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Overview of myths of Theseus and quiz on aural comprehension

Overview of myths of Theseus and quiz on aural comprehension

Published in: Education

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  • 1. The great Athenian hero 1
  • 2. Early lifeAegeus, King of Athens,went to Troezen to visitPittheus. He had received anoracle that he should loosehis wineskin at home to havechildren.Aegeus slept with Pittheus’daughter Aethra…Alternate: Poseidon isTheseus’ real dad 2
  • 3. Early lifeBefore Aegeusreturns to Athens, heleaves his sandalsand sword under amassive rock as a testfor any child born ofAethra. 3
  • 4. Early lifeTheseus lifted the rock with ease. 4
  • 5. Early lifeTheseus takes thedangerous route overlandrather than a safe seavoyage to Athens. Hewants to emulate hiscousin Heracles. 5
  • 6. Journey to AthensAcross the dangerousisthmus, he meets anddefeats several banditswith poetic justice.Periphetes, the club-man, who bashed others,is bashed by Theseus. 6
  • 7. Journey to AthensSinis, the so-calledpine bender, whocatapulted people offthe cliff with a pine, istreated the same. 7
  • 8. Journey to AthensSkiron, who kicked,people into the sea asthey washed his feet,received the same. 8
  • 9. Journey to AthensProcrustes who stretched short people and chopped off tallpeople who did not fit his bed got his own medicine…. 9
  • 10. Journey to Athens 10
  • 11. In AthensMedea, the witch andAegeus’ wife, recognizesTheseus and tries to haveAegeus kill him, but dadrecognizes the sword. 11
  • 12. The MinotaurDue to Theseus evil cousins killing ason of Minos. The king of Cretedemands 7 boys and 7 girls as sacrificeevery 7 years.He feeds them to the minotaur, hiswife’s son who is half-bull. TheMinotaur is kept in the Labyrinth. 12
  • 13. Off to Slay the MinotaurTheseus volunteered to go andassured his dad by saying hewould change black sails towhite on his successful return. 13
  • 14. The MinotaurMinos and Theseus and thering in the sea…Ariadne falls in love anddecides to help. 14
  • 15. The Minotaur Theseus killed the Minotaur 15
  • 16. Abandonment of AriadneTheseus stopped at the island of Naxos, where heunjustly abandoned Ariadne asleep on the beach. 16
  • 17. Death of AegeusAriadne awakes and cursesTheseus, who then forgets tochange the sails to white…Dad, Aegeus, sees the blackand jumps to his death fromthe cliffs…giving the nameAegean to the sea.Theseus becomes king butgrieves at his loss. 17
  • 18. Buddy PirithoüsTheseus’ best friend Pirithous went on many adventureswith him. They both fought against wicked Centaurs.They also pledged to help each other steal the best bridesin Greece. They stole Helen for Theseus (though herbrothers Castor and Pollux later got her back), and thenthey went to Tartarus to steal Persephone from Hades.Hades tricked them into sitting in the chairs offorgetfulness, where they stayed for years, beforeHeracles rescued Theseus (who left part of his buttocksbehind). 18
  • 19. Heracles saves Theseus 19
  • 20. AmazonsTheseus was one of the heroes who fought theAmazons, and he also married one named Antiope. 20
  • 21. PhaedraTheseus finallymarried Ariadnessister, Phaedra, thedaugher of KingMinos of Crete.But she tragicallyfell in love withhis son Hippolytus(son of Antiope).In the end, bothPhaedra andHippolytus died. 21
  • 22. Aural Comprehension Quiz (put completed quiz in the basket)1. Who is Aegeus?2. How did Theseus prove his parentage?3. How did Theseus deal with the bandits on the isthmus?4. How did Theseus retrieve the ring thrown by Minos?5. What happened to Theseus due to Ariadne’s curse?6. Why did Theseus go to the underworld, and how did he escape? 22