and this lanky boy with long curly hair, my mind to the UAE. Getting off the plane with two small sometimes feel like I’m running through life, so it’s T: The thing you love most about Abu Dhabi. was able to clear as i planned my attack.” children and all our worldly possessions, while trying unexpectedly clever. to emotionally ‘keep it together’ was no small feat. K: I love the amazing variety of foods, and learning I entered a different world. As an African-American T: Since you love running, do you get to exercise about Middle Eastern culture. living in Utah, USA, I knew what it felt like to be a your love for running here? minority. My perspective, however, changed a bit that K: Nearly every day, I get to fulfill my passion for T: The preconception you had that changed when night at the airport. running. We live near to the Corniche, and in the you got here. K: I thought that everyone from the Middle East Go to Kera’s blog mornings, I take my boys in the jogger for an hour long run along that beautiful path that showcases Abu See Kera’s blog on your mobile phone. T: How were your initial days in Abu Dhabi? disliked Americans. I have found that to be absolutely K: Abu Dhabi is my first taste of the world outside Dhabi’s beautiful ocean and skyline views. not true. People here have been very kind to us. Download www.gettag.mobi to scan this tag on your mobile. 8 Tempo June 1- 15, 2010 www.abudhabitempo.com 9
  6. 6. CITY allow for a sensational dinner and an adoring evening. The red and cream well-upholstered seating brings a warm and cozy atmosphere which blends perfectly HotelDining well with the faint yellow lights that compliments the surroundings. Thursdays are dedicated to pasta night Pasta Night at Resto • Location: One To One Hotel at the restaurant and offers a fairly good range of items on the buffet menu. For starters, the buffet offers a wide variety of salads with plenty of fresh breads to chock up the plate. The mushroom and smoked salmon are delightfully appetizing and can be enjoyed with the wide range of cheese selection. Although the pastas are probably not the best bet in the buffet, the portions are rather large and cooked by the chef to your liking. The music in the restaurant is extremely enjoyable and is a good pick for jazz lovers. The dessert selection is flawless, making for a sweet and effortless good evening. On the Abu Dhabi dining scene, there are certain romantic dining restaurants that stand out and Resto is definitely one Visit one-to-one hotel’s of them. This sleek establishment at the One to One Hotel website on your mobile phone. heaves with Abu Dhabi’s well-heeled and for a good reason. Download www.gettag.mobi to scan this tag on your mobile. Resto’s spacious interior and eager but notable service Lunch At Hemingway’s Location: Hilton Hotel One of the oldest restaurants in Abu Dhabi, Hemingway’s specializes in South American cuisine and sure does a good job in keeping their standards high! This nicely positioned restaurant is popular among sports fans to spend their afternoons and late evenings watching major sports events on their well placed TVs. As for the lunch served, there is little to say about the initial bread basket but the quesadillas is worth applauding. This can be enjoyed with fresh sour cream, guacamole and salsa sauce. Best of all is the cucumber and lime juice, a combination that is hardly ever seen on most restaurant menus. A perfect drink to beat the heat, won’t you say? We recommend taking your business colleagues for a late lunch and let the accounts deal with the upshot bill! Myfave recipe COCONUT DATE FILL Miss Habeeba, a resident of Abu Dhabi for the last eleven years and a mother of two, has sent us her favorite recipe called the ‘Coconut Date Fill’. She recommends it and says her children just love it. Ingredients Preparation Dates 200 grams Make a paste of grated coconut, dates, Coconut (grated) 1 whole pistachios, and almonds. Roll them into balls. Pistachios crushed 20 grams Next, make a thick paste of plain flour and Almond crushed 20 grams add salt to taste. Dip the balls in the flour Plain flour 100 grams and deep fry them and then voila, a light Oil for deep fry delicious snack. 10 Tempo June 1- 15, 2010
