Social Network Analysis   Enterprise 2.0
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Social Network Analysis Enterprise 2.0



how to use social and organizational network analysis for and within enterprise 2.0 projects

how to use social and organizational network analysis for and within enterprise 2.0 projects



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Social Network Analysis   Enterprise 2.0 Social Network Analysis Enterprise 2.0 Presentation Transcript

  • Social Network Analysis From informal conversations to tangible assets Dr. Laurence Lock Lee Optimice Pty Ltd [email_address]
  • Agenda
    • What is SNA?
    • A Brief History – Friendships to Enterprise 2.0
    • Tangible outcomes
    • SNA and Enterprise 2.0
  • One Minute Introduction to SNA Maps
    • Individuals are represented as circles (nodes)
    • An arrow pointing from one individual to another indicate the direction of the relationship
    • Colour or shape of node can represent organisational belonging, geography or other relevant attribute
    Eg. Linda often asked for input View slide
  • Identify Unofficial Organisational Roles
    • Central connector
      • ‘ Go-to’ people
    • Boundary spanner
      • Bridging networks
    • Information broker
      • Moves knowledge around
    • Peripheral specialist
      • Outside the network
    View slide
  • Types of SNA Maps
    • 2 key types of SNA maps:
    • Ego-nets
      • Mapping of individuals’ relationships
      • For example
        • ‘ Who do you ask for advice’
        • ‘ Who do you go for information?’
    • Affinity maps
      • Mapping of links based on a shared attribute
      • For example
        • ‘ Who is certified in Project Management’
        • ‘ Who has worked in Financial Services’
  • A brief history of SNA Jacob Moreno studies friendship links among school children
  • SNA – Art or Science? Mark Lombardi’s hand drawn sociograms were exhibited as art, but were also real representations of his research on conspiracies in the 1990s
  • SNA and the Business World www.ONA-Prac
  • Tangible Outcomes from SNA Sell More Preserving Expertise Better Knowledge Sharing Building Better Communities More Innovation Competitive Intelligence Organisational Re-structures that work
  • “ Go to” people in the Sales Network President Vice President > $50mill deals = High Value Nodes New Leverage?
  • Succession Planning - Advice Network – by time in Train Planning Less than 1 year Between 1&3 years Between 3&10 years More than 10 years No response The data identifies that the Train Planning network is dominated by longer term staff members. New-comers may be finding it difficult to penetrate the established networks How can newcomers engage more quickly with the “network”?
  • Organisational Re-Design Business Support Operating Timetable Major Projects & STNs Program Delivery Operations Analysis Graphic Support Managers Office Trainee
  • Case Study: Knowledge and Information Audit Dept 2 Dept 1 Dept 3 Dept 4 Other (internal) External Internal System/ Repository Individual Group Entity Brokers or gatekeepers?
  • Innovation Network
    • Who did you go to for new ideas or innovative solutions?
    Program Office Program Office X
  • Ownership Networks in Australian Media Macquarie Media Southern Cross Broadcasting Before Takeover Macquarie Media After Takeover
  • SNA and Enterprise 2.0 Uncovering social dynamics Proposition: Can we predict collaborative performance? The new enterprise data warehouse? Understanding the on-line trust network
  • Wiki Page-Editor Relationships Wikipatterns web site
  • Wiki Net Mining “Mined (inferred)” Relationships Stated Relationships (from survey)
  • Wikipatterns – central players “Mined (inferred)” Relationships Stated Relationships (from survey) 4 David Peterson 27.78 zoli 4 Brendan Patterson 36.934 Jon Silvers 4 Roberto Dominguez 38.742 fschop 4 Jonathan Nolen 64.538 Charles Miller 4 Jon Silvers 68.429 frauhofer 5 Mike Cannon-Brookes 73.42 Jonathan Nolen 6 Charles Miller 212.719 Mike Cannon-Brookes 7 Guy Fraser 252.662 bart+massey 9 Stewart Mader 1367.153 Stewart Mader InDegree name InDegree name
  • Sustainable Communities Founder as central connector Founder not present
  • Wiki Participant Roles Respondents nominating high value achieved
  • Brokering Relationships
  • Take-aways
    • SNA is a robust analytical technique with a long academic heritage
    • Tangible business benefits can accrue from its use
    • SNA is to Enterprise 2.0 social networking systems what Business Intelligence Systems are to ERP systems