AEG - Aerospace Capabilities


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American Engineering Group (ISO 9001:2000) offers Design, Analysis & Simulation (CAE, CFD, Multi-body Dynamics, Aeroelasticity, Composite Structures, PDM) services for several aerospace components.

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AEG - Aerospace Capabilities

  1. 1. Aerospace AEG Engineering Service Offered By AEG Through Joint Venture Partner In India Premium Components...Without The Premium Price ISO 9001:2000 Automotive Design Defense Rail Industry Feasibility Study Oil Industry Concept Design Manufacturing Aerospace Detail Design Medical Devices Design and development of fuselage, wing, empennage, control surfaces, Automotive landing gear, transmission systems, helicopter rotors, hydraulic system Defense components and flight control mechanisms Design of composite structures Design of gas turbine components, assembly and systems Design of nascelle, thrust reversers and piston engine DMU Medical Devices Devices Device ces Digital assembly Electrical harness routing The design scope includes Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Design and development of repair schemes Design Modification for mid-life upgrade Role conversion D Defense Loft and Mylar preparation Damage tolerance design Manufacturing nufac nufact Aerospace eros Analysis & Simulation (CAE, CFD, Multi-body Dynamics, Aeroelasticity, Medical Devices ica c Composite Structures, PDM) Computer Aided Engineering Solutions Thermo-mechanical analysis Finite element meshing of structures Analysis of spinning structure Structural analysis Flight loads estimations Non-Linear Analysis (Crash, Contact-Impact, Material, Geometric) Aeroelasticity, flutter and gust response of aircraft Instability Analysis structures Dynamic analysis of aerospace structures, systems Control system analysis and components Crash analysis, impact and blade-off studies Damage tolerance analysis Bird strike and bird ingestion studies Thermal Analysis of gas turbine engine, components and systems Design sensitivity analysis and optimization study Viscoelastic analysis of solid propellant Composite structure F.E. modeling and analysis Crack propagation (fracture) analysis Fluid-structure interaction SLOSH/POGO analysis Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Solutions External aerodynamics Conjugate heat transfer analysis Aero thermal analysis Primary and secondary flow studies Helicopter aerodynamics Store separation and trajectory predictions Turbo machinery flow simulation Aircraft/Store aerodynamic load predictions Combustion flow studies Aerospace vehicle drag and performance predictions etc. Multi-Body Dynamics Solutions Full aircraft / Space vehicle simulation Control performance and load evaluations Motion data calculations (Forces, Accelerations and Velocities) Stability and control analysis Dynamic simulations Time responses calculations Motion simulations of moving parts Landing gear simulations Rigid and flexible body dynamics simulations Control surface and mechanism simulations American Engineering Group A Global Supplier of Engineering Components *Engineering Services Offered By AEG Through Affilitiates In India
  2. 2. Aerospace AEG Engineering Service Offered By AEG Through Joint Venture Partner In India Premium Components...Without The Premium Price ISO 9001:2000 Advanced Engineering Solutions Composite Structure Design Product Data Management Design Project management Lay-up sequencing Requirement analysis, gap analysis, Material selection process analysis Evolution of factors like stiffness and System design, workflow design, bending behavior architectural design System Implementation, installation Structural Integrity and customization Life estimation study of components, Data conversion, data loading systems and full aircraft System interfaces, documentation, Life extension programs (TBO & TTL) system support Fracture mechanics/crack growth analysis Manufacturing Simulations & Digital Manufacturing – Stress intensity factors – Crack growth models Tool & die design – Cycle-by-cycle crack growth analysis Casting / structural fabrication / forging simulation – Residual strength Precision machining simulations Design of jigs & fixtures Aeroelasticity Rapid prototyping Some of our solutions include: Process planning, machine tool programing, Panel, wing & empennage flutter and NC code generations Limit cycle oscillations Machine tool modeling - modeling of errors Tail buffeting and prediction of machine tool performance Wake and tail interaction Production system engineering - material flow, Dynamic interface production line layout, and mechanical assembly process Fluid-structure interaction Ergonomic modeling – simulation of manual assembly Aeroelastic wing studies operations Shop-floor simulations Other Services Manufacturing: CNC modeling, planning and programing Documentation for certification Testing: test plan, design of test rigs Design evaluation, Test plan approval Life extension & upgradation Accident / incident