  7. 7. pEOpLE METER Making a Download Abu Dhabi Tempo’s ‘40 ways to save the This page is dedicated to the hero that resides in each and every one of us, planet’ screensaver People Meter is an offbeat way to learn more about our community and its people, who come and to the sharing of great news that will make our planet a better place on your mobile phone. from different backgrounds, cultures and walks of life. for us all. Download www.gettag.mobi to scan this tag on your mobile. ECO e Make your kitchen a green RELIEF FOR AIR CRASH VICTIM voic environment. FAMILIES • Use washable dish rags and dish The unfortunate Air India Express plane crash last towels instead of paper towels. month dealt a big blow to families in the UAE and in India. One of the effects has been the loss of breadwinners to • Use bamboo as a cutting board as it is dependents, some of whom are too young or too elderly. harder than most wood and is also much safer than plastic ones. We applaud a new initative by Lifeline Hospital Group and UAE Exchange to offer employment opportunities for the immediate • Use more manual kitchen products like Danica Antao Lionel relatives of the Mangalore crash. Indian manual egg beaters, can openers, knives French and other such items than using electric Banker The two companies announced that they have made available Doctors Without Borders ones. 50 job vacancies for employable relatives of the deceased. Both companies have also set aside a sum for short term relief. • Use Green Smart Cookware that is often   What first word comes to your mind when I say: made from petroleum free ceramics and If anyone is interested in helping out these families contact other chemical free substances while Tempo and we can try to facilitate contacts. Peace Impossible Peace Far staying non-stick. Vacation Shopping Incomplete Stress-buster [ 2 words, sorry :) ] Vacation Relax • Try bamboo bowls as they are natural BOLD CAMpAIGN Friend Forever Shopping Friend Boring Life products and a great solution to having TO SAVE WATER plastic mixing and serving bowls. Besides, The Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD) is running a water Happy Childhood Happy Journey they also look nice. saving campaign that involves installing flow devices into every Colour Black Colour Rainbow tap in every home, mosque, government buildings etc. EAD plans Rules Broken Rules Blabla • Use more organic products such as organic to install 5 - 6 water saving devices per household over the next Music Life spices and coco powders to cook or bake. 12 months. Music Deepness Smile Babies Smile Share • Coffee drinkers should try going non- Abu Dhabi Tempo is absolutely crazy about this and we call upon electric for coffee time by purchasing a every individual in the capital to pitch in and support the EAD coffee press. team to help save our planet! 1. One thing that you value the most. 4. Two electronic gadgets you can’t do without? Tempo’s HelpingHand vote! Danica: Relationships. Family, friends or love, if you have all three, consider yourself the luckiest person alive. Danica:Mobile, Computer gade’) (aka ‘the Rahma bri Lionel: Friends Lionel: iPod and the white headphones. ment Agency A team from the Environ – Abu Dhabi (EAD) and the Ministry of This news comes from a person whose family has suffered three deaths 5. You win a chance to be with a celebrity an entire day. confiscated 2. If you win one million dirhams in a lottery, what would you do? Who would you wish for and what would you do? Environment and Water to cancer within the last two years, including her father late last year. fifteen bab oon monkeys and two She wanted to do something to help raise a bit of cash for a charity ered striped hyenas, all endang she feels passionate about. Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading Danica: Use a small part of it to travel to all the best places to house in shop, and invest the remaining. Danica: Not that crazy about celebrities. spe cies, for being sold from a t charity dedicated to research on the causes, treatment and prevention Khalidiya area, illegally and withou proper document ation. A spokesman of cancer. They’ve got a variety of signed sports memorabilia which UAE is were recently auctioned on ebay.co.uk. . By the time of reading this, from the EAD said that the Lionel: I’ll give it to Médecins Sans Frontières. Lionel: Play the guitar with Jimmy Page. al intensifyin g its fight against the illeg the hammer on the auction will have gone down. For those who 3. You win a free ticket to any place in the world, what place trade in endangere d species and is have missed the auction held on 28th of May but want to help by 6. Which one came first, the chicken or the egg? procedures would that be? implementing strict legal making donations, which they appreciate and accept, mail Renee on to control this trade and penalize Danica: Switzerland to see the snow-capped mountains, cuz I’ve Danica: Man and Woman first to reproduce, and not a baby.So chappers28@hotmail.com for more details. how would that be possible if the egg came first? violators. never seen snow and winter is my fav season. (Lol I hope I make sense…) Lionel: The egg, because we can’t do an omelette without Making a Difference is a celebration of good people and good deeds. Please share with us your ideas, activities and community Lionel: Over a rainbow! breaking eggs. ‘public-good ‘ stories. Send them to editorial@abudhabitempo.com 12 Tempo June 1- 15, 2010 www.abudhabitempo.com 13