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Visionary Development Institute
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Visionary Development Institute


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VDI Presentation

VDI Presentation

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  • 1. V isionary D evelopment I nstitute
  • 2. Mission & Vision
    • Our MISSION is to surround individuals & families with T.E.A.M.S. ( T raining, E ducation, A dvocacy, M entoring and S upport) to assist them as they develop and pursue their visions.
    • Our VISION is to be a community of informed, resourceful, visionary leaders achieving personal success and positively impacting our families and communities.
  • 3. Overview of Programs & Resources
    • VL 101: Visionary Literacy Courses
      • Vision Casting
      • Personalized Curriculum Development
    • FIND, TIME & ADVANCE Family Literacy Project
      • Family Vision Casting
      • Training & Education Consulting
      • Mentoring
      • Community Enhancement Activities
    • HEAP: Home-based Education Assistance Program
      • Education Consulting
      • Tutoring & Supplemental Instruction
    • In-Home Counseling & Family Advocacy
      • With Professional Counselor/Advocates
    • Financial Education & Consultation
      • Through Partnership with La Capitol Federal Credit Union
    • Resource & Referral Services
  • 4. Visionary Literacy Course
    • A student-centered course designed to promote literacy and leadership development:
      • This course entails strategic (individual, family, and/or organizational) planning, vision casting, and educational development toward the knowledgeable pursuit of vision fulfillment.
      • Each student will emerge from the course with a completed portfolio outlining Who they are, Where they are headed, & How they plan to get there educationally and professionally.
  • 5. FIND TIME & ADVANCE Family Literacy Project
    • A collaboration of programs & services
    • designed to help
    • F amilies I dentify N ew D irections
    • Through
    • T raining, I nspiration, M entoring, & Education
    • Designed to encourage
    • Awareness & Development: Vital Actions Necessary for Community Enhancement
  • 6. H.E.A.P. Home-based Education Assistance Program
    • Members will receive:
      • Education consulting in home at their convenience to assess their educational level and educational goals.
      • Assistance with educational placement such as GED Programs, Colleges/Universities, etc.
      • Tutoring & Supplemental instruction to complement an education program the member is already attending.
      • An individualized curriculum, or task list, to guide the student as they pursue their education goals
  • 7. Family Counseling & Advocacy
    • A professional counselor will assess the needs of the family and provide counseling and supportive services as needed.
    • The counselor will offer resource referrals, and/or advocate for the creation of resources to meet family needs.
    • Follow-ups will be conducted on a monthly or as needed basis, no less than twice per year.
  • 8. Social Enterprise Ventures
    • VDI will generate funds for programs and services by:
      • Providing low cost document design and printing services to organizations and individuals.
      • Promoting VDI member businesses. VDI members will donate 10% of profit from all clients referred to them by VDI.
      • Selling books & training materials developed in-house.
  • 9. Ultimate Vision…
    • “ THE CELL”
    • Community Resource Center
    • A 24-hour Community Resource Center housing:
      • The Visionary Development Institute
      • Computer & Language Labs
      • Tutoring Center
      • Resource Library
      • Presentation/Meeting Rooms
      • Document & Printing Services
      • Community Help Center
      • & More…
  • 10. For More Information Contact…
    • Abrille A. Johnson, M.A.
    • Founder/Director
    • Education Consultant
    • Email: [email_address]
    • Cell: (985) 222-8071
    • Sandra Broussard, M.Ed.
    • Social Worker/Community Counselor
    • Email: [email_address]
    • Cell: (337) 380-7267