Fda new recalls


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Fda new recalls

  1. 1. FDA Finds Salmonella Contamination on Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter; Recalls ProductAll Trader Joe’s peanut butter manufactured bySunland of Portales between March 1, 2010 andSeptember 24, 2012 are being recalled now by theUS Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after clinicalfindings showed that samples taken from the plant
  2. 2. were contaminated by salmonella.According to reports, the salmonella found from thesamples is similar to the type of salmonella thatcaused recent outbreak, which has sickened 35people in 19 states since June 15. The majority ofthe victims were in California and Texas, in whichtwo-thirds of them are children aged ten years oldand below. Fortunately, no fatalities have beendocumented in the event.In an interview with the spokeswoman of SunlandKatalin Coburn, she said that they don’t know howthe products get the salmonella. She added that it isnormal for legumes to have bacteria on it. Due tothe outbreak, plenty of food manufacturingcompanies are now being forced to recognize theiraction plans to address the problems and to ensure
  3. 3. product quality from intake to final sale.They were also required to identify preventivemeasures to control the potential hazards. In thecase of Sunland, on the other hand, roasting andprocessing peanuts at approximately 345 degreesfor half an hour is the best way to kill salmonellaand other forms of bacteria. Following the FDArecalls, the company has not yet produced anypeanut butter since Sept. 24.Archer Farms Creamy Cashew, Open NatureCrunchy Peanut Butter, Sprout’s Creamy AlmondButter and Sunland Natural Tahini are some of theproducts recalled by FDA. For a complete list of therecalled products, you can visit the company’sofficial website or this link http://www.fda-news.com.
  4. 4. In addition to roasting and processing peanuts, thecompany has applied a third party auditor, SillikerLaboratories to Allentown PA., to help guaranteethe safety of food. Coburn stated that so far thecompany always gets a rating of over 90%. To avoidfurther problems, the federal government advisesthe people to discard or return the products.They also tell the people to keep themselves awareof the safety issues of the products they are buying(not just peanut butter) and to learn about the FDArecall policies. According to FDA officials, anyonewho knows about a recall must follow the directiveand must immediately seek for health care and legalassistance.