Timeline and checklist for event planning


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Timeline and checklist for event planning

  1. 1. Timeline and Checklist for Event Planning Event Name Date Location/Venue(s) Description Purpose/Theme Time Number of guests/audience VIP’s Pre Event: Activity Person Responsible Due Date Appoint Job Roles and Event Manager Company Manager Hold Meetings to plan goals and details Director, Company Manager, Stage Manager and any subsidiary staff that need to be involved Hire Staff Company Manager Funding or Budget Sources Accounting staff or Finance Staff Determine and Reserve Venue Logistics Staff or Company Manager Determine Guest List (Request Alumni Data) Client Service Manager Confirm Speaker and Speaker Needs/ Requirements Client Service Manager Find out any Legal Implications/Jurisdiction Event Coordinator Create a calendar or dated sheet that is public to your staff so they are aware of certain events/ Happenings and when they need to be involved Company Manager
  2. 2. Publicity Management and requirements put in place Director of Communications Book Hotel Rooms For VIP Guests, Special Guests or Speaker/Host Client Service Manager Agree on and Discuss Program Agenda Governing Bodies and Subsidiary Management roles Parking and Public Access requirements and Documentation Administrations Health and Safety Procedure checklist and Staffing Requirements if they are required Company Manager/ Administrations Hire catering and establish alternative menus and serving requirements for dietary requirements Administrations/ Client Service Manager Disability Parking and Accommodation is in place Event Manager Contact all emergency services if they are required to manage the events security, medial and emergency needs Event Manager Contact Fleet services for bus and car transportation Administrator Licencing and Legislation is in place Administrator Mail save-the–date cards Administrator Arrange for a Photographer Company Manager or event client service manager Send printed or emailed Event client and service
  3. 3. invitations manager Approve Final Program/agenda Company Manager and all other subsidiary managers Draft script or talking points for speaker/host Stage manager Follow up on all orders, meet with vendors, cast and any other hired event staff Event client service manager Order/create signage for your event and the decoration Designers and Advertising Confirm all external staff equipment and catering you have hired/ ordered is still in place Event client and service manager 48 Hours before the Event: Clean entire event space, consider hiring cleaners or special cleaning equipment. E.g floor cleaner or window cleaners Crew/Cleaners Event signage/ decoration assembly Front of House/Set Dressers Review and brief staff and host/speakers, of all the day’s events and the emergency procedures Stage manager Re-confirm all external staff equipment and catering you have hired/ ordered is still in place Company manager or director of communications Print programs, name badges, seating charts, place cards, ect. Front of House
  4. 4. Ensure that all set, props, staging and any other components are in place and set up Stage Manager instructs crew to do this During The Event: Check location setup. Chairs, podium, technical equipment, catering, tables and any other components. Crew and technician Have crew, cleaners or general event staff check for rubbish or littering Any Company manager can instruct crew, cleaners or staff to do this Make sure antisocial behaviour or illegal substances are not present on site Crew or event staff will report to company manager or hired police services Ensure that all performers and hired hosts/speakers are well feed, hydrated and comfortable Crew Hand out fliers of up and coming events and any free merchandise eg badges and stickers Crew and general event staff Ensure that catering and refreshments are still available or aren’t running low Event staff or front of house manager Ticket system is up and running and working effectively Front of house staff Ensure that audience are completely satisfied and having an enjoyable time Client service team or manager
  5. 5. Post Event: Write thank you notes to speakers, staff, VIP’s and sponsors Client Service Manager Hold meetings with company manager and all subsidiary managers to discuss the successes and failures of the event and how they could be improved and continued (write an event evaluation) company manager and all subsidiary managers Add any more alumni guests and VIP guests to the database Client service manager Update any social media, websites or public applications as to the event status and successes Marketing and social media staff