Grade 2 Lesson 10
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Grade 2 Lesson 10






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Grade 2 Lesson 10 Grade 2 Lesson 10 Presentation Transcript

  • Jobs in a court house
  • lawyer
  • judge
  • jury
  • defendant
  • prosecutor
  • lawyer judge jury defendant prosecutor 변 호 사 판 사 배 심 원 피 고인 검 사
  • Have you ever _______ a cricket? (ears) Have you ever _________ an eagle? (eyes) Have you ever _________ roasted garlic? (mouth) Have you ever _________ a carnation? (nose) Have you ever _____________ a mink coat? (hand) heard seen tasted smelt felt/touched
  • 9:00 10:30 11:30 12:00 2:00 3:00 3:40 4:00
  • Using the present perfect tense
  • The present perfect is used when the time period has not finished: I have seen three movies this week . (This week has not finished yet.) The present perfect is often used when the time is not mentioned: Gerry has failed his exam again. The present perfect is often used when the time is recent: Ikuko has just arrived in Victoria. The present perfect is often used with for and since . Greg has lived here for 20 years. Greg has lived here since 1978. have plus past participle     The present perfect is formed like this:
  • Jack _______________(be) my friend for over 20 years. We ______________(know) each other since we were children. Recently, he and his family _______________(move) to a house on the same street as me, and now our children play together almost every day. For the last ten years, Jack and I ____________(play) for the same hockey team every Saturday. Jack is a better player than I am, but in the last few months he _______________ (have) some trouble with his left knee, and he _______________ (find) it hard to play a full game. He ________________(see) the doctor several times about his knee, but the doctor doesn't know what is causing his pain. Jack _______________ (decide) to take a break from hockey for a while, so that his knee can recover. It's going to be lonely on the team without him! has been have known have moved have played has had has found has seen has decided