Investigations and failure studies Structural modification MIL spec and standards DEFSTAN, FAR, AIR, JAR, BCAR, Design support for manufacture / testing GOST, ASTM, ESDU Data Sheets & Pacs, JIS, DDP MAS ñ Value engineering & reverse engineering 2002, DIN Software Expertise CAD Digital Manufacturing Catia Unigraphics Solidworks Delmia (ENVISION, IGRIP, QUEST, VIRTUAL NC) Pro/E I-Deas AutoCAD PDM CAE TeamCenter Enovia MSC.Nastran ANSYS MSC.ADAMS OptiStruct Smarteam Windchill MSC.Patran LS-Dyna Hypermesh ABAQUS CFD MSC.Dytran MSC.Marc Ansa SYSNOISE STAR-CD FLUENT MSC.Fatigue CFX Simulations MSC. Superform MSC. Superforge Hyperform Moldflow American Engineering Group A Global Supplier of Engineering Components *Engineering Services Offered By AEG Through Affilitiates In India
  3. 3. Aerospace AEG Engineering Service Offered By AEG Through Joint Venture Partner In India ISO 9001:2000 Premium Components...Without The Premium Price Aerospace Project Experience Design / development and modifications of Critical evaluation of high temperature zones and airframe including fuselage, wing, empennage re-engineering of the components and control surfaces made of metallic, fiber Static analysis of compressor and turbine rotor reinforced composites and non-metallic (rubber, plastics, Perspex TM ), components in fuselage like Structural integrity of gas turbine engine bulkhead / pressure bulkhead, frames, Bird impact studies on rotating bullet nose, rotor system l ongerons, shear walls, skin & stringer, integral of a gas turbine engine fuel tanks, floors, doors and hatches, air Disk growth analysis of LP turbine disk of a gas turbine intakes, engine shroud, fairings, splicing, engine mounting for systems, etc. Detail design of main rotor and control system of a helicopter Conceptual, design & development of Structural analysis of helicopter rotors, fuselage, tailboom, etc. composite empennage structure for a small Main and nose landing gear analysis of helicopters passenger aircraft Structural integrity of emergency flotation structure for Structural integration of all systems on aircraft a helicopter Bird strike analysis on wind screen / gas turbine engine Concept design and analysis of integral fuel tank Thermal and random response analysis of Design and analysis of composite structures (wing & fuselage) electronics packages mounted on aircraft Space craft thermal stability studies Fatigue analysis of all fuselage components Optimization of missile sections for weight reduction Flutter analysis and support for flight testing for confirmation Loading and analysis of fuel tanks engine mounts and in-house developed actuators Optimization of wing using weight,design, stress and manufacturing constraints Stress analysis of support structures for various system installations like – hydraulics, electrical, Analysis of engine mount, main landing gear, avionics, ECS, FCS, armament, fuel and power plant wing fuselage interface and control surface torsion tubes Windscreen and canopy analysis Created geometrical and FE model for full Crash survivability analysis – seat anchoring and aircraft from NMG level related support structure for harness and equipment Linear and buckling analysis of full aircraft Ground handling equipment’s design and analysis assembly and components Analysis of deploying mechanism for drag and anti-spin Analysis of control surfaces parachutes Engine mount analysis for piston engine Engine mount analysis for turboprop engine Optimization of aircraft engine components Engineering Design Analysis Services Warranty Offered By AEG This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, and whether statutory or otherwise, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and no warranties are expressed or implied which extend beyond the description of the face hereof, in no event shall AEG be liable to buyer for collateral, indirect, incidental or consequential damages of any kind. This exclusive remedy will not be deemed to have failed of its essential design purpose so long as AEG is willing and able to repeat the engineering analysis or refund the purchase price of warranted engineering services as provided herein. AEG can only provide recommendations for buyer’s design consideration because: AEG does not accept design responsibility as part of its role as a contract analyst of the customer design. AEG does not have familiarity with, nor can it anticipate or control process or product variation, or variation in service environments which may affect or impact design considerations. AEG cannot fully analyze the functionality of the current design regarding foreseeable uses or misuse of the part. AEG does not know, nor can it fully appreciate the design safety factor issues that are incumbent on the buyer design AEG recommend buyers to verify this computer-based engineering design analysis and simulation results using component testing in the laboratory. American Engineering Group A Global Supplier of Engineering Components *Engineering Services Offered By AEG Through Affilitiates In India