Abracadabra Social Media Pinterest Presentation to WEBA (Women Entrepenuers of the Bay Area


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Abracadabra Social Media Pinterest Presentation to WEBA (Women Entrepenuers of the Bay Area. We discuss the basics of Pinterest and more advanced techniques of Marketing your business with Pinterest.

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  • Abracadabra Social Media Pinterest Presentation to WEBA (Women Entrepenuers of the Bay Area

    1. 1. WomenEntrepreneurs of the Bay AreaWELCOME
    2. 2. Pinterest for Business Basics Presented by Clyde Lerner & Rosemarie D’Amiani Abracadabra, A Social Media Company ‘Social Media Done For You’ contactus@abracadabrasocialmedia.com P: 888.688.0477We, at Abracadabra Social Media expand social footprints forbusiness and perform marketing and social media tasks, includingdaily posting to social networks for those business owners whodon’t have time to do their own social media effectively.Additionally, we analyze small businesses to increase theirprofitability and engineer marketing campaigns to increase ROI. 2
    3. 3. Pinterest for Business Basics Before you can Monetize, you need to understand the fundamentals What is Pinterest? interest 3Pinterest is an online pinboard: where you can post collections of things you love and follow collections by people with great taste.
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    6. 6. Pinterest Business BrandingWhat’s Really Going On With Pinterest? • Fastest site in history of web to reach 10m unique visitors • Significant Source of Referral Traffic • Pinterest now drives more referral traffic than Twitter • 87% of the traffic is Women • Behavior Pattern = Shift From Search to Discovery 6
    7. 7. Pinterest Business Branding Content Sharing Ideas on Pinterest•Photos and Videos/Powerful stats and inspirational quotes•Infographics•Calls to action•Create and share original graphics for your brand•Create catalogs of your services/products•Host contests with prizes for greater participation 7
    8. 8. 8
    9. 9. Pinterest Business Branding Increase the Value (Monetize) Pinterest• Optimize your Pinterest pins/ greater search engine results• Engage related brands and comment, post and re-pin• When adding original pins, add the website for the pin• For re-pinning - Don’t change the “back” of a pin that does not belong to you• Facebook, Google & You Tube gain the most referral traffic from Pinterest• Straight advertising is not welcome, many ways to be subtle• Tip: Follow other pins and get more followers• Tip: Use the right phrases for SEO / commercial use 9
    10. 10. Pinterest Business Branding How to Connect Social Media on Pinterest• Twitter/Facebook Connections• Pin, re-pin, like and comment regularly• Place a “Pin It” button on your Website, Blog, and Bookmark bar• Place a “Follow Me” on Pinterest button on your website and blog 10
    11. 11. Pinterest For Business Super Useful Tools for Pinterest•www.Url2pin.it and Screen2Pin Chrome Extension (http://bit.ly/JPnsYr) assist in pinning whole websites•http://ShareAsImage.com ~ Turn your words or famousquotes in to Images•http://www.Pinvolve.co/ ~Creates a board to post yourFacebook updates that include images/Fans can re-post fromFacebook•Pinterest.com/source/yourdomainname.com - See how manypins are by a certain user•http://bit.ly/LIaWh8 Code for “Pin It” and “Follow Me OnPinterest” 11
    12. 12. Pinterest for Business Basics Recommended Best Practices / Monetizing Pinterest• When setting up your Pinterest Profile, fill in all boxes, making sure to have it reflect your brand with photos/logos, etc.• Create interesting names for boards-use keywords/short names• Pin content steadily instead of huge bursts of pins at a time• Network with other professionals in your field and in related fields (follow-comment-pin) 12
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    14. 14. Pinterest for Business Basics Marketing• Post your Webinars, Blogs. Speaking Engagements, and Ebooks on Pinterest making sure the Pin goes to the product you want to sell• Pins from a variety of sources not just your own business• Pinning and liking creating a variety makes boards more popular• Use original, creative content (#1 way to get more traction on Pinterest)• Protect your brand by using watermarks on original graphics• Everyone gets notified via email when you like or re-pin• Showcase all your products and or services and create boards for that specific purpose. 14
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    16. 16. Pinterest for Business Basics Marketing on PinterestHow to add ‘Pin it it’ button http://pinterest.com/about/goodies/ 16
    17. 17. Pinterest for Business Basics Customer Graphics 17
    18. 18. Original Graphics – We Provide This Service Powder Puffs $188 - 4 ($47/ea) Mini Puffs $358 - 8 ($44.75/ea) - 5% savingsCocoa Puffs $468 - 12 ($39.00/ea) - 17% savings 18
    19. 19. Pinterest for Business Basics Still have questions on Pinterest?Rosemarie D’Amiani & Clyde Lernercontactus@abracadabrasocialmedia.comTelephone: 888.688.0477Pin With Us: http://www.AbraOnPinterestFB: http://www.AbraOnFacebook.com THANKS FOR ATTENDING 19