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  • 1. STUMBLEUPON Wamwitha Maina
  • 2. Productso StumbleUpon • collaborative filtering to create virtual communitieso StumbleUpon Video • Users without a toolbar can "stumble" through videos that toolbar users submito StumbleThru • Allows users of toolbar to stumble within siteo Su.pr • URL shortening service used primarily for Twitter and Facebook statuses and updates
  • 3. Financialso Started with $1.2 million funding in 2001 • 500,000 userso Given $17 million in funding in March 2011 • 12 million userso Employs 80 people • Up from 40 in 2010
  • 4. Historyo Founded in November 2001 • Garrett Camp, Geoff Smith, Justin LaFrance and Eric Boydo After reaching 500,000 users received $1.2 million • Brad ONeill along with Ram Shiriam and otherso 5/07: eBay bought SU for $75 milliono 4/09: Garrett Camp, Geoff Smith and other investors bought the company back
  • 5. Storyo Leaving eBay • "A desire for flexibility. I think bigger companies require more approvals, it takes longer to get stuff done. So I thought we would grow a lot faster if we were a smaller company.” -Garrett Campo Reasons • employees - didnt want to take risks • availability - werent able to hireo Starting again • Tripled stumbles per month within 9 months
  • 6. Whats Hoto Going internationalo Expand StumbleThru to other websiteso Created a mobile version of SU • Broadens user baseo Offer an alternative to banner ads • Add the pages into the stumbles
  • 7. Secret Sauceo "Discover a web created just for you”o Finds and recommends web content for each usero Uses peer sourcing and social networkingo More you use the better the experienceo 1 in 20 stumbles result in ads
  • 8. Competitiono MatchMineo Faveso SpinSnapo ZapNato Diggo Mixxo Reddito Qwiji
  • 9. Recent Eventso 4/11: SU reached 800 million stumbles a montho 8/11: SU drove more than 50% of media traffic • Facebook 38%o 10/11: SU reached 20 million users • Came with revamping the product
  • 10. Verdicto SU surpassed Facebook as the biggest social media site that drives web traffic in the U.S.o SU has been growing at large rates • Doubled user base in 16 monthso Verdict: SU is on its way up
  • 11. Questions? Comments?